Best Online Event Planning Courses

by Hannah Green

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From weddings to corporate away days, events are everywhere. Whatever your profession, it pays to have the organizational skills to pull off an impressive event to wow your attendees and even make a profit. 

Whether it's a birthday party, webinar or conference, you want to make your event memorable for all the right reasons. But where to start? We’ve compiled the very best online event planning courses out there to give you a helping hand.

If you’re interested in launching an exciting new career in event planning, or have been tasked with organizing an important party, this best online event planning course review is on hand to guide you through the process of event planning – whatever your needs. 

What is the best online event planning course?

Here are my top online event planning course recommendations:

  1. Event Planning Foundations (LinkedIn Learning)
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Professional Event Planning Management (Udemy)
  3. Event Management 101: Step-by-step Instructions (Skillshare)
  4. Pivoting to Virtual Events (LinkedIn Learning)
  5. Corporate Event Planning Course (QC Event School)
  6. Successful Events: Event Planning, Marketing & Management (Udemy)
  7. Online Event Planning Course (New York Institute of Art and Design)
  8. Branding Culture: Making Your Event Stand Out from the Crowd (Skillshare)
  9. Virtual Events Essential Training (LinkedIn Learning)
  10. From Idea to Celebration: Beginner’s Guide to Planning your own Small Event (Skillshare)

There are many great event planning courses out there. I chose Event Planning Foundations on LinkedIn Learning as #1. It covers everything you need to know in short, sharp lessons and is a great starting point on your events planning journey. 

LinkedIn Learning also offers accreditation, and if you purchase a membership then you can access hundreds of other great courses. 

Udemy’s ‘Ultimate Guide to Professional Event Planning’ gets second place. It’s a fantastic value course covering all elements of becoming a professional event planner. There are other courses on this list which have a focus on event planning as a career, but for the low price, and the volume and range of content, this is a great deal. 

All the other courses on this list are chosen to represent the diversity of learning options when it comes to event planning.

From Jeff Su’s Event Management 101, the intensive professional courses from QC Event School and New York Institute of Art and Design or the branding-focused course from Tom Muller on Skillshare. There’s something for you no matter what stage of your event planning journey you’re on. 

Best free online event planning course?

Though not strictly speaking free, both LinkedIn Learning and Skillshare offer a one month free trial period that will enable you to access these courses:

Best online event planning course reviews

1. Event Planning Foundations (LinkedIn Learning)

Event planning foundations Course

Platform: LinkedIn Learning | Teacher: Valerie Berry | Length: 20 video lessons totalling 50 minutes 

From highly-regarded LinkedIn Learning, this Event Planning Foundations Course is a short, tightly-packed course which will give you an overview of the entire event planning process. 

From understanding your audience and planning your timetable to avoiding technical meltdowns to the very best after-event gifts. Designed to those wishing to pursue a career in the events management sector, this course is focused on producing professional, corporate events.

You will learn: 

  • How to understand your audience
  • The art of creating, negotiating and managing a budget
  • Everything you need to know about selecting a venue
  • How to plan a great menu that accommodates all your guests
  • The ins and outs of technology, including power and internet, lighting and sound, onsite support and how to avoid a technical meltdown
  • How to add extra flair to your events with personalized gifts
  • Managing transportation for your guests
  • How to make timelines, focusing on the two-week countdown before your event
  • Effective event management on the day of the event
  • Ways to follow up after an event


  • LinkedIn Learning is a well-regarded platform for creatives
  • Shareable certificate of completion
  • Quizzes at the end of each section provide an active learning experience
  • Extremely comprehensive course with great details on common challenges


  • Not aimed at the casual event planner and assumes you’ll be working with clients and vendors. So if you’re planning a personal event, this isn’t the course for you
  • Whilst the course’s brevity is a positive, there are areas where the instructor could have gone into more detail, such as how to build budgets.

Who it’s for: With a focus on client and vendor relationships, this is the perfect class for someone interested in pursuing an events management career who isn’t ready to shell out on a more expensive, in-depth course. Aspects of this course would also be extremely helpful for anyone who has any involvement in event planning and management, whatever their current position. 

Overall: A comprehensive, bite-sized course covering the ins and outs of professional events management, from a respected platform which also provides certification.

2. The Ultimate Guide to Professional Event Planning Management (Udemy)

Professional Event Planning Udemy

Platform: Udemy | Teacher: Karin Patya | Length: 36 video lessons, totalling 4 hours and 3 minutes

This course is aimed squarely at those interested in a new career in event planning.

