LinkedIn Learning Review

by Rebecca Salter

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Launched in 1995, LinkedIn Learning is one of the biggest open online course providers to date. The platform boasts 27 million+ users and offers 16,000+ courses from industry experts to help you grow your professional skill set.

But just how good is LinkedIn Learning? What are the best courses on offer? Can I get it for free? And can I get a refund if LinkedIn Learning isn’t for me?

I tried out LinkedIn Learning for myself to answer these questions (and more) in this LinkedIn Learning review.

First of all, here’s a quick overview:


Quick summary


  • 17,000+ courses taught by real-world experts
  • Computer and mobile device options to suit your schedule
  • 30+ course categories under Business, Creative, and Technology
  • Certificates for your LinkedIn profile (and offline certification prep)
  • 3 main subscription options plus single-course purchases


  • Learn from highly rated instructors with real-world experience
  • Chance to earn and display a LinkedIn Learning certificate
  • Well-structured courses for online and offline viewing
  • Broad scope of topics to choose from
  • More affordable than college classes
  • Suitable for all skill levels


  • Pricing is quick to change
  • Lacks 1-1 tutoring

Best for: Any professional/enthusiast looking to advance their career and/or grow their skills in different topics. LinkedIn Learning covers everything from Accounting to Photography, and it’s a great resource for unlocking your career potential.

Cost: Check latest pricing for LinkedIn Learning

Overall: LinkedIn Learning offers thousands of courses to help you accelerate your career growth and learn new skills. Compared to college courses, LinkedIn Learning is affordable and convenient – not to mention, students pay thousands of dollars to access learning material from the same people who instruct on LinkedIn Learning! If you’re ready to invest in your personal development, LinkedIn Learning is the way to go. Plus, with a one-month free trial, you really have nothing to lose.

So, in this thorough LinkedIn Learning review, I’ll cover:

  • What is LinkedIn Learning and who are its instructors?
  • How does LinkedIn Learning work and how much does it cost?
  • LinkedIn Learning free trial
  • What a LinkedIn Learning lesson is like
  • Best LinkedIn Learning courses and offerings
  • How I reviewed LinkedIn Learning
  • What I liked and disliked
  • Alternatives to LinkedIn Learning
  • What others have said about LinkedIn Learning
  • Is LinkedIn Learning worth it?
  • FAQs

That being said, let’s get started:

What is LinkedIn Learning?

What is LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning was founded back in 1995 as (by business professional, Lynda Weinman).

Since being acquired by LinkedIn in 2015, it’s gone on to become one of the biggest online course providers with over 27 million users and 17,000+ courses to choose from.

In fact, within its first four years, it reached 17 million users, putting it in competition with sites like Coursera and Edcast.

And, with the chance to try the entire platform free for a month, it’s not surprising that so many users are flocking to LinkedIn Learning for an up-to-date and intuitive online learning experience.

Who are the instructors?

LinkedIn Learning instructors

LinkedIn Learning’s goal to equip you with transferable skills is reflected in the calibre of their instructors. 

These include:

  • International speakers
  • Best-selling authors
  • Academics from prestigious universities
  • CEOs from the world’s leading companies
  • Practising experts in various fields

How does LinkedIn Learning work?

There are a few different ways to take courses on LinkedIn Learning. In short, you can:

  • Buy individual courses that suit your interests
  • Take some sample classes
  • Purchase a monthly or annual subscription
  • Buy LinkedIn Learning for your team

If you’re new to LinkedIn Learning, the first step is to sign up to a free trial. If you have a LinkedIn account, you can use these details to get onto LinkedIn Learning. Otherwise, you’ll be prompted to sign up with your name and email address.

Join LinkedIn Learning

After this, you can choose between a monthly or annual subscription. Although you do need to provide your card details (to make the transition from free trial to subscription seamless), you can cancel at any time.

In fact, LinkedIn will even tell you when you’re nearing the final week of your free trial, so you can avoid being charged.

