Best Online DJ Courses 

by Charlie Saville

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If you’re looking for the best online DJ classes in 2022, this article’s here for you.

Learning to DJ has never been easier. And let's face it, there's nothing quite like the energy you get playing music people love.

With so many online DJ courses available it can be hard to know which one is best for your goals and aims.

So in this article we take a look at the best online DJ courses. We've considered every aspect of DJing (from mixing, to edits and mash-ups, to actually performing), different skill levels, as well as price, value for money, and many other factors.

So, let’s get started!

What is the best online DJ course?

These are our top DJ course recommendations:

  1. How to Become a DJ (Udemy)
  2. Armin van Buuren Teaches Dance Music (MasterClass)
  3. The Complete DJing Course for Beginners (SkillShare)
  4. Questlove Teaches Music Curation and DJing (MasterClass)
  5. How to DJ: Masterclass (DJCourses Online)
  6. DJ Skills (Point Blank)
  7. Rekordbox: Intermediate DJ Courses (CrossFader) 
  8. How to DJ 101 (SkillShare)
  9. Learn How to DJ With the Wu-Tang Clan (Udemy) 
  10. Deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production (MasterClass)

Our top pick is How to Become a DJ on Udemy.

This course is by far their most popular and acclaimed DJing course and for good reason. 

How to Become a DJ provides a perfect beginner option, offering a detailed yet easy-to-follow guide on all the key first steps. 

This course has 11 hours of content divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced sections. This means that you can start with no experience and see yourself rapidly progress using this course alone. 

It teaches you everything you need to know, and with over 19,000 reviews has received an overwhelmingly positive reception. 

With Udemy you purchase courses individually. Alternatively, you could try MasterClass, where one subscription gets you lessons in multiple subjects, all taught by world-class instructors and celebrities, like deadmau5 and Questlove. 

Other sites on our list are focused entirely on DJing. Of this, our highest ranked is DJCourses Online, which offers a massive range of courses on everything to do with the decks. 

Best DJ course reviews

1. How to Become a DJ (Udemy)

How to become a DJ Udemy

Platform: Udemy | Teachers: Ross Palmer | Course length: 11 hours of on-demand video. 

This is our favorite because it is the perfect introduction to being a DJ. The content is super comprehensive with 11 hours of video lessons, but everything is very easy to understand and you get a good grounding in key introductory concepts. 

The course is divided into three sections: beginner, intermediate and advanced. So it truly has a wide appeal and is focused on progressively making you a better DJ. It has the highest number of students (19,000+) and is the highest-rated DJ course with that level of enrollment on the site. 

What You Will Learn:

  • What equipment to buy and what the equipment actually does
  • Playing a record and using cue points
  • Crossfading and sync mixing 
  • Beatmatching 
  • Introducing EQ and filters 
  • Preparing your tracks with Rekordbox 
  • Using filters and effects 
  • Looping 
  • MCing 
  • Filter and FX combo 
  • Ending sets 
  • Performing 


  • Incredibly comprehensive with loads of content 
  • Provides a grounding in key concepts for beginners 
  • Also has content for more advanced DJs 
  • Designed for you to incrementally yet quickly improve 
  • Emphasizes both technical and performance elements 
  • Engaging lessons that are easy to follow 
  • Experienced instructor, both in teaching and DJing


  • The music that opens lessons is too loud (this is seriously what the negative reviews complain about)

Best for: Anyone interested in DJing. You will need to invest in equipment first but it's an ideal first step into the DJing world. However, there is also content for more experienced DJs, especially those looking for performance tips. 

Overall: The course content contains everything you need to know. The instructor is experienced and concepts are broken down into shorter lessons that are easy to follow. It covers both the key technical aspects of DJing as well as the performance side. This class is also great because of its mass appeal. It provides a perfect starting point for beginners but also has useful lessons for more advanced DJs. 

