Bobbi Brown MasterClass Review

by Glenda Allaway

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Wondering what’s included within the Bobbi Brown MasterClass and whether it’s worth paying for?

Then this comprehensive and balanced Bobbi Brown MasterClass review is here for you.

I’ve completed the Bobbi Brown MasterClass and implemented many of her techniques at home. Plus I’ve spent a lot of time watching make-up tutorials on youtube and tried tons of different looks throughout the years, so I can compare and contrast with what else is on the market.

In this Bobbi Brown MasterClass review I’ll be covering all the information you need to know and share my personal experience to help you decide if this is the right class for you!

So let’s get started!

If you’re short on time then here are the highlights:


Quick summary

You will learn: 

  • The makeup industry’s top secrets to looking great, whether in day to day life, on the runway or under studio lighting
  • Bobbi Brown’s tried and tested techniques learned from a 40 year career working as an MUA
  • Transferrable techniques that are easily customized to suit you
  • Business and life tips that are applicable to both aspiring makeup artists and anyone pursuing a passion project
  • How to feel and look like the best version of you possible


  • Demonstrations on a range of different models of different skin tones and ages makes it easy to understand how to adapt a look to your skin
  • Amazing tips that I would have never thought of in a million years
  • I came away from the course taking so much more pride in my appearance — and I think you will too!


  • Focuses on a lot of basics so could be too simple for a fully fledged makeup guru
  • Very specific makeup look

Length of course: 19 lessons totalling 3 hours and 48 minutes.

Best for: anyone who wants to look and feel better about their appearance, anyone stuck in a makeup rut who needs to get back to basics, and of course… Bobbi Brown fans!

Overall: I really loved this class (tears were shed) and felt like it was the perfect balance between technique and real-life advice. Bobbi Brown’s philosophy is about presenting the best version of you possible, and this seeps through the whole course. Expect to feel confident and empowered!

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So now for a little more detail. In this review, I’ll be covering:

  • About Bobbi Brown
  • About MasterClass
  • An inside look into Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass: lesson by lesson breakdown
  • What I liked about the course
  • What I think could be improved
  • Who this course is for
  • How much the course costs
  • Alternatives to Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass
  • What others have said about the class
  • How long it took to complete
  • Whether the course content is really that unique
  • What you will need to complete the course

And finally: whether I think the Bobbi Brown MasterClass is worth it.

About Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown teaches makeup and beauty

If you’re here, you likely will know exactly who Bobbi Brown is. 

But for the uninitiated:

Bobbi Brown began her career as a makeup artist in NYC in the 1980s and has consistently been a household name in the industry for over 40 years.

A decade into her career, she founded her namesake company — Bobbi Brown Cosmetics — which she sold to Estée Lauder in 1995 for a cool $75 mil.

She stayed with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics until 2016, by which time it was selling over 23 million products a year. That’s nearing one product every single second. 

And now? She’s recently launched a new makeup line, Jones Road; runs The George, a luxury-boutique hotel; is founder of the non-profit movement, Pretty Powderful; and also curates which is an editorial platform about all things beauty and wellness.

Ultimately, she’s a fountain of knowledge in the beauty industry and is a badass female entrepreneur to boot!

People really love her and her warmth radiates through the trailer. If you haven’t seen it already, check it out:

About Masterclass

MasterClass is a platform with a super simple goal:

To enable you and I to learn from the very best.

On the platform, you can learn not only from Bobbi Brown, but also from Anna Wintour, Tan France, Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy and Bridgerton), Simone Biles, Gordon Ramsay, and so many others.

They have over 100 classes available which they are adding to every single month. And with an All-Access Pass you can access every single one of these classes for a whole year.

An inside look into Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass

The Bobbi Brown MasterClass is jam-packed and I’ll give a lesson-by-lesson breakdown shortly.

