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Are you an aspiring photographer? Want to start snapping away but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you’re an experienced photographer who wants to learn new skills, or an amateur who is thinking about going pro? has been offering fantastic courses from a range of expert tutors for over two decades. It boasts a huge range of resources, as well as a vibrant community with an abundance of combined photography knowledge.

But is all it's cracked up to be? And what sets it apart from better-known alternatives such as Skillshare and Udemy? 

This review, based on my experience of using the platform, answers these questions and more. From the range of courses it offers, the quality of its teaching, and what you can expect from their additional resources. 

So by the end of this review, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether is the right option for you.

Read on to find out more.


Quick summary


  • Over a dozen video courses on a wide range of photography-related topics, from real estate photography to natural lighting 
  • Active and passionate community of learners who are always ready to offer advice, feedback and support
  • Great range of additional resource, including articles and podcasts
  • Regular community challenges and competitions to keep you motivated and inspired


  • Fantastic community  – you’ll be joining a group of like-minded people to compare notes, offer and receive feedback, tips and tricks
  • Wide range of courses – there really is something for everyone. Whether you want to improve your practice, get back into taking photos after a break, or if you’re a total beginner
  • Great resources – including fascinating podcast episodes, a huge range of articles, and community forums where you can find answers to all of your photography queries 


  • The site could be easier to navigate – especially on the mobile version, or different browsers 
  • Limited selection of teachers – it would be great to hear from a more diverse range of instructors

Best for: Anyone who wants to learn new photography skills from seasoned professionals, with the support of a great community.

Cost: Check for the latest prices

Overall: With a brilliant range of courses covering crucial photography skills, will inspire you to get snapping away with frequent challenges and competitions. Offering brilliant articles and podcast episodes, this platform is all about learning from a community of like-minded creators.

This detailed review will cover everything you need to know about, including:

  • What is and who are its instructors?
  • How much does cost?
  • free trial
  • What a lesson is like
  • Best classes
  • for business
  • How I reviewed and what I liked and thought could be improved
  • Who is for
  • Can I buy as a gift?
  • Tips for finding great courses on
  • refund
  • alternatives
  • reviews: What others are saying
  • Is worth it?

What is

about review is your one stop shop for all things photography – from classes and tutorials to reviews, tips and showcases. Founded by Pulitzer-prize nominated Skip Heine in 2000, has been helping photographers connect and develop their skills for over two decades. 

You can browse articles, buy Lightroom presets, listen to their Great Big Photography World Podcast, as well as access free and premium courses on a range of topics from real estate to smartphone photography. review courses

Who are the instructors? instructors review

All of’s instructors are members of the platform. So you can check out their profiles to view their photography and achievements, as well as reach out to them directly. 

Some, like Kevin LJ, have had hugely successful photojournalism careers. Others, like Taya Iv, a successful photographer, editor and journalist.

How does work? resources

You can access a lot of’s brilliant resources for free, such as articles, videos, podcast episodes and more. 

However, a membership will grant you access to their premium courses, premium community challenges, bi-weekly contests, Lightroom presets, as well as the ability to share your work in the community and get all-important feedback to develop your skills. 

Users buy a year-long membership to access all of these features.’s courses cover a range of photography-related topics, including:

  • Black and White Photography
  • How to Start a Photography Business
  • Self-Portrait Photography
  • Natural Light Photography
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Photoshop Compositing is above all a community, sharing your work and learning from others is a huge part of the ethos. As all their instructors are also site members, you can get a really good idea of their photography style before diving into a course. Plus you can get all your technical questions answered by the knowledgeable community on forums. 

How much does cost? costs $149.99 for a year's subscription, which works out at just over $12 a month. Not only does this get access to the fantastic premium courses on the platform, you also get your hands on their premium Lightroom presets, and all the brilliant community features touched on above. 

Learning a complex technical skill like photography from a dedicated and supportive community is priceless. Especially considering that photography is a lifelong skill which might even lead to a successful business. free trial

Whilst doesn’t have a free trial, it does have a great range of free courses that you can take. Aimed at beginners, these will help you understand the teaching style of the platform. They basically functions as a free trial for the premium courses. 

You can also browse the platform free of charge, read articles and take a look at community forums before you commit. 

