Best Online Yoga Courses

by Hannah Green

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Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice used to prepare the body for meditation. And today, people all over the world practice yoga for its physical and mental health benefits. 

Accessing a yoga class has never been easier. With a huge array of online yoga classes for every skill level, interest and health goal. But how do you choose which one is right for you? 

Which Yoga form and platform is the right one for you? Do you need a yoga certification to start practicing at home? This best online Yoga courses review article answers all these questions and more.

I’ve been practicing yoga for almost ten years, with a combination of in-person and online classes. I love the benefits of flexibility and accessibility that come with online practice, and I’ve been scouring the web to find the very best online yoga courses.

Read on to discover the best fit for you.

What is the best online yoga course?

These are my top recommendations:

  1. Beginner Yoga Basics (YouAligned)
  2. The Air Track (The Underbelly)
  3. Yoga for Mobility and Flexibility (The Daily Burn)
  4. Donna Fahri teaches Yoga Foundations (MasterClass)
  5. Yoga for Busy People Two Week Challenge (Yoga Download)
  6. Demystifying Kundalini (Yoga International)
  7. Center – A 30 Day Yoga Journey (Yoga with Adriene)
  8. Month of Yoga – 30 Day Yoga Challenge (Sarah Beth Yoga)
  9. Strength and Support for Mental Wellness (Do Yoga With Me)
  10. Batman – Superhero Kids’ Yoga in Space (Cosmic Kids)
  11. 40 Day Radiant Body Sahana (Glo)

Beginner Yoga Basics is my top choice. It makes yoga approachable and accessible for beginners, and also focuses on the history and philosophy of the practice. You’ll finish this course with a well-rounded knowledge and an understanding of the most common poses and sequences. It’s ideal for complete beginners.  

Plus, YouAligned’s subscription service offers access to hundreds more yoga, wellness and meditation videos. Their teachers all have yoga certifications and plenty of experience teaching classes in person and online.

The Air Track also ranked highly because of instructor Jessamyn’s inspirational and refreshing approach and her belief that yoga is for absolutely everyone. The videos in this series are perfect for when you need a quick pick-me-up. And Jessamyn always has some sage advice to share in the process.

The other courses in this list were chosen for their interesting focuses, such as Strength and Support for Mental Wellness on Do Yoga With Me.

I also included some longer courses, such as Adriene’s Centre – a 30 Day Journey, aimed at building long term practices. And if you want to learn from someone with global renown for their practice, try the Donna Fahri MasterClass.

Many of these courses are accessible as part of a subscription for various platforms which offer different classes, including wellness and meditation.  

Best free online yoga course 

These two courses are totally free and can be accessed on YouTube:

The courses below, along with many others in the article, can be accessed via the free trials offered by each platform:. 

Best online yoga course reviews

1. Beginner Yoga Basics (YouAligned)

You aligned beginner basics

Platform: YouAligned | Teacher: Leah Sugerman | Length: 7 video classes, totalling 3 hours and 12 minutes

YouAligned is an online learning platform for all things yoga related, from articles, tutorials and product reviews to online classes covering yoga, fitness and wellness. They also have a tree planting initiative with every class. 

In this beginner class Leah Sugerman covers yoga philosophy, key foundational poses, alignment and anatomy. The course culminates in a full-length class where you can put all your learning into practice.

You will learn

  • The history and philosophy of yoga
  • Foundational concepts of yoga practice, as well as key poses
  • Correct alignment
  • Poses such as low lunge, triangle and tree pose
  • How to practice sun salutations
  • How to put everything you’ve learned together into a full-length class


  • Leah does a great job incorporating the history and philosophy of yoga in an accessible way
  • A more gentle introduction to make sure you feel comfortable and ready to progress to a full class
  • Part of a YouAligned membership. So in addition to this class, for $16 a month you have access for hundreds of other classes


  • If you’re an experienced yogi, you may find this class a little slow. However, it’s always worth checking back over the basics
  • Only one full-length course in this series. So if you want to build a regular practice then you will have to find other videos – luckily, YouAligned has plenty!

Who it’s for: Ideal for total beginners. It gives a holistic overview of the history, philosophy and core poses of yoga and builds confidence to get your practice off on the right foot.

