TripleTen Platform Review

by Maddy Evans

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Working in the tech industry can be exciting, rewarding, and lucrative. But it can be hard to see a way in, especially if you’re transitioning careers. TripleTen provides online bootcamps which equip you with the expertise, confidence, and drive to make the change.

The best part? A job on graduation is guaranteed, or your money back.  

These professionally-taught courses are competitively priced, and give you more than most. Every one includes individual career advice and real experience of the tech industry through ‘externships’, portfolio-worthy projects, and practical learning structures. All this makes for highly employable, confident graduates.

It’s clear that TripleTen has a lot to offer. But how does it work? Is Triple Ten it worth it? And can it deliver its impressive promises? This TipleTen review will answer these questions and more.

I’ve investigated the platform, its promises and its results. And I've used my experience, as well as reviews from the rest of the web, to help you decide if TripleTen is for you.


Quick summary


  • Four different pathways into tech, so you can find your perfect fit based on your interests and career aspirations
  • A detailed professional development program is included in every course, valued at $4,000+, including application strategies, online profile tailoring, CV reviews, and mock interviews
  • Compared to other online bootcamps, TripleTen has some of the best prices out there with fantastic value for money AND a job or money back guarantee
  • Dedicated tutors on hand to guide you through your learning journey, all with a minimum of five years professional experience in the industry
  • Botcamps which are intensive, but flexible, so you can follow engaging lessons, speak to tutors, and participate in events at a pace that works for you


  • Empowers its students to change their careers by giving them more than a new skillset, including career advice, confidence and soft skills, and practical, on-the-job experience
  • Highly flexible program that enables anyone to participate, fitting around your life and goals
  • Expert tuition that will support you throughout your course, whenever you need it
  • More likely to get you employed in your dream tech role than by studying independently


  • Courses are quite demanding 
  • Doesn’t have live teaching sessions, except for requested sessions and extra events
  • Only suited to beginners 

Best for: Anyone who wants to embark on a new career path in the tech industry, especially complete beginners. Great for those who want a way into the sector without risking too much time or money.

Cost: Check TripleTen for the latest prices 

Overall: TripleTen’s bootcamps offer a fantastic route to get a job in the stable, lucrative tech industry. Its courses provide a fantastic curriculum with a flexible, individualized learning environment, practical experience, career advancement programs, and expert tuition. On top of all that, its job or money back guarantee makes this a no-risk, high-reward opportunity.

This TripleTen review will give you everything you need to decide whether it's the right route into the tech industry for you. I’ll cover: 

  • What is TripleTen?
  • How does TripleTen work?
  • How much does TripleTen cost?
  • TripleTen free trial 
  • What a TripleTen lesson is like
  • Best TripleTen courses
  • Who are TripleTen’s instructors?
  • How I reviewed TripleTen, and what I did and didn’t like
  • Who TripleTen is for
  • Can you buy TripleTen as a gift, is it legit, and what’s the refund policy?
  • TripleTen alternatives and other reviews
  • Is TripleTen worth it?
  • FAQs

So let’s get into it!

What is TripleTen?

What is TripleTen

TripleTen was founded in 2019 as an online learning platform dedicated to equipping beginners with hard tech skills. Described as an intensive bootcamp, the courses certainly require grit and drive. But they’re also part-time and self-paced. So they fit around other commitments to make a career transition into tech that much smoother.

Improving learners’ employability is central to the platform’s mission. And the post graduation employment stats back this up: 1,000+ grads employed since 2019, and 87% finding a tech job within 6 months of graduation in companies such as Tesla, Apple and Spotify.

With a dedicated team of career advisors who provide everything from CV revamps to mock interviews, extra events like webinars, networking meetings, and Q&A sessions, and a thriving alumni community, TripleTen makes securing a job in the tech industry achievable.

TripleTen’s impressive team of teachers all bring first-hand tech experience. They design courses based on real tech companies’ practices to prepare learners for work. Being taught by people who already work in this fast-moving sector means TripleTen’s users get the most current advice, and stay ahead. 

TripleTen offers personal and professional development which empowers users to thrive working in the tech industry. 

TripleTen stats

How does TripleTen work?

TripleTen has four different pathways to choose from, depending on which skill you want to develop. The online courses require a 15-20 hour per week time commitment and range in duration from 4 to 10 months. 

