Best YouTube Courses 

by Charlie Saville

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Since it was founded back in 2005, YouTube has gone on to become a household name across the world. With 2.1 billion monthly active users, it’s the biggest video-sharing site and one of the biggest websites in general across the internet. 

Some YouTubers have gone on to become some of the most recognisable faces on the web. But how can you get started with YouTube? Is it possible to learn?

I’ve spent some time researching YouTube classes and I’m here to share with you the top ten best YouTube courses on the internet. 

In this article, I’ll not only share the very best YouTube classes the internet has to offer; I’ll also be describing the cost and length of courses, the advantages of a YouTube course and a buyer’s guide on what to look out for. 

Let’s get started. 

What is the best online YouTube course?

These are our top YouTube course recommendations:

  1. YouTube success: Script, shoot and edit with MKBHD (Skillshare)
  2. YouTube Academy 2023: Complete beginner to pro step-by-step (Udemy)
  3. Build a fanbase on YouTube (Creative Live)
  4. Developing a YouTube strategy (LinkedIn Learning)
  5. Video editing with Final Cut Pro X – From beginner to YouTuber (Skillshare)
  6. Creating and managing a YouTube channel (LinkedIn Learning) 
  7. Complete YouTube course: Audio and video production at home (Udemy)
  8. YouTube for beginners – How to start and grow your YouTube channel (Skillshare) 
  9. YouTube success: Build an authentic channel that’s worth the follow (Skillshare) 
  10. Make compelling videos that go viral with Marques Brownlee (MasterClass)

How I made my choices

My top pick is definitely YouTube success: Script, shoot and edit with MKBHD. This course is a great introduction to getting started with YouTube. 

Through comprehensive content, high-quality videos and an instructor who is wildly successful with over 16 million subscribers, you will get a very strong foundation in how YouTube functions and how you make the most of your channel. 

You will learn how to script, set up, film, edit and think like a worldclass YouTuber. MKBHD has grown his channel to become one of the biggest names in tech YouTube and here he shows you exactly how he did it. 

The course is offered by Skillshare, which also offers more specific classes on YouTube channels, such as Video editing with Final Cut Pro X – From beginner to YouTuber

As SkillShare is a subscription service, you can access all of their content for a monthly fee, including both of these courses. 

This is a great option if you’re interested in the general running of a YouTube channel, as well as more specific elements such as video and audio production. 

However, if you’re looking for just a single course on YouTube, Udemy has you covered as they price their courses individually and these classes often end up on sale. My top pick from Udemy is YouTube Academy 2023: Complete beginner to pro step-by-step

See also our article, best videography courses.

Best YouTube course reviews

1. YouTube success: Script, shoot and edit with MKBHD (Skillshare)

Udemy YouTube success course

Platform: Skillshare | Teachers: Marques Brownlee | Course length: 1 hour and 14 minutes 

This is probably the most popular, acclaimed and talked about online YouTube class. 

With 70,000+ students and 92% saying the class met or exceeded their expectations, this class is easily Skillshare’s most successful YouTube course. It’s led by Marques Brownlee, whose channel, MKBHD, has over 16 million subscribers. 

However, this would still be my top pick, even without all of the stats. It puts a real emphasis on creating videos without any prior experience and putting your own spin on things. Which is what YouTube is all about. 

Finally, it’s offered by Skillshare, a subscription site. This means that you pay a monthly fee to access all of Skillshare’s courses. Skillshare appears a couple of times on this list, so a subscription may be worth considering if this course, plus a few others, appeal to you. 

You will learn how to:

  • Research 
  • Write your script
  • Plan your visuals 
  • Hook the audience 
  • Shoot the video 
  • Edit sequences 
  • Publish your video 
  • Grow your channel 


  • Led by an experienced YouTuber who grew their channel from scratch 
  • Covers all the basics in easily digestible chunks 
  • Allows you to master YouTube rapidly with just over an hour of content 
  • High production quality 
  • Doesn’t require any prior knowledge 
  • Provides insight into the benefits of a YouTube channel
  • Offers you a glimpse of the day-to-day life of a successful YouTuber 
  • Can be taken in conjunction with other Skillshare YouTube courses 


  • Sometimes feels geared more towards advanced YouTubers with larger followings rather than beginners 

Best for: Those who value learning from someone with experience and what an insight into the inner workings of a successful YouTube channel 

Overall: MKBHD is one of the most successful YouTube channels in the tech world. Comparing its output now to videos made over 10 years ago is testament to Marques Brownlee’s dedication and knowledge about how YouTube works. So, if you want insight into how MKBHD works now and what it took for the channel to grow to where it is, this is for you. A very inspiring class to take if you’re interested in YouTube but have no idea how to get started. 

