Best Online Sewing Classes 

by Hannah Green

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There’s something so rewarding about creating a unique garment, upcycling something, or breathing new life into an old favorite with a simple fix.

And it’s never been easier to learn the skill of sewing. But with so many online sewing courses, how do you find the right fit for your requirements and abilities?

I’ve been making my own clothes for years. So I was delighted to spend a few weeks sifting through what’s out there. 

Whether you’re starting out and need help with the basics, or are interested in specific techniques, I’ve got you covered.

In this best online sewing courses review I’ve taken into account range and depth of content, ability level, caliber of teaching, cost and more.

So get your thimble on and let’s get started!

What is the best online sewing course?

My top choices are:

  1. Hand Sewing Basics: Work Wonders with Fabric, Needle & Thread on Skillshare
  2. Basic Sewing with a Sewing Machine on Domestika
  3. Sewing Machine 101 – Make Your First Dress on Domestika
  4. How to Sew Zippers on Creativebug
  5. Sewing for Selling: Small Batch Production for Home-based Business on Skillshare
  6. Seam Finishing 101 on Creativebug
  7. Pattern Construction for Beginners: Basic Patterns and Darts on Domestika
  8. Sewing Pattern Alterations: Fixing Fit Issues on Udemy
  9. Kids Sewing 101 on Udemy
  10. Sewing Diploma Course on Center for Excellence

Hand Sewing Basics: Work Wonders with Fabric, Needle and Thread on Skillshare came out on top. Why? It’s thanks to its high production value, super engaging instructor and simple, accessible lessons. Proving that you don’t need any fancy equipment to get started on your sewing journey, costume historian Bernadette Banner walks you through simple stitches, tips and tricks to give you a taste of the art of sewing. 

My second choice, Basic Sewing with a Sewing Machine on Domestica, is a great course. It demystifies the intimidating sewing machine, setting you up for success and addressing common questions and mistakes for a smooth sewing machine experience. If you’re comfortable hand sewing and ready to move on to the machine, this could be a first choice course. 

The other choices offer a range of skills. From simple hacks like how to Sew Zippers on Creativebug, to how to Make Your First Dress on Domestika, to Sewing for Selling on Skillshare – and more!

Best free online sewing course 

Whilst these courses are not strictly speaking free, Skillshare and Creativebug both offer free trials. Skillshare's is 30 days through our links. So you can take advantage of this to access these sewing courses for no extra cost!

 Best Online Sewing Course reviews

1. Hand Sewing Basics: Work Wonders with Fabric, Needle & Thread (Skillshare)

handsewing class skillshare

Platform: Skillshare  | Teacher(s): Bernadette Banner | Length: 10 video lessons, totalling 1 hour and 8 minutes

Bernadette Banner is a dress historian and Youtube star. In her course she’ll teach you everything you need to know to get started sewing by hand. Proving that you don’t need expensive equipment or years of experience to create beautiful results, these hands-on lessons cover basic stitches and when to use them. Plus how to choose the right tools and material to suit your project. You will also learn essential skills such as how to sew buttons and when to start and stop your sewing.


  • Successful Youtuber Bernadette is more than comfortable in front of a camera and is a warm and empowering teacher
  • She covers all the key skills. Meaning you’ll be ready to get started with your own sewing projects in no time
  • With minimal equipment required, this is a great way to learn about sewing without committing to buying expensive tools and materials


  • As this is a short class, you don’t really cover a lot of ground. However, in learning to master the basics, you’re setting yourself up for success in your future sewing projects
  • Designed to be completed with minimal equipment, you won’t learn any machine sewing skills. So check out another course in this article if that’s what you’re looking for!

Who it’s for: Aimed at complete beginners, this course is ideal for anyone who wants a first taste of sewing in a fun environment with an engaging expert teacher. 

Overall: An ideal course to break the ice and learn the fundamentals of hand sewing. It shows that making and repairing your own garments can be fun, easy and rewarding.