Teacher Karin goes beyond the bare bones of budgets and supplies to offer incredible tips on how to market yourself as an event planner, including how to look professional and general organizational tips. 

What you will learn: 

  • How to build skills and habits which will help your event planning process
  • Best practices for working with a client
  • How to work with suppliers, including building good professional habits, and what to look for during a site inspection to make sure you’re getting the very best value
  • A very detailed breakdown of how to manage your budget
  • The difference between branding and design, including event concept, decoration, and how to develop these ideas with your client
  • How to use Canva as a free design tool
  • How to use Wix and Google Forms to efficiently register attendees
  • Navigating the event itself, from reviewing the event from A-Z to conducting yourself professionally during an event
  • How to navigate events post-Covid


  • Specialized sections on different event types such as conferences and weddings, giving you a broad range of expertise
  • Karin has over ten years of event management experience
  • Builds skills and habits that are highly applicable in other areas of your life too


  • A great course if you want to launch a new career, but if you’re just putting on a one-off event then you don’t really need the level of detail in this course
  • The teaching style is pretty informal, so if you thrive off structure and tasks then I would recommend checking out a different course for a better learning experience

Who it’s for: Both beginners and event planners who want to improve their skills are welcome. There is a strong focus on how to professionally conduct yourself as an event planner and build lasting event planning habits, so if you aren’t interested in building a career then this might not be the course for you.

Overall: A fantastically detailed course from a seasoned professional that’s packed with advice and encouragement. 

3. Event Management 101: Step-by-step Instructions (Skillshare)

Event management 101

Platform: Skillshare | Teacher(s): Jeff Su | Length: 11 video lessons, totalling 34 minutes

Using his signature Google Sheets template, in this course Jeff Su talks you through how to use it to plan any event, from a small-scale meeting to a large formal event. In his opinion, all event planning follows the same basic steps – it’s just a matter of scale.

What you will learn: 

  • An overview of Jeff’s spreadsheet and how to manage it
  • To use overview, raw data and key information tabs to get a handle on all your event details
  • How to use the spreadsheet pre-, during and post-event to keep organized and run a smooth and professional event
  • Advanced project management tips to apply to your event – or any other project!


  • Jeff’s spreadsheet is a great organizer for anyone planning an event, and is easily customisable for any project you take on
  • Breaking down the lessons into clear section, this is a very detailed guide, so even if you’re not familiar with Google Sheets you’ll leave this course with a clear understanding
  • If you’re just interested in putting on one event, this course is a great option as it doesn’t include sections on how to pivot your career or build a business


  • On the flipside, if you ARE looking to begin an event planning career, this course only focuses on how to use the spreadsheet and doesn’t touch on the other necessary skills for becoming an event manager.
  • If you don’t like spreadsheets, then you likely won’t enjoy this course. However, it may also present a great learning opportunity…

Who it’s for: Anyone interested in learning an effective event planning strategy that they can employ again and again. This would also be a great course for anyone who wants to learn more about how to use Google Sheets.

Overall: A focussed course looking at Google Sheets as an event planning tool, which would be great to novices or seasoned event planners looking to learn new techniques.

4. Pivoting to Virtual Events (LinkedIn Learning)

Virtual event planning course

Platform: LinkedIn Learning | Teacher: Taylor Estes | Length: 16 video lessons, totalling 50 minutes

Post-pandemic, virtual events have taken off, and it looks like they’re here to stay. This course will guide you through the transition from in-person event planning to online events. Rather than treating online events as second best, instructor Taylor Estes will teach you how to craft transformative online events that are inclusive and environmentally conscious. 

What you will learn: 

  • What user generated content is, and how to incorporate it into your event
  • The importance of production in virtual events, and what tools and tactics you can use in yours
  • How to assess the pros and cons of live versus on demand virtual events
  • The business case for virtual events, including sustainability and inclusiveness


  • Virtual events are the future, and this course will equip you to face the changing events landscape with confidence
  • As with other LinkedIn Learning courses, this class comes with a certificate of completion
  • This is a really tight, focussed course that deals with virtual events and doesn’t get bogged down in the details of event planning more generally


  • This course isn’t going to give you a comprehensive overview of the entire event planning process, so if you’re a total beginner then I recommend checking out other courses mentioned in this list
  • This is a professionally-oriented event – there isn’t much content about transferring personal and family events into the virtual world, 

Who it’s for: A great fit for someone with experience in in-person events who is struggling to work out how to transfer their skills into the virtual event sphere.

