Mindvalley Black Friday Deal

by Liz Hurley

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Mindvalley’s mission is to deliver life-changing programs that empower people to become their best, most fulfilled selves. 

So it’s great news that the Mindvalley Black Friday 2023 discount is now LIVE!

Mindvalley deals don’t happen often. This one offers a massive discount which is locked in for life!

So, let me give you the lowdown on the Mindvalley Black Friday offer so you can grab it before it’s gone.

Here’s what’s in store:

  • What is Mindvalley’s Black Friday promo?
  • How to get the deal and how it works
  • Is the Black Friday offer actually a good deal?
  • Mindvalley Black Friday discount eligibility
  • About Mindvalley
  • Advantages of Mindvalley
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mindvalley Black Friday deal?

Mindvalley Black Friday promo

The Mindvalley Black Friday promo is:

40% OFF membership from November 1st-30th.

That slashes away nearly half the entire membership price for an entire yearr. 

And that's not the best part…

Once you’ve locked in your Black Friday discount - it’s yours for as long as you choose to stay a Mindvalley Member - for a year, a few years, or even a lifetime!

And, even with this discount, you’re still covered by their unconditional 15-day guarantee. Which means you can try Mindvalley for over two weeks before deciding if it’s for you.

Ready to answer your ‘call-to-transformation’?

How to get the MindvalleyBlack Friday offer

Mindvalley Cyber Monday promo

Taking advantage of the Mindvalley discount offer is simple. 

  1. Head on over to Mindvalley using any of our links between November 1st-30th
  2. Select Become a Member now
  3. Scroll down and select the Monthly or Yearly membership option
  4. Supply your details and preferred payment method (no promo coupon code necessary). And that’s it

Mindvalley Black Friday deal eligibility

  • Not have a current subscription
  • Apply before the promo expires on NOVEMBER 30, 2023 23:59:00 (EST)

What’s included in the Mindvalley Black Friday offer?

Mindvalley Black Friday coupon

With the Black Friday deal you’ll get access to full Mindvalley membership which includes:

  • An introspective self assessment that helps you establish a baseline and measure progress
  • 60+ Mindvalley Quests 
  • Mindvalley Live – daily live classes from celebrities, famous CEOs and world class coaches 
  • The Mindvalley Community – a private social network of like minded individuals
  • 500+ Meditations via the Mindvalley Omvana app
  • On the go learning with the Mindvalley app 
  • The opportunity to join in with Mindvalley events and meetups

Mindvalley Quests cover every dimension of life including: mind, body, soul and career.

Your 40% discount is also locked in for life and, even with this discount, you’re still covered by their unconditional 15-day money back guarantee.

Is The Mindvalley Black Friday Offer a good deal?

Mindvalley coupon code

Trustpilot review

Mindvalley’s subscription costs have been stable for some time. The platform has not increased prices prior to this Black Friday deal.

So the discount, as well as being generous, is legit. 

The savings you can make are set out below:

Mindvalley subscription typeWithout discountWith the Black Friday deal

Even without the Black Friday deal, yearly membership represents a saving of 42% over the monthly cost and works out to under $1.50 per day. That’s less than the cost of a cup of coffee. With the discount this is just 90c. 

Not much to pay for “transformational change that lasts a lifetime”.

Individual self improvement courses can set you back hundreds of dollars. And 1-to-1 sessions with a life coach can cost $200+ an hour.

Looking at it that way, Mindvalley annual subscription represents great value, and with the Black Friday discount it’s a steal. 

And if you’re still not sure, you can get a good feel for the platform by enrolling in a free masterclass with a Mindvalley teacher. Some are available on an ongoing basis and others are hosted on a weekly basis. So there are always plenty to try.

Plus, Mindvalley offer an unconditional 15 day guarantee that allows you to try the platform for a fortnight to check it's right for you.

About Mindvalley

Mindvalley Cyber Monday promo

What sets Mindvalley apart from other online learning platforms is its:

  • Focus on personal development and well being rather than traditional subjects
  • Quest based approach – programs start on a set date and are completed with a cohort of fellow learners 
  • Genuine community feel – your learning journey is supported by your peers and the wider Mindvalley network
  • Daily microlearning – powerful 20 minute daily sessions that fit into any schedule and promote tangible, incremental growth *
  • Unique self assessment which allows you to honestly establish a baseline, track your progress and receive curated personalized learning suggestions

* You can opt to learn at your own pace and take Quests on your own schedule. But by combining the power of community with daily microlearning, Mindvalley claims its Quests transform you in ways that traditional online education can’t.

Mindvalley claims to use scientifically proven systems that keep you engaged, moving forward and making positive changes that stick.

And it’s a formula that seems to work. Mindvalley has over 12 million students and their courses boast a 5x completion rate over traditional online learning.

You can find out more about Mindvalley in our Mindvalley and Lifebook Online reviews.

Mindvalley advantages

  • 60+ self improvement quests covering every dimension of life including: mind, body, soul and career 
  • Teaching from passionate, respected and accomplished instructors
  • A unique and effective approach to online learning
  • Engaging bite sized lessons that build on and reinforce prior learning 
  • Strong ‘results that stick’ focus
  • 5x higher completion rate over traditional online learning
  • Daily live sessions with celebrities, famous CEOs and world class coaches 
  • Time bound courses taken with a cohort of fellow students
  • Includes the app so you can learn on the go
  • Genuinely community oriented platform

Example classes available on Mindvalley

Mindvalley Black Friday promo

Five of the most popular Mindvalley Quests are:

  1. Superbrain – Jim Kwik
  2. Uncompromised Life – Marisa Peer
  3. Be Extraordinary – Vishen
  4. Energy Medicine – Donna Eden
  5. The Longevity Blueprint – Ben Greenfield

Of course, the best Quest for you is going to depend on your own individual needs and goals.

