Princeton Review LSAT Prep Review

by Max Brown

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Are you gearing up to prepare for the LSAT and considering study programs, like Princeton Review’s LSAT course? If so, this Princeton Review LSAT (Law School Admission Test) prep review is for you.

As a seasoned test prep tutor with years of experience guiding students through standardized tests, I’ve got an eye for what makes a good prep program. Using that background, I’ve put Princeton Review’s LSAT course to the test. 

Taking the LSAT is one of the most important steps in the law school admissions process, so it’s essential to invest in a comprehensive study program. Law school hopefuls often dedicate upwards of 300 hours to LSAT preparation. With more than 130,000 students taking the test each year, competition is fierce. Having a top-notch study regimen is a must.

Princeton Review’s LSAT course distinguishes itself with its exceptional value. You’ll receive all the materials necessary to excel – hundreds of hours of recorded video lessons, thousands of pages of study materials, and access to every LSAT question ever asked. Princeton Review offers both a self-paced plan and guided programs. While I’ll focus primarily on the former in this review, I’ll touch on the latter as well. 

The number of LSAT takers is increasing annually, and admission to top law schools is more competitive than ever. It’s essential to equip yourself with the best possible prep program. If you’re determined to secure a spot in your dream law school, then give this review of Princeton Review’s LSAT prep program a read.


Quick summary


  • 150+ hours of recorded video lessons
  • 75+ full Official LSAT PrepTests
  • 1,800+ pages of study materials
  • Access to every LSAT question ever asked
  • Princeton Review LSAT books
  • Better score or your money back
  • Official LSAT content included


  • Engaging, digestible lessons
  • Emphasis on learning reinforcement
  • Well-structured curriculum
  • Focus on strategy
  • Practice problems with explanations


  • Price (but good value)
  • Entirely self-study, but Princeton Review offers interactive learning

Best for: independent, self-motivated studiers

Cost: $799, but check Princeton Review for updated pricing information

Overall: Princeton Review’s LSAT prep course is well-rounded, thorough, conveniently structured. Its comprehensive material covers both the LSAT curriculum as well as the strategies needed to ace the test. And if Princeton Review can’t raise your score, you’ll get your money back. 

About Princeton Review LSAT prep

About Princeton Review LSAT

For over 40 years, Princeton Review has established itself as a leading choice for students seeking to prepare for standardized tests. 

Its comprehensive approach to study plans, adaptable learning methods, expertly curated materials, and emphasis on learning reinforcement have drawn millions of students to its courses. 

Princeton Review’s LSAT prep course offers an exhaustive and well-rounded curriculum, spanning hundreds of hours of video lessons, thousands of practice questions, eight realistic practice tests, and a flexible study schedule. And all of these resources are supported by a score improvement guarantee, ensuring that you’ll get the most out of your prep.

With Princeton Review, there’s everything to gain and nothing to lose.

How does Princeton Review LSAT prep work?

How Princeton Review LSAT works

Princeton Review’s LSAT test prep course is flexible, empowering you to learn at your own pace. 

It has adapted to the LSAT’s recent changes. As of August 2024, there will no longer be an Analytical Reasoning (logic games) section. Instead, there will be two Logical Reasoning sections and one Reading Comprehension section (as well as the unscored section of either Logical Reasoning or Reading Comprehension). 

Princeton Review makes sure that your study regime will prepare you well for the scored sections that you’ll face. And they’ll hammer home your learning with mid-lesson quizzes, which are crucial for cementing what you’ll have studied. 

Key Features

  • 150+ hours of recorded video lessons
  • 75+ full Official LSAT PrepTests
  • 1,800+ pages of study materials
  • Access every LSAT question ever asked
  • Princeton Review LSAT books
  • Better score or your money back
  • Official LSAT content included

How I reviewed Princeton Review’s LSAT course

Thanks to Princeton Review’s seven-day free cancellation policy, I spent a week on their self-paced LSAT prep program, taking lessons and practice tests, answering questions, and reviewing their curriculum as I got to know the program. 

I was impressed by the user interface, which makes it easy to navigate their online modules. From there, the engaging, accommodating lessons captured my attention. I’ve reviewed a number of services. Princeton Review’s practice questions are among the best I’ve seen. Their thorough explanations stood out to me. Learning reinforcement is key to any good study program, and Princeton Review definitely has that down pat.

