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Founded in 2006, nurtures children's education from pre-K through 8th grade. To date, it boasts over 40 million users, with 10,000 new members each day.

Whether you’re a student, teacher, or parent, provides further learning in line with standard curricula. The platform also equips itself with a range of tools to keep learning engaging and fun every step of the way.

But is worth the hype? What are’s best resources for students, teachers, and parents? Can I learn for free? And what other features does it have?

In this review, I’ll answer these questions and more. To give you a fully-informed view of the site, I’ve explored for myself. I’ve also gathered opinions from different users to gain a fair impression.

So, to begin, here are some basics:


Quick summary


  • Learning Library with worksheets, games, and guided lessons
  • Parent, student, and teacher profiles
  • Digital resources developed by educational experts
  • Viewable progress tracker
  • Lesson plans for teachers


  • Interactive digital tools in line with leading practice
  • Customizable learning plans and progress trackers
  • 20,000+ worksheets and exercises
  • Additional games and songs


  • Lacks the social element of in-person teaching
  • Can be difficult to navigate

Best for: was designed for pre-K – 8th grade students and aims to deliver top digital learning. It also offers teacher and parent accounts so you can create lesson plans, monitor progress, and address problems.

Cost: There is a free basic version and an all access subscription from $9.99 per month. Check for latest prices.

Overall: Even compared to the amount of kids’ online learning out there, hosts the most varied and up-to-date exercises to engage children. All resources are developed by experts and can be used at home or in the classroom.

In this review, I’ll cover:

  • What is and who are its instructors?
  • How does work and how much does it cost?
  • free trial
  • What an class is like
  • Best courses
  • What I liked and thought could be improved
  • Who is for and whether you can buy it as a gift
  • How to find the best courses on
  • Is worth it?
  • FAQs

With that said, let’s get started.

What is

What is is an online learning platform designed to aid children's learning from pre-K through 8th grade. With student, teacher, and parent accounts, you can monitor students’ progress and find the right resources for their needs.

Because you can connect accounts, you can even join using a classroom code. So, whether you’re a teacher or parent, you can be involved in students’ learning every step of the way.

What sets apart is how advanced it is. The site goes beyond simple lesson plans and has expanded into worksheets, songs, games, and even a progress tracker.

Because of this, makes it easy to see which topics need further attention. And, because of’s leading technology, it even recommends content based on individual learning needs.

How does work?

how works

As mentioned, caters to students or parents/teachers overseeing children’s education. For each grade, you’ll find around 1,000 worksheets, 30+ games, and 20+ science projects.

To set up an account, simply click the ‘Sign Up’ button in the top right corner. You’ll then be prompted to choose your account type, select your age, and choose the relevant grade(s). sign up screen

While you can access a finite number of free resources, upgrading to a premium subscription is the best way to get the most out of With membership, you gain unlimited access to the site’s learning library and over 20,000 worksheets.

However, in contrast to other sites that follow a set curriculum, offers resources that aid primary learning. So, you can mix and match lesson plans to create the best learning experience for your student and delve in and out of games, worksheets, and other materials.’s subjects include:

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Although you choose your preferred grade(s), you can also filter by grade and subject. This is helpful for teachers with different classes, as well as students who may be further ahead/behind in some subjects. user screen

You can even access a handy ‘Skills Progression’ page, which allows you to see where your student should be. This ensures you can address any problem areas and is also a useful landing page for studying!

How much does cost?

You can use as a free resource or as part of a monthly/annual subscription (Premium). The free version is basic, offering three samples a month (such as a game, worksheet, or song).

With a subscription, you gain unlimited access to all of’s features, which includes a library of over 36,000 resources. I’ve broken down the subscription types and costs below:

Free Version

Making an account on is free, and you can even gain access via a classroom code if your child’s teacher also uses the site. However, the free version is limited to three samples per month.

Monthly Subscription

With regular discounts and promotions,’s subscriptions can be a lot less than the prices advertised. However, at the time of writing, a monthly subscription costs $15.99/month.

Annual Subscription

The best value for money, an annual subscription will set you back only $9.99/month (billed annually). Again, this subscription grants unlimited access to the site’s award-winning syllabus.

School Accounts

As well as individual subscriptions, offers its services to schools. You can request a quote for this, but this is usually charged at $150/teacher/year. free trial

With sign-up free, you can also browse and use limited resources without being charged. However, because this is capped at three samples per month, it isn’t enough to cover a curriculum.

That being said, sampling resources does give you a feel for the platform. Plus, because samples cover all of’s resources, it’s worth trying everything to see what your student gets the most out of.

What an lesson is like

Unlike other e-learning sites, doesn’t follow a set format. Instead, you can mix and match a range of resources, like games, videos, sing-alongs, and worksheets. 