Below, I’ve highlighted what you get with LinkedIn Learning. This includes what you get with the monthly/annual subscription and with individual course purchases/team plans:

One-off course20 minutes – 20 hoursPer courseCertificate, offline viewing, course recommendations, 30-day refund guarantee, access to one course
Monthly subscriptionMinimum 1 monthPer monthCertificate, offline viewing, course recommendations, access to unlimited courses and Premium
Annual subscriptionMinimum 1 monthPer month/ yearCertificate, offline viewing, course recommendations, access to unlimited courses and Premium
Team plansVariesVariesCertificate, offline viewing, course recommendations, access to unlimited courses

Signing in to LinkedIn Learning gives you access to the platform’s top picks, newest releases, recommended viewing, and weekly progress charts.

Also, LinkedIn Learning offers hundreds of subjects under the main umbrella terms of Business, Creative, and Technology.

So, to give you an idea, subjects covered by LinkedIn Learning include:

  • Data Analysis
  • Computer Skills
  • Job Searching
  • CRM Software
  • Finance
  • HR Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation and Illustration
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Software Development
  • Security Management

With such a broad scope of topics available, you don’t even need to commit to a single topic. In fact, LinkedIn Learning will analyze your interests to determine a range of recommendations that can help develop your hard and soft skills in a range of areas.

So, unlike other platforms that give you a single learning direction, LinkedIn Learning offers a well-rounded learning experience to help you reach your full potential in the career world.

LinkedIn Learning courses

Because LinkedIn as a whole is a community platform, you can also check out course ratings and reviews to guide your learning choices. Each week, you’ll also receive a list of the week’s top courses, ranked by popularity and overall rating.

You can also check out our article, best LinkedIn Learning courses.

How much does LinkedIn Learning cost?

In a nutshell, LinkedIn Learning costs $39.99/month for a monthly subscription and $24.99/month annually. If you’re looking to buy a course individually, prices vary, but you’re usually looking at a $35-$40 price range.

You can read our full review on LinkedIn Learning costs. However, we go into detail below about the following pricing options:

  • Monthly/annual subscriptions
  • Individual course purchase
  • Team plans

LinkedIn Learning subscription

A LinkedIn Learning subscription (either monthly or annually) gives you access to LinkedIn Premium and all 17,000+ courses. With this plan, you’re also entitled to any course certificates (to display on your LinkedIn profile) and offline viewing.

For a monthly subscription, you’re looking at $39.99 a month. Or, if you’re buying annually, this works out at $24.99 a month. As you might expect, the annual subscription works out a little cheaper, saving you 38% over the year.

Individual course purchase

LinkedIn Blockchain course

Almost all of LinkedIn Learning’s courses offer a preview/sample viewing. This means you can view several minutes’/one lesson’s worth of content before deciding whether the course is right for you.

Also, from time to time, LinkedIn Learning opens some of its shorter courses for free as a goodwill gesture. This is usually a limited time offer to allow job seekers to improve their skills and employability.

To take a full-length course, prices vary. But, generally speaking, you’re looking at around $35-$45.

Team plans

LinkedIn Team Plans

With over 13,000 companies using LinkedIn Learning, it’s clear that the platform has its merits for both individuals and teams. 

To access LinkedIn Learning’s team plans, you first need to submit a consultation request stating your organization’s name, size, and specialty. LinkedIn will then arrange a consultation to determine your budget and needs.

From here, you’ll get a free demo along with a personalized quote if you choose to commit to LinkedIn Learning’s team plans. This gives you the same benefits as a monthly/annual subscription, but also includes additional benefits in line with your key business areas.

LinkedIn Learning free trial

Regardless of your subscription, there are ways to enjoy LinkedIn Learning for free. To summarize, these are:

  • Taking a free trial for 1 month
  • Preview/sample viewing per course
  • Making the most of goodwill periods

Also, if you do choose to purchase an individual course, LinkedIn Learning has a 30-day refund guarantee policy. Where subscriptions are concerned, you can cancel at any time – including at any point during the free trial.

What a LinkedIn Learning lesson is like

Considering LinkedIn Learning’s scope of topics, courses, and teachers, it’s hard to provide a single picture of what a LinkedIn Learning lesson is like. So, I’ll have to generalize a little here.

