Tan France MasterClass Review

by Liz Hurley

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If you want to “be the best version of yourself” then this Tan France MasterClass could be the answer to your prayers

Tan has deployed his empathy and integrity to help literally thousands of people discover their own unique style –  and remain true to themselves. His mission: to make people shine, no matter who they are or what they look like.

As someone who makes my own clothes (because nothing fits) I fell in love with Tan whilst watching Next in Fashion. And of course, then binged on Queer Eye. So I was super excited to take this course and see what I could learn about style from this sartorial English gentleman.  

And if anyone can deliver a course entitled Style for Everyone, it will be Tan; a guy who grew up in a Muslim community in England, lives with his Mormon cowboy husband in Salt Lake City,  and is (currently) the only out gay Muslim man on Western TV.

But does Tan’s class live up to the hype? Will clothes maketh you or will you be left as uninspired as ever when you open your wardrobe door? Read on to find out.

This Tan France MasterClass review sets out what I loved and learned and where I thought it fell a teeny bit short. It’s going to be detailed, so if you just want the key takeaways, this round-up is for you: 


Quick summary

Learn how to:

  • Discover the best version of you and express it confidently
  • See style as a vehicle for getting what you want out of life
  • Understand what style is and how the principles of style work
  • Build a capsule wardrobe
  • Choose the right style and fit for your proportions
  • Incorporate print, color and texture
  • Be selective with inspiration and shop smart
  • Be well packaged at all times
  • Set trends, not be a slave to fashion


  • Learn from an internationally celebrated style icon
  • Inspired delivery and teaching
  • Thoughtfully structured
  • Good balance of theory and practice
  • The workbook is a great post course reference
  • Lively community of fellow students
  • Lush production values


  • More suited to style novices
  • Even more visual transformations would be a treat
  • Would be nice to have at least a nod towards sustainability

Course length: 12 lessons. In total it runs for 2 hours and 17 minutes

Best for: Anyone, regardless of age, gender or race who wants to discover their best self and express it confidently. Those at the beginning of their style journey will gain the most as this course does start with the basics.

Overall: An exciting and motivating class that will give you the tools you need to unearth the style within and feel positive and poised every day (view details).

Now for my more detailed review, here’s what I’ll be covering:

  • A look inside the Tan France MasterClass
  • Pros and cons of the course
  • Is the content unique?
  • Is there anything better?
  • Verdict: Is the Tan France MasterClass worth it?

First the basics:

About Tan France

Tan France teaches style for everyone

Tan France is an internationally celebrated style icon and cohost of Emmy award winning Queer Eye, Next in Fashion, Dressing Funny and the author of New York Times biographical bestseller, Naturally Tan.

Tan has been in the fashion industry for over two decades and has helped thousands of people to uncover the best and most confident versions of themselves and transform their lives.

Thanks to his candor and sensitivity in Queer Eye, Tan has been catapaulted to fame to become a global sensation. Described by comedian Pete Davidson as, “a caring, loving sweetheart of a human being”, Tan is known for never letting those he helps settle for second best.

And if you haven't seen the trailer for his class, I highly recommend you watch it:

About MasterClass

The MasterClass proposition is, quite simply, that everyone has a right to learn from the absolute best.

The online education platform provides inspirational MasterClasses taught by those who have gained global recognition in their fields of expertise.

Famed for its superlative production values, MasterClass brings celebrities into your home in a captivating way through state of the art videos, workbooks, engaging assignments and a lively community of fellow students.

Classes can be purchased individually, or an annual pass gives you access to 85+ classes in everything from cooking with Gordon Ramsay to make up and beauty with Bobbi Brown, to ballet dancing with Misty Copeland. 

Inside the Tan France MasterClass

Tan France MasterClass preview

The Tan France MasterClass consists of 12 lessons which vary between about 7 and 15 minutes in length. In total, it runs for 2 hours and 17 minutes.

It includes access to a lively community of fellow students and an accompanying 30 page guide. The guide includes Tan’s favourite stores (from highbrow to affordable) musings from other great style icons and even advice for figuring a signature “look for your locks.”

The MaserClass itself is divided into five sections:

  1. Meet your instructor
  2. Style Basics
  3. Developing Your Style
  4. Color, Prints and Texture
  5. Behind the Scenes of Queer Eye

To give you an idea about what’s included I’ve summarised the content below.

Section 1: Meet Your Instructor

Tan France posing in his MasterClass

“Be the Reason that you’re happy ”

Against a lavish backdrop of stills and footage of some of his most iconic looks and moments, Tan sets out what he intends you should gain from his MasterClass. 