Because of this, it’s hard to pinpoint what a lesson is like. However, from’s library, you can expect:

  • Digital and printable resources in all topics
  • Ready-made lesson plans with diagrams, learning aims, and more
  • Educational games by Brainzy, such as equation puzzles
  • DIY activities such as science experiments, crafts, and writing prompts

Best courses

As mentioned, doesn’t follow the standard course format you get with other sites. Instead, you customize a learning plan through games, worksheets, lessons, etc.

But, to give you a more concrete idea of what to expect, here are my top resources in each category:

  • Worksheet: Letter Quiz | Pre-K –1st Grade
  • Game: Flipping Pancakes Fractions | 3rd – 5th Grade
  • Guided lesson: Comparing Information | Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
  • Lesson plan: The Life Cycle of a Butterfly | Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Of course, the best course depends on your grade, age, and skill level. That being said, as’s subscription gives you access to all resources, there’s nothing to stop you from going above and beyond your current level!

So, here are my mini reviews for the top resources:


Letter Quiz | Pre-K – 1st Grade worksheet

Grade: Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade (Reading & Writing)

Learn: How to recognize and match upper and lower case letters. This is a quiz-style worksheet for young learners revising their alphabet and developing early literacy skills.

Includes: Two pages of letter-recognition content with answer key and list of aligned standards.

Best for: Early learners aged 3-7 who are beginning to recognize and match letters. also recommends follow-on content, such as further alphabet-learning.

Missing Numbers: 1-100 | Kindergarten – 1st Grade number worksheet

Grade: Kindergarten & First Grade (Math)

Learn: Number sequences from 1-100, reinforcing pattern recognition and understanding of orders. This is an interactive worksheet that tests students’ understandings and also lays the groundwork for future counting lessons.

Includes: Fill-in-the gap style questions, answer key, list of aligned standards, plus further learning paths.

Best for: Early learners aged 3-7. This worksheet shows students the progress of numbers up to 100 and is suited to Kindergarten/First Grade learners.


Flipping Pancakes Fractions | 3rd-5th Grade fractions worksheet

Grade: Third & Fifth Grade (Math)

Learn: Simple fraction revision through a fun, instruction-based game. This game is cooking-inspired and helps keep students engaged within a timed setting.

Includes: Interactive food-themed game. You or your student flip the correct amount of pancakes according to the equation given. Like many of’s games, this is against the clock and records your score.

Best for: Students ages 8-11. This game is specifically designed to suit 3rd – 5th grade core learning.

Jumpy: Find the Multiples | 4th Grade

math worksheet

Grade: Fourth Grade (Math)

Learn: Reinforcement of multiples by answering questions to unlock levels. This game tests students’ understanding of basic multiplication through a navigation-style game.

Includes: Fourth-grade level questions on factors and multiples, fun race-style format, Common Core State Standards, and score recording.

Best for: 9-10 year olds who are studying multiplication at fourth-grade level.

Guided lesson

Comparing Information | Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

English worksheet

Grade: Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade (Early Literacy)

Learn: How to read sentences fluidly by connecting words and recognizing spaces. You’ll review Kindergarten – 2nd grade vocabulary through stories, questions, and visual cues.

Includes: Interactive storytime, picture-word matching, and guided lesson goals. This lesson also includes a mixture of fiction and non-fiction, so your young learner gets a range of comprehension experience.

Best for: Children aged 3-8. This guided lesson was put together for children who are beginning to form words and gain reading fluency.

The Three Little Pigs | Pre-K story worksheet

Grade: Pre-K (Early Literacy)

Learn: How to read and understand printed letters. This guided lesson focuses on ‘P’, ‘N’ and ‘W’ to give learners a reference point for their comprehension.

Includes: Interactive story with visual and audio references to reinforce letter sounds. There are also five printable learning activities, along with a reading game, further video content, and visual puzzles.

Best for: 3-5 year-olds who are beginning to learn the alphabet and form letters. This guided lesson immerses the student in a fun narrative world and breaks down a familiar childhood story.

Lesson plan

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly | Kindergarten-1st Grade biology worksheet

Grade: Kindergarten & First Grade (Science)

Learn: How to identify text and retell key details, identify a butterfly’s life cycle, and fill in KWL charts to the learning aims.

Includes: This life science lesson plan includes diagrams, definitions, KWL charts, and even a song, along with step-by-step guidance for parents/teachers. At the bottom of this lesson plan, you’ll also find related content to line up for your next class.

Best for: 3-7 year-olds beginning to learn about basic life science. This lesson plan focuses on identifying key words and relating them to the butterfly’s life cycle.

Using Word Parts to Determine the Meaning of Words | 5th-6th Grade

worksheet for

Grade: Fifth & Sixth Grade (Reading & Writing)

Learn: How to determine words’ meanings by identifying word parts. You’ll also gain an understanding of what different word parts are, common examples, and how they’re used.

