Magoosh LSAT Prep Review

by Max Brown

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Are you getting ready to prepare for the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) and considering study programs, like Magoosh's LSAT course? If so, then this Magoosh LSAT prep review is for you.

I’ve been helping students prepare for standardized tests for years, so I’ve got an eye for what makes a solid prep program. And that experience informed this review of Magoosh’s LSAT course. 

Law school hopefuls can study for upwards of 300 hours in preparation for the LSAT. And more than 130,000 people took the test last year, making it highly competitive. A good study regiment is a MUST if you want to succeed.

Fortunately (and also unfortunately) there are tons of LSAT prep courses out there. Magoosh stands out for its value. You’ll get the materials you’ll need to succeed–no fluff, no frills–and the flexibility to study at your own speed. All for an unbeatable price.

Magoosh offers a self-paced plan and a guided program. While I’ll be focusing on the former throughout this article, I’ll also touch on the latter, so fret not you interactive learners!


Quick summary


  • Flexible study guide
  • 7,000+ practice questions
  • Practice tests
  • Mobile app
  • 90+ video lessons
  • Score guarantee
  • LSAT expert email support


  • Affordable
  • Tailored study guide
  • Practice problems + comprehensive explanations
  • Mobile app
  • Score guarantee


  • Big time investment (though any program worth its money will be)
  • Videos could be more engaging

Best for: Independent learners who are driven to get a competitive LSAT score

Cost: Starting at $199, but check Magoosh for updated pricing

Overall: Full of expert created content, strategy tips, and opportunities to practice, Magoosh’s LSAT prep course is a great value. And if they can’t raise your score by 5+ points, you’ll get your money back. 

Let’s get started!

About Magoosh LSAT prep

Magoosh logo

Ready to master the LSAT? Magoosh might be for you. Magoosh’s promise to give you the knowledge and prep that you need to succeed begins with their name. “Magush”, in Old Persian, means “one who is learned and wise”. 

Magoosh’s LSAT prep course has a well-rounded, thorough curriculum. When signing up, you’ll have 12 months of access to 90+ video lessons, more than 7,000 official LSAT, hundreds of comprehensive practice question explanations, times, full-length official LSAC (Law School Admissions Council) practice tests, and a tailored study plan. And all of that is backed by a +5 point score increase guarantee or your money back.

So what’s to lose?

How does Magoosh LSAT prep work?

Magoosh LSAT Test prep review screen

Magoosh’s self-paced LSAT prep course is highly flexible, allowing you to prepare for the exam on your own time. The program covers the three scored sections that you’ll face on the LSAT–Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension– as well as plenty of focus on writing and strategy. Testing your learning along the way, Magoosh helps chart the most efficient, impactful study plan possible.

Key features:

  • Flexible study guide
  • 7,000+ practice questions
  • Practice tests
  • Mobile app
  • 90+ video lessons
  • Score guarantee
  • LSAT expert email support

How I reviewed Magoosh

Magoosh LSAT review

Using their free, week-long trial (another major plus!) I poured through Magoosh’s LSAT prep course, taking practice quizzes, answering questions, and watching video lessons. The more I got to know Magoosh’s program, the more I came to appreciate its value. 

Magoosh’s self-paced LSAT course, which has all of the materials you’ll need, costs $199. By comparison, Kaplan and Princeton Review’s, two comparable, self-paced study programs, cost nearly $800! While they do offer more practice questions and tests, there comes a point when more isn’t necessarily helpful. It’s just more. And after hundreds of hours of prep, which you’ll do with any course, there comes a point beyond which additional studying loses its impact and you’re just burning yourself out. 

I also appreciate the degree to which Magoosh structures your study experience around where you’re at and what your needs are. Before beginning the course, Magoosh asks you how far into the study process you are, how long you have until the exam, how familiar you are with the material, etc. Using that info, they recommend a study plan that suits your availability. In my experience, a well-fitting study plan can be an invaluable guide as you navigate a long, winding, and sometimes frustrating study journey. 

Pros of Magoosh LSAT prep courses

Affordable (and a great value)

Magoosh's LSAT preparation program is a fantastic bang for your buck, especially when compared to similar courses. Princeton Review and Kaplan’s LSAT prep courses, both of which are similar to Magoosh’s, cost nearly $800. While Magoosh’s offerings are a bit slimmer, they’re more than enough to prepare you well for the test, and they’re well-worth the discounted price tag ($199 for 12 months of access!).