2. Basic Sewing with a Sewing Machine (Domestika) 

Basic sewing with a sewing machine domestika

Platform: Domestika  | Teacher(s): Julia Reyes Retana | Length: 19 video lessons totalling 2 hours and 50 minutes

Domestika is all about learning through doing, and this course is no exception. In addition to taking you through the basics of machine sewing,  you'll complete your very own projects, making three functional and beautiful pieces. You’ll learn how to use a sewing machine from scratch, from the controls and accessories, to threading up. You’ll also cover machine embroidery, patchwork, pattern cutting and more.


  • The practical nature of this course is a great way of getting to grips with machine sewing. You’ll be able combine theory and practice for immediate results
  • Julia’s engaging and enthusiastic teaching style is sure to get you excited and her background in architecture and textile design gives her a unique perspective on the art
  • Domestika’s high production value means that all of its content is incredibly visually engaging, with plenty of high-quality close up shots of the machine so you can understand what’s going on


  • This course is in Spanish, which may make it a little inconvenient. However, the subtitles are great so this shouldn’t pose too much of a problem
  • For this project you’ll be making cushions and bags, which, whilst a great starting place, might not be the most exciting projects

Who it’s for: Anyone who wants to get to grips with the basics of machine sewing. And those who learn best through completing projects and following step-by-step tutorials.

Overall: With great production value and an enthusiastic instructor, you will not only be equipped with everything you need to know about machine sewing, you’ll also walk away with three impressive and practical completed projects.

3. Sewing Machine 101: Make Your First Dress (Domestika)

make your first dress online class

Platform: Domestika  | Teacher(s): Juliet Uzor | Length: 26 video lessons totalling 5 hours and 5 minutes

Juliet Uzor won the 2019 BBC reality TV show Sewing Bee, and is an elementary school teacher. Hence she’s perfectly placed to guide beginners through learning new sewing techniques! In this in-depth course, you’ll cover everything. From the very basics of setting up your machine to making your very own dress. Covering tools and materials to main stitches and seam finishes, you’ll learn how to choose and prepare the fabric, sew a dress and troubleshoot common sewing machine issues. With Domestika’s usual high production value and clear instructions, Juliet breaks down this complex project into beginner-friendly steps.


  • Extremely detailed and in-depth, with over five hours of content, which means that you’ll be able to cover plenty of topics, tips and techniques
  • Juliet is a professional content creator and teacher, so she is a fantastic instructor who will make you feel at ease
  • Juliet really breaks down the process and makes it simple and easy to understand


  • While a dress is a really impressive project, if you’re just starting out sewing, you may want to experiment with smaller projects first rather than launching in to something big
  • If you’re not really interested in sewing women’s clothes, then this probably isn’t the best starting point for you

Who it’s for: Anyone who is interested in making their own unique and fully customisable clothing at home, even (especially!) if you have no sewing experience. 

Overall: A fabulous introduction to clothes making from the comfort of your own home, with the expert guidance of a professional seamstress and content creator.

4. How to Sew Zippers (Creativebug)

sew zippers creativebug

Platform: Creativebug | Teacher(s): Liesel Gibson | Length: 3 video lesson, length not specified

This short video captures a crucial sewing skill that could get you started making your own garments and accessories, or save that favorite pair of jeans! Liesel Gibson has produced many sewing and crafting videos for Creativebug. She knows exactly how to keep videos engaging and informative. The best part is that a Creativebug subscription will gain you access to this video and many like it. So you can pick and choose which sewing skills you are most interested in learning, rather than commit to a longer course. 


  • With this quick and simple tutorial, you can take on plenty of repair projects, as well as learning a key skill for making your own clothes
  • If you have some sewing experience already, then this is a great option as you don’t need to sit through other irrelevant sections
  • As part of a Creativebug subscription, you can mix and match with other courses to tailor to your needs


  • A very specific class, so if you’re looking for a broader introduction to sewing then this isn’t for you

Who it’s for: Anyone who wants to master the crucial skill of sewing on zippers, for bags, clothes and other accessories.

Overall: A detailed, precise course that will help you to nail down an all important skill you can use again and again.