2. YouTube Academy 2023: Complete beginner to pro step-by-step (Udemy)

YouTube Academy Udemy

Platform: Udemy | Teachers: Dan Britain | Course length: 5.5 hours 

Like SkillShare, Udemy offers courses in a wide range of disciplines. However, here each course is sold separately, meaning you only purchase the content from a specific class. 

Udemy courses are often on sale, meaning you can access them for cheaper than the original price. This might be a better option if you’re only interested in taking on one course at a time. 

With over 90,000 students and a 4.5-star rating from over 2,000 reviews, this is easily Udemy’s most popular and acclaimed YouTube course. It’s led by Dan Britain, a video production expert who is now a YouTube consultant with over 130,000 students on Udemy. 

You will learn: 

  • YouTube fundamentals 
  • Planning 
  • Equipment 
  • Setting up your channel 
  • Finding your way around a studio 
  • Making the perfect video 
  • Filming advice 
  • Live Streaming 
  • Making money 
  • Analytics 


  • Covers all the essentials of a YouTube channel 
  • Led by an instructor experienced in both broader video production and YouTube specifically 
  • Very comprehensive with over five hours of content 
  • Delves into both the creative and analytical side of YouTube 
  • Continuously updated with relevant content 
  • Simple content shown in an interesting and new way 


  • Could be considered a little basic 

Best for: Anyone with absolutely no experience of YouTube who wants a comprehensive introduction to the site. 

Overall: Covers everything you might need to know about starting a YouTube channel, delving into both the creative and analytical elements of beginning and growing your channel. It’s in close second only because SkilllShare’s subscription means you can take other courses alongside the first option. However, if you’re looking for all you need in one place, this is the course for you. 

3. Build a fanbase on YouTube (Creative Live)

CreativeLive build a fan base YouTube course

Platform: CreativeLive | Teachers: Sunny Lenarduzzi | Course length: 2 hours and 43 minutes 

CreativeLive offers courses in a wide range of disciplines, however, the focus is typically on more creative subjects like art, design, music and film. 

YouTube is a space where super creative videos are shared with the whole world. So, in many ways, this is the ideal site to learn from for this topic. 

With 16,000+ students, this is CreativeLive’s most popular YouTube course. It is led by Sunny Lenarduzzi, who has been described as a ‘marketing master’ with 10 years of experience growing social media sites and channels. 

You will learn:

  • How to find your fans
  • Getting 100,000 subscribers in 10 months 
  • Setting up your channel to attract fans 
  • Topics that attract fans 
  • Script and build a fan base
  • Filming for your fans 
  • Editing 
  • Uploading 
  • Sharing 
  • Analyzing success 


  • Very precise and engaging instruction 
  • Led by someone with experience in the social media and marketing world 
  • Combines practical guidance on video production with strategies for growing your audience 
  • Includes bonus resources 
  • In line with the platform, focuses on the creative aspect of YouTube  


  • Might be a little too focused on marketing for some
  • Misses out on emphasizing the benefits of YouTube for sharing your passions

Best for: Anyone interested in growing their audience on YouTube 

Overall: YouTube is a place where users get to interact and sharing video content with as many people as possible is at the top of the agenda for many YouTubers. This course uses advice from the marketing world, combined with practical tips on video production, to show you how to expand your audience and share your videos with as many people as possible. 

4. Developing a YouTube strategy (LinkedIn Learning)

Developing a YouTube strategy LInkedIn Learning

Platform: LinkedIn Learning | Teachers: Ash Blodgett | Course length: 37 minutes and 46 seconds 

For many, YouTube may not seem associated with the world of business in an obvious way. However, some creators can and have made very profitable content and consider YouTube a career option full-time. 

Understanding the more commercial aspect of YouTube is important for anyone who wants to take it seriously. And, as the education wing of the biggest corporate network online, LinkedIn Learning is the ideal place to do just that. 