I really appreciated the emphasis that Princeton Review puts on a solid, well-structured curriculum. It can take lots of mental energy to apportion your time effectively during a weeks (or months)-long study regimen. Thankfully, Princeton Review takes care of that so you don’t have to. 

Pros of Princeton Review LSAT prep courses

Engaging, digestible lessons

Princeton Review LSAT lessons

Princeton Review has hundreds of hours of lessons that’ll take you through the nitty gritty of every concept that you’ll come across on the LSAT. And you’ll practice as you go, hammering home in real time the lessons you’ll learn in self-guided modules. Princeton Review’s study materials don’t just cover the informational content you’ll face on the LSAT. They also review test-taking strategies, timing, and study habits to help you go confidently into the test. Even better, their videos are engaging, accessible, and easy to watch. And you’ll have the flexibility to pause, rewind, and fast-forward them to your heart’s content!

Emphasis on learning reinforcement

Princeton Review’s Self-Guided LSAT program values learning reinforcement. The course will regularly challenge you to apply the concepts that you’ve learned to practice questions, both during and after the lessons, and dozens of practice tests. And with every LSAT question ever asked available, you’ll have no problem testing your knowledge and drilling the concepts you’ll have learned in your studies. Even better: questions include detailed explanations outlining answers, helping you to understand the fundamentals behind some of the test’s most difficult problems. 

Well-structured curriculum

Princeton Review LSAT curriculum

Princeton Review’s LSAT prep program breaks down your studying into digestible units, taking that burden off of you! The holistic curriculum focuses on how to strategically approach each of the LSAT’s sections –– giving you the tools you’ll need to master both the test’s content and its underlying logic. The balanced syllabus also focuses on strategy, preparing you to recognize and tackle the LSAT’s baked in quirks.

Practice problems with explanations

Princeton Review LSAT prep pros

Something I value about Princeton Review’s LSAT prep program are the explanations that accompany practice problems. When going through lessons, Princeton Review will ask you practice questions to test your learning, forcing you to apply your new knowledge to a realistic LSAT question. And when you get a question wrong, they’ll give you a detailed explanation as to why the answer you selected was incorrect, helping you to understand the underlying logic behind the question. 

Cons of Princeton Review LSAT prep courses

Price (but good value)

At $799, the Self-Paced course is Princeton Review’s lowest-cost LSAT prep program. That price is comparable to similar services, like Kaplan’s LSAT prep program. While this may seem like a big investment, it’s little in comparison to the financial and personal gain that you’ll reap as a lawyer. And with Princeton Review’s money-back guarantee, there’s not much to lose.

Entirely self-study, but Princeton Review offers interactive learning

Though Princeton Review’s Self Paced LSAT prep course offers a holistic curriculum and diverse learning resources, it doesn’t offer live, teacher-led learning. If you’re an independent learner and prefer to study at your own pace, this might be a plus. But if you benefit from a more interactive learning experience, consider Princeton Review’s Fundamentals, LSAT 165+, or Immersion 165+ courses, which all offer live, even in-person, learning.

Who Princeton Review LSAT prep is for

Princeton Review’s LSAT prep course is for you if you’re:

  • An independent learner
  • A self-motivated studier
  • Determined to get a competitive score
  • Looking to grow as a test taker

If you’ve got the resources and the desire to stand out even more in front of the LSAC (Law School Admissions Council), then consider Princeton Review. It’s a good option if you’re looking for a flexible yet complete study experience that lets you learn on your own terms.

How much does Princeton Review LSAT prep cost?

Self Paced$799What I reviewed in this article
Fundamentals$109930 hours of live instruction by an LSAT expert instructor
LSAT 165+$209965 to 85 hours of live instruction and score guarantee of 165
Immersion 165+$3999Most rigorous course, offering up to 144 hours of expert-led prep and a 165 score guarantee

Princeton Review Refund

Princeton Review offers a full refund if you cancel your subscription within seven days of purchasing. And the program is covered by their score guarantee. If your LSAT score doesn’t increase relative to your baseline, Princeton Review will give you your money back. 