5. Sewing for Selling: Small Batch Production for Home-based Business (Skillshare) 

sewing for selling skillshare

Platform: Skillshare | Teacher(s): Melanie Smith | Length: 10 video lessons totalling 45 minutes

Have you always dreamed of monetizing your sewing hobby? Whether that’s through websites like Etsy, or in-person craft fairs, Melanie’s classes are all about streamlining your sewing process to make the most efficient system possible. You’ll learn to sew in small batches of items, using a special spreadsheet to calculate your fabric needs. From making your cutting templates and optimizing your layout to cutting your fabric and tips on pressing and sewing, this course is sure to give you the boost you need to finally start pursuing your sewing business dreams.


  • Practical and business-minded, this short course is a great motivator for taking your sewing hobby seriously
  • Broken down into digestible sections that are easy to follow, Shows you how easy the business optimisation process can be
  • Comes with a helpful spreadsheet which enables you to calculate exactly how much fabric you need for a pattern. An amazing resource you can use again and again in a variety of projects


  • A a prior ability to sew as well as an interest in selling your work is a must, so isn’t really for total novices
  • You also won’t learn any sewing techniques in this so much as methods to optimize production, which might not be for everyone.

Who it’s for: Designed for students who want to expand an existing hobby into a small business. With timesaving tricks to make producing to sell quick and easy.

Overall: A brilliantly practical course that will enable you to supercharge your production and make your small business a reality.

6. Seam Finishing 101 (Creativebug)

seam finishing class

Platform: Creativebug | Teacher(s): Cal Patch | Length: 7 video lessons totalling 35 minutes

So you’ve got to grips with making your own clothes – and now you want to make them look professional. In this course, Cal Patch will walk you through how to work with a variety of different seam types to achieve the perfect finish. She'll demonstrate ten different ways to finish your seams. From how to finish seams with a serger, along with more complex processes like mock French seams and rolled hems. You’ll cover how to use pinking shears to finish raw edges, using a zig zag stitch to prevent unraveling, felled seams, blind hems and more.


  • Covers a huge array of different finishes and when to use them. So you can bring variety to your projects
  • Many five star reviews and positive comments. It’s clear that Cal has helped lots of people improve their technique
  • These different techniques will elevate your home-sewing projects and make them look professional and stylish 


  • You’ll need quite a lot of materials, but if you’re looking for more professional seam finishes then it’s likely that you already have the basics
  • Seam Finishing 101 also isn’t suitable for beginners, and is focused on quite a specific course.

Who it’s for: Anyone who wants to work on boosting their technical skills with a focused, detailed course.

Overall:  A fabulous course for intermediate sewers who are looking to up their game and elevate their craft with perfectly polished seams.

7. Pattern Construction for Beginners: Basic Patterns and Darts (Domestika)

pattern construction domestika

Platform: Domestika | Teacher(s): Olga Sola | Length: 13 video lessons totalling 2 hours

Olga Sola is the founder of the textile studio Sola, and has years of experience in the field of textile and design. In this course, she teaches you how to go beyond basic pattern making to create clothes that truly fit your form. For a final project, you’ll learn how to alter the darts of your own garments for the perfect fit. Along the way, Olga covers making mood boards, taking measurements, making base patterns and techniques for making caliper changes. With an engaging teaching style and visually engaging videos, you’ll be making perfectly-fitted clothes in no time.


  • Will hone and elevate your pattern making skills to make clothes that really fit, expanding your wardrobe options and boosting your confidence
  • With Domestika’s teaching model of practical projects, you’ll end up with your own perfectly fitted garment
  • Suited to a wide range of learners. Experienced pattern makers will learn how to expand their skills, and first-timers will be able to follow along


  • Quite a niche skill and, whilst it is suitable for beginners, it doesn’t offer the same broad overview of sewing skills that some may find helpful
  • In Spanish, although great subtitles are available.

Who it’s for: Anyone who wants to develop their pattern making craft to sew their own perfectly-fitting clothes at home.

