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by Charlie Saville

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Udemy is one of the biggest, and fastest growing, online learning platforms out there. 

With over 64 million students, 210,000+ courses in over 75 languages, the site is truly international and incredibly well renowned. 80% of Fortune 100 companies trust Udemy to deliver expert employee upskilling.

So, how does Udemy’s pricing work and how much does Udemy cost? Can I try Udemy courses for free?  Can I get a refund if I don’t like it?

All these questions and more will be answered in this article. I’ll be covering everything you need to know about Udemy’s cost, so let’s get started.

How much are Udemy Courses?

Udemy Cost

Udemy courses can cost anything between $12.99 and $199.99. 

However, there is the chance to get major discounts on the majority of their courses. For more information see our article, how often does Udemy have sales?

And there are a quite a few that are completely free of charge.   

What is Udemy’s subscription price?

There are a few types of Udemy subscription plan. These are the:

  • Personal Plan subscription for individuals. This is offered with a seven day free trial. After that, the cost is around $20 [billed monthly] or $190 [billed annually]. As long as your subscription is active you will get unlimited access to 10,000+ carefully curated courses. The subscription can be cancelled at any time
  • Udemy for Business Team Plan, which will cost you $360 per year, per-user
  • the Enterprise Plan. You’ll have to get in touch with Udemy for costs of the latter and you’ll need a minimum of 21 members

Udemy pricing overview

Here’s a table to make everything clear: 

What do I get?Free CoursesPaid CoursesFor BusinessPersonal Plan
AssignmentsYes* Yes* Yes* Yes*
VideosYes* Yes*Yes*Yes*
Discussion forumsYes*Yes*Yes*Yes*
How many courses?500+ 210,000+10,500+10,500+
Available on Udemy appNoYesYesYes
Free TrialN/AYesNoYes
PriceN/A$12.99 and $199.99$360 pp for Team, contact Udemy for Enterprise prices7 day free trial then $20 pm or $190 billed annually
Refund N/AYes, within 30-daysYes, within 30-days Cancel anytime
Topics 25150+150+150+

*Dependent on the course

Is Udemy free? Free Udemy courses

How does Udemy Work?

There are over 500 free courses that you can find on Udemy, covering around 25 topics. 

To find these courses, it is as simple as Googling Free Udemy courses. Alternatively, you can find the Udemy Free Courses on their homepage.

Udemy’s free courses cover a range of topics but tend to have a more superficial coverage. The teaching is often of the same quality as the paid courses. 

Udemy Courses

The price range for paid courses ranges between $12.99 and $199.99.

However, there are often major discounts on the majority of courses, so make sure you check the page of any course you’re interested in. 

Udemy sets course prices on a range of factors. These typically include the length of the course, what it focuses on and the credentials of the instructor. 

Paid courses tend to go a lot more in-depth than free courses. With Udemy, everything is about the individual course so make sure you check out the course page of whichever one you’re interested in to see what you get. 

Most courses will typically include a range of video, audio and textual lessons and resources, as well as the chance to complete assignments, Q & A’s with your teachers and forums to discuss topics with your fellow course members. 

Udemy also offer a Personal Plan subscription service, which will get you access to 6,000+ carefully curated courses on a multitude of topics.  

Udemy for Business cost

Udemy for Business

Udemy does offer subscription services for teams and businesses. There are a couple of options available.  You can check out our Udemy for Business review, but we have summed things up here:

If you have a team of 5-20, Udemy’s Team Plan is the plan to go for. This will cost you $360 per user, per year. In return, you will receive access to 10,500+ courses, available online and with the mobile app.

For larger groups, with 21+ members, Udemy’s Enterprise is the choice for you. There is no set price for this plan. To get a price, contact Udemy Sales

Enterprise gets you access to everything you get with Teams, plus some other features including custom topics, custom URLs and the chance to create and host proprietary courses. 

Udemy Business has also partnered with Corp U to create the Udemy Leadership Development Program. Again, there is no set price, so contact Udemy to see how much it would cost you. 

Here, you receive over 100 executive-level courses from leading universities and institutions, as well as the opportunity to join live events and receive AI power analytics and insights.  

Udemy discount code

Student discounts, discount codes and promo codes are quite rare to find, and they often don’t work. 

However, keep in mind that Udemy have sales all the time, and you can get access to courses at a massively discounted price if you order them at the right time. 

Keep checking the pages on any of the courses that you’re interested in. Chances are that there will be a discount. 

How often does Udemy have sales?

Udemy has sales all the time, on the majority of courses they offer. 

Often the biggest sales and discounts coincide with major events and holidays. 

So check the prices at times like Christmas, Valentines and other holidays to see what kind of sales are happening. 

Is Udemy’s price good value?

Udemy Courses

For the price you pay, Udemy is great value.

The prices of individual courses may vary, but you can be assured that you will get a massive range of teaching materials and resources, including audio, visual and text-based tools. 

This is even more the case when you take into account how many discounts and sales Udemy has. 

Considering the quality of these courses, the value is amazing when you think about it. 

Of course, value is very subjective, and the extent to which you get value for money will depend on how much you use the site…

How to get the most value out of Udemy

Udemy Reviews

Udemy offers such a lot of courses it might seem daunting to know where to start. 