That being said, each course will begin with a general introduction to the topic and you’ll get to see a full course summary and table of contents. From here, a typical lesson will include:

  • High quality videos featuring screen sharing and program walk-throughs
  • Q&A sections with teacher and students
  • A personal notebook tab and accompanying transcript
  • Associated learning groups
  • Exercises files/quizzes

Best LinkedIn Learning classes

Some of the most popular and highly rated LinkedIn Learning courses are:

  • Finance: Financial Basics Everyone Should Know | Michael McDonald
  • Marketing: Brand and Marketing Integration | Dina Shapiro
  • Content Management: SharePoint Online Admin Training | Phil Gold
  • Graphic Design: Logo Design: Techniques | Nigel French
  • Wellness: Developing Your Emotional Intelligence | Gemma Leigh Roberts

Of course, the best LinkedIn Learning course for you depends on what you’re interested in!

However, to give you an idea of what to expect, I’ve reviewed the top classes in just a handful of LinkedIn Learning’s categories:

Top Finance Courses

LinkedIn top finance course

Financial Basics Everyone Should Know | Michael McDonald | Rating: 4.6

Instructor: Michael McDonald. McDonald is professor of Research and Finance at Fairfield University and has helped to advise firms on capital investments, valuation issues, and capital allocation to enhance business strategy. In fact, he has even been cited by the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.

Learn: Financial basics including how banks work, how to save for retirement, and how to understand the financial industry. 

Includes: 25 video lessons, including chapter quizzes, plus an end-of-course exam and certificate. Also includes 2 exercise files and a learning group.

Best for: Finance students/workers or anyone looking to gain better insight into how the financial industry works and to get on top of their own finances.

LinkedIn finance course

Finance for Non-Financial Managers | Jim Stice and Kay Stice | Rating: 4.7

Instructors: Jim and Kay Stice. Both Jim and Kay Stice are professors of Accounting at Brigham Young University. Kay Stice has received awards for high-quality teaching at three universities and Jim Stice has co-authored three accounting textbooks on top of his own academic articles.

Learn: How to use accounting in business, the purpose of financial ratio analysis, the differences between federal income and other taxes, and how to take on greater accounting responsibilities within your organization.

Includes: 33 video lessons, including chapter quizzes, end-of-course exam and certificate, continuing education unit, and exercise file.

Best for: Those looking to grow their career and/or take on greater responsibilities within their organization. Aimed at students who are in non-financial management positions (particularly those who aren’t “numbers people”).

Top Marketing Courses

LinkedIn Learning Marketing course

Brand and Marketing Integration | Dina Shapiro | Rating: 4.6

Instructor: Dina Shapiro. Shapiro is a brand strategist, marketing executive, and also founded her own firm: Yorkville Consulting. She also teaches at the ANA School of Marketing, which makes her the perfect teacher for brand/marketing integration class!

Learn: To define different types of integration and to understand where to place marketing objectives within these frameworks. 

Includes: 24 video lessons, including chapter quizzes, end-of-course exam and certificate, exercises files, learning group, and continuing education units.

Best for: Those in marketing looking to expand their horizons to consider brand/marketing integration. Shapiro shows how you can incorporate integration strategies in your own company.

LinkedIn Learning digital marketing

Digital Marketing Foundations | Brad Batesole | Rating: 4.8

Instructor: Brad Batesole. Batesole is a Marketing Thought Leader and Chief Learning Officer at Madecraft. He’s also led teams at top companies (including LinkedIn!) and featured in Entrepreneur magazine after launching his first successful business aged 15.

Learn: How to keep up with digital marketing tools and techniques, adapt with the times, and engage with potential customers by understanding the building blocks of digital marketing.

Includes: 70 video lessons, learning groups, and course certificate.

Best for: Those working in marketing who are keen to keep on top of ever-evolving tools and techniques in digital marketing. Batesole guides you through how to define your target audience, goals, and KPIs to achieve success.

Top Content Management Courses

LinkedIn Learning content management course

SharePoint Online Admin Essential Training | Phil Gold | Rating: 4.7

Instructor: Phil Gold. Gold is a senior-level Learning and Development Professional. He teaches multiple LinkedIn Learning courses for Microsoft packages and various apps. Along with this, he has a proven knack for distilling complex technical concepts into plain language!

Learn: How to use Microsoft SharePoint as a complete beginner, including how to set it up, navigate the platform, and use it for business.

Includes: 33 video lessons, including screen-sharing walk-throughs, further resources, exercise files, learning groups, and certificate.

