Pocket Prep Review

by Hannah Fortune

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Advancing your career often requires additional education and testing–both of which cost money. If you want to pass, you need support to study. But that costs even more!

For many, the price is simply too high. 

This barrier is one reason Ken Gillette and Peter Murphy co-founded Pocket Prep. They believe that “Education should be within everyone’s reach.” 

Pocket Prep offers study support for over 100 exams that lead to career advancement in behavioral health, fitness, nursing, and more. 200k active members use their on-the-go study app to consistently quiz themselves until they’re ready to ace their exams. 

In this Pocket Prep review, I’ll use my experience on the platform to break down Pocket Prep’s mission, company culture, product, and unique features to help you decide if it’s the right product to help you reach your career goals. 


Quick summary


  • 500 – 2,000 questions for each exam
  • Detailed answer explanations and rationales for every single question
  • Performance insights and personal tracking for efficient studying
  • Question of the Day and quick quizzes make daily studying easy to achieve
  • Weakest Subject & Missed Question quizzes help you focus on your biggest challenges


  • Expert-created study materials for over 100 exams
  • Prep closely mirrors each exam thanks to their detailed research and editing
  • Science-backed quiz creation and study techniques
  • Monthly subscription that works for your schedule and budget


  • No live instruction, but on-the-go access is efficient for all
  • No study guides or textbooks, but top-tier practice quizzes

Best for: busy professionals preparing for an exam that need high-quality, on-the-go study materials that they can access easily and quickly for effective review.

Cost: For the latest costs and promotions, visit Pocket Prep

Overall: Pocket Prep is on a mission to support professionals as they advance their careers, and they’ve created an easy-to-use, science-backed product that works. With their pass guarantee, what do you have to lose?

Here’s what I’ll cover in the Pocket Prep review:

  • About Pocket Prep
  • How does Pocket Prep work
  • How I reviewed Pocket Prep
  • Pros, cons, and who it’s for
  • Cost and refund policy
  • Key features
  • Other professional prep course options
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Ready to take that next step in your career? Let’s do it!

About Pocket Prep

About Pocket Prep

There are many online test prep courses out there designed to support high school and college students. Pocket Prep has decided to occupy the professional niche, one that is just as important for those looking to advance their careers in a wide variety of fields.

Co-founders Gilette and Murphy were once co-workers at an aerospace company. Murphy was studying for an intensive certification exam that was not only occupying valuable time but costing far more than he expected. He needed expert support and couldn’t find it for an affordable price. So, he teamed up with Gilette and created it. 

Pocket Prep has now turned into one of the fastest-growing private companies. Gilette and Murphy continue to “captain their own ship” and are proud of the progress they’ve made and the missions they’ve stayed true to. They’re breaking down the financial barriers that make so many steer clear of advancing their careers.

And their affordable product is still innovative and effective. 

I mean, with 9 million downloads and awards like Top EdTech Tool and Test Prep Innovation of the Year, the proof is all there.

Users simply search for their exam, set up a monthly subscription, and begin studying on the go using their science-backed, quiz-based software. Pocket Prep believes that “studying should be engaging and even fun,” and while that’s a tricky feat to achieve, their product is making it happen.

How does Pocket Prep work?

pocket prep review

Pocket Prep offers quiz-based study materials for over 100 exams. Whether you’re in behavioral health, fitness, nursing, a unique skilled trade, or more, their course will provide you with a minimum of 500 authentic practice questions to help you practice and retain the essential info needed to pass your exam.

After you find your exam and begin your monthly subscription, Pocket Prep welcomes you to your personalized dashboard. Rather than digging through hundreds of study guides, video lessons, or taking a tedious diagnostic, you get to start real practice immediately.

Their product is simple, yet effective. Answer the Question of the Day, take a quick quiz, or build your own. As you progress through their question bank, Pocket Prep tracks your stats and guides your studying so you’re hitting your weak spots until they become strengths.

Like I said before, Pocket Prep offers a straightforward approach to studying. They’re not claiming to be the only tool you need to succeed, but what they do offer will make a serious impact on your path to success. When you have 1 minute or 20, Pocket Prep will deliver authentic, effective studying in the palm of your hand.

How pocket prep works

Key Features:

  • 500 – 2,000 questions for each exam
  • Detailed answer explanations and rationales for every single question
  • Performance insights and personal tracking for efficient studying
  • Question of the Day and quick quizzes make daily studying easy to achieve
  • Weakest Subject & Missed Question quizzes help you focus on your biggest challenges

How I reviewed Pocket Prep

As a professional always on the hunt for more training and experience, it was easy to put myself in the shoes of a Pocket Prep user–I could very well be one someday! 

