Princeton Review MCAT Prep Review

by Hannah Fortune

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Applying to med school will be one of the most pivotal moments in your life, therefore, doing it with confidence is a must. One of the biggest contributors to your confidence level will be your score on the MCAT: The Medical College Admission Test.

When it comes to med school admission, the MCAT carries the most weight. Covering 4 sections over 6 hours and 15 minutes, it’s no small feat. Designed by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the MCAT will assess your problem-solving, critical thinking, and knowledge of the sciences prerequisite to the study of medicine. This standardized test stands out as one of the hardest available, which makes sense! We only want the best of the best caring for us, after all. 

If you’re going to join the best of the best in the medical field, then you’ll need the best of the best test prep services–hello, Princeton Review!

Top-tier test prep resources will give dedicated students the score they deserve, and I can confidently say Princeton Review is elite. With over 123 hours of live instruction and 500+ video lessons, not to mention thousands of practice questions, this program boasts the most comprehensive, expert-created resources available. In addition to the massive toolbox of test prep materials, you’ll get some of the finest one-on-one help available. 

If you’re a college student dreaming of “Dr.” in front of their name, you need a prep course that is tailored to both your busy schedule and big dreams. Princeton Review has everything you need and way more.


Quick summary


  • Curated study schedules with automated to-do lists
  • Specialized instruction from the top MCAT experts
  • Thousands of practice questions that mirror the real deal
  • Extra tools and resources that maximize your potential


  • Expert instructors for all subjects
  • A suite of authentic study materials
  • Loads of personalization to increase impact and efficiency
  • Over 100 hours of class time with dedicated peers and educators
  • One-on-one expert coaching every step of the way


  • Pricey, but so many resources make it worth it
  • Demands lots of dedicated time, but worth every minute

Best for: busy pre-med students who are ready to go all-in on their MCAT prep with materials of the highest quality and expert instructors.

Cost: For the latest costs and promotions, visit Princeton Review's website

Overall: Princeton Review’s MCAT prep course guarantees a 515+, and they’ve designed the most in-depth, high-quality materials that will make it happen for busy, yet dedicated college students who want the best of the best.

Here’s what I’ll cover in the Princeton Review MCAT prep course review:

  • About Princeton Review MCAT prep
  • How does Princeton Review MCAT prep coursework
  • How I reviewed Princeton MCAT prep
  • Pros, cons, and who it’s for
  • Cost and refund policy
  • Key features
  • Other MCAT prep course options
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Alright, let's get ready to dominate the MCAT.

About Princeton Review MCAT prep

Princeton Review's edge

Princeton Review has spent the last 40+ years cultivating their suite of research-based test prep materials leading to thousands of satisfied students, and their MCAT program is no different. What sets this course apart is their 515 score guarantee. This high achievement opens the door to nearly 100 med schools across the country, some of the best out there. Plus, if you don’t get this dream score, you get your money back! Win-win, right? In addition, the live instruction from the 1.4% of instructors who pass their rigorous hiring process makes this MCAT course hard to beat.

Princeton Review score improvement

To prepare for the MCAT, Princeton Review offers a wide range of options:

  • LiveOnline (access to live instruction)
  • MCAT 515+ (most popular)
  • 515+ Immersion (more one-on-one support)
  • Self-Paced (focus on materials)
  • Winter Bootcamp (improve your score over winter break)
  • Private Tutoring (one-on-one expert-level studying)
  • Practice Tests & QBank (access to quality, AAMC-style practice)
  • CARS Skill Builder (15 hours of live instruction)
  • MCAT Topic Focus (materials tailored to your weak spots)

Every one of these options features research-based, expert-created, authentic MCAT study materials. The package you choose should be determined by the time available to study and the level of prep you need.

How does Princeton Review MCAT prep work?

Princeton Review MCAT prep

After enrollment into the plan that fits your needs, you’ll be shipped a very large collection of textbooks and paper resources. When you have all the supplies, it’s time to log on to your dashboard and get studying!

First, you’ll have the opportunity to set goal scores for each section of the exam until your composite score hits that 515 or above. Then, thanks to Princeton Review’s new Smart Study Planner, you’ll get an auto-generated study schedule featuring daily tasks. Everything will be tailored to your test date and needs and automatically updated as you move through the coursework. 

And, if you feel a tad overwhelmed, don’t worry! The 515+ program comes with a 1:1 expert advisor who will consistently check in on you and make sure you attend all live class sessions, complete diagnostics and homework on time, and more. Think of them as your personal MCAT motivator.

When you’re not attending the 123 hours of live instruction, you can navigate through the coursework based on your personalized study schedule. Each course is broken up into Before, Class, and After categories, so you can efficiently and effectively work your way through the complex material. 

