Samuel L Jackson MasterClass Review

by Rebecca Salter

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Samuel L Jackson is one of America’s best recognized actors and producers. He has starred in over 100 films to date, including Pulp Fiction and Die Hard. This has made him a household name and placed him among the Hollywood greats.

In Samuel L Jackson’s MasterClass, you learn from the legend himself. His 21-lesson MasterClass teaches you how to elevate your acting, create a believable character, and use verbal and non-verbal expressions to move your audience.

If you’re here, you’re probably interested in finding out whether this course is for you. In this Samuel L Jackson MasterClass review, I’ll cover the pros and cons so that you can decide for yourself.

Before I begin, these are some key points:


Quick summary

Learn how to:

  • Create thought-out and memorable characters
  • Use your voice and body to express emotion
  • Make a voice and character your own
  • Work effectively with directors, castmates, and crew
  • Enrich your acting practice through bold decision-making
  • Audition and grow your career as an actor


  • Learn from one of America’s best-loved actors
  • Practical examples from films and student sessions
  • Strong and helpful Workbook materials


  • Not always easy to follow/understand
  • Fewer case studies than other classes
  • Lacking in technical theory

Course length: 21 lessons, 4 hours, 47 minutes.

Best for: Actors beginning their careers and stepping into the audition process.

Overall: A good insight into how to elevate your acting style and develop your skills. Samuel L Jackson’s MasterClass helps you to navigate the audition process and carry yourself professionally (view details).

Now I’ll look deeper into what Samuel L Jackson’s MasterClass covers. I’ll also explain what I did and didn’t like, and what alternatives are available.

Here’s what I’ll explore:

  • About Samuel L Jackson and MasterClass
  • Inside Samuel L Jackson’s MasterClass
  • What I liked/disliked
  • Who the course is for, prices, and alternatives
  • What others have said about the course
  • Verdict – is this MasterClass worth it?

Firstly, here is some basic info:

About Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson (the L stands for Leroy if you're wondering) is a multi-award winning actor and producer. Known for his work with Spike Lee and Quentin Tarantino, Samuel has appeared in over 100 movies to date.

He won a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor in the 1994 hit movie, Pulp Fiction. In fact, his diner scene at the end of the movie is considered one of the most memorable cult scenes in cinematic history.

Samuel also won Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival in 1991. This was for his role as Gator in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever.

If you’re keen to learn how to develop your acting talents, the Samuel L Jackson MasterClass is an unrivalled opportunity.

If you haven't seen the trailer for this class I high recommend you watch it (view it on MasterClass here)

About MasterClass

Our instructors are the best in the world.”

MasterClass was founded in 2015 and has amassed a huge following. Known for its celebrity-led courses, MasterClass is a standout resource in online learning.

Despite being a young company, MasterClass has already altered the landscape of e-learning as we know it. With teachers like Gordon Ramsay, James Cameron, Anna Wintor, and Aaron Sorkin, it’s no wonder more people are turning to MasterClass.

With its high production values being a key feature, MasterClass currently boasts over 190 courses across a range of subjects.

It is a subscription platform. An individual yearly subscription costs $120. The pass allows you to access unlimited MasterClasses across the year. With this in mind, you can mix and match courses, dipping in and out as you please.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that MasterClass might not be for everyone. In this review, I hope to cover the pros and cons to help you decide whether MasterClass is worth it.

Inside Samuel L Jackson’s MasterClass

Samual L Jackson MasterClass

With 21 lessons to dive into, Samuel L Jackson’s MasterClass amounts to 4 hours and 47 minutes’ viewing time. Most lessons average around 10-15 minutes each.

As well as the video resources, the Samuel L Jackson MasterClass also has a Community Hub and a 56-page Workbook.

Here’s what you’ll find inside Samuel L Jackson’s MasterClass:

Lessons 1-2: Introduction & Creating Characters

You’ve got to have something on your mind – you’ve got to have a goaL

In his early chapters, Jackson teaches you how to create characters who are whole people with background and motives.

He sets out ways you can explore your character’s history to create a persona who is both compelling and believable. In fact, Jackson takes you through his step-by-step process of discovering and developing a character.