2. Armin van Buuren Teaches Dance Music (MasterClass) 

Armin van Buuren DJ MasterClass

Platform: MasterClass | Teachers: Armin van Buuren | Course length: 33 video lessons totalling 6 hours and 50 minutes. 

Our second choice is led by Armin van Buuren, one of the world’s most successful and popular DJs, so you’re with a safe pair of hands. 

It’s also our first option from MasterClass, which explains the celebrity status of your instructor. 

I should note that this is just as much about music production as it is about DJing. As the name suggests, you're learning all about dance music, so you’ll have a super well-rounded and clear idea of how to make people move on the floor. 

What you will learn:

  • Armin’s process for constructing a track; from chords to kicks, to mixing
  • How to create and build sounds with pads and leads
  • Armin’s technical tips on using Logic Pro
  • How to construct a groove and arrange a big drop
  • What to look out for when critiquing your track 
  • How to work with a vocalist
  • All about building a DJ setlist and mashups
  • Armin’s approach to the decks
  • Advice on how to start your career


  • Very instructional with lots of direct and explicit tips 
  • Incredible insight about the dance music game from a leading player
  • Exclusive fly-on-the-wall content of how Armin creates a track
  • Armin is an engaging and clear teacher
  • A mixture of different methods of teaching, with lots of practical performance
  • The performances help to enlighten a lot of the points made
  • With a MasterClass subscription you also have access to Questlove and deadmau5's MasterClasses


  • Can be overwhelming in the content 
  • The ‘in the studio’ sections could’ve been more explanation
  • Quite long (this might be a plus for you)

Best for: people with a little experience and a lot of love for dance music. Although total novices might struggle with some of the technical aspects, musicians of any background can take a lot away from Armin’s philosophy on why and how his tracks get us dancing. Ideal for aspiring music producers, club DJs and EDM fans. 

Overall: I enjoyed taking this course, and I learned so much I hadn’t even considered before. There was a really good blend of explanation and seeing the musical ideas explained in action. Armin seems like a really nice guy and his experience and insight just oozed into every lesson. 

Read our full Armin van Buuren MasterClass review

3. The Complete DJ Course for Beginners (SkillShare)

Learn how to DJ Skillshare

Platform: Skillshare | Teachers: Jak Bradley | Course length: 8 hours and 10 minutes. 

Our third choice is offered by SkillShare, which is another site with classes in multiple disciplines. 

This is probably SkillShares highest-rated DJ course, which is why it is so far up on our list. 

This option is designed specifically for beginners and aims to give a comprehensive overview of what you need to get started with DJing. 

What you will learn:

  • How to set up 
  • The structure of dance music 
  • Beat matching 
  • Basic mixing 
  • Intermediate mixing 
  • Equalizers and filters 
  • Sampler 
  • Loops and cues 
  • FX


  • Comprehensive, with hours of content 
  • Clear and easy-to-understand teaching 
  • Musically oriented with a grounding in song structure 
  • Covers different genres, such as RnB and hip hop 
  • Uses lots of examples to illuminate the points made 
  • Grounds you in important DJing concepts 
  • Lessons are well organized 
  • With a Skillshare subscription you have access to all their other courses


  • Limited teaching for performance 
  • Only aimed at beginners 

Best for: Beginners. Particularly those who want a very technical introduction to the art of DJing. Also good for anyone interested specifically in hip hop and RnB, given the examples used.

Overall: This is another great beginner course that will be a helpful introduction to DJing for anyone interested. Jak Bradley has been praised for the structure and organization of his lessons, which are ideal for rookies. The use of examples is also really helpful when it comes to illuminating potentially difficult concepts. 

4. Questlove Teaches Music Curation and DJing (MasterClass)

Questlove DJ MasterClass

Platform: MasterClass | Teachers: Questlove | Course length: 13 lessons, totalling 3 hours and 23 minutes

Questlove is probably best known as the drummer from The Roots, the legendary hip-hop group. He is also recently an Academy Award-winning filmmaker. 