Overall: A timely course that is sure to be relevant to many event planners and professionals.

5. Corporate Event Planning Course (QC Event School)

Corporate event planning course

Platform: QC Event School | Teacher: Alyssa Perna | Length: no data

This intensive course is designed to equip you with all the skills you need to become a professional event planner. With one-on-one feedback from industry expert tutors, hands-on assignments and a final certification, this course is a great option if you’re willing to invest a significant amount of time and money to learn a new career. 

You will learn to:  

  • Understand the whole process of corporate event planning
  • Research and select a venue, including common venue policies and negotiation practices
  • Navigate seating arrangements, room layouts and catering considerations
  • Get to grips with technical equipment, the role of audience engagement technology, incorporating livestreaming, webinars and other tech-related elements
  • Incorporate event decor, corporate event designs and visual branding
  • Use multi-channel marketing strategies and web design, SEO and content marketing for event promotion
  • Deal with risk management and contingency plans and insurance
  • How to manage a range of event types
  • Evaluate the success of your event
  • Master the skills to pursue a career in event management and promote your event planning services.


  • One of the most intensive, extensive courses out there
  • The section of marketing yourself as an event manager is pretty unique, and certainly very important when it comes to starting your own business
  • QC Event School is a faculty of QC Career School, which has been educating creative professionals through distance education for 35 years 
  • A highly regarded, accredited platform and this course comes with certification upon completion


  • All this learning comes with a price tag
  • Would benefit from more upfront information about how the course is taught so you can assess whether it matches your learning style.

Who it’s for: This is a great course for anyone who is completely confident that they wish to pursue a career in events planning, and is in a financial position to commit to the course fees. 

Overall: An amazingly in-depth course from a well-respected platform that contains valuable advice on all aspects of launching an event planning career. 

6. Successful Events: Event Planning, Marketing & Management (Udemy)

successful event planning udemy

Platform: Udemy | Teacher: Alex Genadinik | Length: 79 video lessons, totalling 5 hours and 43 minutes

This course focuses on putting on an event series, using a specialized set of skills and techniques particular to multiple events. As well as planning events, Alex will also teach you how to monetize and promote them to grow your audience and revenue. From small interest groups to large corporate events, this course has you covered!

What you will learn: 

  • The elements of a successful event and how to market them
  • Everything you need to know about setting up your event listings on Eventbrite and Facebook, and how to tailor advice to different events
  • How to employ pre-event marketing to generate a buzz and grow your audience
  • How to market your event during and after
  • Methods for attracting publicity 
  • The process of actually managing your event, including finding staff, pitching event sponsors, securing a venue, etc.
  • How to deal with event vendors, contracts, event insurance and an business registration
  • All about event merchandise to take your branding strategy to the next level
  • How to get extra reach with Facebook and use FB Business Manager for ads
  • The basics of creating your own website


  • Packed full of content – with 5 hours of video covering everything from negotiating with vendors to running ad campaigns and merchandise
  • Focus on marketing is unique to this course
  • Great insights into marketing tools like Facebook 
  • The scope of this course means that you can tailor your approach depending on your needs, but it still contains so much amazing and relevant content


  • Not suited to someone looking for some quick advice about a one-off event
  • The focus on marketing might not be relevant to those who are putting on events with a guaranteed attendance, e.g. internal team events. 

Who it’s for: Designed for professional event planners and those who have to put on a series of events as part of a wider business alike. This is a brilliant option for someone who is interested in running a series of events, building an audience and creating revenue. 

Overall: Whether you’re a professional event planner or total novice, this in-depth, wide-ranging course is sure to have something for you. 

7. Online Event Planning Course (New York Institute of Art and Design)

New York Institute event planning course

Platform: New York Institute of Art and Design | Teachers: Jocelyn Didier Clisti and Regina Cialone | Length: no data

This course from the well-regarded New York Institute of Art and Design is designed to give you the skills you need to become a professional event planner. 

It’s on the pricey side, but is jam-packed with great content from respected event planners and comes with one-to-one feedback from a professional event planner as your mentor, and access to a team of advisors to answer any questions you might have.