Overall: With an expert teacher and gorgeously-produced visuals, this is an easy to follow course that will boost your pattern-making skills and perfect your handmade clothes.

8. Sewing Pattern Alterations: Fixing Fit Issues (Udemy)

altering sewing patterns

Platform: Udemy  | Teacher(s): Ashley Hough | Length: 6 video lessons totalling 1 hour and 25 minutes

This is a great alternative to the previous Domestika course at a similar price, with a slightly different approach that focuses on specific items of clothing rather than the Domestika course’s more general approach’. You’ll learn how to alter shirt necklines and upper back pieces, as well as shirt sleeves, skirts and pant alterations. As well as step-by step video instruction, this course provides a PDF guide to adjusting patterns with handy photographs, that is designed to enhance your learning experience. Ashley is an experienced pattern maker and National Sewing Circle Instructor, whose work has been featured in Sew News and Sew It All


  • These classes target specific areas that frequently need alteration such as sleeves and collars, giving you a model approach you can return to again and again with different garments. 
  • Ashley’s experience as a professional pattern maker means that you can be sure you’re learning from an expert
  • The additional PDF is a super handy resource that you can keep on hand to refer to whenever you need to


  • Unsurprisingly, this course assumes some prior knowledge of sewing and pattern cutting, so it’s not super helpful for a complete beginner
  • Whilst the lessons target specific items of clothing, it might be helpful to also have a more general rundown of the basics of alteration too

Who it’s for: Experienced sewers who want to learn how to alter patterns to perfect fits, and expand their sewing skills.

Overall: A comprehensive, targeted guide to common items that need tweaking, Ashley’s course is a great way to hone your skills and get that perfect fit every time.

9. Kids Sewing 101 (Udemy)

kids sewing 101

Platform: Udemy  | Teacher(s): Margaret Smith | Length: 36 video lessons totalling 1 hour and 34 minutes

This introductory sewing course for children is all about learning to use a sewing machine safely, and making several sewing projects come to life along the way. Kids will learn basic machine safety, how to identify the parts of a sewing machine, and how to thread a machine and wind a bobbin correctly. These kid-friendly sewing projects range from making a pillowcase and sewing a bookmark to sewing an apron. This course is designed for kids between the ages of 8 and 14 years old, and is the perfect introduction to this craft.


  • As this course is specifically designed for kids, there is a really helpful focus on using the sewing machine lately, making it a perfect introduction
  • Combining demonstrations and practical projects, the lessons will not only teach your little ones how to safely operate a machine, it will also get them started on their very own practical projects
  • In addition to the video content, you will also be able to access 11 downloadable resources to supplement learning, with printable worksheets and supply lists


  • This course really only covers the very basics of sewing, however it serves as a great and accessible introduction
  • The course is aimed squarely at kids, so adult learners might find the style of teaching a little slow paced – however, there’s still plenty to be learned from it!

Who it’s for: The content is designed for kids between the ages of 8 and 14 who are keen to learn how to sew and make their very own projects. 

Overall: Fun, accessible and practical, this sewing course would make a brilliant summer activity to boost kids' sewing confidence and keep them busy!

10. Sewing Diploma Course (Centre of Excellence)

sewing diploma course

Platform: Centre of Excellence | Teacher(s): Centre of Excellence | Length: Up to 150 hours

Ready to get serious about sewing? This whopper course is fully accredited, and will teach you not only the basics of sewing, but also the fundamentals of setting up your own dressmaking or alteration business. Covering everything you need to know from measurements, commercial patterns and fabric to simple sketching and pattern making. You will also complete practical projects such as scarves, pillows, table runners and more. This course is endorsed by the Quality License Scheme, and will earn you 150 Continued Professional Development points. 


  • The length and breadth of this course makes it a serious investment in your future if you’re keen to develop your hobby into a viable business
  • Taught by the well-regarded Centre of Excellence and endorsed by the Quality License Scheme, you can be sure that you’re accessing high-quality teaching
  • This is a super practical course, with a plethora of projects to test out your skills and build your portfolio


  • This is a serious commitment at up to 150 hours of study, so it’s not the best option for someone who just wants to dabble in the world of sewing
  • At around $150, this is by far the most expensive course on the list, so again, it’s really about whether you want to invest both time and money in an accredited qualification

Who it’s for: This qualification is perfect for anyone who has dreams of becoming a professional tailor or opening up a dressmaking or alterations business.