Best for: Administrators new to/slightly familiar with SharePoint who are looking to sharpen their knowledge of the platform and use it to meet their business goals.

LinkedIn Learning YouTube channel course

Creating and Managing a YouTube Channel | Richard Harrington | Rating: 4.7

Instructor: Richard Harrington. Harrington is a Digital Video Expert with several publications to his name. He is also the founder of visual communications company, RHED Pixel. 

Learn: How to create and manage content on YouTube, build your subscriber base, make money on the platform, and maximize engagement.

Includes: 58 video lessons, exercise files, and certificate.

Best for: Those curious to begin a YouTube channel and generate their own income through a specialty/personal brand. Harrington teaches you the building blocks of YouTube content creation and management so you can begin reaching your target audience.

Top Graphic Design Courses

LinkedIn Learning graphic design

Logo Design: Techniques | Nigel French | Rating: 4.8

Instructor: Nigel French. Graphic Designer, Author, and Trainer, French has over 20 years’ experience in Graphic Design and is the author of Adobe-published, InDesign Type (now in its third edition).

Learn: How to create logos with visual and marketing impact in mind, understand the importance of techniques in color and shape, and adopt theory as well as practical knowledge to succeed in the industry

Includes: 57 video lessons with video walkthroughs and a mixture of theory and practical learning, learning groups, exercise files, and certificates.

Best for: Students or employees in graphic design looking to refine their skills and learn more about the nuts and bolts of logo design. This course takes you all the way from initial idea to preparing your final files.

LinkedIn Learning graphic design course

Introduction to Graphic Design | Tony Harmer | Rating: 4.7

Instructor: Tony Harmer. Educator and illustrator, Harmer hsa over 160 certifications to date and has worked in Design for over 30 years. He’s also one of the few people to reach the status of “Creative Suite Master” for Adobe.

Learn: A beginner’s thorough introduction to Graphic Design, Harmer takes you through the creative process and the more technical skills required to get started in Graphic Design. He walks you through PhotoShop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Includes: 70 lessons (including chapter quizzes) with video walkthroughs and screen sharing, learning groups, exercise files, and certificate.

Best for: Those interested in a career in Graphic Design and looking for a course that provides a strong overview of the industry and how to use some main software.

Top Wellness Courses

LinkedIn Learning wellness course

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence | Gemma Leigh Roberts | Rating: 4.7

Instructor: Gemma Leigh Roberts. Roberts is a Performance Psychologist and Executive Coach. She’s worked with leading companies like Disney and BP to help build resilient teams. On top of this, she’s the author of LinkedIn Learning’s newsletter, Mindset Matters.

Learn: How to develop your emotional intelligence at work to build and improve relationships, align your intentions, and produce exceptional results in your workplace.

Includes: 21 lessons, including chapter quizzes, optional newsletter, continuing education units, learning groups, exercise files, and certificate.

Best for: Those looking to improve their collaborative relationships at work and identify triggers that impact their emotional intelligence. Roberts aims to help you refine your thinking and shift your perspective in order to have the best possible mindset in your career.

LinkedIn Learning brain training

How to Train Your Brain for Happiness | genConnectU | Rating: 4.5

Instructor: genConnectU. This course is produced by genConnectU – a digital media company specializing in on-demand learning content. It also features Dr. Jay Kumar, author of Science of a Happy Brain.

Learn: How to train your brain for happiness in order to unlock your full potential, build strong social relations and trust among teams, build enthusiasm for your company that extends to your coworkers and stakeholders.

Best for: Anyone! But, in particular, this is a great course for managers who want to inspire their team and help their company to reach its full potential. This class aims to help you to unlock your full potential in work and life.

Includes: 38 video lessons, including chapter quizzes, learning groups, exercise files, and certificate.

LinkedIn Learning for business

LinkedIn Learning for business

Along with its per-person subscriptions, LinkedIn Learning also offers Team Plans for businesses. The best way to get the most out of this offer is to submit a request for a consultation and enter your business details.

This way, a specialist can discuss with you your needs and any additional benefits that could be useful for your team, and provide you with a personalized quote.

Some perks of Team Plans include:

  • Specialized technical content for your business
  • Certification preparation programs
  • Customized teaching of in-demand skills
  • Tailored learning for employee training

With a Team Plan, your employees also gain full access to 17,000+ courses, certificates, offline viewing, and continuing education units.