Samuel L Jackson teaching his MasterClass

Overall, this section really took the time to lay down the fundamentals of character creation. In particular, Samuel teaches you the crucial questions you need to answer in order to understand how your character interacts with the world around them, as well as how to make them distinctive and memorable.

By the end of the lesson, you’ll have a better idea of how to create a well-rounded character and draw audiences in.

Lessons 3-4: Physical Characterization & The Caveman’s Valentine

Think about dress as an expression of character.”

As Jackson sees it, physical characterization is one of the most obvious ways to set your character apart from others. In Unbreakable, for example, Samuel shows you how he created a unique look to make his character stand out.

From collaborating with costume designers to learning new skills, this lesson will teach you how to:

  • Use costume and bodily gestures to express character
  • Become proficient in your character’s skin
  • Take character-building beyond the set
  • Use physical changes to communicate to your audience
  • Learn to adopt different physical characteristics

Using The Caveman’s Valentine as his main case study, Samuel L Jackson demonstrates how he made Romulus a sympathetic (and believable) character through physical expression.

Samuel L Jackson MasterClass case study

He emphasizes the need to embody the character by learning both their habits and skills. In this case, Jackson learned how to play the piano in order to make his acting more authentic. This, along with visual cues such as costume and gait, make for a believable character.

Lessons 5-8: Student Sessions: Breaking Down a Script, Character Biographies & Making It Your Own

Every opportunity is a blessing.”

At this point in the course, you get a glimpse into an acting workshop hosted by Samuel himself. With 5 young actors in the room, this workshop breaks down a scene from Pulp Fiction, which the actors play out in turn.

Samuel L Jackson teaching acting

This workshop’s main objective is to help actors understand what they need to consider when it comes to character. Re-enacting the final Pulp Fiction diner scene, this workshop teaches you how to:

  • Use improvisation and physical quirks to make a character your own
  • Control a scene’s pace by making bold choices with the script
  • Interact with other characters in a realistic way
  • Explore and express a character’s emotional depths

One perk of these student sessions is that it gives you a chance to observe acting first-hand. This allows you to take a critical look at how a character is played out and to assess what works and what doesn’t.

Helpfully, Samuel directs this scene and provides useful notes along the way. For example, he gives some solid pointers when it comes to enunciation, controlling the scene’s pace, and hooking the audience’s attention.

This is the closest you get to your own workshop experience. Overall, it’s a useful series of physical demonstrations that show how a scene and character can be reinterpreted.

Lesson 9: Voice and Character

I don’t sit at home and do my lines out loud – I do them in my head.”

Drawing from his own personal experiences, Samuel shares his methods for overcoming a stutter, and how he used this to his advantage when learning lines.

In fact, he uses this as a segue into how he created a unique character lisp in Kingsman. As he stresses, characters need something distinct in order to set them apart from others. And, in the context of the movie, a physical quirk of any sort fit in with the film’s genre as a Bond parody.

Samuel L Jackson in a scene from Kingsman

Along with this case study, Samuel L Jackson teaches you how he approaches the read-through and rehearsal processes, including when and how he uses vocal warmups to help create characters.

Overall, this section provides insight into how to use your voice expressively. Jackson references radio dramas as a good example of this and stressing the need to distinguish voices and project emotion.

A picture of Samuel L Jackson

Samuel teaches you how to engage with different audiences by playing with your vocal energy. As an actor accustomed to voiceovers and children’s characters as well as more notable blockbuster films, Samuel L Jackson has an interesting perspective on how to use voice according to the genre he is working in

Lessons 10-11: Student Sessions: Plumb Your Emotional Depths & Use Your Voice/Body

Find a place of power and be in it.”

Returning to the student workshops, Samuel gives his actors an exercise in expressing “divergent personalities.” This involves a scene from The Negotiator – a phone call between Danny and Farley that requires conflicting expressions from the actors.

Samuel L Jackson MasterClass student session

In this lesson, Samuel uses the exercise to teach actors how to plumb their emotional depths to convey conflicting motivations, personalities, and positions of power. For Samuel, these power positions are a key point from which to create and express a character through voice and body.

This section will teach you how to:

  • Read a scene critically to understand characters
  • Explore range and non-verbal communication in your acting
  • Understand and play with positions of power
  • Authentically embody your character
Samuel L Jackson sharing acting advice

What I found most helpful in this section was Samuel’s coverage of text and subtext. I’d seen this in other MasterClasses such as Shonda Rhimes’, but less so in relation to acting.