What you will learn: 

  • Key information relating to all aspects of a potential career in the event planning industry
  • How to choose a venue and create a guest list
  • The best way to interview and hire vendors, as well as the types of vendors you’ll find yourself collaborating with 
  • The ins and outs of fundraising and corporate events
  • How to tailor your events to all ages and stages
  • The art and requirements of planning events in a distant location
  • How to beat event stress, establish realistic expectations with your client and handle all emotional eventualities
  • The wisdom shared by New York City wedding planner Katie Berger, who walks us through the planning a high-profile fundraising event
  • Crucial information about starting your own business, as well as marketing, networking and growing your business


  • Highly practical with projects to put your skills to the test
  • Access to mentors for expert feedback on your progress
  • Taught bu a well-respected body with a good reputation and high standards
  • Access to a student forum to share your experiences with other people taking the course – this is also a great networking opportunity


  • Like the QC Event School course, this is an expensive program, so only take take the leap if you’re committed to building a career in this sector
  • It’s not not clear on the website how much content there is, or how long it will take take to complete (though you will have access to the content for 18 months)

Who it’s for: This course is ideal for someone who is ready to launch a new career in event planning, and wants to get a comprehensive and rigorous education.

Overall: A well-respected, intensive  course with a price tag to match, this programme covers everything you need to know about event planning and building a business.

8. Branding Culture: Making Your Event Stand Out from the Crowd (Skillshare)

Branding events course

Platform: Skillshare | Teacher: Tom Muller | Length: 4 video lessons, totalling 51 minutes

Award winning designer and creative director Tom Muller leads this focussed program on how to brand your event to stand out from the crowd. With insider tips and tricks, this course delves into techniques to attract your audience and communicate your event, from logos and visuals to tickets, posters, and supporting material. 

This course is aimed at designers who are interested in creating a brand system and message for a client, bringing your ideas to life in an event. 

What you will learn: 

  • A comprehensive introduction to event branding and how to set up your project for success
  • How to approach designing a ‘Identity’ and the event’s key visuals
  • Methods for creating a consistent look and feel throughout your event and its corresponding advertising, branding and ticketing
  • Tips on publishing your work


  • Whilst this is a pretty niche course covering only the branding element of event planning, visuals and design are a key element of any event
  • Tom Muller is hugely successful and has worked with some major brands, so you can be sure you’re learning from the very best
  • This course is simple and short, meaning that it is easily digestible and you can start applying its principles to your own events in no time


  • If you’re new to the world of events, this course isn’t going to give you a rundown of the basics. That said, there is still a lot to learn from this program, so consider pairing it with an event planning introductory course
  • Aimed at producing external events so may not be relevant to you if you want to create internal team events or small family functions

Who it’s for: Anyone looking to elevate the design aspects of their event branding for a slick and cohesive campaign

Overall: This niche course is a goldmine for anyone passionate about design, and will help anyone interested in planning an event to take their branding to the next level.

9. Virtual Events Essential Training (LinkedIn Learning)

Virtual event planning course

Platform: LinkedIn Learning | Teacher: Boris Hristov | Length: 21 video lessons, totalling 1 hours and 1 minute

Virtual events are here to stay, and in this course Boris (a virtual event and presentation skills expert) will guide you through the ins and outs of virtual event planning. From defining your event goal and target audience to securing sponsorship and using data insights post-event. 

With exercises to keep you engaged and a certificate of completion, this is a rewarding course which will be useful whether you’re a seasoned event planner looking to branch out into virtual events or a total novice.

What you will learn: 

  • How to define your virtual event goal and target audience, and how to create a virtual event brand
  • Everything you need to know about budgets and logistics, including how to outline team roles, select your date and platform
  • How to navigate event marketing and sponsorships
  • How to define your marketing strategy, compile a sponsor list, create sales and sponsorship presentations and compose event sponsorship proposals
  • Effective ways to collaborate with event speakers, and prepare your event day
  • How to create tech and moderator scripts.
  • Methods for assessing and communicating event insights, including how to organize an event retrospective and analyze your virtual event data


  • Highly relevant to today’s post-pandemic world – the virtual events sector isn’t showing any signs of slowing down any time soon
  • The certification included in this course is a great way to demonstrate to current and future employers that you know your stuff when it comes to virtual events
  • The sections on post event data insights and supporting speakers are pretty unique features that can be applied to many other events, both in person and virtual


  • Of course, this program doesn’t cover in person events, so if you’re looking to get into event management more broadly then it is a bit limited

Who it’s for: This is a great course for anyone who wants to brush up on their virtual events skills, even if they have no experience in this field.

Overall: A very useful course that will be highly relevant in today’s professional landscape.

