Best Online Confidence Courses

by Charlie Saville

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Whether it's for professional or personal life, confidence is one of the most important attributes that we can possess. Genuinely believing in yourself and your abilities makes a world of difference to how you see the world and your place in it. 

But if you're not confident, is it possible to learn? These courses seem to say so. I’ve searched the internet for the very best confidence classes and I’ve made this list so you can find the best place to learn how you can gain confidence where you have none. 

Not only will I be sharing the top ten online confidence courses with you, but I’ll also go over the costs, lengths of courses, what to look out for, the benefits of taking a confidence course and more. 

So, let’s get started. 

What is the best online confidence course?

list of best confidence classes

These are our top confidence course recommendations:

  1. Self confidence – 40 minute confidence and self esteem guide (Udemy)
  2. How to break the habit of self-doubt and build real confidence (Creative Live) 
  3. Confidence for creatives: Five exercises to grow your confidence and self-care (SkillShare)
  4. George Stephanopoulos teaches purposeful communication (MasterClass) 
  5. RuPaul teaches self expression and authenticity (MasterClass)
  6. Conscious listening (Udemy) 
  7. Building self-confidence (LinkedIn Learning) 
  8. Confidence masterclass: How to become confident (Udemy) 
  9. Business etiquette 101: Social skills for success (Udemy) 
  10. Double your assertiveness and confidence: Social skills and communication skills tips (SkillShare)
  11. Complete confidence in minutes (LinkedIn Learning) 

My top pick for this list is Self confidence – 40 minute confidence and self esteem guide

I’ve chosen this one because it is the course that will provide genuinely useful tips and advice on how to become more confident rapidly. 

Through using this class, you’ll see changes in how you perceive yourself in no time. 

Confidence is a very general quality, but some of you will be looking to learn how to be confident in specific circumstances, we’ve got you covered. 

Business etiquette 101: Social skills for success offered by Udemy is the best place to learn the social skills you need to become a more assertive businessperson. 

Confidence for creatives: Five exercises to grow your confidence and self-care, from SkillShare, is the ideal place for creatives to share their talents with the world. 

We often associated confidence with great leaders and notable individuals. So if you want a course on how to communicate clearly and effectively, look no further than MasterClass. 

George Stephanopoulos teaches purposeful communication is a class offered by one of the biggest names in American politics and journalism. 

Ultimately, I’ve tried to include a range of courses on this list when it comes to price, content and length. Hopefully this means you can find the right course for you right here. 

1. Self confidence – 40 minute confidence and self esteem guide (Udemy)

Udemy self confidence classes

Platform: Udemy | Teachers: Jimmy Naraine | Course length: 5 hours of on-demand video 

My first choice is Self confidence – 40 minute confidence and self esteem guide. 

This is because the content focuses on both practical advice on improving your confidence, such as changing your body language, whilst also teaching the importance of embracing vulnerabilities, which is rare for a class like this. 

The instructor, Jimmy Naraine, has experience delivering corporate training to Fortune 500 companies and now has over 300,000 students on Udemy alone. So you’re in capable hands. 

This course has over 75,000 students, with a 4.5-star rating from over 19,000 reviews, making it one of the most popular online confidence courses on both Udemy and the internet. 

As these lessons are available on Udemy, they are also often on sale, meaning this course is also excellent value for money relative to its competitors. 

You will learn:

  • An introduction to being more confident 
  • How to handle fear of rejection 
  • Confident body language 
  • Destroying negative talk 
  • Handling daily social interactions 
  • Digital confidence 
  • Practicing gratitude 
  • Embracing vulnerability 
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Assertiveness 


  • Engaging and interesting delivery 
  • An instructor whose experience sets him apart 
  • Content includes more practical advice 
  • Also contains more philosophical insights into emotions and psychology 
  • Well-structured, breaking up reams of content into digestible chunks 
  • Continuously updated with new material 
  • Teaches content relevant for the modern world 


  •  Can get a bit repetitive

Best for: Anyone who struggles with confidence, and wants both practical techniques and general advice that might help to change their attitude 

Overall: This is the best confidence out there because it has everything you would expect from an online confidence course and then some. The teacher has an engaging presentation style that illuminates the points he makes. The content itself combines practical exercises and general techniques that you can apply in your day-to-day life. With 5 hours of content, there is a lot to dig into, but it's really well-structured and broken into digestible chunks. Overall, this is one of the most popular and well received confidence courses online, so why not check it out?