He wants you to learn how to:

  • Understand what style is and how the principles of style work
  • Discover the best version of you and express it confidently
  • Choose the right style and fit for your body
  • Incorporate print, color and texture
  • Build a capsule wardrobe
  • Find inspiration and shop smart
  • See style as a vehicle for getting what you want out of life

Tan also relates key moments in his life journey that have brought him to where he is today. And he shares how his own experience of the transformative impact of style on self esteem drives his passion for what he does. 

Tan France teaching his MasterClass

Tan’s introduction is an exhilarating way to launch this MasterClass. You can’t help but be swept along by his sincerity, enthusiasm and ardour for his art. 

His claim that you’re about to get tools that will change your life is a bold one. But does the rest of the course live up to the build up?

Section 2: Style Basics

Tan France talking about capsule wardrobes

“By making an effort with your style, by making conscious choices, you are saying I’m worthy, and I deserve your respect.”

Tan opens this section by driving home his absolute conviction that style is for everyone.  And it can be achieved on a shoestring so money’s not an issue either. 

I can’t emphasise enough how much Tan wants you to be the best version of yourself.

To achieve this he sets out what he sees as the only rules that really matter when it comes to style. These are:

  • Knowing your proportions
  • Knowing who you are 

Get to grips with these rules and you’ll soon realise that style is so much more authentic than fashion.

Building on from this he shares why you should:

  • Ignore archaic rules
  • Let go of limiting beliefs
  • Keep it classic – go for timeless

And whether you’re male, female or non binary, you’ll find out how to build and utilise a capsule wardrobe. 

This is a foundation selection of classic, neutral items that are versatile and can easily be reworked and combined with other items for different looks.

Tan rounds off this section by showing you how you can create many looks by accessorising and combining different items from the capsule wardrobe. He transitions one item (for both the male and female capsule wardrobe) through four looks:

  • Morning to night
  • Brunch to work
  • Work to date night dinner
  • Work to a girl’s/boy’s night out
Illustrative examples in Tan France's MasterClass

What I loved most about his section was that Tan’s model wasn’t a lofty, size zero cover girl who looks good in anything! Just an ordinary ‘gal’ – thus showing that style really can be achieved by everyone.

Section 3: Developing Your Style

Tan France on developing your style

“Everyone has great style in them. They just need to find it.”

For Tan, there is no question that everybody has style – they just may not have discovered it yet. In the opening chapters of this section Tan teaches you how to:

  • Find and adapt sources of inspiration – not slavishly copy them!
  • Appreciate why style matters far more than fashion
  • Create a mood board
  • Not be hide bound by office dress codes, and
  • Generally find the version of you that is, “burning up inside that you have never managed to find before.”

He then continues by explaining how to:

  • Dress to balance out your proportions
  • Give yourself the most flattering look regardless of height or size
  • Shop strategically instore and online
  • Use high end sources of inspiration – but look for style in the grocery or thrift store
  • Get cheap clothing altered for fit
  • Nurture your style and be crafty with trends
  • Incorporate style into your body language

Tan also shares some endearing anecdotes of what he regards as his style errors, including those he made when he was ‘being’ first Paris Hilton, and then Missy Elliott!

I loved how this section focused on how to find inspiration and remain true to yourself – and then cleverly and affordably go looking for what you want.

One of the real strengths of this part of the course was the visuals. Especially the before and afters which demonstrated the impact of different fits on proportion. This was a brilliant way of bringing the message home in a tangible way.

Sadly, there weren’t always enough of these. And whilst Tan is a fabulous presenter, this section felt a bit ‘talking headsy’ – with lots of anecdotes that would have benefited from more stills and clips to support learning.

Section 4: Color, Prints and Textures

Tan France explaining color, prints, and texture

In his final teaching session, Tan elaborates on how to incorporate colors, prints and textures. You’ll learn how to:

  • Find and combine colors that feel like you
  • Avoid self limiting beliefs like – people with my skin tone can’t wear that colour!
  • Embrace the power clash
  • ‘Do’ mixed denims
  • Begin to incorporate prints subtly
  • Mix and layer prints and textures with confidence

As someone who is not a devotee of neutral colors, I found this section invaluable.

But though Tan combines and layers items from his capsule wardrobe with colors, prints and textures, it would have been super helpful to see him using people to show how these combinations work in real life.  

Section 5: Behind the Scenes of Queer Eye

Tan France going behind the scenes of Queer Eye in his MasterClass

“During ‘Queer Eye’ we are finding the very best version of a person, we’re not changing who they are, we’re just excavating and making them the best that they can possibly be.”

This final section brings everything that’s already been covered in this MasterClass together. 

From the capsule wardrobe, to debunking self limiting beliefs, to colorways, prints and textures, to the tailoring of affordable clothing. 

It’s all there in this great behind the scenes look into the award winning ‘make better’ series, Queer Eye. We are transported away from the ‘Ta Da’ moments to what truly goes on in the background.