This course is LinkedIn Learning’s biggest YouTube course, with over 12,000 students and a whopping 4.7-star rating. 

You will learn: 

  • How to create consistent content 
  • Viral vs. audience building content 
  • Quality vs. quantity 
  • Create a format for your videos 
  • Research your competition 
  • Optimize your search 
  • Planning out your content and release schedule 
  • Social media promotion 
  • Having a website 


  • Easy to follow 
  • Very clear presentation and teaching style 
  • Led by someone experienced in the film industry, offering a unique perspective 
  • Includes a certificate of completion
  • Helps beginners to understand the analytical side of YouTube 
  • Has a business focus whilst maintaining the importance of creative 


  • Quite short and could use more information  

Best for: Those interested in consistently growing their YouTube channel and developing a strategy for doing so 

Overall: Like any project, a YouTube channel requires professional skills in time management, organizing, audience research and more if you want to make it a success. So, learning about YouTube from a site focused on the professional world like LinkedIn actually makes a lot of sense. This course covers how to develop your YouTube channel from scratch with a very clear introduction from someone who has a wealth of experience in video production.   

5. Video editing with Final Cut Pro X – From beginner to YouTuber (Skillshare)

Video Editing for YouTube Skillshare

Platform: Skillshare | Teachers: Ali Abdaal | Course length: 3 hours and 16 minutes 

Here, we return to Skillshare. But this time the course is focused much more specifically on video editing, an essential skill to master for any YouTuber. 

This class has 52,000+ with 86% saying that it met or exceeded their expectations. 

It’s led by Ali Abdaal, who studied medicine at Cambridge University and worked as a doctor before switching to YouTube full-time. His channel has 3+ million subscribers and focuses on providing various strategies for well-being, entrepreneurship and productivity. 

Anyone who has seen one of Ali’s videos (and I recommend you check them out) will know that they have very high production quality and are super well edited. So he is the ideal instructor for a course on video editing for YouTube. 

You will learn to:

  • Appreciate the resources of Final Cut Pro X, libraries and organization, and the anatomy of the final cut 
  • Sync external audio 
  • Create a new project 
  • Speed up the playbook 
  • Use keyboard shortcuts 
  • Understand the philosophy of pauses 
  • Assembe the A-cut 
  • Save time with markers 
  • Use basic and full screen transition titles 
  • Add images
  • Use iPhone and desktop screen recording 
  • Use Animated handwriting with iPad 
  • Add background music and sound effects
  • Use Limiter and EQ 
  • Color grade 
  • Exporting 


  • Learning from a YouTuber with excellent video editing skills 
  • Comprehensive content, covering production, editing, audio and more 
  • Includes a hands-on class project 
  • Systematic and structured, gradually building on your knowledge 
  • Broken in to easily digestible smaller videos 
  • Includes a practical example of Ali’s video to illuminate each new concept 


  • Instructor speaks quite fast  
  • Content can be learnt elsewhere (but here it’s all in one place)

Best for: Anyone interested in adding a professional flair to how they edit their YouTube videos, particularly those who enjoy and want to replicate Ali’s style 

Overall: Ali Abdaal learnt how to edit videos through trial and error whilst studying medicine at Cambridge. This is the course he wishes he had at that time. Here, Ali shows you all his tips and tricks for using Final Cut Pro X, giving you all of the essential insights. Ali’s videos are super professional and have allowed his channel to grow rapidly, so if you’re interested in doing the same for your channel, consider this course. 

6. Creating and managing a YouTube channel (LinkedIn Learning) 

YouTube channel strategy course

Platform: LinkedIn Learning | Teachers: Richard Harrington | Course length: 3 hours and 10 minutes 

The second LinkedIn Learning option is a little less popular than the first, with just over 8,000 users. However, it has a 4.8-star rating with 81% of reviews giving it 5 stars. 

The course is led by Richard Harrington, who is an expert in digital video and photography with an interest in AI. 

The combination of video and technology is what YouTube is all about, so in some ways, this is a match made in heaven. 