What a lesson is like

These video lessons are an engaging mix of your instructor talking straight to the camera, animated graphics, demonstrations and assignments. You’ll be able to submit your photos for community feedback and chat with your instructor. Some courses offer early-bird bonuses like community networking head starts or even extra content. 

Best classes

The best class will depend on your current skill level, what you’re interested in learning, and how much time you have. Courses range from between a few hours focusing on a specific skill, to learning experiences that last the whole year. 

Free Courses

Photography For Beginners 

This course is all about helping you understand your camera, and bridging the gap between what your eye sees and what your camera is able to capture. 

You’ll cover the basics of how your eye works to capture light in order to get to grips with mastering your camera. Then move on to basic camera settings, understanding the exposure triangle, an introduction to aperture, a basic guide to shutter speed, ISO and digital noise and depth of field, as well as color, contrast, exposure and more. 

A brilliant way to get a feel for’s teaching style with content over 42 jam packed lessons.

Premium Courses best courses review

365 Days Photography Course 

Using bite-sized daily practice to build your photography skills, you’ll be guided by experienced photojournalist Kevin LJ. 

Perfect for first-time camera owners, on-and-off camera users and dedicated photographers alike, you’ll develop your camera-operating speed and accuracy, get to grips with different types of lighting, confidently compose your photographs, and experiment with portraits, landscapes, still life and street photography. 

If you complete the course, you’ll also be able to claim an Excellence Certificate to consolidate your skills. best courses review

52 Week Project 

Like the 365 Day Photography Course, this course is designed to be completed over the course of a year. It challenges you to take one photograph a week. Focused not only on the technical skills of photography, this challenge will teach you how to take photographs that tell stories. 

If you’re curious about different photography genres, or want to make your photography portfolio stand out with a diverse range of subjects and styles, then this is a great option for you. With video content and weekly prompts, you’ll be part of a global community and able to learn from other members, compare photographs and get inspired. 

Black and White Photography Course 

This mini course is taught by Taya Iv, a photographer, educator and writer with over 12 years experience. 

You’ll learn how to take brilliant black and white photographs of people, animals, landscapes and more over the course of 10 video lessons. Each video is accompanied by a challenge designed to get you creating and experimenting. 

An ideal course for intermittent camera users who need a little motivation to start snapping away. Plus busy people with hectic schedules who only have time for a short course. Like every course, you’ll be part of a community of learners, as you gain a deeper understanding of the art of black and white photography. best courses review

How to Start Your Photography Business 

As the owner of a six-figure photography business, Krystal Kenney is the perfect coach to guide you through the process of setting up your own successful and sustainable photography business. 

Building your dream business from the ground up, you’ll cover finding your niche, building a website, researching your competitors, creating a business plan as well as delving into marketing. You’ll also get access to exclusive bonus interviews with other professionals in the photography community, who share insider tips and tricks to get you started and help your business stand out. 

Self-Portrait Photography on a Budget  

Another fabulous course from experienced photographer Taya Iv, these lessons are all about getting creative with the materials you have to hand. There’s no need to go out and spend hundreds on cameras and equipment – Taya will talk you through how to take photographs that build your confidence and express yourself whatever your budget is. 

You’ll work with everyday items to create standout photos that tell engaging stories. Videos included in this course cover topics including confidence, inspiration, technique and much more, and is a great course for anyone who wants to master photography on a budget, or needs a little push to find motivation and get creating. best courses review

Zero to Hero in Photography Course 

Want to get to grips with digital photography but no idea where to start? These lessons are designed with total beginners in mind, as you’ll learn all about fundamental photography skills, common photography terms and genres, building confidence over the course of over 54 video lessons. These range from technical skills, such as how to use contrast and fill flash, to more conceptual ones such as how to master taking photographs of strangers and how to use the rule of thirds. 

With regular challenges designed to get you out there taking photos, you’ll be able to learn alongside and compare notes with other amateur photographers, as well as earning a certificate of completion.

Natural Light Photography Course 

Whilst natural light brings a magical quality to photographs, it's famously unpredictable. This course, led by professional photojournalist Kevin LJ, will help you get to grips with natural light photography. Lessons cover choosing your lens focal length, watching your shutter speed, and using a lens flare. 