Tan uses the opportunity to get across how he really thinks when he’s shopping or styling for a Queer Eye ‘hero’.  So in this section he lays out the whole process, from start to finish, thus enabling you to ‘Queer Eye’ yourself.

My Experience of the The Tan France MasterClass

What I Liked 

Inspiring delivery and teaching

Tan’s passion and sincerity for the worthiness of his craft are absolutely tangible through his delivery. He somehow manages to combine conviction and humility in an endearing and motivating way.

There are no ‘ums’ or ‘ers’, no faltering, no stumbling. He’s certain of his message and convinced that everyone can benefit from the confidence to be found in sharing your best self.

Thoughtfully Structured

The class kicks off with sound principles that underpin the whole course. 

Ideas from each lesson are built on throughout, and there are clear signposts to what’s coming next.

As an ex teacher, I know this kind of structure only comes from years of thinking seriously about how to share what matters with others.

Good balance of theory and practice

Tan France explaining how they shop

Tan’s class is well suited to the MasterClass format as it’s about visual transformations.

Tan shares his own style journey – including the wrong turns – and the ideas and tools he has developed in order to uncover and release inner style.

To help us visualise where he’s coming from there are stills, video footage, live models and constant reference to the clothes in his capsule wardrobe.

The workbook is a great reference tool

Unusually, the workbook does not follow the flow of the class but provides an additional reference guide.

It contains lots of supporting information about the style industry, musings of other style gurus, pictures of how to create your capsule wardrobe, and lists of Tan’s favourite brands and stores (from budget to high end).

Lively Community of fellow students

Tan France MasterClass community

Though this is a new MasterClass (at the time of writing), there is already a lively community developing on the site – particularly around those sharing pictures of their favourite looks!

What I Thought Could Be Improved

More content needed for experienced stylists

If you are already pretty far along your style journey you may find this class a little basic for your needs.

Perhaps a bonus chapter with a more advanced view of styling with accessories and creating a look would broaden the audience?

That said, if you’re a Tan Fan anyway it’s still a lavish visual treat – but maybe check out what else is on offer and go for an all access pass rather than put your eggs all in one basket.

Even more visuals needed

As mentioned earlier, Tan’s class is well suited to the MasterClass format as it’s about visual transformations.

And whilst there are many stills, video footage and frequent reference to the items in the capsule wardrobe, there could be more visuals – and there is only one actual model. 

It’s possible that since the MasterClass was filmed in 2020 that COVID affected the production?

Who is this MasterClass for?

Tan France on style

In my opinion this class would be a good fit for anyone who can tick one or more of the following boxes:

  • Tan Fans!
  • Lacks confidence
  • Has got stuck on their style journey
  • Is keen to learn from an Internationally recognized style guru
  • Fascinated by fashion
  • Looking for a course that covers all the fundamental elements of style

In terms of existing knowledge? On a scale of 1-10 (where 1 is a style novice and 10 is a style guru) I would rate this course as suitable for those who fall between 1-7.

That said, if you fall within this range then this class really is for every one of you! 

You don’t need to be a fashionista or know anything about style to benefit from this class. Tan’s mission is to help everyone watching to discover their style, express it confidently and even change their lives.

How much does the Tan France MasterClass cost?

MasterClass has been known to change their prices, so for the latest information see here. At the time of writing the below is correct:

MasterClass is a subscription only platform offering an annual all access pass for $120. This works out at $10 a month and provides access to all 190+ MasterClasses for a full year. 

The Tan France class is the only one on style, but there are plenty of others that would complement this MasterClass — such as Mark Jacobs on Fashion Design, Bobbi Brown on Makeup and Beauty, Anna Wintour on Creativity and Leadership

Or you could opt for something completely different and cook with Gordon Ramsay then learn negotiation skills with former FBI hostage negotiator, Chris Voss.

Alternatives to the Tan France MasterClass

There is a ton of fashion related content out there.

Heck — Tan has his own shows!

That being said, from my experience there isn’t anything out there that is:

  1. This comprehensive
  2. Provides the complete package
  3. Taught by someone as legendary as Tan France
  4. Available at a fairly reasonable price 

The Tan France MasterClass: What Others Have Said

I took a look at the comments on Reddit, the MasterClass Community and Youtube to gauge the reactions of others who had taken this course.

The response on the MasterClass Community was overwhelmingly positive:

"I just finished Tan’s course, and it was awesome. I used to think I at least knew a little bit about style, but boy was I wrong. 

I took this class because I watch every Masterclass. I just like to learn new things and improve my life. 