However, there are a variety of ways to get the most value you can from Udemy. 

First, to find good courses, check out how many students are involved and what comments they’ve left. Look at the credentials of the instructor to see how qualified they are and dive deep into the syllabus and any available trailers to double-check that the course is right for you. 

Secondly, you can make sure you’re getting the best out of your subscription by reading reviews of whatever course you’re interested in. 

These can be from forums and websites focused on your discipline, or reviewers, like us here at Learnopoly, who will tell you everything you need to know about your prospective course.

It’s also good to remember that the only person who can truly help you to improve is yourself. You will see real progress and get a lot of value from your course if you devote a good amount of time to practicing what you’ve learnt, whatever the discipline. 

Most courses also offer certificates, so you can have a concrete representation of the work you’ve put into learning a new skill. Many of these are accredited. For more information check our article is Udemy accredited

For mini reviews of popular courses check out our article, Best Courses on Udemy.

How do I purchase a Udemy Membership?

Though most people purchase courses individually on Udemy, they also offer a Personal Plan subscription which you can pay for monthly, or save money and pay for annually up front. 

Here’s a step by step guide to purchasing your Udemy Personal Plan. Remember, this quite new, so fees may vary.

  1. Google Udemy Personal Plan
  2. Click on ‘Try it free for 7 days’
  3. Enter your payment information and complete the checkout process

If a course you are interested in is available with the subscription, you will also see the option to sign up in the same way on the course landing page.

Udemy subscription price

You can cancel your free trial, during the time-period, at any point without being charged. 

Once your free trial ends you will be charged automatically but you can cancel at any time. 

Udemy pricing in different countries and currencies

Here’s a breakdown of Udemy prices across the world*.

Country and CurrencyUdemy Pricing
US Dollar USD ($)$12.99 to $199.99
UK Pound GBP (£)£9.57 to £147.32
Canadian Dollar CAD ($)$16.49 to $253.80
EU Euro EUR (€)€11.36 to €174.90
Australian Dollar AUD ($)$18.09 to $278.52

* Based on the current exchange rate

Udemy purchasing options

Udemy has multiple methods of payment dependent on your preferences and where your account is registered. 

You can purchase through the Apple and Google Play store(s). If you want to purchase through these, your payments will be through whatever is used by the platforms you purchase with. 

They also accept the majority of international card payments including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and American Express.

Cash payments and bank transfers may be available in European, South American and Asian countries. Also, if you’re Brazilian, you can use Boleto Bancario and Pix. 

If you have any questions about payments, or something doesn’t seem to be working, contact Udemy support.  

Udemy refund

Udemy Refund Instructions

Udemy courses can be refunded within 30-days, providing your request meets the eligibility criteria. 

Payments are sent to instructors within 30 days, so your request will not be accepted after the window period.

Udemy reserves the right to reject refund requests. This can happen when a significant portion of the course has already been taken, excessive refunds have been requested or your account has been reported for abuse. 

For courses purchased through iOS or Boleto Bancário and Pix, as well as certain bank or cash transfers, your refund will be credit only. Refund requests can only be made through desktops or laptops, not on the mobile app. 

Here’s how to request a refund:

  1. Click on Purchase History and find the course you want to get refunded. 
  2. Click the Request Refund icon below the course
  3. Select a Refund Method, which can either be through your original payment method or Udemy Credits 
  4. Select a reason for why you requested a refund 
  5. Click submit 

You should receive an email confirmation acknowledging your refund request. You can check the status of your request on your Purchase History page. 

For detailed information about refunds you can read our Udemy Refund article.

Conclusion: Is Udemy’s cost worth it?

What is Udemy?

Overall, the cost of Udemy seems very much worth it. 

Because there are quite so many courses out there, such a sweeping statement may not seem appropriate. However, most Udemy courses I’ve checked out offer an incredible range of learning materials for their students that is well worth the price. 

On top of that, Udemy puts a lot of effort into advertising its best courses. So, you can see how many people are enrolled, what others have said and the exact learning tools you’ll get in return for your cash. 

I think you’ll find, in most cases, it’s well worth the money. 

It’s also important to consider that Udemy will often offer massive sales and discounts on their courses, with some even being free. It is always important to check the price and see how much you might be saving. 

If you don’t like what you get, don’t forget there is a 30-day refund eligibility period that is always available for you to use. 

And if you want even more detailed information about Udemy, check out our Udemy Review.

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Udemy Pricing – FAQs:

How much is Udemy?

Udemy courses typically vary from $12.99 to $199.99. There are often very big discounts and sales. 

Can I get Udemy for free?

Udemy offers around 500+ courses for free. There is also a free trial available for the Personal Plan subscription. 

How does Udemy’s pricing work?

Most courses are priced individually and in line with the instructor’s preferences, credentials and the length of the course. A Personal Plan membership can be purchased at around $20pm or $190 billed annually

Can I get a Udemy refund?

Udemy does offer refunds within a 30-day period after your purchase. 

How much is a Udemy subscription?

Udemy offers a Personal Plan membership which gives you access to 10,500 carefully curated courses across a range of subjects. The cost is around $20 pm or $190 billed annually

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