You will learn: 

  • An overview of YouTube channels 
  • Understanding Google ID’s and other accounts 
  • Creating a YouTube channel 
  • Creating video artwork 
  • Uploading content 
  • Using playlists, stations, navigation 
  • Improving videos with cards and captions 
  • Editing YouTube videos 
  • Building a community 


  • Very clear and easy to follow 
  • Covers the basics and is helpful for beginners 
  • Focuses more on the business side of YouTube, making it quite unique 
  • Gives you a good understanding of the inner workings of YouTube 
  • Includes a LinkedIn certificate of completion 
  • Allows for hands-on experience with a class project 


  • Could focus more on how to grow your channel 
  • Some might find it a little basic  

Best for: Absolute beginners looking to get a strong grounding in how YouTube works 

Overall: LinkedIn Learning has a special focus on business, which makes sense given the fact that it is an off-shoot of the most successful corporate networking site in the world. This course is no exception, giving you a strong foundation in setting up and maintaining a YouTube channel from a business perspective. With over 3 hours of content, by the end you’ll have a clear understanding of exactly how YouTube works.  

7. Complete YouTube course: Audio and video production at home (Udemy)

Complete YouTube course

Platform: Udemy | Teachers: Phil Ebiner, Tomas George and Ian Alexander | Course length: 16 hours 

This is the longest course appearing in this article, with a whopping 16 hours of content. So, there’s lots to learn. And given the qualifications of the instructors, it’s sure to be good stuff. 

This course is led by highly qualified audio engineers and music producers Thomas George and instructor Ian Alexander, who combined have over 600,000 students on Udemy, as well as Phil Ebiner, who has an incredible 2.5 million Udemy students and a 4.6-star rating from over 300,000 reviews. 

You will learn:

  • How to record videos on your computer 
  • Improving your video with lighting and backdrops 
  • Improving your video with OBS filters 
  • OBS troubleshooting 
  • Free video editing software 
  • Improving audio in OBS 
  • Audio and video gear
  • Camera settings in-depth with examples 
  • Premier pro essential crash course 
  • Editing tricks and tips 
  • Filming high-quality videos with an iPhone 
  • Using other media to improve live streams


  • Focuses specifically on the technical aspect of video making 
  • Very comprehensive with 16 hours of content 
  • Teaches for a range of different circumstances i.e. shooting on an iPhone 
  • Condenses technical ideas into very straightforward video lessons 
  • Clear and concise teaching from experienced instructors 
  • Detailed approach to a specific software, allowing you to incorporate lots of the advice 


  • Could include more general tips for video editing 
  • Not very structured 

Best for: Those who are interested in the technical and production side of YoutTube but don’t know much about it. 

Overall: Growing a consistent subscriber count requires the audience to appreciate the technical aspects of the output. So this course is very handy if looking and sounding professional matters to you. With 16+ hours of content, you’ll cover everything you need to know to improve your videos. The instructors are super experienced, with over almost 3 million Udemy students between them. 

8. YouTube for beginners – How to start and grow your YouTube channel (Skillshare) 

YouTube for beginners

Platform: Skillshare | Teachers: Ali Abdaal | Course length: 4 hours and 9 minutes 

This is another course led by Ali Abdaal. However, this time, rather than focus on the technical elements of a YouTube channel, Ali will be sharing with you more conceptual ideas about how to grow your channel. 

Starting a YouTube channel can seem like a daunting thing. First of all, you’re putting yourself out there for anyone who has access to the internet to see. It can also be tricky to learn how to use all the cameras and lighting you need to make a top quality.

Ali was once in a similar position and is here to share everything he’s learnt (and wishes he’d known before). 

You will learn: 

  • How to overcome the fear of getting started 
  • Creating an account 
  • Choosing channels videos 
  • Beating perfectionism
  • Scripting videos
  • Filming videos with a phone  
  • Upgrading the camera set-up 
  • Setting up audio and lighting 
  • Shooting your first video and b-roll 
  • Shooting your thumbnail 
  • Editing your footage 
  • Uploading 
  • 6 tips for growing your channel 


  • Covers essential skills 
  • Includes both the creative and technical side of starting a channel 
  • Engaging delivery and informative instruction 
  • Includes a project that allows for hands-on experience 
  • Gives you an insight into the background of a successful YouTuber 
  • Breaks Down myths and mental barriers many hold before they start a YouTube channel 


  • Could do with more in-depth content  

Best for: Beginners who want to learn about both the technical elements of starting out on YouTube, as well as the more creative side. 

