Lingoda Black Friday Deal

by Liz Hurley

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Lingoda is a game changer in the world of online language learning. And good news: there’s now a Lingoda Black Friday 2022 discount available!

Lingoda deals are rare. And, this is the biggest discount Lingoda have ever had for a Black Friday campaign.

As with all Black Friday deals, it’s operating for a limited time only.

So let me give you the lowdown on the Lingoda Black Friday discount and help you get a great deal before it ends!

Here’s what’s in store:

  • What is Lingoda’s Black Friday promo?
  • How to get the deal and how it works
  • Is the Black Friday offer actually a good deal?
  • Lingoda Black Friday discount eligibility
  • About Lingoda
  • Advantages of Lingoda
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lingoda Black Friday deal?

Lingoda discount

The Lingoda Black Friday deal is:

  • 50% off the first month of a selection of monthly subscription plans 

This represents savings of between $75-$299 depending on the plan you choose.

How to get the Lingoda Black Friday discount

There are 3 simple steps to getting the Lingoda Black Friday discount.

  1. Use our links to go to between 15th November – 5th December
  2. Choose the plan you are interested in
  3. Quote this coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2022

Lingoda Black Friday promo eligibility

Lingoda cyber monday

To be eligible for the Black Friday deal you must:

  • Not have a current subscription
  • Provide Lingoda with valid payment details

What’s included in the Lingoda Black Friday deal

Lingoda discount deal

The Lingoda Black Friday deal includes 50% off the first month of a range of monthly subscription deals:

Monthly costSaving
12 group classes pm$149$74.50
20 group classes pm$249$124.50
40 group classes pm$399$199.50
12 1-to-1 lessons pm$329$164.50
20 1-to-1 lessons pm$459$229.50
40 1-to-1 lessons pm$799$399.50

The Black Friday discount does not apply to the 4 lessons per month plan, Sprint or Super Sprint.

Is Lingoda Black Friday a good deal?

This is Lingoda’s most generous Black Friday deal to date.

Lingoda’s pricing structure already means that the more you pay per month, the cheaper the effective price of each lesson.

Factor in the discount, and you can get 40 individually taught 1-to-1 sessions for way less per lesson than you’d pay for 4 group classes per month.

This table shows you how:

Lingoda planPrice per lessonPrice per lesson with Black Friday discount
4 group classes pm$14.75N/A
12 group classes pm$12.40$6.20
20 group classes pm$10.50$5.25
40 group classes pm$9.90$4.95
4 1-to-1 lessons pm$34.75N/A
12 1-to-1 lessons pm$27.40$13.70
20 1-to-1 lessons pm$22.90$11.45
40 1-to-1 lessons pm$19.90$9.95

About Lingoda

Lingoda discount deal

Lingoda is one of the fastest growing names in language learning. It's also one of the most unique, with a teaching philosophy that makes them stand out among their competitors.

Lingoda has over 1,500 vetted native speaking teachers across the languages they teach. This ensures you get the best experience of the language you choose to learn.

They have a team of in-house experts on linguistics who have put together all of the course material with the aim to get you speaking fluently faster. 

Also, the 24/7 availability of a real life tutor is a game changer when it comes to language learning.

Read our full Lingoda review for more detail.

Lingoda advantages

  • Proven track record for developing fluency
  • Learn from native speakers  
  • Live online lessons you can fit around your own busy life
  • Lessons contain puzzles and games to help cement your memory
  • One-on-one tuition available if you want it
  • Small class size in group sessions to promote engagement

Other offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals


The Lingoda Black Friday 2020 discount is a great deal:

  • It comes at a great time: a subscription to Lingoda makes a great gift — just in time for Christmas!
  • Lingoda’s unique approach to language learning makes it stand out from its competitors
  • It’s the most generous offer from Lingoda to date and could see you getting 40 individually taught sessions for less than the price per lesson of their cheapest subscription

So what are you waiting for? 

Lingoda Black Friday Discount FAQ

What is the Lingoda Black Friday offer?

50% off the first month of a selection of monthly subscription plans

How much does the Lingoda Black Friday deal cost?

This depends on whether you select the 12, 20 or 40 lesson per month plan

I used to have a Lingoda membership, am I eligible?

Yes, as long as your membership is not current

When does Lingoda’s Black Friday deal end?

The Lingoda Black Friday discount deal ends on 5th December 2022

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