Overall: Leah is an encouraging, reassuring teacher with plenty of wisdom to share. You’ll complete this class feeling calm, confident, and ready to get on the mat!

2. The Air Track (The Underbelly)

Platform: The Underbelly | Teacher: Jessamyn Stanley | Length: 10 videos totalling 6 hours and 19 minutes

The Underbelly is a wellness platform that focuses on inclusivity, curiosity, inclusivity and authenticity. It offers tools and inspiration to achieve the four pillars of wellness – Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. The Underbelly has a holistic approach, helping you do wellness, your way.

The Air Track is a foundational series to get you up to speed with Jessamyn’s way of yogaing, before progressing onto the Fire and Earth tracks. There are plenty of other mini-series and stand alone videos on the site (accessed by subscription). 

You will learn

  • Basic yoga postures and foundational sequences
  • How to work with your breath and understand its place in the practice of yoga
  • How to master lunges and hip movement
  • Ways to consolidate what you’ve learned into faster-moving flows
  • A breakdown of Sun Salutation, a core sequence that appears in many yoga practices
  • How to find gratitude, strength and power in Warrior poses
  • The basics of meditation, and how to pair this with your yoga practice


  • Incredibly charismatic teacher. Jessaym's inclusive style is unique, and you’ll feel like she’s really got your back in this yoga journey!
  • Huge range of videos on The Underbelly, from the ‘Seeds’ series teaching you basic poses, to ‘Remedies’ videos. Jessaym has every eventuality covered 
  • The Air Track series is a fantastic introduction to Jessamyn’s work and will help you see yoga in a new light


  • Jessamyn’s style may not be for everyone. She puts you at ease but sometimes swears, which some could find inappropriate
  • The video titles – such as ‘let yourself feel’ don’t reveal much about what you’ll be learning. So you just have to jump in and touch the process

Who it’s for: Everyone. Even if you don’t think that people who practice yoga and wellness live, think or look like you. Whilst it covers foundational poses and sequences, the Air Track is great for anyone, of any experience, who wants to see yoga and wellness in a new light.

Overall: A fresh, fun and intuitive approach to yoga. The Air Track is for everyone, and will help you connect to and deepen your own yoga and wellness practice.

3. Yoga for Mobility and Flexibility (The Daily Burn)

Yoga for mobility and flexibility course

Platform: The Daily Burn | Teachers: Domenic Savino, Brittany Anderson, Mary Horne, Kelly Santucci, Yanik Faylayev, Rebecca Sandlin, Amanda Keroius | Length: 15 video lessons between 15 and 45 minutes, designed to be completed over 5 weeks

The Daily Burn is an incredible wellness site with an enormous range of workouts and fitness programs. This brilliant course is designed to be completed over five weeks, and comes with a workout schedule to keep you organized and on track. Their impressive range of teachers are all extremely experienced, and they guide you through a series of gentle workouts aims at increasing your range of motion and balance.

You will learn

  • How to build mobility and flexibility from the ground up
  • Ways to support your back when you practice
  • Shoulder openers to undo days spent at a desk
  • Yoga moves for joint relief
  • Hip openers and strengtheners


  • The format of helps you keep on track and accountable, with workouts and rest days scheduled for five weeks
  • Super transparent with the background and qualifications of the teachers, so you can be sure you’re in a safe pair of hands. All have yoga certifications along with hundreds of hours of teaching experience
  • Having multiple teachers over the course of the five week course keeps things fresh and interesting
  • Accessed via subscription, so you will be able to take loads of other great courses focused on health and wellness


  • The individual lesson descriptions aren’t super informative, and it’s not that clear what exactly you’ll be practicing in each class
  • Five weeks is a pretty big commitment – whilst you’re sure to see some real improvements in your flexibility, if you’re totally new to yoga then you might want to start off with some taster videos committing

Who it’s for: Perfect for those who want to focus on building mobility and flexibility, and are ready to commit to five weeks of training.

Overall: This long-term course will keep you accountable on your path to building strength, mobility and flexibility, with expert teachers and a pre-made workout schedule.