But to sum, it consists of:

  • 19 lessons: 3 hours and 48 minutes of content, averaging around 12 minutes per class
  • 44 page workbook full of tips, tricks and makeup recommendations, as well as a written breakdown of each look

“I think makeup is an individual way of making yourself feel better about how you look. I don’t believe in following the exact same rules on everyone. Everyone’s different.”

Lesson 1/19: Introduction

Bobbi Brown teaching

Bobbi Brown gets stuck right in with her core makeup philosophy: 

That makeup should not be a mask, but it should enhance who you are.

Bobbi highlights her philosophy with an anecdote from a past makeover which I’m sure many women will relate to.

She explains the defining moment as a teenager that set her on her dazzling career path, paired beautifully with photos and video that seamlessly communicate her story.

Family photos

And then she sets out what you will learn in the class:

  • How to pick the perfect foundation
  • Working with bronzer and blush
  • Makeup for eyes and brows
  • Creating professional workplace makeup
  • Nailing the perfect smoky eye
  • How to take a look from day to night
  • Common makeup mistakes and how to fix them

Many of these sound deceptively simple, but Brown explains that if you perfect the core techniques, you can really give your makeup that professional edge.

At the end of Lesson 1, I was so fired up to get started!

(So fired up that I raced through the next lessons and forgot to take notes for writing this article. Whoops!) 

Lesson 2/19: The Ever Changing Face of Makeup

In this lesson, Bobbi Brown explains that to create refined makeup looks, it is important to understand the recent history of makeup. Some you may love, and others you will hate (BB hates 80s makeup), but each look plays their part in contributing to the look of makeup you find in 2020 and beyond.

Here, you will learn:

  • How to understand the decades: the key elements that make a look 60s or 70s, and which famous face you might have seen that makeup on
  • The movie-worthy origin story of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
  • How the “it” girl helps to shape the defining makeup of the time
  • Where the current makeup trends are heading, and why

Lesson 3/19: Color and Makeup

Different makeup looks

Lesson 3 focuses on arguably one of the most fundamental parts of makeup: color.

Now, Bobbi Brown is renowned for a no-makeup makeup look so you might be thinking that she doesn’t have so much to say on color.


Color selection is the cornerstone of Brown’s philosophy.

“To me nude makeup is makeup where the colors are right for your skin.”

In this lesson, you will:

  • Learn how to identify skin undertones and understand how they can affect color
  • Hear Bobbi Brown’s top tip for selecting the right colors for you
  • Get to the heart of nude makeup and hear why Brown thinks it is so powerful
  • Discover the importance of knowing your natural lip color 
  • Learn how texture affects color and how you can utilize different finishes like sheen or gloss lipstick to compliment your face better

After this class, I already had an inkling that perhaps color matching was my makeup downfall and was itching to put what I’d learned into practice already!

Lesson 4/19: Inside Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Kit

As a makeup artist who is always on the go (and someone who usually does their makeup at their desk — relatable!), Bobbi Brown has some great tips for being prepared for any makeup eventuality.

You’ll get to see inside the 3 makeup bags of Bobbi Brown — her daytime makeup bag, evening bag and travel essentials.

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • Bobbi Brown’s top makeup essentials for looking amazing on the go
  • Handy tips for makeup that can work for multiple things
  • Innovative ways to pare down your makeup kit to exactly what you need
  • How to stay organised and prioritize what to take when travelling

Lesson 5/19: Foundation

Bobbi Brown makeup before and after

Foundation. Applied correctly, it can make you look radiant and alert. Applied incorrectly and you can look like you’ve painted a mask on your face.

(Cue flashbacks of my teenage years getting through jar upon jar of Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse.)

I was so glad to see that this lesson is over 30 minutes long, separated into foundation for lighter skin and darker skin, and getting into the nitty gritty of the perfect base.

It’s not an insta-makeup tutorial with lots of glitz and glamour, but rather a true masterclass, jam packed with fascinating facts learned from decades in the business.

If you typically stick with one foundation, expect to throw your preconceptions out of the window and be itching to run to your nearest makeup store to start again!

