Best Online Astrology Courses

by Rebecca Salter

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From horoscopes and tarot, to birth charts and forecasting, astrology has long been admired and pored over by diviners and laymen alike.

With the popularity of astrology in recent decades, there’s no shortage of online resources, courses, and even certifications out there. Because of this, it can be hard to know which sources are worth your attention. 

That’s why I’ve searched the web for the best online astrology courses to help you cut through the noise and find the right class for you. Plus, there are so many specialty courses out there – like specific sign-readings, astrological herbalism, and more.

Of course, it’s also important to consider your own skill level and interests. So, I’ve selected a mixture of courses based on skill set, prerequisites, special interests and more. All in all, hopefully, there will be something for you!

With that being said, let’s get started:

What is the best online astrology course?

My top picks for the best astrology courses are:

  1. Astrological Forecasting for Everyone (Udemy)
  2. Astrology 101 – Read People Like a Pro! (Skillshare)
  3. Understanding Your Sun Sign: A Study of the Sun’s Role in Astrology (Skillshare)
  4. Modern Astrology – Advanced Astrology (Udemy)
  5. Full Accredited Astrology Foundation Certificate Course (Udemy)
  6. Deep Dive into the Planets in Astrology (Udemy)
  7. Easy Astrology for Beginners – Learn to Read the Natal Chart (Udemy)
  8. Astrology Diploma Course (Centre of Excellence)
  9. Medical Astrology in Herbalism Diploma Course (Centre of Excellence)
  10. First-Year Astrology Certification Course: Ancient Astrology for the Modern Mystic  (Nightlight Astrology)

Out of these, my number one pick is Udemy’s ‘Astrological Forecasting for Everyone’. This is because the course is led by renowned astrology teacher Alexander Kolesnikov and has a 4.8 rating. Along with this, the class covers over seven hours of research-backed teaching and gives you access to 100+ downloadable resources.

So, with this in mind, ‘Astrological Forecasting’ is definitely worth the watch. Plus, it’s on Udemy, which is a trusted site with visible student reviews on every course. Udemy also offers lifetime access, which makes it great value for money, and offers expert knowledge at a fraction of the price.

An alternative would be Skillshare’sAstrology 101 – Read People Like a Pro!’. This is a much shorter course than Kolesnikov’s, clocking in at just under an hour. But, it still packs in a ton of useful information and is particularly helpful for newcomers.

If you’re stepping into the world of astrology and want to try out a quick ‘crash course’, Elena Sakopoulos ‘Astrology 101’ is an excellent choice to make without committing too much time to a new discipline. It’s also a fantastic springboard into other, more specific classes, like ‘Understanding Your Sun Sign’.

Ultimately, though, the best course for you will be the one that suits your interests, learning style, and needs. So, having done my best to cover a range of specific and general astrological topics, hopefully there will be something for you!

Read the mini review below to get the full details:

Best Astrology Courses Reviews

1. Astrological Forecasting for Everyone (Udemy)

Astrological Forecasting for Everyone

Platform: Udemy | Teacher: Alexander Kolesnikov | Course length: 61 lectures totalling 7 hours and 40 minutes

With a background in science and engineering, Alexander Kolesnikov surprised everyone by becoming a full-time student of astrology and numerology. Lecturing in different cities and authoring best-selling books, such as Moon Sign, Kolenikov is constantly seeking to help others appreciate astrological knowledge.

You’ll learn to:

  • Memorize the zodiac sequence
  • Understand the astrological houses
  • Create and interpret a natal chart
  • Approach short-term and long-term forecasting
  • Speak confidently about the different planets and their representations


  • Loaded with detailed information and extra materials
  • Thorough teaching led by an established researcher
  • Great for beginners and intermediate learners
  • Encourages active engagement with quizzes and coursework


  • Some students found the course slow-going
  • No opportunity for 1-1 or Q&A

Who it’s for: This course is designed for students with little to no prior knowledge of astrology. So, it’s suited to complete beginners and explains all concepts thoroughly and with no assumed experience.

Overall: Kolesnikov’s class presents astrological forecasting in a way that’s easy to understand and accessible for all backgrounds. He avoids unnecessary jargon and breaks complex information into a digestible format.