Tailored study guide

Before you begin the program, Magoosh asks you a series of questions to gauge where you’re at in the study process, how much prep you’ve done, how you feel with the material, etc. Afterwards, you’ll take an assessment, so you and Magoosh will have a better sense of what you need to focus on most. Magoosh will use your answers to recommend a study guide that works best for your needs and schedule, empowering you to study smarter rather than harder. 

Practice problems + comprehensive explanations

Magoosh LSAT practice questions

I love Magoosh’s practice problems. No matter the course (GRE, LSAT, etc.), their practice problems and accompanying explanations are, in my experience, unparalleled. Magoosh lets you customize practice sets based on problem type, difficulty, timing, etc., letting you work on specific concepts. What’s more, when you complete practice problems, Magoosh offers clear and exhaustive explanations (in both written and video form) as well as study recommendations. While some services, like Kaplan and Princeton Review, offer more practice questions, the explanations that Magoosh provides are unique. 

Mobile app

Keen to replace Twitter (sorry, I mean “X”)/Instagram/TikTok scrolling with something more productive? Magoosh has got you covered. Their mobile app, available on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play, will help you take control of your time and channel that energy towards bettering your future. Their robust set of mobile flash cards give you the chance to study on-the-go (or during that hour before bed that can so easily slip into the black hole of scrolling). 

Magoosh LSAT test prep mobile app

Score guarantee + trial period

Unlike some other prep programs, Magoosh takes pains to make sure you’re comfortable with their course. They give you a week of free access to their LSAT course to decide if it’s a good fit. During this time, you can take lessons, answer practice questions, etc. to familiarize yourself with the program’s offerings. If you do sign up and decide it's not for you, you can still get your money back within a week of purchasing. And if you ultimately go with Magoosh but your score doesn’t increase by more than five points, you’ll get your money back. Guaranteed. 

Cons of Magoosh LSAT prep courses

Videos are helpful, but not the most engaging

While Magoosh’s video lessons are helpful, they aren’t the most engaging. Other services’ videos are a bit more dynamic, and include an actual, visible teacher, making the lessons slightly more accessible and entertaining. Regardless, Magoosh breaks up their videos into digestible bits, and their lessons are full of high quality.

Requires time investment

Magoosh’s course can take upwards of 200 hours. But that’s comparable to similar programs. And if you’re serious about getting a top score on the exam, you’ll be studying that much, if not more, regardless of the prep program you ultimately go with. 

Who Magoosh’s LSAT prep is for

Magoosh’s LSAT prep course is for you if you’re:

  • An strong, independent learner
  • A self-motivated studier
  • Determined to get a 180
  • Dedicated to mastering the LSAT’s material

How much does Magoosh LSAT prep cost?

Premium$199 (plus $115 LawHub Advantage fee)As reviewed in this article
Guided Study$499 (plus $115 LawHub Advantage fee)Premium plus engaging classes led by LSAT experts, customized homework, 16 hours of extra help on key topics, and targeted assignments

Magoosh Refund

Magoosh offers a free, seven-day trial period, letting you get to know their program before you buy. If you enroll only to decide that Magoosh isn’t for you, they’ll give you a full refund within seven days of purchasing. And the program is covered by their score guarantee. If your LSAT score doesn’t increase by five points relative to your baseline, Magoosh will give you your money back. 

Features of Magoosh LSAT prep

Magoosh’s LSAT prep course offers tons of great features. Some of my favorites are:

  • Flexible study guide
  • LSAT expert email support
  • 7,000+ practice questions
  • Practice tests
  • Mobile app
  • 90+ video lessons
  • Score guarantee

Flexible study guide

As soon as you begin the program, Magoosh assesses how prepared you are for the LSAT. Asking you questions that probe your knowledge of the LSAT’s materials, how much you’ve prepared, etc., Magoosh will identify where you’re at in the study process, highlighting what would be best to focus on. Magoosh will use that assessment, coupled with an outline of your pre-LSAT schedule, to recommend a study plan that works well for you, empowering you to study as efficiently and effectively as possible. And when you’re studying for at least 200 hours, trust me, that extra efficiency will feel priceless. 