Whilst learners must meet deadlines; everything else is totally flexible. To help keep you on track, a team of tech professionals and instructors are constantly available to provide support, answer questions, and give feedback. 

As well as learning technical skills, every student completes ‘externships’, working on real-world tech projects to build a portfolio of 6-15 pieces of work. Lessons and projects are optimized to reflect the experience of working in the industry, organized into 2-3 week ‘sprints’ and reviewed by professionals. Students also receive individualized career advice, which begins within the first month of the bootcamp and remains a life-long benefit. This makes TripleTen’s graduates highly employable. 

TripleTen focuses exclusively on providing people with no background in STEM or IT the tech skills required to be employed in the industry and change their career trajectory.

How much does TripleTen cost?

Each of the four bootcamps are a different duration and price:

  • Software Engineering, 10 months, $9,700
  • Quality Assurance, 5 months, $4,900
  • BI Analytics, 4 months, $6,000
  • Data Science, 8 months, $9,700

While these courses may seem pricey, these are competitive rates compared with other online options. Plus, this platform offers fantastic value for money – the career advice alone is worth $4,000+, included in the course cost. 

Based on TripleTen’s previous graduates from the Software Engineering course, students receive a return on their investment only two months after getting hired. With a median graduate salary of $75,000. This is a 63% salary increase compared to the average income for students before they take the course. 

Even better, TripleTen has three flexible payment options of either ‘Upfront’, ‘Learn now, pay later’, or ‘Installments’. Coupled with the promise of high paying employment on graduation, the cost of this course is highly accessible. 

How much does TripleTen cost?

Prices for the Software Engineering course.

TripleTen free trial

Unsure that TripleTen will work for you? Find out for certain with the platform’s free taster course: SQL 101. This is a great opportunity to sample the platform’s teaching methods, approach, and set up. And, you’ll get 15 hours of learning a top programming language, completely free.

If that doesn’t convince you, rest assured that course purchases can be refunded within 14 days of the program start date. 

What a lesson is like

TripleTen has a purpose-made interface designed to make learning easy. It provides a space for students to explore lessons in their own time, with concepts, coding practice, and projects all in the same window. This engaging lesson space makes picking up complex ideas easy, and gives students the opportunity to ‘experiment in a sandbox’. 

Each period of work is organized in a 2-3 week ‘sprint’. During this time a single element of the wider project is learnt and perfected. A dedicated team of instructors are on hand for on-demand tutoring and guidance. They also review every line of code produced by learners. 

These lesson structures and review policies reflect exactly what takes place working in a tech company. Preparing TripleTen’s students for a job in the industry on every level. 

Best TripleTen classes

TripleTen pathways

TripleTen offers just four intensive bootcamps, each of which focus on preparing you for a specific role in the tech industry. They all take place 100% online, through the TripleTen learning interface, but every student has access to four different support teams: tutors, career coaches, code reviewers, and success managers. 

Every course on TripleTen is designed for complete beginners, with no admission requirements for prospective learners. But what you enjoy now may give you a clue about which course is right for you. 

One of the best aspects of these courses is TripleTen’s focus on your post-graduation career. Every pathway comes with sub-courses and career-focused lessons included. These are designed to give you those additional soft skills which will boost your employability and land you a tech industry job.

Read on to find out more about each of the pathways on offer:

Software Engineering

Software engineering is code writing, which lays the foundation for all digital platforms. This course will teach you different coding languages and softwares, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, and more. You’ll soon find yourself building websites and video games from scratch. This is a 10-month bootcamp, requiring 20 hours per week commitment. 

The course is structured into five thematic modules, each of which include three sprints, lasting 2-3 weeks. You’ll gain six portfolio projects, participate in externships, and gain real experience. 

This course requires no background in math, IT, or science; all you need is a love of building things. Think you’d enjoy watching a website take shape, as you write lines of code? This course might be for you.

Quality Assurance (QA)

This bootcamp is one of the fastest ways to get into tech, but still provides a rewarding career path and gives you a great new skillset. 

QA engineers have the important task of catching bugs in new software. They run tests designed to ‘break’ things, and document the results. This requires a basic knowledge of software, tools, and procedures, but no complex coding languages or mathematical concepts. 

