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by Liz Hurley

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With a ten level curriculum, access to world class teachers, practical assignments and guided workouts, Guitareo is trusted by nearly 85,000 students. Even at full price, the platform is an effective and value for money way to learn the guitar.

In this article you'll find the latest and best Guitareo discount codes to help you get the best deal.

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Current Guitareo promo codes

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* GuitarQuest is an intense crash course to get you playing songs faster with entertaining challenges and missions plus fluff-free exercises.

How to claim the Guitareo discount code

Claiming your Guitareo discount is simple. Just follow the steps below. Note: You need only enter a discount code if our table shows that one is needed.

Step 1: Visit Guitareo using the correct link

Use one of our exclusive links in the table above to click on the offer you wish to take advantage of and head on over to Guitareo.

Step 2: Select your plan

Choose either the monthly or annual plan.

Step 3: Join Guitareo

Provide your details and valid payment method plus discount code (if needed). No money will be taken until the end of the free trial period.

Guitareo purchase page

Step 4: Enjoy your learning!

And just like that you’ve taken advantage of the most value for money way to join the Guitareo community.

Guitareo discount code eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria can vary between deals, but generally you must:

  • Not have a current active plan 
  • Provide Guitareo with valid payment details
  • Apply within the time frame (if there is one)

About Guitareo

About Guitareo

Guitareo is an online musical learning platform focused on helping you with your guitar playing, wherever you are in the world. It has nearly 85k users and over a million followers on its YouTube channel.

The platform has something to offer beginners, intermediate and even advanced players, its courses are led by highly experienced instructors and there are a wide range of choices for learning including: 

  • Full courses for various ability levels
  • Shorter quick tip lessons
  • Spaces for practicing scales
  • Live Question and Answer sessions
  • A chords and scales section where you can review your theory 
  • 500+ songs and play-alongs 
  • Forums where you can discuss and engage with students and teachers

Guitareo is the guitar arm of a larger e-learning platform called Musora, which also includes Pianote for pianists, Drumeo for drummers and Singeo for singers.

Pros of Guitareo

Guiatreo lessons
  • Covers an incredible depth of content – Not a beat is skipped on this site in terms of teaching you what you need to know. All the essential elements of the guitar are covered here including posture, strumming, chords and much, much more
  • Excellent focus on musical theory, which not a lot of sites do – Thus giving you a strong framework for understanding the concepts that underpin your playing.
  • Actually gives you the means for becoming a better guitar player, rather than just teaching songs
  • An easy-to-use, well-designed site with lots of downloadable resources
  • A range of lesson types including specific courses, quick tips and play-alongs
  • A nice sense of community, with forums for fellow learners to engage with one another 
  • Gives you the choice of sticking to a particular method, or carving your own learning pathway

Cons of Guitareo

  • Less content for advanced players
  • Most of the content is very general; not a lot relating to specific genres or techniques

You can learn more about Guitareo from our Guitareo review.

  • Curated learning all in one place, easy to find, less time wasted searching
  • Peer reviewed courses
  • A dedicated learning space (Browsing YouTube often turns into watching something entirely unrelated!)
  • A community of like-minded learners
  • Portfolio of projects to share 

Best Guitareo courses

There’s a lot on offer with Guiatreo. It’s one of its biggest strengths. So in order to give you a broad insight of what’s on offer, I’ve included classes I’ve taken myself labelled beginner, intermediate and advanced on the site. 

Best beginner course – 500 Songs In 500 Days

Length of Course: 8 video lessons, ranging from 8 to 18 minutes in length. 

Best for: Absolute beginners shouldn’t have a problem with this lesson though it might help to learn the note names and a few chord shapes, but it’s not essential. Ideal if you’re an early guitar player looking for a solid technique for playing some of your favorite songs. 

Overall: Helps you get to grips with playing some of the modern era's most popular songs. You’ll not only learn the four chords in the key of G but also more general tips for playing including strumming, inversions and bar chords. 

Best Intermediate course – Understanding Minor And Diminished Chords 

Guitareo courses

Length of Course: 6 lessons long, adding up to around 25 minutes of content.

Best for: People who have experienced a few of the beginner courses of Guitareo and are ready to push themselves into more theoretical concepts. Also really helpful if you have a decent understanding of major chords and you want to expand your knowledge to chords that are less common. 

Overall: This course covered a concept that might not be flashy but is important, and it did it in a clear, concise and helpful way. In around 25 minutes you’ll have a really strong foundation for understanding minor and diminished chords.  

Best Advanced Course – Understanding Chords Outside The Key

Inside a Guitareo lesson

Length of Course: This course is 36 minutes long, with the content divided between 6 lessons.

Best for: Those with a solid understanding of major and minor keys and a reasonable understanding of musical theory. 

Overall: A good course that takes an essential aspect of the guitar, teaches it clearly with reference to basic musical theory, and then applies it to a practice session that illuminated the concepts explored. 

Guitareo Cost

All the plans for payment on Guitareo will offer you the same thing. This includes access to all the lessons, songs and teachers.

There are two main options listed on the Guitareo website for paying for membership. Both plans will grant you access to everything on the site. 

  • A monthly plan for $30 a month subscription
  • A yearly plan for $20 a month (billed annually at $240). Note that although the yearly plan may seem like more of a commitment, it is $10 cheaper per month than the monthly plan itself. 

Guitareo also offers GuitarQuest at a one off full cost of $197. 

GuitarQuests is an intense course from Rob Scallon designed to crush your guitar goals fast. Lessons are treated as missions such as rocking a concert (because the guitarist didn’t show), playing campfire tunes (before getting chased by a crazy guy with an axe), and writing catchy commercial jingles. As you go you’ll pick up the skills and techniques you need to start PLAYING the guitar right away.

Learnopoly’s discount promise

Oftentimes, you find a discount promise online that is no longer available (or sometimes never was). 

Here at Learnopoly:

  • We offer genuine discount codes only 
  • Our deals are kept up to date
  • We include a mix of always available and limited time only deals
  • When the deal is only available for a limited time, we transparently show the expiry date

Other eLearning discounts

Guitareo discount – Final thoughts

Guitareo is a fantastic place to learn the guitar. The range of courses means you get all the content you need, and the focus on musical theory and personal practice helps you develop musical skills, and progress much faster than other platforms. It’s great value, even at full cost.

However, our exclusive discount links and codes will help you get even more bang for your buck from Guitareo.

Plus with a selection of free trials and satisfaction guarantees on offer, you really have nothing to lose by giving Guitareo a go. 

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your playing!

Guitareo discount FAQs

What is the best Guitareo discount code?

Guitareo deals vary from time to time – always check Learnopoly for the best and most current deal available.

Can I use more than one discount code?

Generally only one discount applies.

Am I eligible for a Guitareo discount? 

You are usually eligible for a discount if you don’t have a current membership.

Does Guitareo have a refund policy?

Yes, As long as you purchased directly from Guitareo, you are able to get a refund on your subscription fee within the first 7 days of purchase.

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