MasterClass Father’s Day Offer

by Liz Hurley

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MasterClass offers are rare and this one has expired. That said, MasterClass have dropped their price from $180 to $120 making it cheaper than many other platforms, despite having teachers who are global leaders and icons in their fields. Click here to find out more.

It’s rare for MasterClass to offer deals. And when they do, they only run for a short time.

But to celebrate Father’s Day, MasterClass is offering up to 50% off select plans. 

In this article I’ll be telling you all you need to know about the MasterClass Father’s Day Offer, how it works, and whether it really is a good deal.

Here’s what I’ll be covering:

  • What is the MasterClass Father’s Day promotion’?
  • Is the MasterClass Father’s Day promotion a good deal?
  • How the deal works
  • Masterclass Father’s Day eligibility
  • What does the All-Access Pass include?
  • Example classes available on MasterClass
  • Advantages of MasterClass
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MasterClass Father’s Day promotion?

The MasterClass Father’s Day promotion gives you up to 50% off the following MasterClass Plans: 

  • 33% off Duo Membership – 1 account 2 users
  • 50% off Family Membership – 1 account 6 users

The offer is to celebrate Father’s Day. So you can take advantage of it for yourself, or gift it to someone else. It ends on June 18th 2023. 

Is the MasterClass Father’s Day offer a good deal?

MasterClass discount details

All that glisters is not gold as they say. And sometimes deals that look great aren’t. Often prices are hiked ahead of time so you think you are getting a good deal when you’re not.

This is not the case with MasterClass.

MasterClass has not increased its prices ahead of this deal.

But it has introduced two new membership plans (for full details of MasterClass costs click here):

  • Duo (2 users) $15 per month (billed annually $180
  • Family (6 users) $20 per month (billed annually $240)

It is these plans that the discount applies to. And guess what happens when you apply the discount?

PlanUsual CostDiscounted Cost
Duo$180$120 (33% off)
Family$240$120 (50% off)

So, in effect, this deal gives you 12 months unlimited access to MasterClass for 2-6 users for the same price as a single membership.

In the interests of transparency, both the Duo and Family Plans only provide one account. However, each allows you to download unlimited numbers of MasterClasses so the other users can access them at their leisure for a full year.

You cannot download MasterClasses with an individual MasterClass membership.

Rare MasterClass deal

Aside from being good value for money, MasterClass deals are incredibly rare. 

If you’re looking for a better one to come along, you may not find one. And you’ll likely be waiting a really long time!

How the MasterClass Father’s Day Offer works

There are 3 simple steps to getting your MasterClass Father’s Day Offer.

Step 1: Visit MasterClass

Click here to head to MasterClass and then click on Sign up.

Step 2: Choose whether to Sign Up (for yourself) or give MasterClass as a gift

MasterClass Father's Day gift

Sign up (for yourself)

  • You’ll be asked what's brought you to MasterClass so the platform can show you relevant classes. You can skip this step
  • Choose either a Duo (33% off) or Family (120% off) membership 
  • Then sign up using a Facebook account, Google account, or email address

Give MasterClass as a gift

  • Choose either a Duo (33% off) or Family (50% off) membership 
  • Then sign up using a Facebook account, Google account, or email address
  • You then provide the recipient details and the date you want them receive their gift (which will arrive by email directly to them)
MasterClass gift

Step 3: Provide payment details

You will then need to make payment for your purchase. 

MasterClass Father’s Day offer eligibility

To be eligible for the MasterClass deal you must:

  • Not have a current active annual pass membership*
  • Provide MasterClass with valid payment details
  • Sign up to MasterClass directly (not through a 3rd party provider like Amazon/Roku/App Store)

* If you've purchased a Duo or Family membership within 30 days of 11th June (which is when this offer started) you can contact MasterClass here and request they apply the discount to your purchase

What does a Duo or Family MasterClass membership include?

Like the individual membership, the Duo and Family memberships provide unlimited access to all 180+ courses available on MasterClass. 

However, unlike individual membership, Duo and Family memberships allow you to download all the MasterClasses so they can be enjoyed by another user (Duo) or up to five other users (family membership).

While your membership is active, you can take as many MasterClasses as you like, as many times as you like. And you get to keep the workbooks that accompany them forever.