2. How to break the habit of self-doubt and build real confidence (Creative Live) 

Build confidence class

Platform: CreativeLive | Teachers: Mel Robbins | Course length: 5 hours, 8 minutes of class content 

Our second pick comes from Creative Live, which, like Udemy, offers courses in a massive range of disciplines. However, Creative Live is a subscription service, meaning you can access all of the content on the website by paying a monthly fee. 

This course is perhaps the highest-rated and most popular confidence class on Creative Live. Over 160,000 students take the class, with 98% of them recommending it from over 500 ratings and reviews. 

The instructor is Mel Robbins, an author, entrepreneur and legal analyst who is described on the course page as the most booked female speaker in the world. With those kinds of credentials, it's almost a guarantee that she can teach you something about confidence.  Features in our best CreativeLive courses review.

You will learn:

  • How to overcome imposter syndrome 
  • Myths and truth about being confident 
  • How to develop self-confidence 
  • What is self-doubt 
  • Self-doubt symptoms 
  • What causes hesitation 
  • Avoidance coping 
  • Hypercritical personalities 
  • Overcoming learned helplessness 
  • The connection between anxiety and self-doubt 


  • A world-renowned instructor 
  • Very comprehensive content 
  • Focus on actual techniques 
  • Ideal for creatives 
  • Places a strong emphasis on explaining where certain feelings come from 
  • Very engaging delivery 
  • Concrete steps, advice and guidance 


  • Perhaps a bit too much emphasis on creatives 

Best for: Creative individuals who want to add confidence to their world and anybody who values a strong and engaging delivery from their instructor 

Overall: As one of the most popular public speakers in the world, Mel Robbins is in some ways the ideal person to lead a course on confidence. Just browsing the comments on this course will show you how much people appreciate the lessons here. I chose Udemy over this one because I feel a one-off payment is a better way of purchasing a confidence course than a subscription, and although you can purchase this class individually, it is a little more expensive. However, the content is equally excellent, so it depends on what your payment preference is. 

3. Confidence for creatives: Five exercises to grow your confidence and self-care (SkillShare)

skillshare confidence for creatives

Platform: SkillShare| Teachers: Eugena Wahsington | Course length: 25 minutes of on-demand video lesson

SkillShare, like Udemy, offers courses in a massive range of disciplines. However, they are set apart by the fact that SkillShare is a subscription service. 

This means that, in return for a monthly fee, you get access to all the content on SkillShare. So if you’re looking to build your confidence, but also are interested in trying some other skills, this might be for you. 

This is one of SkillShare’s most popular and acclaimed confidence courses, with over 9,000 students and 89% of students saying it met or exceeded their expectations. 

The class is led by Eugena Washington, who is a model, actress and entrepreneur. Her experience in the creative industry makes her the ideal person to lead the class on confidence for creatives. 

You will learn: 

  • Introduction to the class project 
  • Using a letter to let it go 
  • Accounting for personal brilliance 
  • Identifying your iconic image 
  • Creating a pleasure playlist 
  • Putting it altogether 


  • Project-based, allowing you to feel really involved 
  • Super engaging instructor with experience being confident across a range of industries 
  • Teaches confidence specifically for creativity 
  • Covers a lot of ideas in a short amount of time 
  • Subscription service mean you can take this alongside other classes 


  • Quite short 
  • A little generic  

Best for: Creatives who feel like they’re in a rut or not asserting themselves in their industry 

Overall: For the creative industries, confidence is essential. They are literally all about putting yourself out there. So this course might be just the thing you're looking for if you’re a creative person who feels like they're not standing out. This course contains a lot of practical ideas and projects to help improve confidence. 

4. George Stephanopoulos teaches purposeful communication (MasterClass) 

Platform: MasterClass | Teachers: George Stephanouplous | Course length: 2 hours and 10 minutes

MasterClass also has a range of courses from a variety of disciplines. Here, you can learn cooking, drumming, tennis and more. What sets MasterClass apart however is that your cooking instructor is Gordon Ramsey, your drum teacher is Ringo Starr and your tennis coach is Serena Williams. 

Given the caliber of their instructors, it makes sense that MasterClass’ guru on communication and confidently sharing your ideas is one of the most formidable names in American media. 