However, another skill of this very talented man is DJing, and this MasterClass gives you an insight into Questlove’s understanding of the art form. 

In this MasterClass, everything is in one place and you get to watch the master talk about his craft in a series of beautifully produced video lessons. 

What you will learn: 

  • Questlove’s set-up
  • Gathering and organizing music 
  • Questlove’s preferred technology
  • DJing 101
  • Sequencing and set-planning 
  • Advanced techniques 
  • Knowing your roots and expanding your catalog 
  • Finding inspiration from other artists 
  • Musicology in Questlove’s playlist


  • Taught by a beloved and super experienced instructor 
  • Does teach you the technical elements of DJing 
  • Questlove’s perspective as a drummer is invaluable 
  • Focuses on different genres and styles 
  • Showcases Questlove’s love for music
  • High production value 
  • Combines teaching with insightful anecdotes 
  • Includes a final, exclusive performance 


  • Could be longer 
  • Perhaps not as technical 

Best for: Questlove fans, of course. However, this might also befor you if you don’t have as much experience DJing, or if you are only acquainted with the technical side, and want to learn more about the concept and ideas that go into a great set. 

Overall: Questlove has years of experience not only DJing for himself and expanding his catalog, but has done it to a mass audience for many years. His love of music really shines through, so this is a great course for anyone interested in the musicology and concepts behind DJing, which you won’t get from many other teachers. 

5. How to DJ: Masterclass (DJCourses Online)

How to DJ Masterclass

Platform: DJCourses Online | Teachers: DJ TLM  | Course length: 

Halfway through the list, we find the first course offered by a site that is entirely devoted to DJing. 

All the DJ sites on this list have courses provided by experts in the field, with lessons on a wide range of concepts, all of which are designed to make you a better DJ. 

As one of the bigger DJ teaching platforms on the internet, DJCourses Online is no exception. 

We’ve selected their How to DJ: Masterclass for our list because the site showcases it as a key introduction to DJing generally. 

What You Will Learn:

  • Fundamental musical ideas 
  • Beatmatching 
  • Sync and timing 
  • The importance of song selection 
  • Functions of DJ equipment 
  • Using EQ
  • Using effects 
  • Scratching 
  • Recording your mixes
  • Branding yourself as a DJ


  • Very easy to follow 
  • Covers all the basics 
  • Includes elements outside of the technical, like branding 
  • Watch it anywhere; works on mobile and desktop 
  • Instructor has many years of experience 
  • Provides a solid grounding in key musical concepts


  • Not updated regularly
  • Could focus on performance  

Best for: As the title says, absolute beginners are the ideal target of this course. Seriously, you don’t need any prior experience. Even if you know nothing about music, this masterclass is made for you. 

Overall: This is yet another great introduction to DJing provided by one of the best DJ education sites out there. DJ Courses Online offer a monthly subscription, so, once signed up, you'll have access to this and a range of other courses designed to improve your DJing. So, if you're serious about getting into it, a DJCourses Online subscription might be for you. 

6. DJ Skills (Point Blank)

DJ skills Pointblank

Platform: Point Blank | Teachers: Various | Course length: 3 months

Point Blank is a little different from the other sites in two key ways.

Firstly, rather than focusing specifically on DJing, the site is all about music production, with DJing just a subtopic in the range of lessons they offer. 

Secondly, Point Blank is an actual music school, with locations across the world where you can go and learn in person. They also offer online classes.

This means that DJ Skills, the flagship DJ programme among the online courses, is a little more expensive than the other choices on this list. However, you’ll be paying for a professional and high standard of teaching. 

Whether or not this is worth it depends on what you’re looking for. 

What you will learn:

  • Equipment overview 
  • Cueing
  • Drop mixing 
  • Beat Matching 
  • Equalization 
  • Transforming 
  • Rekordbox 
  • Programming and recording mixes 


  • A wide range of experienced instructors
  • Professional and modeled after in-person classes
  • Focuses on specific DJ skills and techniques 
  • Taught over a long period, allowing you to build up knowledge 
  • Develops musical concepts 
  • Provides one-on-one lessons 


  • Expensive 
  • Requires commitment 

Best for: Although it is aimed at beginners, and that is the group I would recommend this course to, I would say that the cost and time commitment mean that you should feel pretty serious about getting into DJing before getting started. 