Overall: Anyone can be a YouTuber and it’s a great platform for sharing your ideas, skills and hobbies with the rest of the world. However, for many, the task is too daunting to even consider. If that’s you, this course is a wonderful option. Not only does it share technical tips and tricks on getting started but also focuses on the creative side, helping you to come up with ideas and providing you insight into the growth of Ali Abdaal’s channel.  

9. YouTube success: Build an authentic channel that’s worth the follow (Skillshare) 

YouTube success Udemy course

Platform: Skillshare | Teachers: Sorelle Amore | Course length: 55 minutes 

Our penultimate option is yet another offering from Skillshare. Keep in mind, Skillshare is a subscription service, so you can access all of these YouTube courses, plus all of Skillshare’s other classes, for a monthly fee. 

This class is led by Sorelle Amore, who has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube. She is a videographer and photographer, and her channel focuses on lifestyle tips and being ‘free.’ 

This course has over 57,000 students, with 96% of students saying it either met or exceeded their expectations. 

You will learn:

  • How to be worth the follow 
  • Building credibility 
  • Find your niche 
  • Make meaningful messages 
  • Balancing authenticity and beauty 
  • Make a plan 


  • Gives sincere insight into running a successful YouTube channel 
  • Focuses more on the creative/storytelling aspect how important that is for connecting to an audience 
  • Includes lots of examples 
  • Hands-on class project encouraging students to start their own channel 
  • Contains a lot of information, yet is not a long course 
  • The chance for Sorelle to review your channel and give feedback 


  • Could be a little longer 

Best for: People who are interested in starting a YouTube channel, but find that they are limited by the creative, storytelling and organizational side of running a channel 

Overall: When it comes to something like starting a YouTube channel, learning from the experience is really important. With over a million subscribers, Sorelle Amore is brimming with insight into what makes a YouTube channel work. This course is packed with information and focuses more on how to make your channel unique, creative and stand out from the crowd. It is also set apart by the emphasis on class projects and the chance for feedback on your own channel. 

10. Make compelling videos that go viral with Marques Brownlee

Platform: MasterClass | Teachers: Marques Brownlee | Course length: Over 2 hours, plus the length of time it takes for the projects 

The final course on this list is offered by a site we haven’t mentioned before but is led by an instructor we’ve already met. 

MasterClass focuses on providing courses led by celebrities who are respected as outstanding in their particular disciplines. Imagine a cooking course, but taught by Gordon Ramsay or a basketball class led by Steph Curry and you get the idea. 

MasterClass Sessions are shorter courses developed by MasterClass that focus on providing more hands-on lessons that give you a chance to learn as you do a particular task or challenge. 

We’ve already talked about Marques Brownlee’s credentials when it comes to instructing on how YouTube works and, as the leader of this class, he goes into just as much insight as my top pick. 

You Will Learn: 

  • An introduction to content creation 
  • Topic development assessment 
  • Framework checklist 
  • Using cameras from all budgets
  • Lenses 
  • Lighting 
  • Household and hardware lights 
  • Composition 
  • Eyeline communication 
  • Microphones and audio 
  • Voice delivery 
  • B-roll 
  • How to source stock footage 
  • Titaling videos 
  • Creating and sharing final videos 


  • Led by a top super successful YouTuber who understands the game 
  • Lots of hands-on projects, allowing you to learn on the go 
  • Focuses on the practicalities of being a YouTuber, with lots of direct tips 
  • Well structured, taking you through the process of putting together 
  • Very high production quality 
  • The opportunity to submit projects and receive feedback 
  • Applicable to video editing for social media beyond YouTube 


  • Only available at certain times 
  • Not as unique 

Best for: Anybody who wants to understand the technicalities of professional YouTube videos, and enjoys learning through hands-on projects  

Overall: This class covers similar content to the top pick on this list, however, there are a few distinctions. Although both are offered by subscription sites, this is MasterClass’ only YouTube class. So if you’re looking to build your knowledge with a few courses, MasterClass might not be the platform for you. However, this class is unique in its emphasis on hands-on projects, which many enjoy learning from. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which one suits your learning goals. 

What are the advantages of taking an online YouTube course?