George Stephanopoulos started behind the scenes, advising US President Bill Clinton on how to confidently put forward his message to a global audience. 

He has gone on to become an acclaimed journalist, interviewing some of the most recognised, interesting and confident people in the world. Now he’s here to share his, and there, secrets. 

You will learn:

  • How to battle your nerves
  • Doing your prep 
  • Be in the moment 
  • Throw out the battleplan 
  • Ask the right questions 
  • How to challenge and confront 
  • Mastering through body language 
  • Telling a human story 
  • Getting out of your comfort zone 


  • Led by an instructor from the very top of American media 
  • Utilises Stephanopoulos’ wealth of experience 
  • Uses anecdotes to enlighten the points made 
  • Comprehensive content, broken into easy-to-understand segments 
  • High production quality 
  • Provides proper insight into George’s life and career 
  • Totally unique 


  • A little generic 
  • Some might find it too media focused 

Best for: Anyone looking to learn confidence from a world-renowned communicator, specifically those interested in politics, journalism and media 

Overall: It takes a lot of confidence to lead the world’s most influential country. From advising Clinton, to interviewing Obama, Trump and Biden, George Stephanopoulos has an inside-out understanding of what it takes to fill those shoes. Here, you’ll get insight into how to purposefully communicate your ideas from someone who has worked in a world where all eyes are on him. MasterClass provides a unique opportunity to receive high-quality, well-produced lessons from leaders in their field, and this is no exception. 

5. RuPaul teaches self expression and authenticity (MasterClass)

Platform: MasterClass | Teachers: RuPaul | Course length: 2 hours 

RuPaul Andre Charles shot to fame in 2009 with his show, RuPaul’s Drag Race. Since then, Drag Race has become the most awarded reality competition show in Television Academy history. Ru is also the first drag queen to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – which Jane Fonda said should have been three times bigger than anyone else’s! And he’s made Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world list.

For all that, his journey to self realization has not been easy. He’s had more than his fair share of challenge and prejudice to deal with on the way. In his MasterClass Ru shares his personal life story and uses his experience to help you learn (and love) who you really are, and live life to the full.

Learn how to:

  • Find your true self and express it confidently
  • Be mindful of how past hurts influence present actions and identity
  • Attract people on your wavelength
  • Overcome setbacks and let go of what’s not working
  • Nurture and reassure your inner child
  • Break free of bullies
  • Use meditation, breathing and visualization to manage anxiety
  • See failures as opportunities to improve
  • Understand your proportions so you can correct your silhouette
  • Identify clothing that emphasizes your best points
  • Refine your makeup


  • Unique opportunity to learn directly from RuPaul
  • Lots of universally applicable advice
  • Inspiring guest appearances
  • Genuine and passionate delivery
  • Upbeat and positive feel


  • Some aspects geared more towards drag culture
  • Lacks ‘How To’ advice in some areas

Best for: Anyone struggling with confidence issues or just looking to reboot their lives will find a wealth of universally applicable tips and advice. Ru’s been there. And he’s got a lot to share about being your happiest authentic self, even in the face of adversity.

Overall: An uplifting and motivating MasterClass with a wealth of takeaways. Ru will push you to discover your authentic self and share it with confidence! 

6. Conscious listening (Udemy) 

Confidence Conscious Listening Udemy

Platform: Udemy | Teachers: Julian Treasure | Course length: 1.5 hours of on-demand video 

Halfway down the list marks a return for Udemy. 

Although people often associate confidence with expressing yourself, speaking clearly and making your ideas heard, it is also just as much about listening. 

Actively listening to, and subsequently understanding, other people’s ideas are essential for developing a sense of your place in the world and how to assert yourself. 

This class will teach you the fundamentals of conscious listening. It’s taught by Julian Treasure, a sound and communication expert who has taught 120,000 Udemy students and presented 5 TED talks. This class itself has over 65,000 students. 

You will learn: 

  • Introduction to conscious listening 
  • Listening filters 
  • Inner listening 
  • Outer listening 
  • Created listening 
  • Advanced listening 


  • Puts simple ideas into a wider perspective 
  • Led by a very experienced instructor 
  • Teaches an often overlooked aspect of confidence 
  • Includes lots of practical advice on conscious listening 
  • Very interesting in itself, introducing lots of insight that isn’t widely known 


  • Can be a few technical issues with the volume 
  • Includes some outdated gender stereotypes 

Best for: People, both confident and shy, who feel like they could work on their listening 

Overall: Being able to listen to someone actively is the most important thing when it comes to understanding them. And understanding people, and how they think and feel is an essential prerequisite for being confident. So, despite not advertising itself as a confidence course, this class definitely deserves a spot on the list, especially given the credentials of the instructor and the interesting concepts he explores. 

