Best Online Marketing Master’s Programs

by Rebecca Salter

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If you’re a budding marketing professional or student looking to further your career growth, a Master’s in marketing is a smart option.

Whether you opt for an MS (Master of Science) or MA (Master of Arts), gaining your graduate degree is a sure-fire way to prepare you for challenges within the field. It can also open doors to new careers and equip you with the skills needed for management roles.

Taking into account different focuses like digital marketing, and job options such as marketing manager, I’ve scoured the Internet to find the best online marketing Master’s programs for you.

So, let’s get started:

What is the best online Master’s marketing program?

All in all, here are my top picks:

  1. Online Master of Science in Global Marketing Management (Boston University)
  2. Master of Science in Marketing (The University of Alabama)
  3. Full-Time MBA (Marketing Major) (Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management)
  4. Master of Science in Digital Marketing (Rutgers Business School)
  5. Online Master of Science in Marketing (Florida International University)
  6. Online Master of Science in Digital Audience Strategy (Arizona State University)
  7. Digital Communication Leadership (MA – Online) (Emerson College)
  8. Online Master’s in Integrated Marketing Communications (Georgetown University)
  9. Master’s in Marketing Online (Southern New Hampshire)
  10. Online Degree – MS in Marketing (The University of Texas at Dallas)

Of these, my top choice is Boston University’s ‘Online Master of Science in Global Marketing Management’. In this fully online MS program, you’ll gain expertise in areas like e-commerce, project management, and data analysis. You’ll also learn advanced marketing techniques to best excel in your chosen field.

With 40 credit hours needed to complete the degree, you can expect to finish in around two years. Plus, there are also electives in topics like Web Analytics and Global Supply Chains.

Outside of BU, there are plenty of other programs available. One option is the University of Alabama’s ‘Master of Science in Marketing’. Like BU’s MS, this program is 100% online and requires 30-33 credit hours to complete.

Further to this, you’ll find marketing major options in other programs such as Northwestern University’s ‘Full-Time MBA’. In fact, Kellogg’s marketing department consistently ranks at #1 in the world for delivering impactful education to help drive business success.

But, of course, the best online marketing program for you will depend on your own interests and goals. Plus, as electives are a key factor for many, it’s worth checking these out to decide which program is best for you.

That being said, my mini reviews below should give you a better idea of what you can expect from each course.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Online Master of Science in Global Marketing Management (University of Boston)

Boston University online marketing program

Platform: University of Boston | Teacher: Marcus Goncalves | Course length: 40 credit hours

Ranked #9 in 2023’s Best Online Master’s in Business Programs by ‘U.S. News and World Report’, BU’s online MS program promises to deliver first-rate learning from a global perspective.

You’ll learn to:

  • Analyze and assess global marketing concepts
  • Develop keen research skills to optimize marketing strategies
  • Create, plan, and launch successful marketing campaigns
  • Understand marketing ethics and considerations
  • Combine problem-solving and analysis to overcome business problems


  • Accredited member of The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
  • Ranked in the top 10 of online Master’s in Business Programs
  • Course enrollment extends to partner universities
  • Finish in as few as 18 months


  • Specifically focused on gaining a global perspective

Who it’s for: BU’s MS degree is a graduate program geared toward those looking to advance their careers in global marketing strategies. Fully online, this degree is recognized by the AACSB and can be showcased to future employers. 

Overall: A top-rated and encompassing degree, BU’s MS delivers expert knowledge from a world-wide perspective and even offers you the chance to take courses from their partner universities. As such, it’s best suited to those looking to excel in a global marketing field.

2. Master of Science in Marketing (The University of Alabama)

Alabama University Msc marketing masters

Platform: The University of Alabama | Teacher: Various | Course length: 30-33 credit hours

UC Davis’ online MBA is a STEM-designated program from the UC Davis Graduate School of Management. With core courses focusing on marketing, strategy, accounting, and more, this degree sets you up for success in many facets of business.