4. Donna Fahri teaches Yoga Foundations

Platform: MasterClass | Teachers: Donna Fahri | Length: 10 video lessons totalling 1 hour and 58 mins

Donna Farhi is a Yoga teacher with over four decades of practice behind her. She’s written five books on practising and teaching yoga, a large number of articles for Yoga International and The Yoga Journal, and been featured in several publications as an exceptional teacher – including Elle.

She’s taught all over the world and advocates a freer type of practice that focuses on the ‘force that animates the body’ rather than the body itself. A focus that is much more in line with the traditional philosophy behind Yoga.

You will learn how to:

  • Commit yourself to a program of relaxation
  • Overcome any limiting conditions (stiff joints, etc)
  • Warm up
  • Set up for basic poses
  • Listen to your body so you can evolve your practice to match your needs
  • Perform the Sun Salutation along with 13 postures – with different ways in and props to allow for you and your individual body
  • Apply what you learn ON the mat, OFF the mat


  • Lessons from one of the most sought after yoga teachers in the world
  • Comprehensive course on Yoga fundamentals grounded in anatomical principles 
  • Well structured and builds understanding and practice incrementally
  • Focus on inner awareness to evolve & personalize your own safe practice
  • Improves flexibility and releases tension
  • Boosts your mood and concentration
  • It’s effective – for me anyway


  • Quite a short class
  • The only Yoga class on the platform. But there are related classes on meditation and the science of sleep and all MasterClasses are taught by global icons in their fields. 

Best for: Beginners and anyone who feels they ‘can’t do Yoga’ or has tried Yoga and had a bad experience with it. I would say it’s less applicable to anyone above intermediate level, although if that’s you, you could still get a lot of value with an all access MasterClass pass

Overall: An incredibly thoughtful and comprehensive class. Lots of practical lessons that are carefully curated to build understanding and awareness and guide you on your way. 

5. Yoga for Busy People Two Week Challenge (Yoga Download) 

Yoga course for busy people

Platform: Yoga Download | Teachers: Jackie Casal Mahrou, Pradeep Teotia, Keith Allen, Kylie Larson, Celest Pereira, Ellen Kaye, Shy Sayar, Les Leventhal, Mark Morford, Claire Petretti Marti, and Ben Davis | Length: 14 video classes, all under 30 minutes in length 

If you want to reap all the benefits of a consistent yoga practice, but are short of time, this course is a great place to start. Without the need for any major time commitments, Yoga Download’s expert teachers have supplied a range of practices that vary in style and length, so you can have a stimulating, varied practice. You'll also get daily emails with your yoga classes and inspiration, and be part of a community of online yogis.

You will learn

  • How to incorporate yoga into your morning routine to start the day off right
  • Ways to slow down and recharge, releasing tension in your body
  • The benefits of sun salutation and other common yoga sequences
  • How to connect with your breath, and the benefits this has
  • Methods of honoring the principles of yoga to live a balanced life


  • An amazing range of styles, teachers, lengths and intensity of practices, so this course is sure to keep you stimulated and engaged
  • Short videos mean that it’s easy to find time for them, increasing the odds of you building a sustainable yoga practice
  • A yoga download membership gives you access to a whole range of other videos on yoga, meditation and breathwork


  • Some classes are just audio files – you can definitely still have a great practice, but it really helps to see the instructor and feel connected to them, even if it’s just for a meditation lesson
  • Whilst your Yoga Download Subscription entitles you to 50% off all courses, it means that you will still have to pay to access these videos, even if you’re a member

Who it’s for: Busy people! If you don’t know how to fit yoga into your life, and want to find balance and build your practice, then this course is the kick-start you need!

Overall: A great series of varied and interesting videos, this course will get you moving again in just two weeks

6. Demystifying Kundalini (Yoga International)

demystifying kundalini

Platform: Yoga International | Teacher: Rod Stryker | Length: Four video lessons, totalling 1 hour and 56 minutes

Kundalini is a branch of yoga that is said to unlock our highest potential. But what is it? How do you go about practicing it?

Experienced Yoga and Wellness instructor Rob Stryker breaks down everything you need to know about the practice, along with a yoga and meditation class to put it into practice. This course is focused on sharing the reasons behind certain practices, and it's an incredibly educational watch. This would be a great choice if you already have a yoga certification, or are an experienced yogi.