7. Building self-confidence (LinkedIn Learning) 

Build self confidence

Platform: LinkedIn Learning | Teachers: Todd Dewett | Course length: 18 minutes 

LinkedIn is an eminent site when it comes to business networking. And like anything else, there is always more to learn when it comes to business. Hence, we have LinkedIn Learning. 

This course is LinkedIn Learning’s most popular and acclaimed confidence course. It’s the shortest option on our list, which might make you question whether it's worth investing in. 

However, LinkedIn Learning is a subscription site, meaning you pay a monthly fee to access this course as well as everything else in their course library. 

This class is led by Todd Dewett, an ‘authenticity expert.’ It has over 300,000 students and 4.6 stars. 

You will learn: 

  • How to own the situation 
  • Embrace the imperfection 
  • Articulate a path forward
  • Manage your context 
  • Feed your positivity 


  • Very concise 
  • Allows you to build confidence independently 
  • Gives you insight into your own dealings with confidence 
  • Has a business focus by being associated with LinkedIn 
  • Includes a shareable certificate of completion 


  • Quite short 
  • Could include more practical examples  

Best for: Anyone looking for a quick course on being confident 

Overall: It might seem like genuinely developing confidence will take a long time. But sometimes just a few new ideas can change everything. At just 18 minutes, this course should be the go-to for anyone who wants a whistlestop tour on gaining confidence, especially if you're looking for a business focus. It might seem like such a short class isn’t worth the price, but don’t forget that with LinkedIn Learning, you're subscribing to the whole site and getting access to all the content. 

8. Confidence masterclass: How to become confident (Udemy) 

Udemy confidence masterclass

Platform: Udemy | Teachers: Frank Valentine | Course length: 21 hours of on-demand video  

At number 7 we find another Udemy entry. Confidence masterclass: How to become confident, is a course that is more general in terms of the concepts and content it teaches. 

This is one of the smaller picks on the list with over 1,000 students. However, it is also one of the most comprehensive, with over 21 hours of on-demand video. 

It is led by Frank Valentine, a teacher who helps individuals with finances and financial success using ideas from psychology. Ultimately, it’s the brain that controls your confidence, so a psychological perspective is very useful. 

You will learn: 

  • Core concepts
  • Self-confidence
  • Confidence on the phone 
  • Confidence face-to-face 
  • Confidence in a social setting 
  • Confidence on stage 
  • Confidence on camera 
  • Confidence on a date 
  • Fitness 
  • Mastering your mind
  • Finances for confidence 


  • Very comprehensive 
  • Teaches confidence in various domains of everyday life 
  • Uses perspectives from psychology to illuminate points 
  • Shows how confidence can be externally affected e.g. through fitness and finances 
  • Straightforward instruction 
  • Includes a big list of references 


  • Quite a lot of content; may be overwhelming for more casual students  

Best for: Learners interested in the psychological perspective on confidence, as well as those who want to be confident in specific scenarios i.e. on stage, on camera

Overall: Two key things set this class apart. Firstly, it has very comprehensive content, with over 21 hours of video lessons that dig into how to specifically improve your confidence in certain everyday scenarios. Secondly, it approaches this from a psychological perspective, with lots of references and further reading for you to dig into.  

9. Business etiquette 101: Social skills for success (Udemy) 

social skills confidence udemy

Platform: Udemy | Teachers: Kara Ronin | Course length: 4 hours 

Confidence is an essential attribute for business success. If you want to learn how to become more confident in your professional life, this is the course for you. 

Udemy’s final entry on this list is taught by Kara Ronin, who has over 54,000 students on Udemy and has worked with some of the biggest executives in the world. 

This class has over 30,000 students, with a 4.6-star rating from 12,000 reviews. Its unique focus on business means this is the ideal class for those looking to develop their confidence in a corporate sense. 