So I’ve provided a best in category list below so you can get a flavor of what’s available.

And don’t forget, after doing the introspective self assessment Mindvalley will suggest Quests for you based on your individual aspirations, dreams and desires.

Best in Mind: Superbrain with Jim Kwik 

Highly recommended for:

  • Engaging and motivational teaching from a teacher who has coached Hollywood stars and the world’s leading companies and CEOs
  • Practical exercises throughout that help you think better, feel better and learn faster
  • Each lesson building on the last making it easy to see and measure progress 

Since completing the 30 days I have been given many tools to help remember names, places, dates and events. I am so excited to teach these methods to my friends, family and grandchildren. I am also learning to play golf, speak French and to draw. Thanks, Jim for inspiring me to inspire others.Superbrain story

->Read our full Jim Kwik Superbrain Review

Best in Body: The Longevity Blueprint with Ben Greenfield

Highly recommended for:

  • Inspiring teaching from one of only three people in the world to complete 9 of the hardest Spartan races in a single year 
  • Providing simple, manageable and effective methods to turn back the clock, boost energy levels and get fitter
  • Building a mindset to make these changes last

“I definitely could see the difference in how I look and how I feel .. I am 46 and I feel and look even better than 25 years ago‼ So happy Mindvalley came into my life, it definitely brought me back closer to MYSELF.”  Longevity Blueprint Student

Best in Career: Speak and Inspire by Lisa Nichols

Highly recommended for:

  • Inspiring teaching from one of the world’s top speaking coaches and author of six best selling books including the NYT best seller, No Matter What
  • Carefully designed tools, exercises and techniques that incrementally build your communication skills, whatever your starting point.

“Speak and Inspire has impacted my life in ways I could never imagine… I’m now a transformational storytelling coach because learning how to share my story has changed my life. I found my inner power, true friendship and my dream and Speak & Inspire has led me to it.” Speak and Inspire Story

Best in Soul: Energy Medicine with Donna Eden

Highly regarded for

  • Gentle teaching from a renowned healer with four decades’ experience of promoting and teaching energy healing
  • An easy-to-follow, holistic approach
  • Providing over 50 practical tools to help waken your body’s natural healing ability

“I'm so happy to be able to incorporate these energy medicine tools into my daily routine now. I love that I can boost my energy at any time with these tools. It's truly a gift to be able to heal your own pain and others. Thank you for this beautiful journey, Donna is such a ray of light and I loved every minute of it.” Energy Medicine Story

Best in Entrepreneurship: The Quest for Personal Mastership with Srikumar Rao

Highly regarded for

  • Powerful teaching from a pioneer in the field of motivation and resilience and one of the world’s most in demand MBA and TED speakers
  • Providing a coherent, demanding but effective framework for personal growth
  • Cultivating the resilience and resolve to make the learning last and help you overcome all obstacles

What makes it great

“The exercises are fantastic and doing them seriously, deeply and consciously allows you to change your mental attitude… The quest will accompany me for a long time yet because certain concepts are very profound and challenging to integrate into life, but very transformative.” Quest for Personal Mastership story

Best in Relationships and Parenting: Conscious Parenting Mastery with Dr Shefali Tsabary

Highly regarded for

  • Clear explanations and a myriad of practical takeaways from one of the foremost authorities in the field of conscious parenting
  • Extremely well structured and curated lessons which build on and support each other
  • One of the most lively, supportive and active quest communities 

What makes it great

“This quest goes deep and I got so much out of the quest I cannot even put into words! Having done conscious personal development for over 10 years, this was the single most significant initiative I have done. So this isn't just about learning some parenting tricks – this is deep personal development work, which can transform life for yourself and your wider family!” Conscious Parenting Story

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Mindvalley Black Friday Deal – Conclusion

Mindvalley’s quest framework provides a unique and impactful route to self improvement.

Plus the large variety of Quests provide the opportunity to optimise every area of your life, not just one.

To gain the opportunity of 40% off membership for a years’ worth of life changing training is immense value. A life coach could set you back $400 for just two hours of their time and most of Mindvalley’s quests are several hours (or more) in length. And, don't forget, this discount is locked in for life.

Plus with a variety of free Mindvalley Masterclasses, and a 15 day money back guarantee on your purchase, you can sample the platform risk free. That’s 15 days of microlearning, plenty of time to make a decision!

I wasn’t as lucky as you and did not get the discount being offered. Even so, Mindvalley went beyond my expectations. I’ve let go of beliefs that have been holding me back, reinvented myself and have a clear vision that keeps me moving forward. 

The deal is rare to get, outstanding value and is simple to redeem, so what are you waiting for?

Mindvalley Black Friday deal FAQs

What is the Mindvalley Black Friday offer?

40% off a Mindvalley membership

When does the Mindvalley Black Friday discount end?

November 30th 2023

Do I need a coupon code to redeem the Mindvalley Black Friday deal?

No, just sign up using any of our links

How much is the Mindvalley Black Friday deal?

An annual membership will cost $299.40 as opposed to $499

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