You’ll learn to:

  • Cultivate a deep knowledge of niche topics as well as core subjects
  • Prepare yourself for a range of careers and leadership roles
  • Amass a wealth of business skills and tools to thrive in the industries
  • Build strong foundational knowledge of operations, management, strategy, etc.
  • Take elective courses in a range of topics, plus a capstone project


  • Learn from globally recognized industry leaders
  • Within the top 20 MBA programs as recognized by ‘Poets&Quants’
  • GMAT/GRE not required
  • Voted #10 in QS World University Rankings of 2023


  • STEM-designated, so may be less suited to some
  • Doesn’t offer as many options as the on-campus program

Who it’s for: The UC Davis MBA program is best suited to STEM graduates looking to earn their MBA. It’s also geared toward students looking to balance a part-time degree with their own work.

Overall: With a network of 260,000+ alumni, UC Davis offers strong industry partnerships and business empowerment for its STEM students. Through core and elective courses, you’ll expand and refine your professional interests and prepare yourself for solving real-world problems.

3. Full-Time MBA (Marketing Major) (Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management

North West University Marketing Masters

Platform: Northwestern University (Kellogg School of Management) | Teacher: Various | Course length: 1-2 years

Northwestern University’s MBA with Marketing Major is an excellent pathway choice for those looking for a range of marketing courses. In this program, you’ll get the chance to learn from experts in consumer behavior and develop your own marketing skills.

You’ll learn to:

  • Drive business success by understanding customers
  • Help businesses to create strong brands and achieve their goals
  • Create lasting customer advantage through marketing analytics tools
  • Deliver exceptional customer service that aids growth
  • Approach digital and social media marketing analytically


  • Consistently ranked #1 in the world for Marketing Majors
  • Strong coverage of digital marketing, retail, and strategy
  • 20+ marketing courses available
  • Suited to a broad range of career goals


  • Known for its selective acceptance
  • Many courses provide an overview rather than niche focus

Best for: With over 20 marketing courses to choose from, Kellogg is an unrivaled school and the envy of marketing majors everywhere. As such, the program is suited to a range of interests, from brand management to consulting.

Overall: Although it’s known for its selective acceptance, Kellogg is a popular choice for many aspiring marketing professionals. In part due to its history, as well as its course numbers, this major is worth considering if you’re serious about gaining experience and skills to take you ahead in your career.

4. Master of Science in Digital Marketing (Rutgers Business School)

Rutgers Msc in digital marketing

Platform: Rutgers Business School | Teacher: Stacy Schwartz | Course length: 9-12 months

With 20+ years of industry experience, Stacy Schwartz directs this digital marketing program. Here, she teaches digital marketing for MBA-level students, addressing the need to create a larger talent pool of experts.

You’ll learn to:

  • Equip yourself with industry knowledge and the skills to gather extensive marketing information
  • Attain a deeper understanding of business requirements and digital marketing strategies
  • Advance your career by learning from current scholars and field experts
  • Better understand the evolving digital landscape and help businesses succeed within it
  • Gain stronger insight into consumer behavior in the digital world


  • Hands-on learning from anywhere online
  • GMAT/GRE is optional
  • AACSB accredited
  • Option to earn further certifications in marketing platforms (e.g. Google Analytics)


  • While GMAT/GRE is optional, Rutgers give priority to students who submit their scores
  • Could update some of their content based on current changes

Best for: This course is best for students who are looking to pursue an MS in digital marketing specifically. Understanding the constant upgrades in how consumers use and share data, Schwartz recognizes the need to widen the talent pool for digital experts.

Overall: A fully accredited degree focusing on the constant changes in digital technology, as well as the need to update learning within the marketing industry. By the end of this course, you’ll be better equipped to tackle a range of business issues within the digital age.

5. Online Master of Science in Marketing (Florida International University)

Florida University Marketing Masters

Platform: Florida International University | Teacher: Various | Course length: 10-20 months

Florida International University’s online MS in marketing is another course that’s cognizant of the changing business world. In particular, it recognizes the evolving technologies that create savvy consumers – and the need to address these.