You will learn to:

  • Build the know, like and trust factor 
  • Create an executive wardrobe
  • Conquer networking 
  • Master your conversations 
  • Nurture your digital footprint 


  • Covers a specific niche 
  • Delves into a world where confidence is valued 
  • Taught by a successful business-woman in her own right 
  • Provides tips you might not have thought of, like changing your wardrobe 
  • Includes helpful examples 
  • Well taught with specific detail 


  • Some of the quizzes aren’t as helpful or relevant 

Best for: Business professionals who feel their confidence is lacking and want to change their attitude 

Overall: Business professionals will find this course very helpful. Not only is the instructor super experienced, having worked with top executives and business publications, but she also has a range of tips and tricks to help you with your professional interactions. There is both practical and more general advice packed into this 4-hour class. 

10. Double your assertiveness and confidence: Social skills and communication skills tips (SkillShare)

assertiveness communication confidence udemy

Platform: SkillShare | Teachers: Alain Wolf | Course length: 5 hours and 3 minutes 

Our penultimate spot sees us branching out again a little bit to social skills and communication. It also marks the return of SkillShare

For some people, the belief in themselves is there, but communicating their ideas and skills to the rest of the world can be a challenge and lead to the perception of insecurity. Communication is key. 

Luckily, Alain Wolf is a social skills and communications expert, so he is the ideal person to help you become more confident with your interactions. 

This course has over 16,000 students, with 93% of reviewers saying it met or exceeded their expectations. 

You will learn:

  • How to approach people 
  • Joining groups 
  • Never running out of things to say 
  • Connecting with people fast 
  • Attractive social energy 
  • Eye contact 
  • Smiling 
  • Visualization for success 
  • Handling fear of failure and rejection 
  • Being more assertive 
  • Being comfortable in your own skin 


  • Provides very specific tips and practical advice 
  • Exceeds expectations by focusing on an area not many people feel can be taught
  • Very comprehensive 
  • Covers all the bases, including mind, body and interacting with others 
  • Taught by an experienced social skills and communications consultant; the ideal teacher 
  • Includes 3 class projects where you can test your skills 


  • Quite repetitive 
  • Could be condensed into a smaller class 

Best for: Those who feel they are lacking confidence in their social and personal life 

Overall: Although a lot of the options on this list have focused on the professional world, confidence is just as important for our personal lives and social interactions. This course is the best option for improving confidence in your day-to-day social interactions, containing practical guidance and comprehensive advice from a highly regarded communication expert. 

11. Complete confidence in minutes (LinkedIn Learning)

Confidence LinkedIn Learning

Platform: LinkedIn Learning | Teachers: Selena Rezvani | Course length: 1 hour and five minutes

The final option on this is another offering from LinkedIn Learning. As with the other LinkedIn course, there is a special focus on business here. 

This course is led by Selena Rezvani, who is a best-selling author with experience at some of the top consultancy firms in the world, so she is very qualified. 

This class has 71,000 students, with a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. 

You will learn:

  • How self-image impacts confidence 
  • Identifying peak confidence experiences 
  • Avoid confidence-killing perfectionism 
  • Cultivating a growth mindset to build confidence 
  • Building confidence through small wins 
  • Preparation 
  • Projecting confidence with your body 
  • Choosing confident wording and language 
  • Maintain confidence through your network 
  • Self-confidence and how it can inspire others 


  • Includes very clear guidance, tips and tricks 
  • Practical advice like using your body and your language 
  • A refreshing focus on self-image and self-confidence 
  • Includes chapter quizzes so you can test your knowledge 
  • Broken into easily digestible chunks
  • Includes a certificate of completion 


  • Some might find the lessons a little too short 
  • Could elaborate more 

Best for: Absolutely anyone looking to build their confidence, particularly those interested in their professional life  

Overall: This course is a great one to take if you like to learn in shorter forms. Each class is divided into shorter video lessons which allow you to really focus on the content. You’ll be led by an instructor who has made a name for themselves in the corporate world with practical tips and tricks on how to improve your self-image. 

What are the advantages of taking an online confidence course?

Confidence advantages

Confidence, although sometimes under a different name, is an attribute revered in societies and cultures from across the world and through the ages. 