In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to apply foundation perfectly, whatever your skin tone
  • The 4 crucial elements of a flawless foundation
  • Benefits of using an eye cream first, and why it’s a great product to use on your lips
  • Why it’s important to have a range of foundations, even if you’re only doing makeup for yourself
  • The best lighting for applying foundation, and how to adapt if you expect to be under different lighting such as studio lights
  • Bobbi Brown’s favorite foundation applicators
  • Unusual tips for times when your foundation just won’t settle in
  • Handy all-in-one options for when you’re in a pinch
  • Which foundation formulas are better for which scenario
  • How to avoid looking ashy, especially if you have black skin or will be under studio lighting

Lesson 6/19: Using Tinted Moisturizer

Next up we have a lesson on the less scary cousin of foundation: tinted moisturizer.

If you, like Bobbie Brown, aren’t a massive fan of heavy coverage, this lesson is a must-watch.

You will learn:

  • How to get light coverage while also disguising discoloration
  • Additional tips for working with concealer including balancing eye cream and concealer, and how to lift the darkness from the inner corner of your eye

Bobbi Brown demonstrates this class on medium Asian skin — it’s really refreshing to see such an array of colors and ages!

Makeup before and after

At one point in the class, Brown initially selects a concealer that is the wrong color for her model. I really loved that they kept this in the class because it reinforces her mantra that the only way you really know if something is a true match is by trying it out on the skin.

(Of course, she then picked a perfect concealer afterwards and the model looked sublime!) 

Lesson 7/19: Bronzer and Blush

Lesson 7 is a masterclass is Bobbi Brown’s favorite makeup products: bronzer and blush. She says they are the best products to bring life into your face when you’re not quite feeling your best.

Brown’s mantra — “the right color is everything” — really applies here, so she demonstrates on 3 different models, covering light, medium and dark skin tones.

Natural makeup before and after

This lesson is packed full of tips, tricks and techniques. Some are core basics that you may already know (pinch your cheek to find your natural blush color). Others are elite pro tips that only come from years in the business.

Bobbi highlights that when she started doing makeup, digital retouching didn’t exist. It forced her to become an absolute perfectionist on the small things and she shows you how to do the same.

In this lesson, you will learn:

  • How to select and apply your bronzer and blusher properly when you’re not feeling your best
  • Bobbi Brown’s “Bronzer 101”
  • How to select the correct brushes for the job (and which you should immediately throw away!) 
  • Bobbi Brown’s top tip for knowing if a pressed bronzer or blush is made with a great formula
  • When to opt for matte bronzer vs. shimmer bronzer vs. oil shimmers
  • How to make your subject pop in photos (handy wedding makeup tip too) 
  • Brown’s personal preferences on highlighter application
  • Tips for what to have in your kit, separated into tips for makeup artists and the everyday woman
  • The cardinal sin to avoid when working with bronzer and blush
  • Bobbi’s “Blush Dos” and “Blush Don’ts”

Lesson 8/19: Eyes and Brows

“Probably the number one question I get is how to play up your eyes.”

Just about every woman I’ve done my makeup alongside has said, “Oh God, I’m so bad at eyeliner!” Me included. Many times!

I’ve watched a gazillion tutorials and, with my uneven eyes, it never seems to get that much better.

So naturally, I was super excited for this lesson, and it did not disappoint. 

Of course, there are several aspects of eye makeup and Bobbi Brown covers eye shadow, mascara and brows in this lesson.

Starting with eye shadow, she teaches:

  • The magic number of eye shadows required to perfectly enhance the eyes
  • How to divide the eyelid into areas to create depth
  • The best eye shadow brushes for creating a natural look
  • What different formulas look and feel like
  • Runway tips to make the eyes really pop

Once the eye shadow is on, we have the golden part of the class — eyeliner. Here, you will learn:

  • Which formulas are easiest and most difficult to work with, and which are Bobbi Brown’s top favorites
  • The number one tool that is essential for getting a clean crisp liner
  • How to work your brush or pencil to get a natural, smooth line
  • Top tips for getting the perfect brown liner color
  • The art of double lining for maximum impact

Next up, mascara. Bobbi Brown has very strong views on which color mascara you should use (she calls brown mascara “wimpy”!), and also some great tips for making an impact. 