You will learn

  • The history and philosophy of Kundalini Yoga
  • How to integrate breathwork, mantra reception, bandha practice, dynamic movement and abdominal awareness to your practice
  • How to meditate using kapalabhati breathing, alternate nostril breathing, mantra repetition, and breath and pranic awareness
  • Ways to prepare for and get the most out of your kundalini practice


  • Gives you a really good grounding in the ‘whys’ of Kundalini, so you’re not only learning extremely beneficial techniques, but also why they’re so good for you
  • Rob is clearly an expert, and his knowledge and wisdom shine through in theses videos
  • Mediation is a vital part of Kundalini yoga (and all other yoga!) and it’s great that Rob pays so much attention to it
  • Yoga International is a great platform with many other video courses on yoga and meditation available. When building your profile, you can share your goals and experience level so they can tailor your experience and help you stay on track


  • The first video consists of Rob talking to the camera for half an hour about the key principles. So if you were hoping to get straight onto the mat then you may be a little disappointed
  • Kundalini is just one branch of yoga – if you’re interested in the more commonly-taught Hatha yoga, this might not be the course for you

Who it’s for: Any yoga-lovers looking to deepen their understanding of one pathway of this ancient practice, incorporating history, philosophy and mediation.

Overall: This is a fascinating course which can be completed in one day, giving you a better understanding of Kundalini yoga and how to incorporate it into your life and practice.

7. Center – a 30 Day Yoga Journey (Yoga With Adriene Youtube)

30 day yoga program

Platform: Yoga with Adriene YouTube | Teacher: Adriene Mishler | Length: Over thirty videos, varying from ten to 25 minutes

Adriene Mishler is a yoga sensation, known for her fun, inclusive approach to yoga on Youtube. Often accompanied by Benji the dog. This series is completely free and can be accessed on YouTube, and aims to help you get back to your center – whatever that might mean to you. Specifically designed with the de-centring events of the last few years in mind, these videos are short, sweet and encouraging.

You will learn

  • How to use yoga to develop whole body mental health
  • Ways to strengthen your body with a focus on the core
  • How to ‘absorb your own selfcare’ by incorporating yoga into your daily routine
  • Employ techniques such as meditation, breathwork, self-massage and affirmations


  • Adriene has over 11 million YouTube subscriber
  • Fun, patient and inspiring teacher who is an expert in the video yoga class form
  • Each day of the challenge is designed to build up on the last ‘like pages in a book’, so that by the end of the 30 days you will have built up cumulative effects from many classes
  • If you sign up (for free!) on Adriene’s website, you can subscribe to daily emails from her which aim to inspire and encourage you


  • 30 days is a long time to commit to daily practice! Luckily the videos are short enough to fit into your daily schedule, and if you miss a day then it’s not a problem – you simply pick it back up again whenever you can
  • Watching on YouTube does mean that you will see ads – although never in the middle of a video

Who it’s for: Yogis of any experience, who wish to use yoga as a self-care practice and reconnect to their center.

Overall: Yoga superstar Adriene and her dog Benji are fantastic instructors to guide you through the 30 day yoga journey, which will leave you calmer, stronger and more centered.

8. Month of Yoga – 30 Day Yoga Challenge ( SarahBeth Yoga YouTube)

Sarah Beth Yoga course

Platform: SarahBeth Yoga YouTube | Teacher: SarahBethYoga| Length: 30 videos, ranging between 10 and 30 minutes

Like Adriene Mishler, certified yoga teacher Sarah Beth made her name as a YouTube yogi, and this month of yoga videos also comes with a calendar, daily reminder emails and daily intention videos to help you focus on the reason you show up to the yoga mat. A blend of preexisting videos and specially created ones, this month of yoga is designed to help you build a mindful yoga routine.

You will learn

  • How to build strength and discipline by committing to 30 days of yoga
  • How to employ yoga in a variety of citations, eg. when you’re bloated, stressed out or fatigued
  • The best way to use daily intentions to connect to your practice and stay motivated


  • Daily intention videos are such a great way to connect to your practice
  • About far more than just moving your body – it’s about engaging your mind
  • Doing something every day for a month is a great way to build lasting habits, and if you commit to this programme you will find it easier to incorporate yoga into your daily routine
  • Completely free!