So there must be some benefits to being more confident. These might include: 

  • Helps performance under stress
  • Allows you to develop stronger relationships 
  • Means you get can contribute more to group projects 
  • Valued in both the professional and social world 
  • Allows you to enjoy complex projects and situations more 

There are also some benefits to specifically taking online confidence courses: 

  • Access to the best instructors from all around the world 
  • You can learn when you like and fit everything around your schedule 
  • You can combine different platforms with in-person teaching to achieve your personal goals
  • There’s access to endless additional materials
  • The skill will stay with you for life 
  • Other skills and qualities might improve 
  • Learning a new skill is great for engaging the brain 

Buyers guide: what to look out for

With so many choices, it can be hard to know what to look out for when selecting the best confidence course for you.

So here’s a helpful buyers guide to look out for: 

  • Positive reviews and feedback from both users and sites like Learnopoly 
  • The credentials of the instructor 
  • How long the course is and what each lesson will teach you 
  • Any additional materials 
  • What kind of tips and advice does the course offer 
  • How many people are enrolled 
  • Is the course aimed at an area where you want to be more confident i.e. business
  • Is there any free trial or refund available? 

How much does it cost?

How much a course costs will depend on whether it is a subscription service or whether the course is sold separately. 

For subscription services, the courses here range from $12 per month to $39.99 a month. 

The price variation is typically reflective of the content offered by the site and what makes it unique. For example, MasterClass is set apart by its globally revered instructors. Whereas LinkedIn Learning is focused on business and professional skills. 

Subscription services are ideal for those looking to learn a wide range of skills. For example, if you're interested in developing your confidence and you also want to work on your cooking skills, MasterClass will get you lessons from both George Stephanopolous AND RuPaul. 

Another thing to note is that subscription services will often offer annual subscriptions as well as monthly subscriptions, where the former is cheaper. 

Courses sold separately range from $15.99 to $59.99. 

With this option, you only pay for and receive the content from the specific course that you purchased. This is a better option if you're just looking to work on a particular skill like confidence. 

A benefit of these individual courses is that, especially with sites like Udemy, they are often on sale, which means you can purchase them for cheaper than the asking price. 

Ultimately, both options exist, so it depends on which works better for you. 

How long does it take to learn how to be confident?

Courses on this list range from 18 minutes to 21 hours. However, how long it takes to learn to become confident will depend on a couple of other factors. 

Firstly, everyone learns at their own pace. Sometimes, you might find it helpful to rewatch or revisit certain lessons to really take in the concepts. 

Also, many of these classes have additional materials for you to dig into alongside the video content. You’ll need to factor this into how long it takes to learn the skill of confidence. 

Finally, it’s recommended, as with any skill, that you allocate some time for personal practice. Whether it’s practicing in front of a mirror or with trusted friends, this is the best way to embed whatever you’ve been taught. 

The human mind can become attached to certain ways of thinking about itself, and hostile to others. Confidence is quite a tricky behavior to learn, so make sure you’re kind to yourself and give yourself lots of time to truly master the teachings offered here. 


My top pick for the best online confidence course is Self confidence – 40 minute confidence and self esteem guide from Udemy. 

This class combines practical advice on how to improve your confidence with tips for body language and speaking, whilst also preaching the importance of embracing vulnerability, which is rare for lessons in this style. 

The course is one of the most highly rated and popular confidence courses on Udemy and is led by an instructor who has taught over 300,000 students. Udemy courses are also typically on sale, meaning this course is often a bargain purchase. 

However, if you feel like developing other skills besides confidence, you might want to check out a subscription service, like Creative Live. How to break the habit of self-doubt and build real confidence, is their top confidence course, offered by one of the most in-demand public speakers in the world!

For some, confidence is what's needed for their professional lives. If you're looking to establish yourself more in the business world, Business etiquette 101: Social skills for success (Udemy) and Building self-confidence (LinkedIn Learning) are for you. 

Finally, who better to learn confidence from than someone in the public eye? With its emphasis on world-renowned instructors, MasterClass’s George Stephanopoulos teaches purposeful communication is also worth considering. And with MasterClass membership you could take the RuPaul class too, along with 150+ other MasterClasses. 

If you're looking to be more confident this list has hopefully shown you that there is a range of options online, each with its own fantastic qualities, that can help you do just that. 

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Online confidence courses – Frequently asked questions

What is the best online confidence course?

Self confidence – 40 minute confidence and self esteem guide from Udemy

How much does an online confidence course cost?

For subscription services, the courses here range from $12 per month to $39.99 a month. Courses sold separately range from $15.99 to $59.99.

How long do online confidence courses take?

The options range from 18 minutes to 21 hours.

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