You’ll also work with softer skills such as relating to your subjects, enhancing natural expressions and using props to really bring your photos to life. Over thirty video lessons, you’ll build confidence and experience. Whether you’re totally new to portraits or an intermediate photographer who wants to diversify their skills and portfolio. best courses review

Real Estate Photography Course 

Subtitled ‘The Art and Science of Great Composition’, this course takes you behind the scenes of the real estate business to find out how to take great shots. Tony Colangelo is an award-winning photographer, and you’ll cover not only the technical side of real estate photography, but also the skills to set up your own successful business. 

You’ll master the rule of thirds, leading lines and the Golden Ratio, and one-point perspective, as well as understanding what real estate clients need, which includes marketing strategies and customer experience. A great way to learn about composition that will impact your photography skills far beyond real estate photography.

Photoshop Compositing Course 

Francesca Perticarini is a professional photographer and creative director. In this course she will guide you through the photo editing process in Adobe Photoshop. Starting out with building a deep understanding of your camera settings, you’ll learn all the tools and compositing skills necessary to get to grips with post-production. 

You’ll learn how to use masking to replace your backgrounds, create beautiful lighting effects, seamlessly blend photographs, create natural-looking shadows, retouch your images, and learn how to color grade your photos. 

A perfect fit for intermediate Photoshop users, as you’ll need a basic understanding of Photoshop and its features.

Smartphone Photography Course 

Over the duration of this 52-week course, you’ll master the art of taking and editing beautiful smartphone photographs of a variety of subjects and a range of styles. 

With 52 weekly themes, these video lessons and educational resources will introduce you to new ideas and techniques. 

With a thriving community of photographers on hand to share work and offer valuable feedback, this is the perfect course for someone who takes their smartphone with them everywhere. Or anyone who who feels like they’re too busy to take photos every single day, but still wants to commit to a long term project. Another great plus is the editing skills you’ll gain to take your photography to the next level.

How I reviewed

I reviewed by signing up for a membership to explore all their exclusive content. I also browsed their community spaces, articles, videos, and listened to their podcasts. All this gave me a great idea of the quality of their teaching and learning resources.

What I liked about pros

Fantastic community 

One of the best things about is their amazing community. When you sign up to a course, you’re also joining a group of like-minded people with whom you can compare notes, offer and receive feedback, tips and tricks. This will keep you motivated, especially over the longer year-long challenges, and will ultimately make you a better photographer.

Wide range of courses isn’t just for camera nerds with bags of expensive kit. It's really got something for everyone. Whether you want to improve your practice, get back into taking photos after a break, or if you’re a total beginner. They’ve also got brilliant offerings for different areas of photography, from portraits to natural light to real estate photography. 

Diverse selection of resources

Whilst’s courses are brilliant, as a member you’ll also get access to a brilliant range of resources far beyond the video tutorials. These include fascinating podcast episodes, a huge range of articles, and community forums where you can find answers to all of your photography queries. 

What could be improved

Website could be easier to navigate

In general,’s website is pretty good, but it can be hard to navigate on the mobile version, or different browsers. I particularly struggled with figuring out which courses were free and which were only accessible with a membership.

Limited selection of teachers’s teachers are enthusiastic professionals with plenty of experience and great teaching styles. However, there isn’t a huge range of teachers, with some teaching multiple classes, so it would be great to hear from a more diverse range of instructors with different backgrounds and experiences.

Who is for

  • Total newbies who want to get into digital photography but don’t know where to start – offers great resources for those just starting out, building a firm technical foundation and discipline with weekly challenges and a supportive community
  • Rusty photographers who want to get back into a regular practice, or need a bit of inspiration to reconnect to their creativity with plenty of photography styles to choose from when it comes to courses and challenges
  • Experts and professionals who want to hone specific skills, whether that’s using natural light or shooting incredible real estate photography. Whatever your background, there’ll be something on to challenge you
  • Amateur photographers who want to go pro, with courses on building a successful photography business suitable for all, or a more specific pathway designed for aspiring real estate photographers

Can I buy as a gift? is not currently available to buy as a gift.

Tips to finding great courses on is pretty easy to browse. Simply select ‘courses’ to see a list of what’s on offer: courses review

By selecting a course, you can find out more about each tutor, what you’ll learn and who it’s for. You’ll also be able to watch a short video trailer to get a feel for the instructor’s teaching style. courses review

You can browse your instructor’s portfolio to find out more about their work. Plus read reviews and see how the course has been rated by other students: reviews

You can also search for specific courses, instructors or skills using the search bar. 