The visual demonstrations and actors' unique character interpretations were a useful way to see how actors can reveal layers and motives without relying wholly on dialogue (see details).

Lessons 12-13: Working with Directors & On-Set Collaboration

It’s easier to drop something than it is to find something and pick it up.”

In this 2-part lesson, Samuel teaches you how to:

  • Take responsibility as an actor when it comes to material
  • Understand the 3 types of directors (and how to work with them)
  • Be receptive to your director’s vision and goals
  • Approach notes thoughtfully and critically
  • Understand the 2 types of on-set environments.

At the start of this chapter, Samuel gives you some advice on how to gain a professional reputation on set. This includes time management, taking responsibility, and amassing your own material.

Samuel L Jackson sharing acting tips

Samuel teaches you how to manage the relationship between actor and director, particularly where the end goal is concerned. That being said, he also encourages you to think critically when receiving notes, stating the “the director isn’t always right.

Overall, I feel like this lesson shares some great tips when it comes to conducting yourself on set and with your collaborators. I particularly liked Samuel’s discussion of “love projects” vs. big studio films, and how you can expect the set environments to differ.

Lessons 14-15: Student Sessions: Developing Characterization & Making Bold Choices

Bring everything to the table.”

Here, Samuel sets up his final exercise in the acting workshop. This is a scene from Kingsman, which Samuel describes as establishing the persona of his character.

Like in the other sessions, each actor gets his/her chance to occupy Valentine’s character and to bring their own interpretations to it.

Samuel offers notes throughout the performances, and even lends character suggestions to the actors. His well-explained notes are particularly useful as they help you to understand where performances fall short and how to improve them.

By the end of this section, you will learn how to make bold choices when it comes to creating characters, including bringing physical quirks to the role and establishing a character’s persona and motives. This was also a fairly lengthy and intimate scene, which allows you to get some good insight into how the actors work.

Lesson 16: Enriching Your Acting Practice

Actively observe the world around you.”

In this chapter, Samuel shares how to make the most of reading, theater, people-watching, and studying cinema to learn more acting techniques.

While most actors would recommend watching the “greats,” Samuel takes this a step further and suggests some more particular ways you can develop your acting skills. This includes the kinds of films you should be watching, what to look out for, and how to evaluate your own performances.

Samuel L Jackson giving practical acting advice

Lessons 17-18: Auditioning & Growing Your Acting Career

When you go into a room, what you want to do is leave a lasting impression.”

Samuel’s later chapters draw attention to the auditioning process, covering what you should and shouldn’t do at a meeting and how to leave a lasting impression.

In these sections, you will learn how to:

  • Understand what directors are looking for
  • Sell yourself regardless of your role
  • Tell a story during your audition
  • Know when (and not) to improvise
  • Understand the rules of auditioning

Samuel brings together the actors from his student session for an intimate Q&A about auditioning and growing your career. Here, Samuel teaches his students about writing a resume, presenting yourself in your best light, and getting your foot in the door when it comes to minor roles.

All in all, I think this section was one of the strongest when it came to giving practical advice that actors can immediately use.

Lessons 19-21: Sam’s Journey, Hollywood Lessons & Conclusion

There is no formula for success.”

As Samuel’s MasterClass draws to a close, he takes the time to share his own journey from New York to Hollywood, and what he has learned along the way. He stresses the importance of finding a nurturing ensemble, and even discusses how his acting informed his journey to sobriety.

Lessons from Hollywood

In his conclusion, he lays down the differences between artistic and commercial success. For him, Pulp Fiction was his gateway to critical success despite Die Hard making him a household name. 

What I liked most about this lesson was his section on “Hollywood Lessons.” These are small nuggets of wisdom that he picked up during his career, including how to network with cast and crew, approach auditions, and accept the reality of being judged.

A scene from the "Hollywood" lessons

In fact, as the course draws to a close, he leaves you with some concrete advice on what you should do next to start or progress in your career. This parting wisdom was a motivating end to the MasterClass and I found the final student Q&A to be particularly practical for young actors getting started in acting’s competitive landscape.