For example, I’m sure many users are working a full-time job, balancing a wide range of expenses, and struggling to find the time to prep for something like an exam. And they won't want their time and money to go to waste when they finally sit down on test day. So, when reviewing Pocket Prep, I thought hard about what users like these need in a test prep app.

Next, I spent a lot of time exploring Pocket Prep’s product, answering practice questions and quizzes, understanding the statistics they track, and analyzing the potential impact. I also wanted to get a better idea of the company itself–their mission, values, and culture. 

What I discovered was a mission-focused company that walks the walk and an innovative app that gets the job done.

Pros of Pocket Prep

Pocket Prep pros

Expert-created study materials for over 100 exams

When thinking about exam prep, it’s easy to focus on college biggies like the ACT, SAT, and MCAT. But Pocket Prep was created to support the millions of professionals seeking support as they study for certification and licensure exams to advance their careers. 

They’ve curated efficient, quiz-based materials for careers in behavioral health, emergency medical services, fitness, IT & cyber security, medicine, nursing, and other professions and skilled trades. Pocket Prep consider themselves a hybrid publishing and tech company, so they’re dedicated to producing the best content and user experience possible for every learner and exam.

Prep closely mirrors each exam thanks to their detailed research and editing

Pocket Prep diagram

The diagram above represents the careful and consistent process Pocket Prep navigates when curating their bank of questions.

First, every standardized exam must provide a public blueprint that maps out its structure and content. Pocket Prep’s exam experts review that blueprint and use their extensive education and training to write effective test questions that mirror the official exam. They prioritize topics with the most frequent appearance on the exam so that you’re studying the right things the right way.

After questions are written, they're edited to ensure the correct difficulty level, organization, and language seen on the exam. From there, questions are monitored and revised when necessary to guarantee users the most effective and up-to-date content. Your time and money are valuable, and Pocket Prep does whatever they can to guarantee you’re using both well.

Pocket Prep questions

Science-backed quiz creation and study techniques

Pocket Prep believes that many learners have never been taught how to study effectively. Not only is it time-consuming and tedious, but it’s challenging to get right. That’s why they’re finding new ways to approach test prep.

When breaking down their techniques, they use science to support their practices. Their main focus: learning vs. memorizing. This is achieved through three research-based practices:

  1. Interleaving: When a learner switches between topics during a study session, their brain makes stronger connections. This process happens organically through different features of their app.
  1. Spaced Repetition: Some applications require hundreds of hours of reading, video-watching, and practice. Pocket Prep approaches the process differently by encouraging learners to space out their studying through quick, repetitive sessions. Their tools like Question of the Day and the Quick 10 quiz accomplish this.
  1. Retrieval Practice: Understanding your weaknesses is key to effective studying. Pocket Prep tracks your weakest topics and allows users to flag questions they find especially challenging. When you’re ready, you’re able to use features like their Weakest Subject quiz, Missed Question practice, or Build Your Own Quizzes feature to turn your weaknesses into strengths. 

A monthly subscription that works for your schedule and budget

Pocket Prep is focused on removing financial barriers that often come with test prep. Depending on the exam prep you choose, their prices vary. However, prices start as low as $9.99/month and increase at a reasonable rate for 3-month or 1-year packages.

What I love about this pricing system is its flexibility. If you only have a couple of months before your exam, you’re not locked into a 6-month+ subscription that costs more than the exam itself. The prices are reasonable considering the quality of their product.

In addition, Pocket Prep offers needs-based financial support for up to 50 people every month. These individuals will enjoy 3 months of free access to their exam-specific study prep and can qualify for a variety of reasons (job loss, career change, personal challenges, etc.).

Cons of Pocket Prep

No live instruction, but on-the-go access is efficient for all

Many online test prep courses offer tiered packages, the most expensive including live instruction. Pocket Prep does not offer live instruction or support, not even video lessons. But that’s because it’s not the product they’re mastering. Their goal is to create the most authentic, efficient, quiz-based application out there so that you can study on the go and make an impact on your learning. 

No study guides or textbooks, but top-tier practice quizzes

Pocket Prep admits that it probably won’t be your only studying resource. If you need to learn the content or talk to experts, you may need to supplement. That being said, when you’re ready to dive into repetitive, engaging practice that’s still personalized and effective, they’re ready for you.