This course requires a 15 hour commitment per week, and lasts 5 months. It will take you through all the basics of QA testing, until you apply this knowledge in a final project. Extra externships will get you industry experience, and career prep and acceleration courses will help get you employed after graduation. 

If you think you’d excel in spotting problems and working with others to find solutions, becoming a QA engineer might be your ideal pathway.

BI Analytics

Business Intelligence (BI) Analysts are responsible for making sense of company data, investigating problems, producing results, and informing data-led decision making. In this short bootcamp, you can invest just 20 hours per week for four months, and learn a skill which is integral to every tech business. 

You’ll get to grips with building reports and dashboards, use tools like spreadsheets and Tableau to organize data, understand how to select the best metrics for managing business, and learn to communicate results effectively.

This course is perfect for those who want a quick and easy way to break into tech, while still having a high-impact future role in an essential aspect of business management. 

Data Science 

TripleTen’s Data Science bootcamp might be the platform’s most intense course, but it brings equal rewards. Data Scientists work with advanced digital tools, dealing with data analytics, AI systems, and natural languages. This requires a broad-ranging knowledge of basic statistics, Python, AI technologies and machine learning; all of which is covered by this eight-month, 20 hours per week course. 

Working in a simulated work environment, the TripleTen learning interface gives you unlimited, unrestricted time to experiment with what you’ve learnt, build and run code to see what you can make, and have every line reviewed by a professional, to give you extra guidance. You’ll work on 16 portfolio projects to demonstrate what you can do.

The Data Science bootcamp has one of the highest median graduate salaries on TripleTen (of $89,300), and gives you fantastic employability. This course is best suited to those who are interested in IT, math, and STEM, can use logic and numbers to solve problems, and have the drive to work hard on this fantastic new skillset. 

TripleTen for business 

TripleTen doesn’t currently hold partnerships with businesses for employee development, as it focuses on taking individuals’ skills in tech from beginner to expert, and getting them into the industry.

Who are the instructors?

TripleTen instructors

TripleTen instructors have an average of six years of industry experience, and outnumber students 9:1, so you know you’d be well supported. Organized into four different teams, the platform’s instructors provide unmatched support: 


TripleTen tutors are working professionals who keep up-to-date with fast-moving industry developments. They’ve been where you are, and know how best to support your learning journey. Tutors are always on hand, either through office hours, live learning events, or on-demand 1-on-1 sessions. They’ll help you understand difficult points, go over where you might be struggling, and guide you through your course.

Career Coaches

A dedicated team of recruitment professionals will begin to support your job search within one month of the beginning of your course. Helping with everything from finding your job-search strategy and crafting your professional profile, to knowing how to answer interviewer’s questions through mock-interview practices, this team will see your career change through to the end. They’ll be there to help even after you’ve graduated, providing life-long job search support. 

Code Reviewers 

The reviewers team go over your code in detail, helping you to spot mistakes, develop your coding skills, and gain confidence in your work. This is exactly what happens in real-world tech jobs, and helps you learn how to collaborate while coding. These reviewers will give you all the feedback you need to make the most of your TripleTen course. 

Success Managers

This team becomes your personal helping hand during your TripleTen bootcamp. They’ll help you get started, provide essential course information, and be there to support you with anything you’re going through.

How I reviewed TripleTen

I spent two weeks diving into all the information I could find on TripleTen, researching in course syllabuses, instructor profiles, the site’s blog, and graduate experiences. I found a ton of information on what you’ll get, the pros and cons of each course, and how you can figure out if this bootcamp is right for you. And I distilled all of it into this platform review. 

Finally, I scoured the internet to get some idea of what everyone else thought. Read more on other people’s reviews below. 

What I liked about Tripleten

TripleTen wants you to succeed 

One of the standout pros of TripleTen is how much they want you to succeed in changing your career trajectory and joining the tech industry. They know that the best way to give you the freedom to change your career is to prepare you for it, which they achieve through their thorough courses, including career advice and soft skill development. 


The learn-in-your-own-time structure of these bootcamps mean you can pick up fantastic new skills while staying on top of other life commitments. The only thing you’re committed to is your deadlines. But even then, TripleTen has your back: you can request a three month extension at any time, no questions asked. This flexibility is vital in getting you to graduation and that much closer to your dream tech job.