  • Being on YouTube means that there are often ads at the beginning of the videos.
  • Although Sarah Beth has taken pains to organize the course in a cohesive way, many of these videos were already on Sarah Beth’s channel, so not all the content is completely new.

Who it’s for: Perfect for someone who wants to build a long-lasting yoga habit, conditioning their body and mind, and who appreciates incorporating mindful intentions into their practice.

Overall: This habit-forming challenge is a great, free way to build yoga into your daily routine and get stronger and more grounded.

9. Strength and Support for Mental Wellness (Do Yoga With Me)

Strength and wellness yoga course

Platform: Do Yoga With Me | Teacher: Melissa Kreiger | Length: 3 video lessons, totaling 1 hour and 53 minutes

Melissa Krieger is an experienced yoga teacher with over 10,000 hours of teaching under her belt – but don’t worry, you don’t need her yoga certifications or level of experience to benefit from this course! This series has been specially formulated to help you deal with anxiety and build mental resilience. Using a variety of styles and techniques, these videos will help you connect with your breath, as well as bringing strength and playfulness into your practice.

You will learn

  • How you move with your breath to help ease anxiety
  • Ways to build strength, using additional weights to bring an extra dimension to your yoga practice
  • How to reconnect with playfulness in your practice to feel comfortable and at ease


  • Specially formulated to help strengthen and support your mental wellness
  • Clearly states on the landing page what equipment you’ll need, which means you can get straight into your practice fully prepared
  • The range of different types of practice in this series means that you won’t get bored, and you’ll be able to try different techniques to find what works for you


  • Only three videos in this series, and it would be great to see more on a similar theme
  • No free trial for Do Yoga With Me, so you have to sign up as a member for $13.99 a month before accessing this course

Who it’s for: Perfect for anyone looking for ways to soothe and manage their anxiety with yoga and learn a range of new yoga styles

Overall: Melissa is a fantastic instructor who shares her experience coping with anxiety through her yoga practice, and is sure to inspire you to do the same.

10. Batman – Superhero Kids Yoga in Space (Cosmic Kids)

Yoga for kids course

Platform: Cosmic Kids| Teacher: Jamie Amor | Length: [length in time]

Cosmic Kids is an amazing platform offering yoga, mindfulness and meditation tutorials aimed at kids. Part of their ‘Superhero Kids Yoga in Space’ series, this video is designed to tap into kids’ interests and inspire them to learn from their favorite superheroes.

You will learn

  • How to implement Batman’s special skills of Mastering Fear and Peak Human Strength through your yoga practice, building confidence and having fun
  • A blend of mindful activities, aerobic exercise and yoga poses


  • Super engaging series which is sure to connect with kids and get them excited about practicing yoga
  • Jamie is an amazing presenter, keeping energy and interest throughout
  • If your kids like this style of yoga video, then are are plenty more on the Cosmic Kids website, app and YouTube channel that you can access for free!


  • With bright colors and high energy, this isn’t the most calming of yoga videos – but there are plenty of other videos on the site focused on relaxation and mindfulness available

Who it’s for: Anyone who wants to introduce their kids to yoga in a fun and playful way.

Overall: Cosmic Kids is the perfect way to get your kids excited about practicing yoga, with fun characters and engaging instructors.

11. 40 Day Radiant Body Sadhana (Glo)

Platform: Glo| Teacher: Kia Miller | Length: 40 videos, all around 30 mins in length

Kia Miller is an experienced and inspiring teacher with years of Kundalini experience, and her 40-day Kundalini yoga challenge is a serious commitment, sure to yield serious results. With five videos per week, organized under the headings ‘Transcend Imaginary Weakness’, ‘Build Vitality and Mental Clarity’ and ‘Stabilize Creative Energy’, this is a rigorous course that demands a high level of dedication. 