Example classes that are available on MasterClass

There are countless great options on MasterClass and they’re adding new classes all the time. 

You can check out our Best MasterClass Review here.

But our current top 10 are (by category):

To browse the full catalogue, visit MasterClass here:

Advantages of MasterClass

MasterClass has made its name as a powerhouse in online learning, and for good reason.

Here are just some of the advantages of learning with MasterClass.

Passionate, revered instructors

The instructors on MasterClass are champions in their fields of expertise. The star studded cast includes Nobel Prize winners, Emmy and Academy Award holders, musical virtuosos and multiple Michelin starred chefs.

But the best part is they are passionate enough about what they do to devote months of their time into creating classes and pass on their secrets and hard earned wisdom to you, the audience.

Huge range of choice from a large library of classes

MasterClass has over 180 courses in eleven different categories and the platform adds new content every month.

Access to cohort based sessions

Cohort based learning is a major new development in eLearning and MasterClass has jumped right on board with it.

MasterClass sessions follow a time-bound, structured 30 day curriculum which you take with a cohort of fellow learners. They teach practical skills with step by step guidance from world-class instructors and support from an active community of peers.

Gives you freedom as a learner

An individual membership enables you to learn at your own pace and in a way that suits you. You can binge out, or take bite-size nibbles, on desktop, tablet, mobile Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku players and devices.

And with duo and family membership you can download multiple different classes and have even more control over when and where you, and your friends and family, learn.

High production values and immersive content 

A key part of all the MasterClasses I have taken is a storytelling style.

Combined with the lighting and the cinematic quality of MasterClass you really do feel drawn into the backstory of your teacher and how it informed the person they have become. And they're more than just stories. Because they have been carefully chosen to illuminate the content being taught. 

High quality downloadable materials that cement and support learning

As well as giving you high quality visual and immersive content, MasterClass provides downloadable workbooks that cement and aid learning. 

Depending on the type of course the workbook is supporting, these include recipes, additional readings, links to supporting videos and podcasts, assignments and projects.

Final thoughts

The Father’s Day offer is a great deal.

  • MasterClass’ deal is not an inflated scam
  • The Father’s Day deal allows up to 6 people to download and take MasterClasses for the price of one
  • It is a thoughtful, educational gift
  • MasterClass is an amazing platform for casual learning that’s fun and world-class

In fact, I actually first signed up to MasterClass with a rare buy one, gift one deal and I have no regrets. Definitely one of the best purchases I’ve made!

So what are you waiting for? 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MasterClass’ Father’s Day Offer?

Until June 18th 2023, you will be able to get 33% off Duo, and 50% off Family, membership.

How much does the MasterClass Father's Day deal cost?

With this offer you can purchase Duo or Family membership for the same price as an individual membership – $120. 

Can I get the Father’s Day offer on platforms like the App Store, Roku, Amazon and Google Play?

No. The Father’s Day Deal is only eligible through MasterClass directly. 

I used to have a MasterClass subscription but don’t anymore. Am I eligible for the deal?

Yes. As long as you don’t have a current MasterClass subscription 

Does the gifted membership expire?

Yes. If not redeemed, the gift membership will expire 365 days after you make your purchase.

Can I save the MasterClass gift for later?

You can choose to send the MasterClass gift on a later date. For example, you could buy it today and set the gift delivery date for your recipient’s birthday. However, the gift will expire if not redeemed within 365 days of your purchase.

How will my gift recipient redeem the free membership?

You provide the name, email and date of the recipient you wish to send the membership to and they will receive an email with a redemption link to access their free annual membership. 

 Will I receive the discounted rate for future renewals?

 No, the discount is only applied during the promotion period. 

I already sent my gift, but it has not been redeemed. Can I send it to someone else? 

Yes, you can update your gift and resend it to someone new as long as the gift has not been redeemed and is within 365 days of purchasing this promotion. To do so you will need to visit the gift portal where you can update the recipient and re-send the gift. 

When does the Father’s Day promotion end?

The 2023 Father’s Day Offer ends on June 18th 2023.

I recently purchased a MasterClass membership. How do I take advantage of this new offer?

If you purchased a Duo or Family plan membership within 30 days of June 11th 2022, MasterClass will honor the discount if you submit a request here 

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