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by Liz Hurley

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MasterClass offers are rare and this one has expired. That said, MasterClass have dropped their price from $180 to $120 making it cheaper than many other platforms, despite having teachers who are global leaders and icons in their fields. Click here to find out more.

MasterClass provides a unique and compelling learning experience. So, you may be asking, can I get a discount on MasterClass?

The answer is yes.

So, read on to find out how to get the greatest value for money out of this platform:

Here’s what’s in store:

  • What is the MasterClass discount offer and how does it work?
  • Is the MasterClass discount offer really a good deal?
  • MasterClass discount eligibility
  • About MasterClass
  • Best MasterClasses
  • Advantages of MasterClass
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MasterClass discount promo deal and how do I get it?

The current MasterClass offer is: Up to 50% off Duo or Family Membership for Labour Day weekend.

This effectively works out as up to six memberships for the price of one!

This is how it works:

Membership typeUsual costDiscount cost
Individual user$120
Duo (2 users)$180$120 -33% off
Family (2-6 users)$240$120 -50% off
So, for four days only, you can get up to six memberships for the cost of one. That works out to only $10 per month. And if you're sharing the cost with 5 other users that's $1.60 a month each. Significantly less than the price of a cup of coffee.

How do I claim my MasterClass discount?

There are 4 simple steps to getting your MasterClass deal.

  1. Click here to visit MasterClass and then click on Sign up.
  2. Sign Up using a Facebook account, Google account, or email address
  3. Provide payment details – you don’t need a coupon, coupon code or discount code

MasterClass Discount offer eligibility

To be eligible for the MasterClass deal you must:

  • Not have a current active membership
  • Provide MasterClass with valid payment details
  • Sign up to MasterClass directly (not through a 3rd party provider like Amazon/Roku/App Store)

What’s included in the MasterClass Discount deal?

What is included in MasterClass

Each individual membership provides unlimited access to all 190+ courses available on MasterClass. 

MasterClass also offers a number of project and community based Sessions – for more detail read our MasterClass Sessions review.

While your membership is active, you can take as many MasterClasses and MasterClass Sessions as you like. Revisit them as often as you like. And you get to keep the workbooks that accompany them forever.

Is the MasterClass Discount offer a good deal?

MasterClass Black Friday promo

It’s easy to be cynical about deals that look good.

We all know that prices get increased ahead of time so you think you’re getting a good discount when you’re not.

Not so with MasterClass.

An individual 12 month MasterClass membership has been priced at $120 for a long time. So they haven't upped their prices ahead of this deal.

Rare MasterClass deal

Aside from being good value for money, MasterClass deals are incredibly rare. 

If you’re looking for a better one to come along, you may not find one. And you’ll also likely be waiting a really long time!

Considering the quality of what’s on offer, you can get incredible value out of this platform.

About MasterClass

About MasterClass

MasterClass is a leading learning platform which offers access to the expertise of a range of instructors at the pinnacle of their fields of expertise.

Whether you want to learn wilderness survival, bread baking, or poker, you are taught by incredible figures like Neil Gaiman, Gordon Ramsey, and Bill Clinton

The best part about MasterClass? One subscription gets you access to it all. More than 190 high-quality, meticulously designed courses are yours to choose from, and the learning possibilities are endless. 

You can find more information on MasterClass in our MasterClass and MasterClass Sessions reviews. And you can read mini reviews of our top recommendations of classes across categories for inspiration. 

Example classes that are available on MasterClass

There are countless great options on MasterClass and they’re adding new classes all the time. 

You can check out our Best MasterClass Review here.

But our current top 10 are (by category):

To browse the full catalogue, visit MasterClass here.

Advantages of MasterClass

MasterClass has made its name as a powerhouse in online learning, and for good reason.

Here are just some of the advantages of learning with MasterClass.

  • Passionate, revered instructors at the pinnacle of their respective fields
  • Huge range of choice from a large library of classes
  • Access to project based sessions where you learn with a community of peers
  • Gives you freedom as a learner
  • High production values and immersive educational content 
  • High quality downloadable materials that cement and support learning

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Final thoughts

The MasterClass offer is a great deal.

  • MasterClass’ stable pricing means that it’s a real deal not a scam
  • It represents up to six memberships for the price of one!
  • MasterClass is an e-learning amazing platform that’s fun and world-class

In fact, I actually first signed up to MasterClass with a rare buy one, gift one deal and I have no regrets. Definitely one of the best purchases I’ve made!

And with a 30 day refund policy you can try the platform at minimum risk. So what are you waiting for? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a discount on MasterClass?

Yes, with the Labour Day deal you can get 50% off certain memberships.

How much does the MasterClass discount deal cost?

With this offer you can purchase memberships for 2-6 people for the price of one – $120.

How can I get a discount on MasterClass?

Just head over to MasterClass here and click on sign up.  

Can I get the discount offer on platforms like the App Store, Roku, Amazon and Google Play?

No. The discount deal is only eligible through MasterClass directly.

I used to have a MasterClass subscription but don’t anymore. Am I eligible for the deal?

Yes. As long as you don’t have a current MasterClass subscription

Do I need a coupon or discount code for the MasterClass discount offer?

No, you don’t need a coupon code or any discount code to redeem this offer.

Will I receive the discounted rate for future renewals?

No, the discount is only applied during the promotion period. 

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