10. From Idea to Celebration: Beginner’s Guide to Planning your own Small Event (Skillshare)

Planning your event course skillshare

Platform: Skillshare | Teacher: Liezel Short | Length: 11 video lessons totalling 1 hour and 17 minutes

What if you want to plan your own celebratory event, but you don’t want to get bogged down in corporate details about sponsorships and branding? This course is full of ideas and advice on how to pull off your own small celebration, such as a birthday party or graduation, with no need for a professional event planner.

What you will learn: 

  • How to focus the event by determining the aim of the celebration and working out guest numbers
  • How to crunch the numbers and create a budget
  • Tips for choosing the perfect venue and inviting your guests
  • The best way to determine your decor and create a mood board
  • All things food and drink with menu and bar planning
  • How to choose entertainment to keep your guests happy
  • Everything you need to know about your event timeline and setting up on the day


  • Close focus on the absolute necessities of small event planning
  • The examples of the tutor’s own work are beautiful and will inspire you to think outside the box and create a unique celebration
  • Life is full of milestones! You can use everything you’ve learned in this course for birthdays, Christmases, achievements and more


  • If you want to become a professional event planner this course isn’t right for you
  • As this course is focused on small events, there isn’t much about working with vendors and third parties, which may be important to you  depending on your event. 

Who it’s for: This course would benefit anyone who wants to get creative and put on an intimate event to remember.

Overall:  A rewarding course that will equip you with event planning skills and inspiration to create magical and memorable events for friends and family.

What are the advantages of taking an online event planning course?

  • Events are everywhere! In your professional life, it can really pay to have event planning skills (especially if you’ve got a certificate to prove it) to make you stand out from other candidates at the interview stage. 
  • Event planning can be a lucrative career path, and taking one of these courses will equip you with the skills you need to launch your own business and start taking on clients
  • On a personal level, who doesn’t love a good party? Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday or a holiday celebration, taking an online event planning course will help you throw an amazing celebration to fit any occasion. 
  • Learning online means that you can follow along at your own pace and fit learning around your schedule. It’s also often far cheaper than in-person courses.

Buyers guide: what to look out for

  • What do you want to learn? There are so many learning options out there that it’s good to get an idea of what your aims are before embarking on a course. For example, do you wish to pursue event planning as a career, or are you looking for some direction for a one off event?
  • What kind of events are you interested in running? Virtual events are more popular than ever, and there are plenty of courses focusing exclusively on online events. Conversely, there are courses that focus on corporate events, and others that pay attention to small-scale, intimate events.
  • What’s your budget? You can spend hundreds of pounds on an intensive, accredited course, or you can access some courses for free via a trial of LinkedIn Learning or Skillshare. 

How much does it cost?

The price for the courses included on this review range from around $60/$70 to just under $2000. Some can be taken for a free as part of a trial of subscription platforms like Skillshare or LinkedIn Learning

A couple of the courses in my list are expensive. But these typically come with live teaching, full accreditation and one-on-one support from professionals. 

If you’re investing in a whole new career, then I’d say those courses are worth it. Especially when compared with the costs of attending an in-person class. And, of course, they have the added bonus that you can learn at your own pace.

How long does it take to learn event planning??

The length of courses in this review range from just under an hour to courses designed to be completed over several weeks. 

Event planning is a lengthy process, so if you’re putting on your own event then the process takes several weeks (if not longer!)

Many of these courses are self-paced, so you can revisit them whenever you need to. 


As you can see, there is a vast and varied array of options when it comes to learning event planning. 

LinkedIn Learning provides great event planning courses designed to get you planning and running your own events in no time, and the subscription service means that you can access multiple event planning courses at no extra cost.

Skillshare offer some great, specialized courses to hone your branding and marketing skills, whilst QC Event School and the New York Institute of Art and Design provide intensive courses designed for those serious about a career pivot into the sector.

Hopefully this article will have outlined the range of options available, and helped you to understand the best event planning course for you!

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Event Planning Courses-Frequently asked questions

What is the best online event planning course?

We chose Event Planning Foundations on LinkedIn Learning for its quick and simple approach to grasping the basics of event planning.

How much does an online event planning course cost?

The courses in my list range from free as part of a trial to over £1000, with most falling in the $60-$70 range. Often this is cheaper than attending in-person classes, and you can learn at your own pace.

How long do online event planning courses take?

These courses range from just under an hour to programs designed to be completed over several weeks.

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