How I reviewed LinkedIn Learning

I’ve spent a lot of time navigating LinkedIn Learning to get a feel for how the platform works. Also, I sampled several specific courses across the wide range of subjects available.

I took into account different levels, learning styles, and what others thought of different courses. As well as this, I made sure I ventured into topics I knew very well and also very little to get a more rounded understanding of how the courses appealed to different students.

What I liked about LinkedIn Learning

Learn from highly rated instructors with real-world experience

Being part of an employment-oriented platform means that you know the credentials of who’s teaching you. Unlike other resources where anyone can teach, you also have to apply to be a teacher on LinkedIn Learning.

This means that only qualified and highly capable teachers will be leading your classes. And, because of their experience and achievements, you can also be sure that the content you’re learning has been proven to work!

Chance to earn and display a LinkedIn Learning certificate

With over 756 million users on LinkedIn, it can be hard to stand out when navigating the work market. So, LinkedIn Learning gives you a chance to bolster your profile with certificates.

Backed by 78% of Fortune 100 companies, LinkedIn Learning is a reputable platform and its certifications hold weight for employers. Compared to extortionate college prices, LinkedIn Learning is an affordable way to gain certifications that count.

Well-structured courses for online and offline viewing

LinkedIn Learning pros

LinkedIn Learning is user-friendly and easy to navigate. As a social platform, it’s also designed to work around your schedule.

So, LinkedIn Learning offers many options to help encourage your personal learning, including ranking courses by length, accommodating offline viewing, and even offering one-video courses to give you some worthwhile bitesize learning.

Broad scope of topics to choose from

Under the headings Business, Creative, and Technology, there are hundreds of courses to choose from. These include broader categories like how to manage your time and priorities, and more field-specific and tactical classes like Excel, coding, or Adobe programs.

With such a wide range of courses to choose from (and no limitations if you opt for an annual/monthly subscription), you can gain skills in innumerable areas according to your interests, mood, and how much time you have.

More affordable than college classes

Compared to the average MBA degree in the US, which can set you back $60,000, LinkedIn Learning is a more affordable option for those keen to invest in their careers and personal development.

Because LinkedIn Learning operates on the very platform where employers will be searching for your credibility, it seems a no-brainer that LinkedIn Learning courses would be at the top of your e-learning list!

So, it’s definitely worth even a month’s free trial to assess the value you’d get for your money with LinkedIn Learning vs. a college degree or even a different platform.

Suitable for all skill levels

What I like about LinkedIn Learning is that it’s suitable for all skill levels. In fact, you can even filter classes according to your skill level and preview a course to get a feel for the difficulty level.

Especially if you’re looking to make a one-off course payment, this is a great option to ensure you’re getting value for money.

What could be improved

Pricing is quick to change

LinkedIn Learning’s prices seem to change at the drop of a hat. Often, this is because of offers to get users on board. While this is a great way to increase interest in the platform, it can be confusing at times.

Also, with individual courses and Team Plans, there’s no fixed price. This can make some people hesitant about signing up.

Though, Team Plans does offer a free demo after you’ve spoken with a consultant, and because you can preview courses before committing to them, you can likely tell whether a course is worth the money for you.

Lacks 1-1 tutelage

Although LinkedIn Learning does its best to cater to different learning styles and offer extra resources like exercises files and quizzes, one thing it can’t do is provide 1-1 tutelage.

So, if you’re the kind of student that needs that student-teacher relationship to really grasp course material, LinkedIn Learning might not be your first choice.

Who LinkedIn Learning is for

LinkedIn Learning has so much on offer, it really does aim to reach as many people as possible. But, in general, I would say LinkedIn Learning is for:

  • Anyone who loves to learn and is always looking to improve themselves
  • Professionals looking for a new job, promotion, or career change
  • Anyone wanting to open new doors in business/creativity/technology
  • Businesses keen to invest in their team’s professional development
  • Students looking to enhance their employability and hard skills
  • Learners that have commitments outside of work/studies

Can I buy LinkedIn Learning as a gift?

