Online Learning Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

by Liz Hurley

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Get the latest Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for online learning platforms here. 

We’ve compiled the best and most comprehensive list of holiday discounts from major eLearning providers

Best eLearning deals

ProviderDiscountAvailabilityFind Out More
Udemy80% Udemy coursesNov 17 – Nov 27Use this link
MasterClass Buy One, Share One (2 for 1 membership)Nov 11 – Dec 31Use this link
Mindvalley 40% off membership locked in for lifeNov 1 – Nov 30Use this link
Skillshare50% off a Skillshare subscriptionNov 1 – Nov 30Use this link
CourseraOne month of Coursera Plus for $1Nov 1 – Nov 24Use this link
GetSmarter15% off GetSmarterNov 11 – Dec 31Use this link and coupon code GS-AF-LEARN15
Datacamp50% Off membershipNov 11 – Nov 26Use this link
BabbelUp to 70% off Babbel productsNov 11 – Dec 4Use this link
British Council Learn English40% off Platinum membership20% off Gold membershipBoth for 3 monthsNov 14-Nov 29Use this link
Brilliant20% off a Brilliant subscriptionAlways availableUse this link
Codecademy50% off a Pro subscriptionNov 21- Dec 5Use this link and code CYBER23
Udacity20%+ off a Udacity subscriptionAlways availableUse this link

Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts – details

MasterClass Black Friday Discount

What is included in MasterClass

MasterClass is an online learning platform allowing people to learn from the world’s most celebrated and influential practitioners of a range of skills and disciplines. It offers over 190+ MasterClasses delivered with incredible cinematic production values which really create an intimate connection between you and the instructor. It’s great value – even at full price.

The MasterClass Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday discount is:

Until December 31st 11:59pm (EST) Buy One Share One – Effectively two memberships for the price of one

To purchase 2 All-Access Passes, it would normally cost $240 (2 x $120).

With the holiday offer, it will only cost you $120.

You can either gift the free membership to a friend (ideal with Christmas coming up) or just share the upfront cost ($60 each).

Find out more about this discount: MasterClass Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer

Udemy Black Friday Holiday Deal

Udemy Black Friday Sale

Udemy was launched in 2009 with a mission to improve life through learning. 

It gives everyone the opportunity to create and offer quality online courses on its platform. 

It now has over 64 million registered users and offers 210,000+ courses across 13 categories. Udemy is an all round provider and offers courses in both professional and personal development.

It is the largest Ed Tech company of its kind and 80% of Fortune 100 companies trust Udemy for employee upskilling including Apple, Unicef, PayPal, Accenture, Samsung and Unilever.

The Udemy Black Friday promo is:

Until midnight November 27 (EST) get 80% off Udemy courses

Find out more detail here.

Mindvalley Black Friday Holiday Offer

Mindvalley Black Friday promo

Mindvalley’s mission is to deliver life-changing programs that empower people to become their best, most fulfilled selves.

What sets Mindvalley apart from other online learning platforms is its focus on personal development and well being rather than traditional subjects, Quest based approach – programs start on a set date and are completed with a cohort of fellow learners and its genuine community feel.

The Mindvalley Black Friday promo promotion is:

Until November 30th 11:59pm (EST) 40% OFF membership LOCKED IN FOR LIFE

So for as long as you continue to renew your membership, you will ALWAYS be entitled to the discount.

And, even with this discount, you’re still covered by their unconditional 15-day guarantee. Which means you can try Mindvalley for over two weeks before deciding if it’s for you.

Ready to answer your ‘call-to-transformation’?

Find out more about this discount: Mindvalley Black Friday deal

Skillshare Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer

Skillshare Black Friday Discount

Skillshare is the world’s largest online learning community for creatives. It has over 12 million registered users and offers 40,000+ classes in just about any topic you can think of. Though it is renowned for its classes in creative disciplines such as photography and sketching, Skillshare also offers courses in fields such as AI, business and productivity. 