This class really helped me understand what foundations I should have in my closet, and how to work different pieces together because I’ve always wanted to try new ideas, but never had the confidence to do it. I’m about to go donate at least half of my closet, maybe more to the local charities and then start working on my style."
- Comment from the Tan France MasterClass community
"This is exactly the class I needed to uplift my mood in smoke filled air of the Pacific Northwest. I hired a stylist a long time ago when I lived in San Francisco and what she did with my wardrobe felt like magic. Fast forward 10 years after watching Tan’s class I now have insights into her magical ways and will definitely be working on a capsule collection after I write this. This class is exactly what I needed to breathe new life into my style game. THANK YOU TAN!"
- Comment from the MasterClass community
"I just loved this class! I had no idea I was able to check all the boxes on the capsule wardrobe - now I know how to utilize it. Thanks for the clarity, the easy to follow “rules” and for the reminder that good style is always accessible to EVERYONE regardless of budget!"
- Comment from the MasterClass community

These upbeat comments were supported by those under the trailer for this class on YouTube.

"Just watched his whole Master Class without any interruptions. So inspirational. Loved it."
- Comment from YouTube
"Awesome class MasterClass, we now need his friend Alexa Chung :D. Oh, and could we have Marie Kondo?"
- Comment from YouTube

The comments on Reddit were a little more measured and drew attention to the fact that the course is more suited to style novices than experts:

"I watched the whole class and skimmed the workbook. I feel like it's pretty basic information aimed at fashion beginners. 

I'll be perfectly honest. I don't think I'm the target audience. As a fashion enthusiast, I didn't feel like I learned anything new. It's very accessible, but it felt like the information was pretty surface-level."
- Comment from Reddit
"I watched it. It’s about developing your own style and is geared towards beginners, so I didn’t learn too much new but it was a nice refresher. If you have a MasterClass pass anyway I’d say watch it, but I don’t know if it’s worth it for more experienced folks."
- Comment from Reddit
"It was an enjoyable light watch. I liked hearing his thought process when getting to know a new hero. I could see it being a helpful foundation for anyone who wants to start paying more attention to their wardrobe for the first time but feels overwhelmed. For someone who has already done that initial work, there may not be a lot of new information. I did like how encouraging he was overall to find your own deal. As someone who has been working on their wardrobe for a long time, I didn't learn many new things but I felt a spark of excitement to play around with combinations again, especially with texture."
- Comment from Reddit

On the whole I support the points made by Reddit users. The course is more suited to style novices or big fans of Tan France. If that’s you, no matter who you are and what you look like, I think this course is definitely worth the investment. 

That said, if you are more experienced, then taking this class with an all access pass will give you insight into Tan’s own journey and processes, act as a great refresher and motivate you to take things to the next level. 

And, of course, you can then take any (or all) of the other 85+ courses on the platform.

Is the Content Unique?

Tan France introducing his MasterClass

Tan certainly thinks so. 

He declares that he's never had the opportunity to so comprehensively break down what style is and how the principles work. 

And though Tan has written a book, it’s a memoir, not a style guide so it does not duplicate the content of this MasterClass.

What You Will Need

You don’t need anything at all to take this MasterClass. 

It might be useful to gather together some fashion magazines to help you make a mood board, but this can also be achieved by searching for inspiration online.

Is the Tan France MasterClass Worth It?

If you are at the beginning of your style journey, have stalled on the way or just lack self confidence, in my honest opinion this course absolutely is worth every cent of its $90 price tag.

It’s an exhilarating and inspirational class that delivers on its promise to give you the tools to unearth the style within, find your mojo and express it confidently.

And if you’re already pretty stylish but you’re a Tan Fan, there’s plenty here to please the senses and provide fresh ideas and motivation to take the next steps. But in your case I would take a look at what else is on offer on MasterClass.

If you can find at least one other class (and I challenge you not to) that you would like to take then the $120 all access pass is fantastic value. 

Possible Masters that you might be interested in learning from are Bobbi Brown (Makeup and Beauty), Diane von Furstenberg (Building a Fashion Brand) or Marc Jacobs (Fashion Design). 

Or you could go completely off piste and learn to play the ukulele with the adorable Jake Shimabukuro then go skateboarding with Tony Hawks!

There really is something for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Tan France MasterClass cost?

You can purchase an all access pass for $120. This will give you access to all 190+ classes for 12 months.

Can I get the Tan France MasterClass for free?

Unfortunately you cannot get the Tan France MasterClass for free. But MasterClass has a range of purchasing options and offers refunds if you’re not happy.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the Tan France MasterClass?

Yes, MasterClass offers a 30 day full, no quibble, refund policy. If you purchased the class through another supplier though, their own returns policy may apply.

How long is the Tan France MasterClass?

It consists of 12 lessons, divided into five sections. In total it runs for 2 hours and 17 minutes. I watched the class all in one sitting and then revisited things as I began to build up my wardrobe.

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