My Experience of Samuel L Jackson’s MasterClass

All in all, Samuel L Jackson’s MasterClass was useful in demonstrating how to elevate your acting. In particular, the student sessions were really insightful and took the course beyond the lecture format.

At the same time, I don’t think this MasterClass is for everyone. Below, I hope to draw attention to both the pros and cons to help you decide whether this MasterClass is for you.

What I Liked About Samuel L Jackson’s MasterClass

Learn from One of America’s Best-Loved Actors

If you’re here, you’re likely aware of Samuel L Jackson’s status within Hollywood. In fact, he achieved the Guinness World Record in 2015 for the Highest Grossing Actor of All Time. 

With this in mind, this MasterClass is a unique opportunity to learn acting from one of the most prolific actors of this generation. Throughout the course, he shares his techniques for elevating your acting, and even directs a group of students within a film staging.

In his MasterClass, you learn directly from the man himself. Covering almost 5 hours of content, this is an in-depth look into Samuel’s acting advice and journey into Hollywood. This wealth of content is unrivalled elsewhere and you’re unlikely to find the same level of professional teaching outside of MasterClass.

Practical Examples from Films and Student Sessions

Throughout the course, Samuel backs up his teaching with case studies from his films. Mostly, these include Unbreakable, Kingsman, and Die Hard. For visual learners, this is a great way to cement learning by visual examples (and also gives you some secondary viewing).

As well as this, the MasterClass is interspersed with “Student Sessions.” These are workshops, each covering the same length as a usual lesson. In fact, I’d say they make up about half of the course in total, and it’s arranged in a way that breaks up the lecture-style learning with something more active.

Samuel L Jackson teaching a studen in his MasterClass

Strong and Helpful Workbook Material

Along with the 5 hours of video content, you also have access to a 57-page Workbook. This PDF resource includes chapter summaries, further learning, assignments, and more.

If you’re an active learner that learns best by highlighting and making notes, this is a useful document to print and follow as you go along.

One particular feature I liked about the Workbook was the assignments. This is a way to take learning further by putting Samuel’s teaching into practice. For many, this is a means of taking an active role in the learning process. You can even share your assignments on the Community Hub for feedback!

Lively and Active Community Hub

The Community Hub is a MasterClass forum dedicated to students of a particular course. It allows you to interact with fellow students, get feedback, and share ideas. For me, this is a helpful way of reinforcing lessons and even getting clarity on topics you are unsure about.

Samuel L Jackson MasterClass community

Overall, the Community Hub is the closest you get to a seminar experience and lets you take an active role in discussing the lessons.

As well as this, the MasterClass team is on hand to prompt guided discussions of topics and assignments. I found this a nice method of encouraging conversation and stimulating productive discussion.

A Visually-Strong Course About Elevating Your Acting

In sum, I’d say this course excels in showing you how to take your acting to the next leveL With a mixture of case studies, student workshops, and teaching from Samuel himself, you get a visually-strong look at how to build character on screen.

Jackson directing a scene

To take this further, MasterClass sets up the student workshop as an on-set experience. This is the closest we get to seeing acting as it unfolds on the set.

For me, this was a realistic insight into the daily realities of acting and Samuel’s direction was useful in pinpointing where an actor excelled and fell short.

While this MasterClass lacks the basics of what you might learn in drama school (for example, character psychology and general terminology), it does offer practical insight into how acting appears on set.

What Could Be Improved

Not Always Easy to Follow

While Samuel’s MasterClass has an array of case studies and lessons, I wasn’t always clear on what I was taking away from each one. In my notes, I found that a few chapters had little to no writing.

This was particularly the case for the student workshops, which, while helpful, were more visually-guided and less theory-based. Overall, this was a positive, but I would’ve liked to have seen a bit more theory to complement the practicaL

As well as this, Samuel L Jackson is sometimes vague when discussing his ideas. For example, he mentions the importance of vocal warmups but doesn’t elaborate on what these warmups entaiL 

I think this could be improved simply by refining the script to highlight where his key points are. In fact, this is especially important in the 1-1 lessons where the audio is the main source of information.

Fewer Case Studies Than Other Classes

In Samuel L Jackson’s MasterClass, I would say 2 case studies take center stage. That being said, there is only one case study highlighted as a chapter in itself. 