You’ll learn to:

  • Develop your digital marketing and branding skills
  • Expand your understanding of marketing analytics
  • Become versatile and proficient in digital technologies
  • Understand consumer needs in an evolving landscape
  • Equip yourself with the skills needed to become a marketing manager, digital media specialist, and more


  • Taught by a range of marketing and data analyst experts
  • Fully online degree
  • Focuses on three key areas of strategy
  • Further resources for career development


  • Can be difficult to juggle a full-time program with work
  • More generalized than Rutgers digital marketing degree (may be a pro for some)

Who it’s for: This course is best suited to anyone looking to gain their MS in marketing. While it might sound obvious, FIU is a great option for those wanting a strong overview of marketing specializations.

Overall: FIU gives you an excellent springboard from which to become a marketing leader in the digital world. With its focus on brand development, too, it’s a good option for business owners as well as those looking to become marketing managers.

6. Online Master of Science in Digital Audience Strategy (Arizona State University)

Arizona State Digital Marketing strategy masters

Platform: Arizona State University | Teacher: Various | Course length: Flexible (30 credit hours)

Arizona State’s online MS in Digital Audience Strategy is specially tailored to marketing and communications professionals. As such, courses focus on techniques in analytics, SEO, and more.

You’ll learn to:

  • Design and execute effective marketing strategies for a range of business needs
  • Attract and grow digital audiences through SEO and SEM
  • Draw insights from audience research and social media campaigns
  • Measure, analyze, and report on consumer trends for increased growth and engagement
  • Gain core leadership and entrepreneurial skills to take you into an ever-evolving business domain


  • Learn how to apply multidisciplinary knowledge when planning strategies
  • Choose from over five specializations to better pursue your interests
  • Cover the same course content as on-campus students
  • Coursework, first hand experience, and capstone projects for active learning


  • Course content considered too easy for some
  • Workload varies greatly depending on electives

Who it’s for: This digital audience strategy course is perhaps best suited to business owners who are looking to attract, grow, and engage their online audiences. In particular, there’s a strong focus on social media campaigns, SEO, and analytics.

Overall: Industry-driven degree with practical coursework, first hand experience, and specialist electives designed to help you thrive in the digital business world. The courses also implement a range of perspectives, from ethics, law, and social sciences.

7. Digital Communication Leadership (MA – Online) (Emerson College)

Emerson Digital Communications MA

Platform: Emerson College | Teacher: Linda Gallant, Agaptus Anaele et al. | Course length: Flexible (32 credit hours)

Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director Linda Gallant leads this fully online MA. With years of experience in database design, user interfaces, and apps, Dr. Gallant has a keen understanding of how social media impacts consumers and the wider marketplace.

You’ll learn to:

  • Equip yourself with competitive leadership skills to better thrive in the digital age
  • Further your career as a marketing professional and digital communications expert
  • Manage a business’s communications, PR, and marketing teams
  • Fill in your gaps on conflict resolution, team and project management, and organizational change
  • Advance your understanding of some unfamiliar areas, like UX design, digital marketing, and content strategy


  • Option for professionals to waive one elective course with Emerson’s ‘Executive Format’ curriculum
  • Fully flexible coursework allowing you to work at your own pace
  • No GRE requirements needed to apply
  • Designed for working professionals to be taken around their own schedule


  • May be out of some students’ budgets
  • More of a narrow focus compared to other programs (may be a pro for some)

Best for: Emerson’s Digital Communication Leadership MA is mostly targeted to working professionals who are looking to further their careers in a leadership role. The curriculum is fully customizable to your own needs – even down to the course start date.

Overall: A highly regarded school, Emerson’s Digital Communication Leadership MA is an enviable qualification that will set you apart from other candidates in your field. Despite its narrow focus, its elective courses do offer you the chance to specialize in a niche area and gain a more in-depth understanding of one focus.

8. Online Master’s in Integrated Marketing Communications (Georgetown University)

Georgetown Marketing MA

Platform: Georgetown University | Teacher: Wendy Zajack, Sarita Bhargava, et al. | Course length: 2-5 years (33 credits)

Faculty Director and Associate Professor Wendy Zajack has more than 20 years’ experience in marketing, public relations, and internal communications. In this online program, her and the rest of the faculty focus on applied learning and bringing real-life experiences to the classroom.