Overall: This is an extremely comprehensive option that closely resembles a traditional education with bi-weekly lessons and the chance for one-on-one instruction. It covers key technical and musical concepts in DJing, all taught by industry professionals. Though courses on the site are expensive and take time to study, they are also invaluable to anyone serious about a career in the industry. 

7. Rekordbox: Intermediate DJ Courses (CrossFader) 

Rekordbox intermediate DJ course

Platform: CrossFader | Teachers: Jamie Hartley | Course length: 40 video lessons

CrossFader is another one of the most popular and acclaimed DJing sites on the internet and our last DJ-specific platform on this list. 

However, rather than select a beginner course, we wanted to showcase CrossFader via a more advanced series of lessons.

We’ve chosen this one because of its focus on Rekordbox, which is a DJing software that most sites on this list already focus on and mention. 

What you will learn:

  • Hot cue setup and settings
  • Mixing techniques 
  • Key sync and key shift mode 
  • Set up, save and use loops 
  • Beat FX’s
  • Rhythmic effects 
  • Repeater and automated frequency effects 
  • Texture and release effects 
  • New ways to mix a track in 
  • How to remix a track live 


  • Focused on intermediates; lessons are harder to find for this group 
  • Hones in on specific Rekordbox techniques 
  • Covers a lot of ground over 40 lessons 
  • Includes a music pack to build your library 
  • Taught by an experienced DJ who has also focused on teaching for years 
  • Introduces unique features and effects you might not have heard of before 


  •  Difficult to know if you’re at the right level (a problem with all intermediate courses)

Best for: Anyone who has got experience with DJing and who wants to learn new features and effects with Rekordbox. A good test is looking at the What You Will Learn section and checking how much you understand. 

Overall: It can be hard to find a good DJ lesson for more experienced DJs amongst the sea of DJing 101 courses out there. But this offering by CrossFader is the ideal place to learn more about one of the key DJ software, including features and tips you might never have discovered if you were trying to figure out the software for yourself. 

8. How to DJ 101 (SkillShare)

How to DJ 101 Skillshare

Platform: Skillshare | Teachers: Bryn Jones | Course length: 1 hour and 25 minutes

We’re back to the beginner courses here with another offering from SkillShare. 

This is the shortest choice on our list and is the ideal introduction to DJing if you’re looking for something brief that will familiarize you with all the essentials. 

One unique thing about How to DJ 101 is that it ends with a class project, where you get the chance to put into practice all the content that you have just learnt by creating a 15-30 minute mix. 

What you will learn:

  • What DJs actually do 
  • Organizing your music library 
  • How to mix 
  • Mixer FX
  • How to record DJ mixes 
  • How to pick the next track 
  • Improving your DJ skills 


  • Gives a quick overview of key steps, ideal for beginners
  • Includes a project where you can demonstrate what you’ve learnt
  • Delves into the basics of what DJing actually is 
  • The teacher clearly has taught a lot before 
  • Clear instructions and step-by-step guidance


  • Very basic and could cover more on transitions and other skills 
  • Not very long (you might see this as a pro) 

Best for: Beginners, particularly those who aren’t entirely sure if DJing is for them and want a quick overview to see what it's all about. 

Overall: This is a very brief overview of what it means to be a DJ, so if you have the slightest interest in DJing but you aren’t sure whether or not it's for you, this course is ideal. The key facts are all here and you even have a chance to complete a mix of your very own to show off what you’ve learnt. 

9. Learn How to DJ With the Wu-Tang Clan (Udemy) 

Learn how to DJ Wu Tang Clan

Platform: Udemy | Teachers: DJ Symphony | Course length: 7 hours of on-demand video. 