Features of Princeton Review

Princeton Reivew’s LSAT prep courses offer tons of great features. Some of my favorites are:

  • 150+ hours of recorded video lessons
  • 75+ full Official LSAT PrepTests
  • 1,800+ pages of study materials
  • Access every LSAT question ever asked
  • Princeton Review LSAT books
  • Better score or your money back
  • Official LSAT content included

150+ hours of recorded video lessons

Adding to Princeton Review’s practice tests, questions, and study modules are its 150+ hours of expert-taught LSAT prep videos. The program’s engaging video lessons, during which you’ll learn material and apply what you’ll have learned to practice questions, will help you clear up any lingering questions about content and strategy. And they’re available 24/7, so you can watch whenever you want. 

75+ full Official LSAT PrepTests

Sporting more than 75 full Official LSAT PrepTests, Princeton Review is unrivaled in its realistic test prep offering. These tests provide invaluable practice, simulating the actual exam experience. By working through these authentic questions, you’ll get to know the exam format and the range of questions that you’ll see on test day. The program encourages you to time yourself during practice sessions, helping you develop the time-management skills that are crucial for success on the LSAT. You’ll go into the exam confident in your preparation and knowing exactly what you’re going to face.

1,800+ pages of study materials

Diving into Princeton Review’s LSAT prep program, you’ll have access to more than 1,800 pages of study materials. These resources include comprehensive guides, content lessons, practice questions, drills, and more, all geared towards getting you ready to ace the LSAT. Engaging and well-rounded, these materials cover both content and strategy, so you’ll be well-equipped to tackle the LSAT exam with poise. 

Access to every LSAT question ever asked

Princeton Review LSAT prep features

If everything else weren’t enough, Princeton Review makes sure you’re well prepared for whatever the test might throw at you by providing you with access to every LSAT question ever asked. An impressive repository of realistic test questions, you’ll sharpen your knowledge, improve your question-answering skills, and build confidence for exam day. 

Princeton Review LSAT books

Princeton Review LSAT prep book

For you old-fashioned learners, who prefer to read from a physical book instead of a computer screen, Princeton Review hasn’t forgotten about you. All of Princeton Review’s LSAT prep courses come with the most updates prep books to compliment their array of online resources. 

Better score or your money back

All of Princeton Review’s LSAT prep programs come with a score improvement promise (some more generous than others). But, whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed to up your score or they’ll give you your money back. That’s a strong promise. If you’re confident in your baseline score, then the Self Paced course’s basic score improvement promise might be enough. If you want to make sure that you get a top score, consider one of their 165+ guarantee programs, which I mentioned above.

Official LSAT content included

Princeton Review LSAT prep resources

Included in your Princeton Review LSAT review tuition is a year’s worth of access to LawHub Advantage. Valued at $115, LawHub Advantage lets you practice on dozens of official LSAT prep tests, so you know you’re training on the real thing. 

Princeton Review Alternatives

While Kaplan is one of the best LSAT prep services out there, some others include:

Kaplan and Varsity Tutors’ courses are most similar to Princeton Review’s–all cost $799 and have comparable offerings, both in terms of material and score guarantees. All promise your money back if you don’t beat your baseline score. Magoosh has a cheaper price tag–$199 for self study and $499 for their on demand video prep course, though there’s less content than what you’ll find with Princeton Review or Kaplan. And, as always, Khan Academy is free!

Is Princeton Review LSAT prep worth it?

As you get ready to explore the myriad LSAT prep options available, consider Princeton Review. With its engaging video lessons, accessible study modules, focus on strategy, and, above all, its proven track record of success, this program is a compelling choice. 

I was particularly impressed by wide array of practice questions – it’s hard to beat 75+ practice tests and access to every LSAT question ever asked – as well as their comprehensive explanations. They ensure that you’ll understand both the content and logic behind some of the test’s hardest questions. 

And with their score improvement guarantee, what’s to lose? 

If you’re serious about getting a competitive LSAT score and distinguishing yourself before the LSAC, Princeton Review could be right for you. 

Princeton Review LSAT Prep FAQs

How much does Princeton Review LSAT prep cost?

Princeton Review’s LSAT prep courses start at $799 and go up to $3999.

Will Princeton Review improve my LSAT score?

Assuming you put in the work, they should. And if they don’t, you’ll get your money back.

Can I get a refund?

Princeton Review offers a full refund if you cancel within seven days of enrolling.

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