Is legit?

If a buzzing community and expert tutorials at your fingertips seem too good to be true, don’t worry – is absolutely legit. The site has been going for over twenty years, and has thousands of satisfied users and active community members. refund’s refund policy seems to vary course by course – for example, the 365 Days of Photography offers a 30-day, no questions asked refund, but this isn’t advertised for all courses. If you have a specific refund related question, you can always email them for more detailed advice. alternatives

There are plenty of ways to learn photography online. 

Udemy is a popular alternative to It has a massive range of courses that you can pay for on an individual basis as opposed to subscribing. Udemy offers photography courses on topics such as composition, real estate and portraiture, as well as tutorials focusing on specific camera models which is super helpful for beginners. 

Skillshare is another great option. A subscription-based site like, Skillshare users pay monthly, giving a little more flexibility. You can learn topics such as portrait photography, travel photography, composition and Adobe Photoshop.

If you're reluctant to splash out on an expensive camera but you have an iPhone, you could check out iPhone Photography School. It has a number of courses to help you set up, take and edit fabulous photos on the camera that's already in your pocket.

You can also check out our Best online photography courses review. reviews: What others have said is it worth it

I wanted to write the best review possible. So I took to the internet to find out about other learners’ experience of the site.

 In response to a question about whether was real, one user wrote:

‘the community is pretty active and there are a lot of activities and even prizes’, and that ‘the feedback in plentiful, it’s not uncommon for me to get 3-4 replies within a few hours of helpful suggestions and critique.’

Another user wrote that they have ‘become a better photographer taking the 52 week course’ and that:

‘with all the activities, courses, articles, and meeting new photographer friends this is the real deal.’

Someone else recommended the Real Estate course, as well as the many articles on their website,

'you can find many Real Estate photography courses and articles on this website. I hope it will be helpful for you.'

All in all, it seems like most people are very happy with their experience of, especially when it comes to the community aspect and making new friends.


Features: You’ll get access to all of’s premium courses, as well as articles, podcast episodes, challenges, competitions and a supportive community of photographers.

Content quality: Great quality video lessons with plenty of demonstrations, challenges and structured learning. Some are designed to be completed over the course of a year, whereas others are short courses aimed at boosting specific skills. 

Content breadth: A great range of courses, covering a broad range of topics from specific skills like natural light photography or real estate photography to more complex skills like building a photography business, to long-term challenges designed to stretch your skills and get you out of your comfort zone.

Teachers:’s teachers are all seasoned professionals, many of whom have their own photography business, or have worked as photojournalists for many years.

Supporting materials: In addition to video lessons, you’ll have access to supporting articles, and a community of fellow learners that you can compare notes with.

Payments & refunds: costs $149.99 for a year's subscription, which works out at just over $12 a month, and they have a 30-day refund policy.

Support: There is no FAQ or AI assistant on, but you can always reach out to their customer service team via email.

How to open a account

It’s very easy to open a account.

  1. Head to their website
  2. Select the ‘Sign Up’ in the top left corner of the page
  3. Enter your details

You’re all done!

Is worth it?

In my personal opinion, yes. is worth it if you learn best by interacting with others, and value a supportive community to keep up morale and help you reach your learning goals.

The wide range of courses on mean it’s a great option for total beginners and those with a bit of photography experience who want to take their work to the next level. The community aspect of the membership is a huge draw, with frequent challenges and competitions, as well as the opportunity to get great feedback from other photography enthusiasts. In addition, you can access plenty of great articles and even a podcast packed with tips and tricks.

As a subscription service, you can get the most value out of the platform by trying out as many of the resources as possible, and by engaging with the community aspects. – Frequently asked questions

How much does cost? costs $149.99 for a year's subscription, which works out at just over $12 a month.

Does have a refund policy? has a 30-day refund policy, but you’ll need to check the website for the most up to date information.

How many courses are there on has over a dozen courses.

Does have a free trial?

No, but you can access sample classes for all of the courses to get a feel for their content.

Does give certificates?

Yes, does give certificates.

What languages is available in? is currently available in English.

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