On the one hand, this is understandable given the length of the course (21 chapters compared to other MasterClasses, which average 30). But, on the other hand, the student workshops heavily outweigh any of the case studies from Samuel himself.

Although the workshops were insightful, it would have been helpful to screen the original scenes that were being re-enacted. This would have better put them into context and shown how Samuel delivered the scene in the final cut.

Lacking in Technical Theory

As I mentioned, Samuel L Jackson’s MasterClass is quite visually-focused. His style of delivery is also informal and free from jargon. That being said, if you’re expecting some foundational literary theory in this MasterClass, this is unlikely to be the course for you.

While Samuel discusses character expression and physical characterization, he won’t name method acting, or the Meisner technique, for example. With this in mind, Samuel’s advice is quite simplistic.

He teaches you how to approach characters by considering different questions. For example, what is a character’s background, and what is their relationship like with the characters around them? 

If you’re interested in more dramatic theory and precise acting techniques, other resources might be better suited to your needs. 

No Real On-Set Footage

Unlike other acting MasterClasses, such as Natalie Portman’s and Helen Mirren’s, Samuel’s course doesn’t feature any on-set footage of Samuel himself. While we see some short clips from his movies it would’ve been helpful to see how Samuel approaches his character on the set.

It’s worth noting that Samuel gives a lot of attention to how to behave within the filming environment, and this could’ve been backed up with better examples. While the student sessions were engaging, I think this course lacked the physical demonstrations from Samuel himself (which a student would probably expect).

More Suited to Actors Already Working

While at times this seems like a beginner’s MasterClass, the lack of technical terms suggests the audience to have some foundational knowledge of how to act. In fact, the MasterClass specifies that its aim is to help elevate acting rather than teach the foundations.

Also, Samuel’s advice regarding resumes seems to confuse the target audience even more. He advises against sending resumes that include dated acting experience and at times he seems to be addressing those who have hit a wall in their careers.

Although we don’t have any formal introduction to the students in the workshop, many of them seem to have some acting experience and even some professional/scholarly training. With this in mind, I think this course is more suited to students with some prior knowledge and acting experience who are looking to get ahead in their careers.

Who is This Course For?

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being a novice and 10 being a professional), I think this MasterClass is best suited to those between a 2 and 7. This is because Samuel skips over any clear introduction of what acting is, and instead dives into the ways you can enhance your character.

That being said, I think this course is mostly geared towards hopeful students who have had some prior learning and maybe even some theater/extra experience. Most of Samuel’s advice is also practical and visual, so it lacks the theory you might expect from a beginner’s course.

In this MasterClass, you will learn how to:

  • Create thought-out and memorable characters
  • Use your voice and body to express emotion
  • Make a voice and character your own
  • Work effectively with directors, castmates, and crew
  • Enrich your acting practice through bold decision-making
  • Audition and grow your career as an actor

How Much Does the Course Cost?

The individual all-access pass is a yearly subscription costing $120. With this, you can access unlimited MasterClasses across the year. There are no limits to how many classes you take or how many times you access them. This is a great option for those eager to learn multiple subjects or to explore one key topic in greater depth.

You can save money by sharing the membership costs with friends or family. See here for more details.

MasterClass does have a refund 30 day refund policy if you're unhappy with your purchase.

Alternatives to Samuel L Jackson’s MasterClass

On MasterClass, there are the following film classes available:

Outside of MasterClass, there are many other online classes usually taught by established drama professors. If you’re interested in the more theoretical side of acting, for example, SkillShare has a class in acting techniques.

That being said, I don’t think these courses (usually costlier than $90) compare to the high production values and level of teaching you get with MasterClass. You also have the benefit of having all lessons in one place (and there’s even a mobile app).

-> See the best acting classes online

Samuel L Jackson’s MasterClass: What Others Have Said

While researching feedback on Samuel’s MasterClass online, I found some mixed reviews. Based on the YouTube comments and Reddit posts I saw, this course seemed to divide opinion. One user notes that the class motivated them to work towards their goals and recommended the all-access pass as great value for money.