Reflects industry practices

Up-to-date coding methods and software, collaborative approaches, projects structured in ‘sprints’, and code reviewing are all practices that reflect exactly what happens in most tech companies. You’ll be prepared to join the industry as soon as you graduate. 

Dedicated team of teachers 

Four teams of experienced instructors mean that you’ll never be without guidance. Requesting on-demand sessions and making the most of the many extra events outside of your course will help you get the most out of TripleTen’s bootcamps. 

Life-time benefits

TripleTen’s commitment to their students’ careers is impressive. Life-long career coaching means you’ll never get stuck, and the opportunity to join a thriving alumni community will give you plenty of opportunity to network, join events, and forge your way in the tech world. 

What could be improved 

Demanding content

The impressive time scales and beginner-to-expert trajectory that TripleTen offers means that these bootcamps are undoubtedly intensive. Mastering new concepts and delivering on portfolio projects requires learners to be driven. But the rigor of these courses will only make your achievement more rewarding, and give you the grit you need to succeed in the tech world. 

No in-person teaching

Lessons are taught solely through TripleTen’s purpose-designed learner interface. While this certainly has all you need to grasp and practice new concepts, some might miss the face-to-face teaching offered elsewhere. That said, learners always have access to 1-on-1 guidance sessions from the platform’s instructor teams. And a cohort of fellow students means you won’t miss the social aspects of learning.

Beginner focused

TripleTen markets to those who have no background in STEM or IT who want to take their tech skills from zero to expert-level. So some of the courses may be too basic for coding enthusiasts or those with experience in the industry. However, if you’re an amateur coder struggling to break into the technology sector, these bootcamps may be just what you need to give your skills the polish, and confidence, to secure a job. 

Who TripleTen is for 

  • Total beginners, looking to forge a path in the tech industry 
  • Professionals in different sectors, who want to make a career change 
  • Amateur coders or those with little knowledge of technology skills, who want to brush up and become more employable 
  • Anyone who wants to learn a new technical skill set, build a portfolio, and create a professional profile 
  • Self-motivated learners who have 15-20 hours per week to dedicate to their course

Can I buy TripleTen as a gift?

TripleTen is not currently available to buy as a gift. 

Tips for finding great courses on TripleTen

TripleTen’s user-friendly website has all the information you need on their four pathways. Download each courses’ syllabus, find out what you’ll learn, what your job prospects are, and logistical aspects like time commitment and price. 

Think about the time and money you want to invest in your new skillset, and how your current interests might help inform which tech pathway you’d enjoy. Selecting a pathway will tell you all the information you need to know about what your learning and employment career path would look like.

Still unsure? TripleTen offers a free career quiz to help you decide on which pathway is right for you.

TripleTen career quiz

Is TripleTen legit?

TripleTen review

Founded in 2019 as Practicum, became TripleTen in 2023. Since then, it’s seen more than 1,000 graduates move into their dream tech roles. Plenty of student testimonies are available on their website, to reassure you with their own voices of the benefits the platform can bring you. 

TripleTen has featured on multiple course review sites, and boasts an average of 4.8 stars across three platforms and 600+ reviews. 

From what I’ve seen in my search across the platform and the wider web, TripleTen is legit, and will do everything it can to help you achieve what it promises.  

TripleTen graduates

TripleTen refund 

TripleTen will provide a full refund of your tuition up to 14 days after enrolment in the program, in case you change your mind. After that, a percentage of the course can be refunded depending on how much has been completed, all laid out clearly in the Ts&Cs.

TripleTen refund

TripleTen also has a brilliant offer of a full tuition fee refund if you don’t find employment in your desired field within six months of graduating, given that you follow the excellent career plans and advice provided by the platform. This makes completing a course a TripleTen a no-risk, high-reward option. 

TripleTen alternatives 

If you’re looking for a less intensive, lower-commitment course, check out sites like Coursera and Udemy. These both have loads of coding and tech courses on offer, some from big names like IBM, Meta, and Amazon. But they’re generally much shorter and cheaper than those available on TripleTen. Obviously, the education you receive would be less thorough, but this might be a great way for you to try out learning some new skills before committing to a full bootcamp. 

If you’ve already got a background in tech, you might want to look at Pluralsight, which promises to level-up your skills. Businesses looking for team development or courses on tech management in their company would find this a great option. However, this platform isn’t suitable for beginners. 