In this segment of the class, she teaches:

  • What you should look for in a mascara (and the mascara wand) and why it makes a difference
  • Top makeup artist tips for making sure that mascara doesn’t spoil the eye shadow if you (or your model) blink
  • The nitty gritty of how to apply: from removing the wand from the tube, number of applications and order or application
  • An innovative tip for curling eyelashes that will prevent you from accidentally pulling out half your eyelashes with an eyelash curler (you know what I mean!) 

And finally, Bobbi Brown finishes off the eyes with brows. The big brow has been a staple across YouTube and Instagram, but if you’re looking to create a really natural looking brow, this class is for you.

Here, you will learn:

  • The proper dimensions of a brow
  • What products are best to use and why
  • The top secret for color matching brows like a pro
  • Which movements you should make with your brush to keep the brows soft and natural
  • A great makeup artist trick for when you’ve gone too heavy on the brows

Right at the end, she reminds you to step back and double check your work. And, add a little sparkle if you like to glam up your look.

Lesson 9/19: Creating a Statement Lip

Bobbi's beauty tips

A statement lip is my favorite makeup look so I was really excited to see what Bobbi Brown had to say on the subject.

She demonstrates with a really deep plum color that looks gorgeous on the model.

At 8 minutes, this lesson is a lot shorter than the previous lessons but you’ll still learn a tonne of things including:

  • Bobbi Brown’s top tips for how to start a statement lip
  • The common mistake to avoid 
  • How to get the lip shape that is most flattering to your model
  • Uses for lip liner that go beyond just lining the lips

Lesson 10/19: Skincare Essentials

Bobbi Brown skin care

“The first step in skincare is understanding what your skin needs when you look in the mirror.”

Good skincare is essential to looking great, and in this lesson Bobbi goes over the fundamentals. Here, she breaks down everyday skincare products, from moisturizers to makeup removal.

In this lesson, you’ll hear about:

  • Establishing your daytime and nighttime skincare routines
  • Bobbi Brown’s favorite face oils
  • Brown’s non-negotiable anti-aging product
  • Eye creams and hybrid products like tinted moisturizers
  • When you should think about adapting your skincare routine
  • The essentials when removing your makeup (and a handy second-day makeup tip if you wake up with eye makeup residue!) 

Overall, I found this class very basic but recognize that it was packed full of essential tips that no makeup masterclass would be complete without.

Also, it never hurts to have a refresher!

Lesson 11/19: Workplace Makeup

“This lesson is about how to add polish but still look fresh.”

Many of us do workplace makeup every day without really thinking. In this class, Bobbi Brown takes you through the things you should be striving for in workplace makeup, and what things you can do to tailor your look to your workplace.

She covers:

  • How to determine your workplace’s makeup look
  • “How to not look like you’ve just come from the disco”
  • The key elements for making yourself look comfortable and confident
  • Alternative products for getting a matte finish that’s really natural looking

Lesson 12/19: Day To Night (Self-Application)

Lesson 12 is something a little different: a self-application class. While I’ve loved all of Bobbi’s classes where she works on models, it was inspired to have her guide an everyday person from their day makeup through to a glam nighttime look.

In this class, Bobbi will:

  • Give pointers on what to focus on at the end of a day
  • Guide you through color choices to compliment your skin tone
  • Show how to up the sparkles for a fully glam look
  • Explain liner color choices to make different eyes pop

Bobbi Brown finishes the class saying:

“These are advanced techniques. They take practice. If it doesn’t look okay, don’t worry. That’s what makeup remover is for!”

It’s refreshing and encouraging: just what you need for perfecting your own nighttime look!