Key Features:

  • Curated study schedules with automated to-do lists
  • Specialized instruction from the top MCAT experts
  • Thousands of practice questions that mirror the real deal
  • Extra tools and resources that maximize your potential

How I reviewed Princeton Review MCAT Prep

Princeton Review's complete package for MCAT success

Before I started navigating the course, I wanted to get a solid understanding of the MCAT’s content and structure. This exam is a beast, to say the least. When you sit down for this test, you’re committing to 7 hours of high-quality execution with minimal distractions. The AAMC has high expectations of their students, which makes sense! Med school is no joke. However understanding this rigor is essential to determining whether prep courses meet the challenge. 

In addition to quality, I also wanted to consider efficiency. College students are still in college, after all. The MCAT isn’t the only thing on their minds. With other coursework, exams, jobs, and maybe even a social life to balance, the online review course better respect their users’ precious time. 

I spent a few hours onboarding, watching instructional videos, exploring practice tests, and analyzing their resources and student support. 

Great news! Princeton Review passed every one of my tests. It’s clear that they’ve designed the most effective and efficient MCAT review program possible. 

Pros of Princeton Review MCAT prep courses

Expert instructors for all subjects

While some online courses offer one instructor or tutor to support their users, Princeton Review provides 4 to 6 subject-matter instructors who are truly the best of the best. These educators are specialists, not generalists, meaning they’ve been selected to become uniquely certified in an MCAT topic area. By making each of their instructors focus on one section of the exam, they’re able to provide the most in-depth, expert-level lessons possible. Only 1.4% of applicants even pass their rigorous hiring process for MCAT instructors. Students who have used this online course credit their talented educators as the #1 reason they meet their goals. I mean, after 40 years of training teachers, it’s no wonder Princeton Review delivers only the best. 

MCAT instructors

A suite of authentic study materials

Quite honestly, it’s a challenging task to list off all the materials pre-med students will have access to if they enroll in Princeton Review’s MCAT 515+ program. But, once I do, you’ll understand why this course costs what it does–but it’s so worth it. First, you’ll receive 9 MCAT books, including 2 exclusive titles for even more specialized review. In addition, you’ll have access to 17 full-length tests–that’s over 100 hours of authentic exam practice–and another 12 section-specific practice tests for more focused review. When you log on to your official dashboard, you’ll be able to navigate to 500+ instructional videos, thousands of practice questions, and even more official AAMC materials, including flashcards. This list doesn’t even include supplementary materials for college admission counseling and other post-MCAT needs. Princeton Review hasn’t missed a single thing when it comes to compiling their epic suite of MCAT resources.

Loads of personalization to increase impact and efficiency

MCAT study plan

If you have enough time, there’s a good chance you’ll be dedicating over 100 hours to MCAT prep. These hours better be used well! That’s what’s so cool about Princeton Review: They’ve created the new Smart Study Planner which curates a personalized study plan based on your test date and availability. Now, when you log on, you’re no longer overwhelmed by the hundreds of hours of prep in front of you. Instead, you’re given a daily to-do list and a user-friendly interface to navigate. You can customize further with drag-and-drop editing and color-coded design. When you complete a task, the plan updates automatically revealing your progress and new needs.

Over 100 hours of class time with dedicated peers and instructors

College students, particularly pre-med, understand self-discipline and independent study, but the foundation of Princeton Review’s course is their live instruction. Yes, you are more than capable of working on your own, but why not get the additional support to score even more points? If you roll with the 515+ program, the most popular option, you’ll take on 123 live instruction hours. 91 of those hours will focus on a full content review. The other 32 hours will teach strategy. That’s the ratio you need with a sizeable exam such as the MCAT. When in class, you can ask your expert-level instructor questions about the content they’re modeling, observe your peers as they work through similar problems in new ways, and collaborate productively. 

One-on-one expert coaching every step of the way

When you enroll with Princeton Review, they provide you with your very own study advisor. This individual is responsible for coaching and motivating you throughout the studying process. They’ll help you navigate the suite of print and digital resources, making sure you make full use of all the helpful supports. In addition, they’ll ensure you attend all classes, complete exclusive diagnostic exams, attend all topic-focus sessions, take a full-length online practice test when required, and complete your homework. So, if the abundance of options and todos feels a tad overwhelming, don’t worry! You’ve got someone in your corner the entire time.

Cons of Princeton Review MCAT prep courses

Pricey, but so many resources make it worth it

I’m not going to sugarcoat it–this program will set you back a bit. But take a moment to calculate how much you’re getting for the price. Hundreds of hours of instruction plus hundreds of hours of practice for 12 months. This doesn’t even include the live instruction, one-on-one study support, or post-MCAT resources. And, if you get into your dream med school, you’ll be heading for an incredible career that will quickly pay off investments like this one. Now’s the time to invest in your future–why not pick the program that’s sure to pay off?

Inside Princeton Review's MCAT test prep

Demands lots of dedicated time, but worth every minute

There are hundreds of hours of resources for a reason. The MCAT is no joke and requires a lot of studying and sacrifice. While it may not be fun, it will be worth it. Make sure of that with a high-quality, comprehensive prep course like Princeton Review.