I just started his class and after the 10th class I decided to pay for the all access MasterClass is offering. I love these classes and anything helps to further my goals on where I want to be. I can’t stop watching these classes, didn’t think I’d really be into watching them but I really don’t want to watch regular shows anymore.”
- Comment from YouTube

At the same time, there were many that disapproved of Samuel’s MasterClass. As one user on Reddit noted, there’s a difference between being an accomplished actor and being a good teacher.

Being a good actor and a good teacher don’t necessarily go hand in hand.”
- Comment from Reddit

In fact, there were some users that didn’t think Samuel was fit to teach acting at all, being an actor who’s “typecast.”

Sam Jackson is not a good actor. I have never seen him act as not himself. He never goes outside his own range of facial and/or vocal expression. Just a regular guy using what he has. If he was a good actor, you wouldn’t see Sam Jackson everywhere, he would be the character.”
- Comment from Reddit

However, while Samuel does have a memorable persona, his range of acting is evident even from the examples used in the MasterClass. Generally, I got the impression that many who criticized the class hadn’t actually taken it for themselves and were basing their opinions on their own expectations.

I noticed that most users who had clearly taken the course were impressed, even if they agreed that the all-access pass was better value for money.

I I’ve listened to Samuel L Jackson’s class multiple times over, just because I learn something new every time, as I’m at a different point in my life and need something different from the instruction at THAT point in time.

In my opinion, it’s definitely worth the 180/year, because I’ve paid that much for workshops in NYC and walked away with far less.”
- Comment from Reddit

Is the Course Unique?

While researching for Samuel’s other acting advice online, I found very little save for a short interview on memorizing scripts. With that in mind, this MasterClass is a unique venture for the actor and has a lot of exclusive content.

As a course totalling 5 hours, I think this is definitely a valuable insight into Samuel’s acting that you wouldn’t get elsewhere. Even in interviews, he doesn’t seem to go into much depth about his craft, and I’ve never seen him host a student workshop prior to this MasterClass.

It’s worth noting that with MasterClass, you also have the benefit of having all information in one place. This content has been specially designed with its users at the forefront, and this enables you to learn actively and productively at your own pace.

What You Will Need

While the class itself doesn’t require any special equipment, the Workbook does recommend buying a camera to record yourself. This is so you can film your acting exercises and share them with the Community Hub. That being said, if you have a decent camera phone, this could work just as welL

Is It Worth It?

Overall, my impression of this MasterClass is that it’s less suited to those who are new to acting and more focused on elevating and honing in your craft. Samuel L Jackson teaches you how to succeed in auditions, explore different dimensions when it comes to character, and conduct yourself in meetings to leave a lasting impression.

If you know little about acting and have no prior experience, I think it’s definitely worth gaining some foundational knowledge from books or YouTube. That being said, Natalie Portman’s MasterClass is a lot more technical in its teaching. For example, you learn how to use your breath to focus your character and how to convey different emotions towards the camera.

Learn how to:

  • Create thought-out and memorable characters
  • Use your voice and body to express emotion
  • Make a voice and character your own
  • Work effectively with directors, castmates, and crew
  • Enrich your acting practice through bold decision-making
  • Audition and grow your career as an actor


  • Learn from one of America’s best-loved actors
  • Practical examples from films and student sessions
  • Strong and helpful Workbook materials


  • Not always easy to follow/understand
  • Fewer case studies than other classes
  • Lacking in technical theory

While I wouldn’t say Samuel’s MasterClass is without its merits, I do believe it’s a better value for money to buy the all-access pass. This lets you access all courses on MasterClass, including those that are more theory-based.

In my opinion, Samuel’s MasterClass works a lot better in conjunction with the other acting courses available on MasterClass. Overall, this will give you a much richer perspective and cover more depth than a single course alone could do.

As such a creative and subjective topic, it’s also helpful to hear a range of voices in order to gain better insight into how powerful acting works.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Samuel L Jackson MasterClass cost?

Samuel L Jackson’s MasterClass can be taken with a MasterClass annual subscription for $120. This gives you access to every course on the platform.

How long is Samuel L Jackson’s MasterClass?

In total, Samuel L Jackson’s MasterClass is 4 hours 47 minutes long.

Can you get the Samuel L Jackson MasterClass free?

No, you can’t get Samuel L Jackson’s MasterClass free. However, someone can buy it for you as a gift.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the MasterClass?

Yes, MasterClass offers refunds within 30 days.

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