Who Pocket Prep is for

My review of Pocket Prep’s product has determined that Pocket Prep is for a learner who:

  • Wants to advance their career but needs to pass a challenging exam to do so
  • Needs engaging, efficient study materials that work
  • Knows that personalized tracking and study suggestions can make or break the experience
  • Will benefit from answer explanations when working through challenging problems
  • Is looking for an affordable monthly subscription that fits their budget and timeline

If you’re aiming to work towards your career goals with a high-quality, engaging study tool, then I suggest Pocket Prep. Their mission is to help as many professionals achieve their goals while having fun and without breaking the bank.

How much does Pocket Prep Cost?

Pocket Prep offers monthly, 3-month, or 1-year subscriptions for a range of affordable prices. Depending on the quantity of practice questions in the exam prep, prices range from $9.99 to $20.00+. For longer commitments, prices rise at a reasonable rate. To test out the product, you can try their basic subscription for free!

Pocket Prep review

Pocket Prep Pass Guarantee

If you subscribe to one of their premium packages, Pocket Prep offers their pass guarantee. This means that if you don’t pass your exam after using their tools, they’ll provide three months of additional access for free. To be eligible, the learner must have paid for a subscription for at least three months, attempted all available practice questions at least one time, and maintained at least an 80% cumulative average on practice exams.

Features of Pocket Prep

Pocket Prep offers some pretty incredible features, including:

  • 500 – 2,000 questions for each exam
  • Detailed answer explanations and rationales for every single question
  • Performance insights and personal tracking for efficient studying
  • Question of the Day and quick quizzes make daily studying easy to achieve
  • Weakest Subject & Missed Question quizzes help you focus on your biggest challenges

500 – 2,000 questions for each exam

When choosing an exam prep, you will enjoy a minimum of 500 authentic, expert-crafted practice questions. Depending on the exam, that number may be doubled, tripled, or more. The best way to prep for an exam is to master its structure and challenges. Pocket Prep allows you to do that in high quantities and tracks your progress every step of the way.

Detailed answer explanations and rationales for every single question

A feature that Pocket Prep takes great pride in is their detailed answer explanations and rationales for every single question. Sure, practice is great–but how do you learn if you don’t know how to improve?

No matter the question, an explanation is provided for the correct answer, breaking down the concept or process so you can turn a mistake into a learning opportunity. They also include details around where to find even more information regarding the topic in the particular exam’s official textbook.

Performance insights and personal tracking for efficient studying

Pocket Prep Review tracker

As you answer questions, Pocket Prep tracks your progress and provides you with insights on exam topics.

The Stats page allows you to see how many questions you’ve answered, how many you have left to practice with, time spent studying, and even a community comparison so you can set some specific goals.

Not only does Pocket Prep track your progress, but you’re able to flag questions you want to review later. You can take all of this personalized tracking and turn it into the most effective studying using tools like their Weakest Subject quiz or Missed Questions quiz.

Question of the Day and quick quizzes make daily studying easy to achieve

Pocket Prep wants you to open their app every day for repetitive studying, even if only for their Question of the Day. If you have a bit more time, try a Quick 10 quiz (10 questions) or a timed quiz that fits your availability. You can even build your own quiz to really make sure you’re tackling what you want, when you want to.

Weakest Subject & Missed Question quizzes help you focus on your biggest challenges

Build your own questions Pocket Prep

One of Pocket Prep’s science-backed techniques is Retrieval Practice. As you master content, your weak spots become clearer and clearer–and Pocket Prep lets you know where to focus. Using their Weakest Subject or Missed Questions quizzes, you can quickly compile a quiz featuring 0 – 100 questions that will hone in on your most challenging topics. 

Pocket Prep Alternatives

While I can’t say enough about Pocket Prep, it’s important to explore your options before committing to a platform. Here are a few alternatives:

Conclusion: Is Pocket Prep prep worth it?

I can confidently say that Pocket Prep is an affordable and effective resource for professionals looking to advance their careers.

With their straightforward product, science-backed techniques, and reasonable subscription plans, there’s no reason not to give them a shot.

Their success says it all! Plus, when there’s a Pass Guarantee, what do you have to lose?

Pocket Prep FAQs

How much does Pocket Prep cost?

Depending on the course and length of access, prices start at $9.99/month and rise reasonably from there.

Will Pocket Prep improve my exam score?

If you use their science-backed tools and do your best to study for a short period every day, I believe that Pocket Prep will help you achieve your goals.

Do Pocket Prep offer refunds?

Pocket Prep offers a Pass Guarantee. If you do not pass and meet their eligibility requirements, you will receive three months of additional access free.

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