One top-rated software development bootcamp is Actualize, which offers in-person classes (in Chicago, USA) as well as Online Live classes in real-time with video conferencing. It also has an extra ‘Job Hacking’ curriculum designed to help you find a job, and has part-time or full-time course options. 

TripleTen reviews: what others have said 

My aim is to write the best TripleTen review, so I thought I’d gather some opinions from across the internet, to give you an idea of what others think. 

Customer reviews across sites like Course Report, Career Karma, and SwitchUp are overwhelmingly positive. TripleTen is ranked in the top 40 of Course Report’s user-driven line up. Across the review sites, alumni consistently praise their chosen course and express the value for money, flexible time investment, and the platform’s desire for students to succeed. 

I googled ‘TripleTen Reddit’ to see what people were saying outside of official review sites. The results were similarly positive. Although one or two users expressed doubts about the legitimacy of the company, because it seems too good to be true, others revealed their own good experiences at TripleTen:

‘I can now say after graduating the software development program and beginning my job search that it most definitely is *not* a scam.’ TripleTen Reddit review

User thorth18 gave a detailed review of the platform, listing pros and cons having completed both the software engineering and data science courses. They conclude with:

‘I was able to accept a software engineering position at a financial institution [...] I attribute getting the offer to my skills obtained during my time at Practicum [now TripleTen]. I personally recommend it’ (TripleTen Reddit review)

Overall, although a little less well-known than some of the big names in online coding platforms, TripleTen is well reviewed by people who have taken its courses.

Evaluating TripleTen

Features: Flexible, self-paced, and fully online lessons, with multiple pathways promising different ways into the tech industry. Dedicated teams of instructors provide tons of support, plus a student cohort and alumni community. Every course includes in-depth career advice and training, giving you a professional profile to complement your tech skills.

Content quality: Kept up to industry standard by tutors who are also working professionals, the content will teach you everything you need to know to thrive in your chosen field. Externships will give you portfolio projects and professional experience, so you’ll graduate highly prepared. 

Content breadth: TripleTen takes its students from absolute beginners to experts in their subject. Each intensive bootcamp gives you all the need-to-know information, and the ability to apply it. 

Teachers: Four teams of teachers on hand to help you at any time: tutors, career advisors, code reviewers, and success managers. All with an impressive 5+ years of industry experience.

Supporting materials: The learner interface provides all of the lessons and practice opportunities you need to master your subject. 

Payments & refunds: Courses cost between $4,900-$9,700. This is significantly cheaper than other online coding bootcamps. A full refund is available up until 14-days after the course start date, and after that you pay for the amount of education you receive, with partial refunds available. 

Support: Exploring the TripleTen website will help you with loads of your questions, especially the FAQ section. If you’re still curious or want to pursue a course on the platform, you can book a free call with a TripleTen advisor. 

How to open a TripleTen account

Opening a TripleTen account is simple when you sign up to a course. Start by booking a call online with a TripleTen advisor, and they’ll help you choose the right pathway for you, choose a payment plan, and get you set up.

Is TripleTen worth it? 

TripleTen grad salaries

I think TripleTen is worth it. Especially for those with no tech background, who want to transform their career with a new skill. The prices are highly competitive, the teaching is high quality, and the job prospects on graduation are unmatched.

One massive draw is the course’s flexibility. If you’re unable to put your life on hold to spend 40 hours per week working on a new skill, TripleTen is a perfect option. It’s lower commitment, but just as effective. 

TripleTen promises to be a low-risk, high-reward training bootcamp that wants to see you succeed in changing your career and life, and I think it delivers. 

TripleTen Review – Frequently asked questions

How much does TripleTen cost? 

The four pathways available vary in price, from $4,900 to $9,700.

Does TripleTen have a refund policy?

Yes. A full refund is available within fourteen days of starting a course. After that, it's possible to have a percentage of the price refunded depending on the course and how much has been completed. 

How many courses are there on TripleTen?

There are four intensive bootcamp pathways for you to choose from on TripleTen.

Does TripleTen have a free trial?

TripleTen offers a 15 hour free taster course, which will teach you the basics of SQL coding

Does TripleTen give certificates?

Yes, TripleTen will provide you with a certificate on completion of the bootcamp. 

What languages is TripleTen available in?

TripleTen courses are available in English. 

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