Yes. While you can’t gift full subscriptions to friends and family, you can gift individual courses. And it’s really easy to do:

LinkedIn Learning gift
  1. Select the “Share” arrow in the top right corner of a course video (any chapter is fine)
  2. Select “LinkedIn
  3. Preview your post and choose a connection/individual to share this with (you can also choose your entire network)
  4. Press “Share” to finalize

If you prefer, you can also choose to share the video you’re on rather than the full course! This content will then be free to your network/connection for 24 hours.

Tips for finding great courses on LinkedIn Learning

Finding LinkedIn Learning courses

Despite the amount of classes on LinkedIn Learning, it’s actually quite simple to find a course that you’re interested in:

  • Add your interests and industry when you sign up for your free trial
  • Take plenty of courses to encourage algorithms
  • Search by keywords or preferred course type (length, rating, etc.)
  • Set a weekly goal to receive course suggestions based on time commitments

Is LinkedIn Learning legit?

LinkedIn Learning legit

In short, yes. Since its rebranding in 2014, LinkedIn Learning has gained more than 27 million users, including businesses who rely on the platform for training their teams and developing their brands.

With success stories from brands like Estee Lauder and Deltek, LinkedIn Learning is a highly revered platform – and has been so since its beginnings as in 1995. 

LinkedIn Learning refund

LinkedIn Learning refund policies depend on your subscription/purchase type. The table below explains how LinkedIn Learning refunds work:

Individual course payment30-day-refund guarantee
Monthly/annual subscriptionNon-refundable after one month
Team PlansNon-refundable

If you’ve subscribed to LinkedIn Learning and you’re not satisfied with your experience, you should cancel your subscription. One exception to this is the 14-day full refund policy applicable once your subscription begins (for EU citizens only).

If you’re paying on a course-by-course basis, a 30-day refund guarantee is standard.

LinkedIn Learning alternatives

One alternative to LinkedIn Learning is Coursera, which was founded in 2012 and now has over 92 million users. While it offers fewer courses, its teaching calibre is equally high and some courses are entirely free.

The main difference is that Coursera doesn’t offer the benefits of being connected to a network like LinkedIn, where you’re given full access to LinkedIn Premium throughout your subscription.

Check out our article Cousera vs LinkedIn Learning for more information.

GetSmarter provides constantly refreshed data driven learning. Its courses span disruptive technology, finance, sustainability, and more. They’re designed to provide professional resilience, typically last 6-8 weeks, provide access to a Success Adviser 2U’s Career Engagement Network and the Online Campus where you can interact with the teaching team and other students.

Some other alternatives are Udemy and SkillShare. These are both widely known but neither offer free courses. On the plus side, these are significantly cheaper, though anyone can sell their courses to the platform, so quality isn’t always guaranteed!

For a more detailed comparison check out our article Udemy vs LinkedIn Learning.

If you are looking for a platform dedicated to data science skills then Datacamp might be for you. They offer over 350 courses including coding with Python and R, skills and career tracks where you can hone in on your learning priorities and workspace areas where you can practice writing code. 

Other well established sites for courses on the latest technologies are Udacity and Pluralsight.

But probably the biggest competitor to LinkedIn Learning is MasterClass, which offers celebrity-led courses in cooking, decorating, writing, and even dog training. Courses include Leadership from Bill Clinton, Dance Music from Armin van Buuren, and Filmmaking from James Cameron.

LinkedIn Learning reviews: what others have said

My aim here is to write the most balanced review of LinkedIn Learning out there. So, I hunted forums like Reddit to get people’s real opinions of LinkedIn Learning and whether they think it’s worthwhile. 

In general, most users like how accessible LinkedIn Learning is, and that its teachers are always approved by LinkedIn. 

But, there are also questions about how worthwhile a paid certificate is, and how much employers really value the platform.

It can be a supplement for something you already have, and it’s a good way to figure out if you’re interested in a career. But by itself, it won’t help you get a career. It’s just another tool that must also be paired with something else (such as experience or classes from a college)” - Comment from Reddit

I can understand this user’s position – taking an online course doesn’t negate years of training or studying in a particular field. But, as others have noted, it shows excellent initiative and a growth mindset. 

And, if you’re looking for a career change, LinkedIn Learning is a great way to open doors (or even open your eyes to other fields). I also think this first comment casts a slightly negative eye on the value of online learning.

For many, LinkedIn Learning is excellent for both professional and personal gain. In fact, some colleges even provide LinkedIn Learning as a resource – so it’s definitely not without value!