Lesson 13/19: The Perfect Smoky Eye

Bobbi Brown smokey eye

“Probably one of the hardest eye looks out there, and probably a look that most people mess up. I’m going to show you how to do it, step-by-step, with different colors. And once you learn the basics, you can get any look you want.”

It wouldn’t be a makeup masterclass without a lesson on the perfect smoky eye and here, Bobbi Brown’s got you covered. 

She’ll take you through the dos and the don’ts of a smoky eye, showing you how to:

  • Avoid looking like you’ve been punched in the face!
  • Layer different textures and formulas so get a wow-worthy result
  • Balance the rest of your makeup alongside a smoky eye
  • Work with different shades to get a seamless blended look
  • Practical tips for getting colors to pop 
  • The essential products for creating an effective smoky eye, and which makes the biggest difference
  • Use sparkle not only for aesthetics, but also to help disguise any inaccuracies
  • Glam it up for more drama and the runway
  • Stay cool and calm even if you think it might be going wrong!

“No matter how many years I do this, nothing is ever perfect, and I’m not worried about it because I know how to fix it.”

Lesson 14/19: 1 Minute Makeup

As a working mom and working makeup artist, Bobbi Brown really appreciates that power of the 1-minute makeup look. She’s done it many times.

This class is 2 mins and 49 secs long. Yes, you read that correctly. SO SO short!

And I loved it. 

Because I don’t know about you, but I’ve watched a lot of quick makeup tutorials and they are always so much longer than they claim to be.

In this class, ignoring the intro and recap, Bobbi Brown creates and talks you through a makeup look in literally 1 min 18 seconds.

Bobbi Brown one minute makeup

In this class you will learn:

  • Which are Bobbi Brown’s favorite quick makeup products
  • Tips for applying in a rush
  • How to look and feel special, even if you have no time at all

Lesson 15/19: Makeup Mistakes

Throughout her MasterClass, Brown has commented that sometimes things go wrong. But after years of practice, she doesn’t worry because she knows how to fix it.

This class addressed 3 key makeup fails that I know I’ve been guilty of in the past!

Here, you’ll learn how to:

  • Fix a brow that’s far too heavy
  • Correctly apply a highlight with the right color and placement
  • Avoid making your lips look washed out

Lesson 16/19: For Aspiring Makeup Artists

Ultimately, the most unique thing Bobbi Brown has to offer over every other makeup tutorial out there is experience. 

She’s an icon and a legend, and has worked alongside the best of the best. 

Despite being a musician, not an aspiring makeup artist, I found Brown’s tips for a successful career to echo the words of other legends in their fields.

That’s not to say her advice isn’t unique, but that I know it to be spot on.

You’ll hear about:

  • Bobbi Brown’s personal experiences from Vogue to Fashion Week
  • How to work on set
  • Why you should never be on your phone during a shoot
  • Overcoming panic to get the job done
  • Drawing inspiration from your colleagues around you
  • The best ways to showcase your work and meet people
  • The power of makeup and being a makeup artist

Lesson 17/19: Editorial Makeup

Bobbi Brown makeup

For the pro MUAs, Bobbi Brown shows an improvised editorial-style look. 

If you’re an everyday woman like me, this is not a look you’ll be wanting to wear out on the streets. That said, the bold techniques wouldn’t go amiss at a festival so there’s still something to learn!

Although editorial makeup isn’t the style that Brown is now known for, her background was in theatrical makeup so she really knows how to create drama.

The focus of this class is to make an amazing image seen through the lens of a camera and you’re sure to pick up lots of great tips here.

In this lesson, Bobbi covers:

  • How to know when you’re creating art, and how to know it’s rubbish
  • The importance of pushing yourself beyond your comfort zones
  • Working with the lights and camera and the things you must do when doing makeup for an editorial
  • Why you should surround yourself with your team 
  • How to get bold colors off your face at the end of the day!

There was a moment of prolonged silence about half way through this class as Brown stepped back to think about what she should do next. 

I really loved that this wasn’t edited out. 