You’ll learn to:

  • Establish strong integrated communications strategies in a range of businesses
  • Gain a better understanding of direct marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, and consumer behavior
  • Develop adaptive plans to solve problems within the industry
  • Measure, sustain, and grow brands within a competitive business climate
  • Build strong and trusting relationships through a consumer-driven approach


  • Learn from seasoned industry experts
  • Full- or part-time enrollment options
  • Active learning through online discussions and hands-on projects
  • Well-rounded evaluations of numerous communications disciplines


  • Can be quite selective
  • More hands-on than other programs (may be a pro for some)

Best for: Georgetown University’s Integrated Marketing Communications MPS is a highly active program focused on real-world experience. As a result, it’s best suited to those looking to go into marketing communications as a full-time career.

Overall: Compared to other programs on this list, Georgetown’s MPS offers a broader scope of learning and aims to give you an in-depth understanding of a range of disciplines. By the end of the degree, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to address real-world business problems through creative-led solutions.

9. Master’s in Marketing Online (Southern New Hampshire University)

Masters in marketing online

Platform: Southern New Hampshire University | Teacher: Various | Course length: Flexible (36 credit hours)

Addressing the need for a nimble and proactive talent pool, SNHU’s MS in marketing prepares its graduate students for social and digital changes. It also offers the chance to gain valuable experience in providing creative solutions prior to entering the job market.

You’ll learn to:

  • Build business brands and plan campaign strategies
  • Analyze and engage with target audiences through media channels
  • Develop critical thinking and decision-making skills
  • Enter the job world with adaptive skills in marketing and communications
  • Develop marketing plans with attention to marketing theory and practice


  • Learn practical skills such as stakeholder negotiation
  • Covers legal, regulatory, and ethical practices
  • 24/7 classroom access and online support
  • Concentration options including digital marketing, marketing research, and social media marketing


  • Less prestigious than other options on this list
  • More self-led than most programs

Best for: If you’re looking to specialize in a particular area of marketing, such as digital marketing or social media marketing, SNHU could be a good option for your career. Its concentration courses are in-depth and address the need for a continual upgrading of marketing understanding.

Overall: This program is perhaps more sef-led than others on this list, and you’re largely required to take learning into your own hands. This MS is also ideal for those interested in all areas of marketing, as you’ll gain a firm grasp of many marketing disciplines.

10. Online Degree – MS in Marketing (The University of Texas at Dallas)

Texas Uni MS Marketing

Platform: The University of Texas at Dallas | Teacher: Alex Edsel, Abhi Biswas, et al. | Course length: Flexible (36 credit hours)

The University of Texas at Dallas’ MS in Marketing is a flexible 12-course degree plan that you can summit at your own pace. With five core courses and 20+ electives to choose from, this degree has an impressive range of topics and can help you to stand out in the job market.

You’ll learn to:

  • Master in-demand skills like marketing, brand management, and marketing strategy
  • Be able to succeed in fast-growing marketing fields
  • Equip yourself with the analytic knowledge needed to become an expert marketer
  • Gain skill sets in every stream of marketing to better enhance your job prospects
  • Develop your understanding of a managerial perspective


  • Career-focused degree with hands-on experience
  • Offers a choice of over six tracks and 60+ courses
  • Fully customizable to suit your marketing interests
  • Designed with full- or part-time employment in mind


  • Online version does not offer the same in-class options
  • Admissions can be highly competitive

Best for: The University of Texas at Dallas MS in marketing is geared toward all marketing majors. That being said, the online program was designed for students in part-time or full-time employment. As such, the course is fully flexible around your own schedule.

Overall: A prestigious institution and degree, UTD offers excellent quality education and prepares you for marketing specializations in a variety of fields. With an enriching classroom experience and experienced faculty, students gain valuable connections within the industry even prior to course completion.

What are the advantages of taking an online marketing Master’s program?

