Pluralsight Black Friday Deal 

by Liz Hurley

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Pluralisight has been delivering training courses and tools for software developers, IT administrators and other digital professionals for over two decades.

So if you want access to thousands of courses on the latest technologies, Pluralsight is well worth considering. Especially now, when Pluralsight is offering its biggest Black Friday / Cyber Monday discount ever.

You only have a narrow window of opportunity to take advantage of this steeply discounted offer.

So let me give you the lowdown on what’s involved so you can decide if it’s for you, and snap it up before it’s gone.

Here’s what I’ll be covering:

  • What is the Pluralsight discount offer and how does it work?
  • Does the Pluralsight Black Friday & Cyber Monday discount represent a good deal?
  • Pluralsight deal eligibility criteria
  • About Pluralsight and best Pluralsight Classes
  • Pluralsight pros
  • Final thoughts
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pluralsight Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal?

Pluralsight Black Friday Deal

The Pluralsight Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion is:

50% OFF all annual standard and premium subscriptions from November 21-November 28 only. 

How to get the Pluralsight Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer

Pluralsight Cyber Monday promo

There are four simple steps to get your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Pluralsight discount:

  1. Use any of our links to head on over to Pluralsight between 21-28 November
  2. Click on the Save now link for the 50% off deal
  3. Select which option you want to sign up with – Premium or Standard 
  4. Enter your details and payment information

You should receive a confirmation email moments after. 

Pluralsight Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal eligibility

To qualify for the Pluralsight Black Friday & Cyber Monday discount you must:

  • Not have a current subscription
  • Apply before the promo expires on NOVEMBER 28, 2022 23:59:00 (EST)
  • Not be enrolled in a team plan 

What’s included in the Pluralsight Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer

Pluralsight Cyber Monday discount

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to access everything on Pluralsight skills. 

The Standard membership gives you access to the core library of 2,500 courses. Premium membership gives full unrestricted access to all 7,000+ courses, the chance for certification and the opportunity to participate in coding projects and challenges.

Categories of courses include:

  • Business Professional 
  • Cloud 
  • Data & Machine Learning 
  • IT Ops 
  • Security 
  • Software Development 

Is The Pluralsight Black Friday/Cyber Monday Offer A Good deal?

Pluralsight Black Friday coupon

Yes. Pluralsight have not hiked their prices ahead of this offer AND it is the steepest discount Pluralsight have ever offered.

About Pluralsight

About pluralsight

Pluralsight is one of the largest and most popular providers of online teaching for a range of tech professionals. 

The platform has over 1,400 subject matter experts, with over 7,000 courses in their library. 

The company is aimed at providing training in a range of disciplines to both individuals and businesses, with course instructors compiling their own content and teaching. 

Pluralsight is growing super fast, going from working with roughly 40% of Fortune 500 companies in 2017 to 70% by 2019. 

These include Adobe, VMWare and Nasdaq. 

Find out more in our in depth Pluralsight review.

Pluralsight advantages

  • 7,000+ courses and 1,400 subject matter experts 
  • Skills Pathways to develop particular abilities 
  • Skill IQ and Role IQ tests the gaps in your knowledge 
  • The chance for certification 
  • Labs, where you can practice what you’ve learnt 
  • Partnered with Fortune 500 companies, so very credible 
  • Equips you for the changing world and job market 
  • Additional learning support including Lab and Pathways

Example classes available on Pluralsight

Pluralsight classes

Here are 5 of the most popular and highest rated courses on Pluralsight. 

  • Python: The Big Picture 
  • JavaScript: Getting Started
  • Understanding Machine Learning 
  • Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking with Kali Linux
  • Data Science With R

And here are the best in category:

Business Professional: Introduction To The BABOK® Guide And Business Analysis Key Terms 

You’ll learn all the key concepts and how to use the guide as a resource for your analysis. 

Cloud: Cloud Security: Introduction To Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP®)

Discover how to identify which cloud architecture best meets your business requirements and how to use that to develop a cloud consumption strategy. 

Data & Machine Learning: Data Science With R 

Learn about the practice of data science and the R programming language, and how they fit together. 

IT Ops: Getting Started With Linux 

Master the fundamentals of Linux, including the basics of downloading and working with open source software, and then controlling Linux runtime environment. 

Security: Penetration Testing And Ethical Hacking With Kali Linux 

This course is all about using ethical hacking techniques, which learners should have some background in already, to conduct professional penetration testing using Kali Linux. Software 

Development: Javascript: Getting Started 

Gives you the absolute basics of Javascript, including the applications and platforms it runs on, and the fundamentals of the language. 

Other Black Friday deals


Pluralsight Black Friday promo

If you’re wanting to get to grips with skills in the fields of of software development, IT and business analysis this deal is almost silly to be without.

Why? Because it:

  • Represents the biggest discount Pluralsight have ever offered for a standard or premium membership
  • Is a genuine deal – Pluralisight have not increased their prices ahead of the offer
  • And is easy to redeem.

But remember, the offer is only open for a seven day period between 21st-28th November.

So what are you waiting for?

Pluralsight Black Friday deal FAQs

What is the Pluralsight Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal offer?

50% off the cost of an annual subscription

Do I need a discount code, coupon or promo coupon to redeem this deal?

No, no kind of code or coupon is necessary – just sign up between November 21st to 28th

I used to have a Pluralsight membership, am I eligible? 

Yes, as long as your subscription has ended

When does the Pluralsight Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal end?

The Pluralsight Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal ends on  NOVEMBER 28, 2022 23:59:00 (EST)

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