She is always stressing the importance of thinking and reacting, and by seeing her do it, I felt like I was given permission to ponder and not have to complete a look in a rush.

Lesson 18/19: Conclusion

As I watched Bobbi Brown’s conclusion class, I welled up a little.

She sums up with her best piece of advice for aspiring makeup artists, and anyone who is passionate about their job.

And she closes with this:

“I hope that what I’ve taught you, you’ll be able to take and just become a better version of yourself. Through health and wellness, through careers, through makeup, through everything.”

Lesson 19/19: Bobbi’s Business Philosophy (Bonus)

Despite the class being about makeup, I’m so glad that I got a chance to hear about Bobbi Brown’s business philosophy. 

As a self-employed woman running my own business, I thought this class was amazing.

Bobbi Brown has experience from being a freelance makeup artist to running a global brand and it shows.

Here, you will learn:

  • How to balance work and family
  • The best qualities she looks for her in staff
  • How to be a valuable member of a team, especially in a startup company
  • Building your brand from the bottom up
  • Bobbi Brown’s 4 tips for being an entrepreneur 

What I liked about Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass

Wealth of knowledge from a lifetime in the industry

Bobbi Brown has spent her entire career in the beauty industry, and it shows. 

The course is littered with incredible tips that you would only know having spent so much time working with makeup.

From advising which everyday products to forgo on a studio shoot, to tiny details that make a wedding look pop, these nuggets of information are what sets it out from the multitude of makeup tutorials out there.

Focuses on bringing out the best in you

I’ve often tried out a YouTube makeup tutorial, following meticulously along, and it’s turned out horrendously.


It’s not because of my poor makeup skills (OK — maybe partly!) but mostly because I am a wholly different person to the demonstrator. What works for them doesn’t necessarily work for me.

Throughout the course, Bobbi Brown always comes back to the most important thing: you.

She urges you not to just follow along absent mindedly, but to really consider your skin, your look, what you like, what you don’t, and embrace your best self.

One of the models has a scar on her forehead which Bobbi chooses to leave obvious as it’s a part of who the model is. 

In the age of the airbrushed Instagram look where everyone is contoured to look the same, this was really refreshing.

Diversity of models

Throughout the course, Brown demonstrates looks on a variety of models ranging from fair skinned to darker tones and from younger models through to more mature models.

The applications on different models really helps you to understand how you can adapt the techniques to suit your skin as an individual.

Well-structured and put together

The Bobbi Brown MasterClass is really well put together. I love that Brown focuses on the core staples of makeup like foundation, eyes, brows and bronzer before moving onto more specific looks.

Within lessons, there are handy timestamps marking each topic within the video so you can navigate easily.

I also loved the inclusion of before and afters at the end of each video. With a no-makeup makeup look, it can be really hard to tell if the tiny corrections here and there are having an impact.

I often felt like the model looked pretty much the same throughout the video until the end photos which usually made my jaw drop! It really helped me to understand that often, a little goes a long way.

Bobbi’s attitude

More than makeup, this MasterClass is really something. I truly found it to be life-changing and will be watching it over and over.

Of course, the makeup tips are amazing, but it’s also Bobbi herself that makes this such a special class.

In every single class, Bobbi is a champion for elevating others. Her goal is to equip everyone to be the best version of themselves and she does this by celebrating her models, encouraging you to learn to love how you look and put in that extra effort to feel invincible.

If I’m honest, I was in a massive slump before taking this class. I’d been working from home for a year and barely had contact with any humans outside of my family. And really, I’d turned into a bit of a slob!

What I think could be improved

Some basic makeup technique

For the most part, Bobbi Brown is paring back makeup to make it accessible even to the busy, everyday working woman.

That means that sometimes she advocates for applying with fingers or using multipurpose products. 

This approach was actually a pro for me, but if you’re looking to learn really refined brush techniques, you’ll be disappointed.