Who Princeton Review MCAT prep is for

Princeton Review MCAT options

My review of Princeton Review’s comprehensive materials has determined that this course is for a student who:

  • Has big med-school dreams and needs a strong MCAT score to achieve them
  • Needs a curated study plan with personalization so their time is valued
  • Wants the best materials available so they can study with confidence
  • Thrives with one-on-one instruction and coaching
  • Needs a 515 or higher to land their top med school

If you have the drive to work towards your MCAT goals with high-quality materials and expert instructors, then I suggest Princeton Review.

How much does Princeton Review MCAT prep cost?

Princeton Review has quite a few options when it comes to studying for the MCAT. You’ll want to choose the course that’s right for you based on the time you have and the amount of support you need. Here’s a breakdown of all your options:

LiveOnline$2,149Score guarantee40 hours of live instruction
MCAT 515+$3,149Everything discussed in this review
515+ Immersion$6,949Everything discussed in this review860+ hours of instruction in total195 hours of live instructionUnlimited 24/7 on-demand tutoringMCAT Topic Focus and Office Hours
Self-Paced$1,749Access to thousands of questions and study materialsAccess to 90 hours of live instructionAccess to recorded sessions
Winter Bootcamp$2,09940 hours of live instructionEfficient, focused study schedule to raise your score over winter break
Private Tutoring$183/hrAccess to online toolsOne-on-one expert support
Practice Tests & QBank$149Choose between one of three MCAT packages that features practice exams, questions, and score reports
CARS Skill Builder$1,09915 hours of live instruction focused on critical analysis and reasoning skills
Comprehensive Admission Counseling Program$3,500Start-to-finish advice and support on your med school applications, interviews, essays, and more 
MCAT Topic Focus$1,399Guided group practice with MCAT instructors certified in specific topics

Princeton Review Refund

Princeton Review guarantees a 515+ or your money back. To qualify, your original score must be from an official exam or one of their practice exams and taken before the first scheduled class. The original test must be taken in one sitting while observing all official time limits and breaks. In addition, you must attend all class sessions, complete all diagnostic tests according to the schedule, complete 6 full-length practice tests, complete all homework, and attend all recommended Topic Focus sessions. Additionally, your final exam score needs to be submitted within 60 days of your official test date.

Princeton's MCAT score improvement

Features of Princeton Review MCAT Prep

Princeton Review MCAT Prep offers unbeatable features, including:

  • Curated study schedules with automated to-do lists
  • Specialized instruction from the top MCAT experts
  • Thousands of practice questions that mirror the real deal
  • Extra tools and resources that maximize your potential

Curated study schedules with automated to-do lists

Princeton Review will give you access to hundreds–yes, hundreds–of hours of coursework and practice when you enroll in one of their programs. Even for the most organized students, that’s intense. That’s why their Smart Study Planner is so epic. Once you note your exam date, it curates a clear and effective study plan just for you. While you’ll always have access to every video and practice test, you can simply sign on and check off the daily tasks. Your dashboard will automatically update as you go along. 

Specialized instruction from the top MCAT experts

Princeton Review has put 40 years into fostering the best tutoring talent. They know how to hire top-tier educators and hone their specialized skills. With the 515+ program, you get 4-6 of these experts at your fingertips. They’ll run live lessons, narrate instructional videos, and answer your individual questions. Don’t forget about your 1:1 Study Advisor, either! You’ve got coaches in every corner.

Thousands of practice questions that mirror the real deal

You don’t want any surprises when you sit down on exam day, so authentic practice is essential. Princeton Review provides you with AAMC-approved practice materials galore. Thousands of practice questions, 17 full-length exams, and 12 section-specific tests. That’s hundreds of hours of authentic practice before the big day. Plus, you’ll be able to analyze your score reports and understand where you need to focus your work.

MCAT Lesson plan

Extra tools and resources that maximize your potential

While it already seems like you have everything you need to earn that 515+, Princeton Review fills in every possible gap with extra tools and resources. Enjoy studying on the go with their MCAT flashcard app. Get additional support with med school applications, essays, and interviews via their Comprehensive Admission Counseling Program, or use their plethora of med school research to guide your application process. Whatever you need, it seems like Princeton Review has your back.

Princeton Review Alternatives

While I can’t say enough about Princeton Reviews MCAT prep materials, it’s important to explore your options before committing to a course. Here are a few alternatives:

Explore Princeton Review's other prep programs: MCAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, LSAT, GMAT

Conclusion: Is Princeton Review MCAT prep worth it?

The MCAT will be your biggest hurdle before getting into your dream med school. The biggest dreams deserve the best resources, and I think Princeton Review has one of the highest-quality packages available with the strongest instructors. With their 515-point guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

Princeton Review FAQs

How much does Princeton Review MCAT cost?

The cheapest full course is the Self Paced at $1,749. Depending on your needs, packages can cost as much as $6,949.

Will Princeton Review improve my MCAT score?

If you engage with the live lessons, review all resources, take numerous practice exams, and ask for help along the way, then yes! If it still doesn’t work, you can seek a refund.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can get a refund or partial refund depending on the course you take.

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