I’ve used LinkedIn Learning for years, we had a free membership to it [...] through college, and my current employer also provides us with free access to it. I’ve definitely used their courses to get up and running on various things. [...] The instructors are very good, and they walk you through everything from setup to finishing a project. [...] LinkedIn courses look, feel and sound professional” - Comment from Reddit
As someone who sometimes takes part in the interviewing process (IT): I always look at the candidate’s LinkedIn profile. If there were some certifications I would notice them and I guess they would help a tiny bit [...] and it would give you more opportunity to speak and sell yourself during the interview” - Comment from Reddit
It can help to show a growth mindset. If you’re able to talk about how you’re constantly learning/upgrading your skills and can pair that with stories of how you applied those skills at work it can give you a boost” - Comment from Reddit

So, while no online learning platform is perfect or sufficient in its own right, it’s clear to see the value of LinkedIn Learning for job seekers, creatives, and businesses. Plus, it’s incredible value for money if you opt for a subscription.

Evaluating LinkedIn Learning

Features: 17,000+ courses, prestigious and approved teachers, certificates to display on your LinkedIn profile, automatic LinkedIn Premium with monthly/annual subscription.

Content quality: High quality videos with split screen/screen sharing options, exercises files in PDF/Word/Excel format, interactive quizzes, learning groups, and end-of-course exams.

Content breadth: LinkedIn Learning offers hundreds of courses under the three main categories of Business, Creative, and Technology (not to mention the sub-topics within these!). Courses vary in length and difficulty level, meaning there’s something for everyone.

Teachers: Mostly university professors and other business professionals. All teachers are evaluated and approved before being allowed to host their course. Many are also published authors/public speakers.

Supporting material: Courses include quizzes, tests, learning groups, and certificates, as well as offline resources and links to further learning.

Payment and refunds: Individual classes are between $35-$45. Monthly subscriptions start at $39.99 and annual subscriptions at $24.99. Contact LinkedIn Learning’s consultant for a personalized quote if you’re joining as a business.

Support: Available through LinkedIn(Learning) help center.

How to open a LinkedIn Learning account

Opening a LinkedIn Learning account is straightforward (especially if you already have a LinkedIn account to connect). Here’s what to do:

Join LinkedIn Learning
  1. Head to the LinkedIn Learning website and select “Start my free month” (for business, select “Buy for my team” and you’ll be directed to the consultancy page)
  2. Choose between a monthly or annual subscription
  3. Sign in with LinkedIn or sign up with your email address and card details

And you’re done! You now have free access to LinkedIn Learning for one month.

Is LinkedIn Learning worth it?

With the amount and quality of LinkedIn Learning courses, my answer is a simple “yes.”

The platform is well-structured and supported by the already-established LinkedIn. Its courses are easy to search through and navigate, and all teachers are pre-approved before they can share their content.

One selling point of LinkedIn Learning is that it offers courses that you can put into practice straight away. Whether it’s hard or soft skills, all of LinkedIn Learning’s courses are practical (and often transferable).

So, once you’ve found a course you’re interested in, whether or not it’s worth it depends on you. And, remember, online learning only works to the extent that you put the work in.

Overall, if you’re serious about advancing your career and yourself, LinkedIn Learning is an invaluable option. And, with sample viewing and free trials available, there’s really no reason to not give it a go!

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Frequently asked questions

How much does LinkedIn Learning cost?

At the time of writing, LinkedIn Learning costs $24.99/month annually, or $39.99 monthly. If you’re buying individual courses, you’re looking at around $35-$45 per class.

Does LinkedIn Learning have a refund policy?

If you’re opting for a one-course purchase, there’s a 30-day refund guarantee. Otherwise, you should cancel your subscription if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

How many courses are there on LinkedIn Learning?

Currently, LinkedIn Learning has 17,000+ courses

Does LinkedIn Learning have a free trial?

Yes, LinkedIn Learning has a one-month free trial, which you can cancel anytime.

Does LinkedIn Learning give certificates?

LinkedIn Learning does offer certificates that you can display on your LinkedIn profile

What languages is LinkedIn Learning available in?

This can vary from course to course but LinkedIn Learning offers courses in English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin, and Portuguese.

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