No models with “problem skin”

All of the models are beautiful. BE-A-U-TIFUL! I mean, look how gorgeous this models is before an ounce of makeup touches her skin:

Bobbi Brown model

The makeup looks certainly end up looking amazing but everyone has flawless, glowy skin to start with.

As someone who has struggled with acne and still has mild scarring, I would have appreciated seeing a makeup look or two on someone with blemishes or severe redness.

Some unsanitary makeup practices

Throughout the MasterClass, Bobbi Brown blows on her brushes to remove excess product and she advises you to do the same.

Now, if your makeup brushes only ever touch your face, you might be thinking “OK not great but no big deal.”

Perhaps this was once an acceptable practice (40 years ago when she started her career?) but blowing on a brush before using it on a model’s face is a big no no. 

Who is this course for?

The Bobbi Brown MasterClass is incredibly accessible and would suit a wide range of people.

She covers the basics but incorporates world-class tips so even if you think you’ve got things down, you’re sure to learn something.

The inclusion of different skin tones and ages really makes this class a good fit for most people.

It’s particularly well-suited to you if you:

  • Are stuck in a rut with your makeup
  • Feel like your makeup is OK but could do with a an upgrade
  • Want to look and feel amazing and professional
  • Would like to work in the beauty industry
  • Are a big Bobbi Brown fan!


It’s not right for everyone.

If you live for contour and the Insta-makeup look, this is not for you.

How much does the course cost?

An All-Access Pass to MasterClass currently costs $120 per year which evens out at $10 per month.

With the pass, you can take any (or all!) of the classes available on the platform. Right now there are over 190 to choose from.

The more classes you take, the better value for money you get.

For example, I’ve taken 9 MasterClass courses so far (Bobbi Brown, Tan France, Gordon Ramsay, Yotam Ottolenghi, and more). That means my effective cost per class is $120/9 = $12 per class.

You can save even more by sharing membership with friends or family. Find out more here.

Now remember, this is for world-class instructors so for me, the price is unbeatable.

I also intend to take so many more so it will only get better value for money as the year goes on!


MasterClass has a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try pretty much risk-free. (I tested their refund process and it’s really quick and simple.)

Alternatives to Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass

Now, if you’re wondering what else is out there, I’ve got you covered.

The most comparable alternatives to Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass are her books. These include:

  • Beauty Rules: Fabulous Looks, Beauty Essentials, and Life Lessons for Loving Your Teens and Twenties
  • Living Beauty
  • Makeup Manual: For Everyone From Beginner to Pro
  • Beauty From The Inside Out: Makeup, Wellness, Confidence

If books aren’t so much your thing, you can check out other makeup courses on platforms like Skillshare.

And of course, there are always YouTube channels to follow along with. My favourites for a no-makeup makeup look are:

  • Lisa Eldridge
  • Wayne Goss

Lastly, if you want your nails to look as good as your make up, check out our best online nail tech classes review.

Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass: what others have said

As I mentioned, I had looked at Reddit to see what others thought and it was very divisive.

I was really surprised to see quite a few negatives:

“I watched Bobbi Brown’s Masterclass and was incredibly underwhelmed, not interested in more from her.” -- comment from Reddit
“I hate to say this but a lot of her techniques are pretty dated.”- comment from Reddit

Ouch. (Although I do have to say, the username of that last commenter was a word play on a skincare ingredient… If I had to make an assumption, I’d say they likely lean more on the more experienced, technical side of things!) 

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Some people, like me loved the class:

“This is a perfect class for me. I like her philosophy of beauty and makeup” -- comment from YouTube
“That actually was a selfesteem [sic] tutorial damn” -- comment from YouTube
“One of the best in the world understands color and cosmetics more than anyone.” -- comment from Facebook

Ultimately, the jury’s out on a definitive answer, but speaking personally, I came away from Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass with a happy glow and really feeling like it was worth every penny.

How long it took to complete the course 

The course itself is 19 lessons totalling 3 hours and 48 minutes. 