The Skillshare Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal is:

Until midnight (EST) on November 30th SAVE 50% on an annual or monthly subscription

The full price of a monthly membership is $32 per month. The cost of an annual membership is $168 (USD) which works out to only $14 per month. 

With the discount you could get an annual membership for only $7 a month (billed annually). This is such good vale for what’s on offer it’s silly to be without!

Find out more about this discount: Skillshare Black Friday Deal

Coursera Black Friday discount

Coursera Discount

With 92 million learners and over 7,000 courses from top institutions such as Yale, Stanford and Google, Coursera has come to symbolize the best in eLearning.

And the great news is you can get a substantial discount on a Coursera Plus annual subscription. The Black Friday holiday discount offer is:

First month of Coursera Plus for $1 between November 1-24, 2023

To find out more: Coursera Black Friday holiday discount deal

GetSmarter Cyber Monday/Black Friday Deal

GetSmarter discount codes

GetSmarter offers hundreds of short courses from globally revered institutions including Yale, Harvard and Oxford. Their high-impact programs, designed to ensure you stay abreast of the fast changing professional landscape, are great value – even at full price.

The GetSmarter discount is 15% off a GetSmarter course until December 31 at midnight (BST)

Find out more from our GetSmarter discount article

Datacamp Black Friday Deal

Datacamp 50% off discount

With 9 million learners and 100s of partners, including Google, Uber and PayPal, Datacamp is a one-stop shop for data analytics professionals to get the right expertise and certifications for their fields.

Even at full price it’s a value for money way to become equipped with the data science skills you need for the changing world of today. 

And until midnight (EST) 26 November – you can get 50% Black Friday discount off a premium Datacamp membership.

Find out more from our Datacamp Holiday Offer article.

Codecademy Black Friday/Cyber Monday Discount

Codecademy Black Friday discount

Codecademy has over 50 million users and has become the default place to learn how to code online. 

And the good news is, for Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming, Codecademy is offering a generous 50% discount on its subscription program.

The deal is available until midnight (EST) December 5th.

Find out more in our full Codecademy Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal article.

Babbel Black Friday Offer

Babbel Black Friday

Babbel is the world’s best selling language app with 10 million purchased subscriptions. Babbel’s methods have been developed by 150+ language experts and the platform now has 13,000+ hours of content across 14 languages

Until midnight on December 4 you can get: 

  • 70% off a Complete Membership (12 month access to all languages)
  • 50% off a 12 Month Membership (12 month access to one language)
  • 60% off a Lifetime Membership (lifetime access to all languages)

Find out more here.

British Council Discount

British Council LearnEnglish Review

British Council boasts the world’s best English teaching experts. Their English Online program lets you learn English online through high-quality courses and extra material like practice exercises that get you speaking English confidently. 

Until midnight (GMT) November 29 you can get:

  • 40% off Platinum membership (for 3 months)
  • 20% off Gold membership (for 3 months)

Find out more here and from our British Council English Online review.

Brilliant Discount Codes

Brilliant discount codes

With 10 million users and 100+ courses designed to illuminate the soul of math, science, and engineering, Brilliant is an amazing way to get to grips with the laws that shape our world. 

As a platform dedicated to transforming STEM subjects from something to be feared to something to be loved, Brilliant is great value, even at full price.

With our links this discount is always available.

Find out more about Brilliant here.

Udacity Discount Offer

Udacity discount codes

First launched in 2011 by Stanford teachers Sebastian Thrun and David Stavens, Udacity has quickly become a breakthrough provider when it comes to digi-tech learning. 

With 16 million+ learners, partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, 80+ Nanodegrees and 300+ courses, even at full price it’s a value for money way to become equipped with the in-demand skills you need for the changing world of today. 

Udacity is now a subscription platform, you can get at least 20% off membership saving up to $200 per month over the cost of purchasing their Nanodegrees individually (which you can no longer do).

Find out more about Udacity’s discount and how it works here.

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