You might see the Wu-Tang Clan in the title of our penultimate course and think this is a MasterClass offering, but it's actually brought to you by Udemy!

The Wu-Tang Clan are one of the biggest and most influential groups in hip-hop, and the decks have been a key part of their sound from the very beginning. 

DJ Symphony breaks down his opinion of the most fundamental things you need to know when it comes to mastering the art of DJing. 

What you will learn:

  • Understanding the turntable wheel and fader 
  • How to use your headphones 
  • Understanding song structure and counting bars 
  • Mixing and transitioning 
  • Using equalizers and cue points 
  • Understanding loops and mashups
  • When to talk 
  • Scratching techniques 
  • How to record 
  • Contracts and marketing yourself 


  • Led by a world-class and enthusiastic DJ 
  • Comprehensive and designed to see you progress 
  • Focused on hip hop 
  • Combines technical elements with performance 
  • Lessons on working as a DJ in the industry 
  • Very direct in what it teaches
  • Wu-Tang Clan!


  • Could cover the basics a little more
  • Mainly focused on one genre

Best for: Beginner to intermediate DJs looking to improve on both the technical and performance aspects. DJs who are interested specifically in hip-hop will feel at home in this course. 

Overall: This is a fantastic course for anyone interested in DJing specifically within the hip-hop genre. DJ Symphony is a legend in the rap and DJing world and therefore makes the ideal instructor. There is a wide range of topics covered, from technical exercises, to performance, to making it as a DJ. 

10. deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production

deadmau5 MasterClass

Platform: MasterClass | Teachers: deadmau5 | Course length: 23 video lessons, totalling 5 hours and 24 minutes

When it comes to DJing, few names are bigger than deadmau5, so classes from the Canadian DJ and producer will be a dream for any DJ or anyone interested in EDM. 

The reason deadmau5 is ranked lower than the other MasterClass options is that Armin van Buuren’s course is a little longer and more comprehensive, and Questlove is focused on DJing specifically. 

However, there is still a lot of great stuff to learn here. And don’t forget, with a MasterClass subscription you have the chance to enjoy all three. 

What you will learn:

  • Both theory and practice behind deadmau5’s process of making a track
  • How to develop a melody, and then transform this into an arrangement 
  • deadmau5’s guide to modular and digital synths
  • Structuring beats and songs in EDM
  • How deadmau5 mixes and masters his tracks 
  • What it’s like to work in the music industry, and how to break into that world 
  • All the intricacies of a deadmau5 live show


  • Great coverage of electronic music production
  • deadmau5 knows his stuff and is a treasure trove of insight
  • A rare, honest take on working in the music industry 
  • A mix of technical examples and broader advice 
  • Excellently shot, with a wonderful production value 
  • Each lesson and the class as a whole is well structured 


  • The course content isn’t as unique 
  • Light on clear explanation at points
  • The performance advice might’ve been illuminated with actual performance examples

Best for: people with established but still quite intermediate knowledge of how electronic music production works. A lot of the tips here feel like they are aimed at those who are just starting. deadmau5 fanatics will also gain a lot from the hours of well-executed content.

Overall: Although the content isn’t as unique, the production quality of the lessons and certain nuggets of information makes this course worth the price, especially for beginners. Ultimately, what you gain from this will depend on what you expect from a deadmau5 MasterClass.  

Read our full deadmau5 MasterClass review.

What are the advantages of taking an online DJing course?

DJing was quite an elusive hobby to get into for many years. This wasn’t only due to the limited technology and equipment, but also because not many people had many DJs in their local area 

But with the dawn of the internet, you can now become an excellent DJ in your own time and from your own home. 

Although some in the community are skeptical about online learning, there are many proven benefits.