In short, there are many! For example:

  • Getting ahead in marketing industries – especially when taking electives such as digital marketing, social media marketing, and marketing research
  • Learning skills that can help you to tackle common industry problems and introduce creative strategies
  • Keeping abreast of new digital technologies and how to adapt to them
  • Saving time and money in the long-run by becoming well-versed in marketing disciplines – meaning you have the expert toolbelt to best address industry challenges
  • Synthesize complex information and identify new marketing opportunities

Buyer’s guide: what to look out for in an online marketing Master’s program

With the rapid growth in online marketing master’s degrees, it can be hard to know where to start when looking for the best program for you. That being said, the factors I’d suggest you consider are:

  • Teacher experience – if you’re going to be spending time and money on a Master’s degree, you want to be sure you’re learning from the best. Not only that, you want to guarantee that the skills you’re learning will be transferable to your career
  • Develops skills – the marketing industries are not static ones. When it comes to digital marketing in particular, there are new techniques and technologies to keep abreast of. So, the best program will teach you skills that you can adapt and build upon
  • Transferable knowledge – likewise, marketing opens a range of career options. As the multiple course electives show, there are many routes you can go down and chances to specialize in a niche area. So, the best program will teach you skills that are transferable to a wealth of fields
  • Syllabus and skill level – the program’s syllabus will vary depending on whether you opt for an MA, MS, MBA, or MPS. But, beyond this, there will be numerous course electives and core courses that differ from college to college. So, you want to be sure the program you choose has the best content and skill level for you.
  • Price – inevitably, a program’s cost could mean the difference between you applying or skipping. Luckily, most schools offer financial aid and fees are transparent before you apply. That being said, it’s also important to consider the long-term value of a degree and the positive impact a costlier, but more in-depth, program could have.

How much do online marketing Master’s programs cost?

Depending on the program length, university, and whether you study full-time or part-time, tuition fees on this list vary from between $22,000 and $105,000. It’s also worth noting that this doesn’t include student fees, support services, or insurance.

At face value, Southern New Hampshire University works out as the most financially viable option, with tuition fees working out at $637/credit hour ($22,932 for 36 credits).

As mentioned, degrees vary in cost depending on their type (MA, MBA, MS, for example), the school’s prestige, and even the faculty and additional resources available. These prices are also subject to change and can increase each academic year.

That being said, there is usually financial aid available. Some scholarship applications are automatic, but there is also the option to apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Plus, as with any cost, it’s worth weighing up the long-term benefits of the degree you go for!

How long do online marketing Master’s programs take to complete?

With many online degrees, the faculty directors curate the programs with part-time students in mind. As such, many courses are designed for working professionals and take into account their need to spread out the learning time. So, with whichever option you go for, there is often greater flexibility in completing or even starting the course.

For example, Arizona State’s MS is entirely flexible to when its students can meet the required 30 credit hours. Georgetown University also has an estimated completion range of 2-5 years, depending on when its full- or part-time students can fulfill its requirements.

How do we rank our results?

As best as possible, I’ve ranked these results according to which courses I believe to be the best. Inevitably, this is subjective, but the factors I’ve considered are:

  • Teacher experience
  • Provides transferable skills
  • Has a strong and varied syllabus
  • Is well taught and explained
  • Student feedback
  • Production quality
  • Overall impressions

Where possible, I’ve taken at least some of these courses to best determine the content and quality, But, where this isn’t possible, I’ve researched the degrees thoroughly to get a feel for student feedback and overall impressions.

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All in all, you’re not short of options when it comes to finding an online marketing Master’s program. Whatever your end goal, specialization, and desired field, there’s easily something for everyone.

Overall, my top choice is Boston University’s ‘Online Master of Science in Global Marketing Management’. This is because you gain an impressive range of expertise, from e-commerce to data analysis. It also hosts electives that cover in-demand workplace skills.

However, as I’ve shown, there are plenty of options depending on your budget, specialty areas, current work position, and more. So, I hope this article has given you a better idea of which online marketing programs might be best for you!

Online marketing Master’s programs: frequently asked questions

What is the best online marketing Master’s program?

My top choice for the best online marketing Master’s program is Boston University’s ‘Online Master of Science in Global Marketing Management’.

How much does an online marketing Master’s program cost?

Programs on this list vary greatly in price, but, for overall tuition, you’re looking at anywhere between $22,000 and $105,000.

How long does it take to learn an online marketing Master’s program?

Many of these courses are offered as part-time or full-time and are often flexible to your own schedule. That being said, you’re looking at anywhere between 18 months and up to five years in total.

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