That said, I completed the course over a period of around 2 weeks, trying out looks as we went along. And a few weeks down the line, I’m still refining and implementing things I learned along the way.

Because it’s self paced, you can take it as fast or slow as you like!

Is the course content unique?

Makeup YouTubers are huge these days and you can get a tutorial for just about anything. So asking whether the Bobbi Brown MasterClass is unique is a really valid question.

The answer: yes.

And no…

You can definitely get similar content elsewhere. I’ve already listed some alternatives above and I’m sure there are many more.

The content is also very similar to her books. One comment on Reddit said:

“I also really like Bobbi Brown and her makeup philosophy. I watched a good amount of her Masterclass, but I will admit I didn’t finish it. Part of the reason was because, back when I was a preteen, my mom had gifted me Bobbi’s “Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules: Fabulous Looks, Beauty Essentials, and Life Lessons for Loving Your Teens and Twenties” book, and I felt like the majority of the things I was hearing from Bobbi in her Masterclass were things I’d already heard in this book of hers.” -- comment from Reddit

At the end of the day, unless Bobbi Brown had invented and patented makeup, it’s impossible to provide completely unique ideas.


What is unique is that it is Bobbi Brown. And that’s a huge part of the course.

She’s a makeup icon with decades of experience and she’s also a busy, working mom. She’s genuine about helping people discover the best version of themselves, and it shows.

Bobbi has created this curriculum with the most important things she thinks you need to know about makeup and she teaches you her own mental cues when she’s applying it.

I’ve watched tonnes of makeup videos and I’ve never come away from any of them feeling as equipped and inspired as when I finished the Bobbi Brown course. 

The melting pot of wisdom, compassion, experience and skill is 100% unique to Bobbi and that’s what you get in this MasterClass.

Plus, getting to watch her in action and hearing her verbalize her thought processes behind a certain look really helps to bring it to life.

What you will need

Bobbi Brown makeup MasterClass

Throughout the course, you will need various items of makeup. That said, because Bobbi Brown’s makeup style is minimal, you won’t need loads of products — just the basics.

I would definitely warn against running out and buying new makeup ahead of the class because you’ll likely learn so much to influence your purchases.

For example, I’ve never loved how my foundation looks but could never pinpoint why. Turns out that although the shade match looked pretty spot on, the undertones were wrong for me.

I’d encourage you to follow along with the course with your existing makeup bag and use her cues to assess what you have and whether it’s working for you. 

Is Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass worth it?

For me, the resounding answer is: 


For what this class is — a focus on natural makeup — it’s really hard to find fault.

Bobbi Brown is incredibly knowledgeable and in this class she shares her top tips to help you look your best. 

It’s clear that there’s been a lot of thought put into the class: it’s well-structured and easy to follow, with one tip building on another.

For me, this course helped me to really understand my makeup and how to make it work best for me. 

It ultimately had a big knock on effect in every area of my life. And that’s because I came away from it with a lot more confidence in my appearance and the knowledge of how to make myself feel amazing.

And don’t forget:

With the 30 day refund policy, you’re almost guaranteed not to lose out if you purchase but decide it’s not for you.

And, with an All-Access Pass, you can take any of the 100+ classes on the platform. The more you take the better value you get. You can learn style with Tan France, fashion from Anna Wintour, dog training with Brandon McMillan, meditation with Jon Kabat-Zinn, and yoga with Donna Farhi.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass cost?

A MasterClass all-access-pass costs $120 a year ($10 a month). This gives you access to Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass, alongside 190+ other courses from the likes of Tan France, Anna Wintour, and more!

How long is Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass?

Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass is 3 hours and 48 minutes long and consists of 19 videos.

Can you get Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass for free?

Unfortunately you cannot get the Bobbi Brown MasterClass for free. But MasterClass has a range of purchasing options and offers refunds if you’re not happy.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass?

Yes, MasterClass operates a 30 day refund policy if you purchase directly through them. If you purchase through other providers, their returns policy may apply.

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