Includes: Full lesson plan for students/teachers, helpful charts and example word parts, definitions, and guessing games.

Best for: 10-12 year-olds with age-relevant literacy skills who are ready to break words down into smaller parts. This lesson plan features examples, definitions, and useful tricks to help you analyze a word for its meaning.

Who are’s instructors?

Unlike other e-learning sites, curates all of its lessons and games in partnership with educational experts. It’s also worth noting that these are also to common core standards (you can find these listed on the landing page of each resource).

How I reviewed

In order to provide a well-rounded view of, I immersed myself fully in the platform. I checked out all of its features and even explored the different account options to see what the site had to offer.

As well as this, I also sought after people’s experiences – both good and bad – to present a fair view of the platform. I wanted to see how was best used and whether it could be an adequate substitute for live learning.

What I liked about

Interactive digital tools in line with leading practice

In contrast to other sites with largely video- or text-based learning, stands out by recognizing and catering to how children best learn. With this in mind, the platform offers a range of resources to keep children engaged with their learning materials. 

Importantly, all of’s teachings are in line with leading practices and USA Common Core State Standards (plus TEKS, SOL, and NGSS). These practices are also aligned with Canadian and Australian Performance Standards.

Customizable learning plans and progress trackers offers thousands of learning plans and guided lessons to help you best educate your little one(s). These plans set out lesson aims in line with grade standards and introduce a range of activities to reinforce learning.

As an added bonus, features a progress tracker for each student. This makes it easy to see where students are excelling and where they could use a little work.

Not to mention, because’s technology tracks all completed lessons and student progress, it will recommend relevant resources to help your student meet their needs.

20,000+ worksheets and exercises

The high volume of resources is another feature that sets aside from other sites. Whether you’re homeschooling your child, tutoring, or even using materials within the classroom, you’ll never run out of supplies to use.

Plus, because all of these resources are developed in line with educational experts and to relevant standards, you know that they don’t skimp on quality.

Additional games and songs to support learning

Many of us learn best through active and dynamic learning. not only accommodates this through guided lessons and learning paths, but also through games and songs.

By making teaching feel like playtime, keeps learning interesting and engaging. With over 800 games to choose from, students can also take learning beyond the classroom and into leisure time.

What could be improved

Lacks a social learning element

One downside of is that it lacks the social element you get with other platforms. Instead of a virtual teacher or live chat, resources are 100% teacher-free.

For some, this can be a bonus. If you’re a homeschooling parent, you can take learning into your own hands. Also, it means you can learn flexibly rather than having to meet a schedule.

That being said, the chance to meet new teachers, parents, and children, is usually a pro for many. So, it’s a shame that doesn’t host any virtual events. However, it is designed partly for in-school teaching, so many of the lesson plans can be delivered live.

Site can be difficult to navigate

While has an impressive volume of resources, finding the right ones can be tricky. Beyond searching by grade and subject, you also need to narrow down resources by type – else you’ll end up with the whole library of 36,000+ materials!

With multiple headings and subheadings in each topic, it can be difficult to know where to start. So, something like a navigation key or suggested starter content might be a way to make the process less daunting.

Who is for?

With three profile types, sets out its target audience clearly. However, you might be approaching the website from different contexts. 

So, to break it down, is best suited for:

  • Children who are struggling in certain areas or are being homeschooled
  • Parents who are educating their children themselves or supplementing outside learning
  • Teachers who are looking for full lesson plans and resources to liven up the classroom

Can I buy as a gift?

Yes, you can buy as a gift here. At the time of writing, you can buy either a one-month, three-month, six-month, or 12-month subscription.

Tips to find the best courses courses screen

Because of the different teaching supplies available, it can be hard to narrow searches down. That being said, there are ways to make the process simpler, including:

  • Filtering by resource type such as guided lesson or plan
  • Exploring content by grade, subject, or sub-topic
  • Sorting results by popularity, relevance, or upload date

Is legit?

While has mixed reviews, it’s certainly a legitimate website. Despite the free version being limited, you can access three samples from any section and download/print this for personal use.

Although covers state-level curricula, it doesn’t set this out through a definitive one-stop course. Instead, parents/teachers mix and match learning activities to supplement teaching or create a homeschool environment.

For teachers, offers plenty of helpful worksheets to help save on lesson-planning time and to keep learning engaging for young students. This is also a great resource for parents who are homeschooling their children or tutoring them in addition to their usual schooling. refund

Currently, has a 7-day risk-free period. This means that you can apply for a refund within the first week of subscribing to get your money back in full. You can exercise this by contacting alternatives

With the amount of e-learning platforms coming out each year, it’s no wonder that there are now hundreds of resources for children and adults alike. Plus, with the amount of competition out there, each site needs something special to set them apart.