You will learn

  • How to use the four Kundalini kriyas (a series of postures and breathwork) to help you awaken your most radiant self.
  • Ways implement short, succinct practices into busy routines
  • How to reconnect to your source of power with movement and breathwork


  • A fantastically in-depth course promising major results
  • Video production is very high, as is the quality of Glo’s website – it’s a pleasure to use
  • A really well thought out and meticulously created series – it’s clear that a lot of effort has gone into curating this program for maximum effect


  • Forty days is a long time! Whilst this big commitment is sure to pay off, it might not be for everyone. Luckily Glo has plenty of other one-off yoga courses to choose from
  • Kundalini isn’t everyone’s favorite yoga style – it’s pretty intense, so if you’re looking for something a little more relaxed then try a Hatha yoga flow

Who it’s for: Anyone wishing to make a big change in their life and reconnect to yoga, and having a bit of a background in Kundalini would be a plus.

Overall: An intensive, immersive Kundalini experience, this carefully curated course will inspire you to reconnect to your power.

What are the advantages of taking an online yoga course?

  • Yoga is a lifelong skill – no matter how long you’ve practiced, there’s always ways to go deeper into your practice and develop your techniques. If you commit to a yoga practice, you can be sure that you will be able to continue practicing and learning for many years to come
  • Yoga has incredible mental health benefits – yoga is linked to the practice of mediation, and practicing both has amazing effects on mental health, reducing stress and increasing mental clarity
  • Great physical health benefits – As well as building strong muscles and joints, yoga can have other surprising health benefits such as improved digestion
  • Yoga is an ancient tradition – by practicing yoga, you are connected to an ancient tradition with fascinating roots and a range of different disciplines and philosophies
  • Online yoga courses are often far cheaper and in-person courses and retreats – online options are cheaper and more convenient, as you can do at your own pace, and in the comfort of your own home

Buyer's guide: what to look out for

  • How much yoga experience do you have? Many of these courses are designed for beginners, but are also suitable for experienced yogis who want to recap on key skills. However, some are for more advanced yogis, so consider your skill level before committing to a course.
  • How much time are you willing to invest? Several of these courses can be completed as one-off videos. Others want you to invest as much as eight weeks in a particular program. Make sure you're aware of the time commitments involved so you can get the most value for money.
  • What style of yoga do you want to practice? The most common style of yoga is Hatha yoga, and that’s what most of these courses focus on. However, if you’re interested in alternative pathways there are plenty of specialist courses out there.
  • What’s your budget? There are several options that are completely free, and others that are accessible with a free trial. If you are willing to pay a bit more, then there are many benefits to subscribing to yoga courses, such as exclusive content and personalized workout schedules.

How much does it cost?

The courses mentioned in this list range from completely free to subscription services around $19.99 per month, or $40 for a two-week series.

This is amazing value considering that in-person yoga courses can be anything upwards of $10 for a single class

Many of the options available on this list are part of subscription services, including Glo, Yoga International and The Daily Burn, which means that a single monthly payment will gain you access to hundreds of quality classes and courses in yoga, wellness and meditation.

How long does it take to learn yoga?

You can never ‘master’ yoga – and that’s what is so brilliant about it! Whether you’re a total beginner or an experienced yogi, there is always more to learn, and more ways to deepen your practice.

That being said, the courses on this list range from 15 minutes, to 40 day programs where you practice for half an hour a day. What’s great about online learning is that you can always revisit old videos, or pause mid-practice, so you can learn at your own pace.


This article has highlighted some of the very best yoga courses out there, whether you’re practicing with kids or building strength and stamina.

My top pick is Beginner Yoga Basics for its thoughtful and accessible approach not only to the foundational poses of yoga, but its history and philosophy too.

The Air Track came a close second for instructor Jessamyn’s open and refreshing approach to yoga and wellness.

Other courses mentioned in this list have addressed specific concerns such as mobility and mental health, as well as specialist classes aimed at children

There are so many fantastic options out there, no matter your experience, budget or interests!

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Online yoga courses-frequently asked questions

What is the best online yoga course?

My top choice was Beginner Yoga Basics on You Aligned

How much does an online yoga course cost?

Courses in this review range from completely free to $40 for a two-week series

How long do online yoga courses take?

These courses range from fifteen minutes, to programs designed to be taken over eight weeks.

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