Making YouTube videos

Although social media is often decried for wasting people’s time, there are actually many, many benefits to having a YouTube channel. 

Some of these include: 

  • Sharing your ideas with the world 
  • Access to a niche audience or community who share your interests
  • Requires time management and organization; great for honing these skills 
  • Can be a helpful outlet from the stresses of day-to-day life 
  • Good practice for those interested in tv, film and media
  • Helps develop your confidence and find your voice 

These include: 

  • Access to top instructors from YouTube 
  • You can learn when you like and fit everything around your schedule 
  • You can combine different platforms to achieve your personal goals
  • There’s access to endless additional materials
  • The skill will stay with you for life 
  • Your general knowledge of video production and social media will improve 
  • Learning a new skill is great for engaging the brain

Buyers guide: what to look out for

With so many choices, it can be hard to know what to look out for when selecting the best singing course for you.

So here’s a helpful buyers guide to look out for: 

  • Positive reviews and feedback from both users and sites like Learnopoly 
  • The credentials of the instructor 
  • How long the course is and what each lesson will teach you 
  • Any additional materials like workbooks and class projects 
  • What does the course focus on? E.g. video editing, audio, marketing etc. 
  • How many people are enrolled 
  • Is there any free trial or refund available? 

How much does it cost?

Marques Brownlee YouTube course

The cost of a YouTube course will depend on a few factors. One of the major ones is whether the platform is a subscription service, where you get access to all of the content for a monthly or annual sum or a site where courses are sold individually. 

For subscription services, the courses here range from $12 per month to $39.99 a month. This is a better option to consider if you believe you’ll take other courses from the site alongside a YouTube course. 

For example, LinkedIn Learning offers several YouTube courses but also has classes in business leadership, financing and other professional skills. 

Individual courses on this list range from $49.99 to $54.99. This is a better option if you’re only interested in YouTube, and a particular course appeals to you. Additionally, sites like Udemy often have individual courses on sale. 

How long does it take to learn how to become a YouTuber?

Make YouTube video course

The options on this list range from 37 minutes to 16 hours. However, that does not mean it takes 37 minutes to become a YouTuber. There are other factors you’ll need to account for. 

Firstly, everybody learns at their own pace. Setting up a YouTube channel requires a lot of different skills and proficiencies, including cinematography, audio, knowing your audience and much more. 

With so much to learn, you might find one aspect of setting up a YouTube channel will come easier to you, whereas other elements will take a bit longer to master. 

Also, you should allocate some time for personal practice. YouTube, like any skill, takes a long time to understand and master, especially as the website is so vast. 

Alongside taking a YouTube course, it’s also important to practice whatever has been taught with your own channel by creating and uploading videos that you’ve made with your lessons in mind. 


Best YouTube video course

Overall, my top pick is YouTube success: Script, shoot and edit with MKBHD which is offered by Skillshare. 

It’s not often that you get to learn how to run a YouTube channel from a very successful YouTuber, let alone one with over 16 million subscribers. This course offers amazing insight into the day-to-day workings of MKBHD’s work. 

Skillshare is a particularly good option to consider because it has a range of YouTube courses. And, as a subscription service, you can access all of them for a monthly fee.  

So, you might want to take MKBHD’s course to start with and then focus in on the technical side of YouTube with Ali Abdaal’s Video editing with Final Cut Pro X – From beginner to YouTuber or focus on the creative side with Sorelle Amore in YouTube success: Build an authentic channel that’s worth the follow

However, you might prefer to learn all in one go, in which case I recommend Udemy, which sells all of its courses separately. 

YouTube Academy 2023: Complete beginner to pro step-by-step has five hours of content that will take you from beginner to YouTuber in no time. 

Hopefully, this article has given you some insight into the range of options out there when it comes to learning how to be successful on YouTube. Now it’s up to you to choose the right one for your YouTube goals. 

YouTube courses frequently asked questions

What is the best online YouTube course?

My top pick is Skillshare’s YouTube success: Script, shoot and edit with MKBHD 

How much does a YouTube course cost?

Varies. For subscription services, the courses here range from $12 per month to $39.99 a month. Individual courses on this list range from $49.99 to $54.99. 

How long do YouTube courses take?

The options on this list range from 37 minutes to 16 hours.

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