One alternative to is Outschool. In comparison to, Outschool offers live video content with over 10,000 active teachers. All teachers are vetted and some even specialize in neurodivergent learners, test prep, and other languages.

Because Outschool charges per lesson, these can work out more expensive than an subscription, so it’s worth bearing this in mind when choosing between the two. Unlike, though, Outschool does offer a more social element through live video chats.

That being said, Outschool is still only one alternative. Another viable option for young learners is Varsity Tutors. A 1-1-based platform, Varsity Tutors focuses on individual student needs, including getting them test-ready.

As you’d imagine, each of these options has pros and cons, with some focusing on a wider curriculum, and others honing in on particular subjects. So, it’s worth browsing these options and making the most of any free resources before making a choice. reviews: what others have said

My aim here is to present the fairest view of out there. In order to do this, I’ve scoured the Internet to see what other students, parents, and teachers thought of the site. I’ve also gone beyond to get a more unbiased review on sites like Reddit. has mixed reviews online, but these generally lean toward the positive. Most of the negative reviews I saw related to auto-renewal payment, which is the default payment option and can be turned off.

Aside from this, some users found the website difficult to navigate, especially with the amount of sub-topics and filter options:

You have to do a lot of filtering to get what you actually want. It’s too time consuming to find what you need’ – Comment from Trustpilot
My school has a shared subscription. The sort and filter system they have is not that easy to use. The sheets and lesson plans are pretty good. There were not too many that were useful for me (5th grade math and human biology in a religious school), but the ones I clicked on seemed like they would be good if it was what I taught’ – Comment from Reddit

Despite this drawback, most agreed that the resources were helpful and diverse, making learning a lot more fun for youngsters:

We used as paid members for a year. It was worth it to me for that time. The kids liked doing the games, and I was able to use the worksheets on there to make some smaller courses that we needed’ – Reddit review 
It’s got a lot of options. Last year I homeschooled 4 kids with a newborn, and mostly managed OK. [...] It has a lot of games that help the kids manage on their own, plus reams of worksheets you can print off and assign, or full projects. I really like the lesson plans – they made me feel like a real teacher’ – Reddit review 
I use (paid), and it really helps me. It has full lesson plans and a lot of content’ – Comment from Reddit


Features: 36,000+ digital resources, pre-K through 8th grade education, meets Common Core State Standards, built by educational experts, 30+ games and 20+ science projects.

Content quality: Huge volume of content from worksheets, videos, games, and songs, to guided lesson plans, exercises, and stories.

Content breadth: Learning in line with state standards (USA, Canada, and Australia) in Math, Science, and English.

Teachers: All learning content is developed in line with educational experts and is largely by and for teachers.

Supporting materials: Downloadable and printable resources along with Q&A sections and related recommendations.

Payments and refunds: costs between $9.99 and $15.99/month depending on your subscription. There is also a 7-day risk-free period, which allows you to get a refund if you are not satisfied within this time.

Support: You can reach staff through their ‘Contact Us’ page or via email at

How to open an account

Opening an account is free and easy to do. Simply click the ‘Sign Up’ button in the top right corner, followed by the account type:

how works

From here, fill in your contact details and information about your learner(s). After this, you can browse the site and sample three free resources per month. To subscribe, press the ‘Try Premium’ option in the top right of your screen and follow the prompts to complete your subscription.

Is worth it?

The way I see it, an premium subscription is the best way to get consistent results through the website. While three samples a month are a good way to trial the platform, it isn’t enough to sustain long-term or even short-term learning.

If you’re a teacher, the volume of resources is invaluable and will save you time and money compared to using less reliable or unvetted sites. Plus, depending on how many classes you teach, you’ll more than likely need a range of resources across topics and grades. This makes the unlimited access subscription a no-brainer!

Plus, if you are approaching as a teacher, you can even bring up the idea of a school subscription to your relevant contact. If you work in a larger school, the value for money is unbeatable and works out even better the more teachers use it.

As a parent, whether it’s for homeschooling or extra tutoring, even a month’s subscription means you can access a wealth of material to help your child get ahead in their learning journey.

So, if you’re hoping to use the platform regularly to get the most out of it (either as part of your job or your own child’s education), subscribing to is a worthy investment. frequently asked questions

How much does cost?

A monthly subscription to currently costs $15.99. However, the best value for money is the annual subscription, which works out at $9.99/month. There are also quotes available for school subscriptions.

Does have a refund policy?

Yes, has a 7-day refund policy regardless of subscription type.

How many courses are there on

While doesn’t have set courses (you create your own lessons from the materials or follow a guided lesson/plan), the site currently boasts over 36,000 learning resources.

Does have a free trial? does not have a free trial, but it does have a free option that allows you three samples per month. 

What languages is available in?

At the time of writing, is English only.

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