Overall: An in depth, serious qualification that will equip you with sewing and practical business knowhow to launch your own sewing-based business.

 What are the advantages of taking an online Sewing Course

  • In today’s throwaway fast-fashion world, even a basic knowledge of sewing can help you salvage favorite clothes, upcycle your wardrobe and create stunning new outfits and accessories that reduce fabric waste
  • Sewing is also a great way to save money! By learning this lifelong skill, you will be able to make countless new clothes, accessories and useful items at a fraction of the cost of store-bought items
  • Additionally, learning how to sew enables you to create unique looks that won’t be found anywhere else

 Buyers guide: what to look out for

The following criteria can help you to choose the best sewing course out there for you:

  • Is it hosted by a reputable site? Established learning platforms like Udemy and Skillshare generally host high quality content you can trust
  • What techniques are you most interested in learning? Some courses focus mainly on dressmaking, whilst others are all about repairs and alterations, or even basic stitches.
  • Do you have a sewing machine? Whilst a lot of techniques are applicable whether or not you have a machine or you’re sewing by hand, some of these courses are specifically designed with access to a sewing machine in mind
  • How much time and money are you willing to invest? If you just want to dabble in sewing, then a short course covering the basics should set you up to start your sewing journey. There’s no point going all out and purchasing an intensive and expensive course before you’ve figured out if sewing is for you
  • Who is the teacher? Often sites will provide a short bio for each teacher. This is a great way of finding out their areas of sewing expertise, and whether they would be a good fit for you

How much does it cost?

Courses in this list offered by Skillshare or Creativebug are only available through subscription which starts at around $14 per month. These platforms offer free trials and refunds for you to decide if they are right for you. If they are, you then have unlimited access to all the courses these platforms offer (including many other sewing ones).

Domestika offers a subscription and the ability to purchase courses singly, as does Udemy. These can be anything from $15-$150 each.

Generally, online sewing courses are much cheaper than taking an in-person class, or paying for a private tutor. Plus, online courses mean that you can learn at your own pace. 

 How long does it take to learn sewing?

The courses in this article range from under ten minutes to around 150 hours, depending on the course content. You should also account for practice time, as sewing is a skill that can take a while to master!

All of these courses are entirely self-paced, so you can learn and revisit content whenever you need to.


It’s never been easier to learn this traditional craft with tons of online sewing courses out there. I hope this article helped you to understand the range on offer, and choose the right one for you. Whether you’ve never held a needle or you’re ready to launch your first sewing business.

My top choice was Hand Sewing Basics: Work Wonders with Fabric, Needle & Thread on Skillshare, because of the accessible and friendly teaching style and simple materials, which make it an ideal starting point.

My second choice, Basic Sewing with a Sewing Machine on Domestika, offers a fantastic starting point to machine sewing, making the whole process much less daunting than it appears, with high quality content and an engaging instructor. 

If you’re interested in honing your pattern making skills, then  Pattern Construction for Beginners: Basic Patterns and Darts on Domestika or Sewing Pattern Alterations: Fixing Fit Issues on Udemy are both fabulous options. If you’re ready to go pro, I recommend Sewing for Selling: Small Batch Production for Home-based Business (Skillshare). And if you want to engage kids in a fun summer-camp style course, then Kids Sewing 101 could be the course for you.

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Sewing courses frequently asked questions

What is the best Online Sewing Course?

My top choice is Hand Sewing Basics: Work Wonders with Fabric, Needle & Thread on Skillshare.

How much does an online Sewing Course cost?

Courses in this article range from free as part of a free trial, to around $150. This is often way cheaper than learning in person.

How long do Online Sewing Courses take?

Sewing courses range from under an hour to around 150 hours, depending on the course and platform.

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