LSAT expert email support

Even though Magoosh’s base offering (the one I’ve been reviewing in this article) doesn’t offer live, interactive learning, you won’t be left hanging. Magoosh offers email support from LSAT pros–people who have prepared for the exam themselves and have scored in the 99th percentile. If you’re looking for more interactive support, Magoosh’s Guided Study program offers live learning and individualized prep with expert LSAT educators. 

7,000+ practice questions

Magoosh LSAT library of practice questions

Magoosh’s practice questions are of the highest quality, even if they offer slimmer question banks than do their competitors. But, as the adage goes, “quality over quantity”.

So, what stands out about Magoosh’s practice questions?

First, they let you customize your practice sets to focus on specific concepts, difficulty levels, and timing, enabling you to hone in on specific doubts or areas on which you need to improve. I also like that Magoosh provides detailed explanations for their practice questions, both in written and video form. This will improve your understanding of the concepts and help you learn from your mistakes.

And finally, Magoosh tracks how you’re doing on particular subjects, giving you the information you need to refine your preparation. Tracking things like pace (and setting them relative to other peoples’ scores) can help you set and meet achievable study goals. 

Magoosh results summary

Practice tests

Magoosh, as always, focuses on both content and test-taking practice. In addition to their 7,000+ practice questions, Magoosh offers full-length, timed, official practice tests. Taking a real test, especially under time pressure, is a crucial component of the prep experience. Doing it (and doing, and doing it again) will help you go into the LSAT confidently, knowing exactly what to expect.

Mobile app

While I joke about LSAT studying being a good replacement for mindless social media scrolling, getting a little bit of extra studying in each day can be so helpful for cementing ideas and generally feeling confident in your prep. We spend so much of our time waiting. Magoosh knows that, and they give you the opportunity to fill that space with something more productive. 

90+ video lessons

Magoosh has more than 90 video lessons, available whenever you want to watch them, that’ll hold your hand as you explore every concept you’ll come across on the LSAT. And throughout the recorded classes, you’ll practice what you learn in real-time to hammer the material home. And the videos don’t just cover content on the LSAT’s three scored sections. They also touch on the unscored writing portion, test-taking strategies, and test-day tips, ensuring you’ll go confidently into the LSAT.

Magoosh LSAT test prep challenge
Magoosh LSAT Test prep screen

Score guarantee

With a week of free access to its LSAT course, Magoosh gives you plenty of time to sample its program. You can answer practice questions, take lessons, and track your progress as you familiarize yourself with the program. If you go with Magoosh and your LSAT score doesn’t increase by more than five points relative to your baseline, you’ll get your money back. 

Magoosh Alternatives

While Magoosh is one of the best LSAT prep services out there, some others include:

Princeton Review, Varsity Tutors, Kaplan, and Manhattan Prep’s courses are all similar to Magoosh’s, albeit they offer more study content, and they all cost roughly $800. Most have a basic score increase guarantee (i.e. less than Magoosh’s five-point promise), and Princeton Review’s guarantees your money back if you score lower than a 165, which could be useful if you have a low baseline score. For its part, Manhattan Prep doesn’t have a score guarantee. All are decent options (though I think Magoosh has one of the best bangs for your buck). And, as always, Khan Academy is free!

Learn about Magoosh's other prep programs: MCAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, LSAT, GMAT, IELTS

Conclusion: Is Magoosh LSAT prep worth it?

As with all of its test prep courses, Magoosh gives you a lot for a little, especially when compared to similar programs. Magoosh’s robust bank of practice questions and explanations, comprehensive video lessons, customized study guides, mobile app, and unmatched score guarantee make it one of the best LSAT prep courses I’ve seen. 

And with their seven-day free trial, plus their score guarantee, why not give them a shot? You’ll pay a lot less than you will with comparable programs.

If you’re looking for a complete yet flexible study plan and are bent on getting a competitive LSAT score, consider prepping with Magoosh.

Good luck and happy studying!

Magoosh LSAT Test Prep – FAQs

How much does Magoosh LSAT prep cost?

Programs start at $199 and go up to $499

Will Magoosh improve my LSAT score?

Assuming you put in the work, yes. And if it doesn’t, you get your money back.

Can I get a refund?

Yes. Magoosh offers a full refund if you cancel within seven days of enrolling.


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