These include: 

  • Access to top DJs from all around the world 
  • You can learn when you like and fit everything around your schedule 
  • You can combine different platforms with in-person teaching to achieve your personal goals
  • There’s access to endless additional materials
  • It's easier to understand the equipment required
  • The skill will stay with you for life 
  • Your general musicianship will improve 
  • Learning a new skill is great for engaging the brain and, with DJing in particular, developing coordination
  • A development of technique

Buyers guide: what to look out for

online DJ course buyers guide

With so many choices, it can be hard to know what to look out for when selecting the best option for you.

So here’s a helpful buyers guide to look out for: 

  • Positive reviews and feedback from both users and sites like Learnopoly 
  • The credentials of the instructor 
  • How long the course is and what each lesson will teach you 
  • Any additional materials 
  • What kind of style does the course focus on 
  • How many people are enrolled 
  • Is there any free trial or refund available? 

A DJ course aimed at beginners should teach you a combination of technical aspects (beatmatching, transitioning, cueing etc.) and performance. The best classes will also teach you how to DJ with wider reference to musical concepts. 

If you're advanced, you’ll have a better idea of what to look for based on your experiences and whatever gaps you feel there are in your knowledge. 

How much does it cost?

The costs listed here vary massively and will depend largely on how much content is offered and the credentials of your instructor. 

Courses on this list range anywhere from $17.99 to $745.

However, you shouldn’t take these costs at face value. You will also need to consider how much content you're paying for, whether you’ll need extra equipment and who your instructor is. 

Some sites will price and sell their courses individually, whilst others offer a subscription service. Which one is better will depend on your personal preference. 

For example, the benefit of a subscription site like MasterClass is that your subscription will grant you access to a range of different classes.

However, a site like Udemy selling individually means that the courses themselves are often on sale and can be available for much cheaper. 

Also, many sites offer free trials and samples. For example, DJCourse Online offers previews of some of its content and MasterClass offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Don’t forget, most courses will specify what equipment is required to complete their lessons on the home page, so you’ll have to factor that in as well. 

How long does it take to learn how to DJ?

Online DJ courses

Again, it varies massively. 

The courses here can take anywhere from 1 hour 25 minutes to 3 months to complete. 

But these numbers are pretty arbitrary. 

Firstly, this is because the nature of online learning means you can consume video content whenever you like. 

You can watch a course all in one sitting or watch it in 10-minute instalments over a very long period. 

The choice is yours and will depend on how quickly you want to progress and what your schedule looks like. 

You should also consider how much time you're going to allocate to practice. Any new skill will require you to go over whatever you’ve learnt in your time in order to properly retain the information. 

The more you practice, the likelier it is you’ll progress faster. So do allocate some practice time into your expectations for how quickly you want to master the decks. 


best online DJ courses

So those were our picks for the best online DJ course. 

Our top choice is How to Become a DJ, which is offered by Udemy.

We chose this one because it provides all the essential information about DJing for beginners in succinct and understandable lessons that will provide you with a strong foundation in the instrument. 

If you’re looking for content that has a celebrity flair, then definitely check out MasterClass

This site provides classes taught by world-renowned experts with a really high production value. Plus, because it's a subscription site, there’s no limit to the topics and disciplines you can study. Which means you can take Armin van Buuren, Questlove and deadmau5’s MasterClasses one after the other!

Armin van Buuren’s MasterClass is more of a rounded view of dance music, whereas Questlove’s MasterClass focuses on the music cultivation aspect. 

You might also want to consider a site that focuses specifically on teaching, in which case our top choice is How to DJ: MasterClass, provided by DJCourses Online, which you can actually preview for free. 

Overall, we’ve aimed to provide you with a range of options at differing prices and skill levels in order for you to find the DJ course that can give you what you’re looking for.

Hopefully, this has given you a clearer idea about how to use online courses to master the art of DJing. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the best online DJ course?

Our top pick is How to Become a DJ by Udemy. This is because it provides key information about getting started clearly and understandably.

How much does a DJ course cost?

The courses in this list range from just $17.99 to $745.

How long do DJ courses take?

The courses here can take anywhere from 1 hour 25 minutes to 3 months to complete.

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