2. Astrology 101 – Read People Like a Pro!  (Skillshare)

Astrology 101 – Read People Like a Pro

Platform: Skillshare | Teacher: Elena Sakopoulos | Course length: 10 lessons totalling 41 minutes

Elena Sakopoulos is a Chicago-based astrologer keen to share how astrology transformed her life and relationships with the world. As she believes, understanding your own (and others’) astrological charts is a way of unlocking knowledge and understanding those around you.

You’ll learn to:

  • Interpret an astrological birth chart
  • Learn about personality traits and their connection to the stars
  • Understand the basics of the planets and zodiac signs
  • Determine placements, houses, and aspects
  • Analyze astrological impacts on life paths


  • A great quick-fire course for learning basics
  • Step-by-step birth chart interpretation
  • Free recommended resources
  • Distills complex information


  • Shorter than other courses 
  • Can be a bit fast-paced 

Who it’s for: This class is designed for anyone with an interest in reading astrological birth charts or simply finding out more about astrology. As Sakopoulos outlines, the course is suited to both hobbyist learners and those looking for a career in astrological teaching.

Overall: A short but well-rounded beginner’s class that breaks down the basics of astrological birth charts. You’ll also learn about some fundamentals, such as planets, houses, zodiacs, and aspects. Plus, there’s a two-part homework assignment, which encourages you to put your teachings into practice.

3. Understanding Your Sun Sign: A Study of the Sun’s Role in Astrology (Skillshare)

Understanding Your Sun Sign

Platform: Skillshare | Teacher: Ashley Krout | Course length: 6 lessons totalling 17 minutes

With 2,000+ students on Skillshare alone, Ashley Krout hosts several classes focused on astrology and magic, and brings this Sun-specific course to help you understand some of its long-ranging influences.

You’ll learn to:

  • Understand the Sun’s role in astrology
  • Find your sun sign
  • Describe the 12 zodiacs and their relation to the sun
  • Work through your ego with sun-focused journaling
  • Develop a deeper sense of self and understanding


  • Helpful explanations of horoscopes
  • Sun sign-specific teaching
  • Suited to all levels
  • Strong presentation of how to tune into signs’ energies


  • One of the shorter courses on this list
  • Less generalized knowledge (Sun sign-specific)

Who it’s for: While a good basic understanding of astrology or signs is helpful, Krout does market this course to complete beginners with no prior knowledge of astrology. That being said, it does focus on the sun signs and is subsequently less of a ‘big picture’ introduction.

Overall: A short but detailed class covering the sun signs in depth, as well as the Sun’s wider influence in astrology. You’ll also be given hands-on tasks, such as Sun-based journaling, in order to help work through and understand aspects of your own personality.

4. Modern Astrology – Advanced Astrology (Udemy)

Modern Astrology – Advanced Astrology

Platform: Udemy | Teacher: Damian McKinnon | Course length: 18 lectures totalling 2 hours and 1 minute

Damian McKinnon is an astrology mentor and highly-rated Udemy instructor, with 7,000+ students to date. Despite his IT background, he’s always felt drawn to spirituality and found himself returning to astrology decades later. Now, he aims to share it with a wider audience.

You’ll learn to:

  • Understand the different House systems
  • Interpret and work with ‘Interception’
  • Comprehend the logic of how the chart is built
  • Determine your personality type from horizons and quadrants
  • Gain new tools for interpreting astrological aspects


  • Excellent detail and holistic teaching
  • Specially designed for more advanced students
  • Great resources for further learning
  • Enjoyable and well-structured course content


  • Less suited to beginners
  • Best as a follow-on from McKinnon’s last course

Who it’s for: As the title suggests, this class is geared toward more advanced astrology students who have a sound knowledge of signs, houses, planets, and major aspects. This course builds upon McKinnon’s previous class on natal astrology and goes deeper into more advanced chart readings.

Overall: A consistently well-rated course on Udemy and one of the more in-depth advanced classes out there, this is my top choice for more advanced astrology learners. Plus, because the landing page lists all the desired prerequisites and course syllabus, it’s easy to determine if this course is a good match for you.

5. Fully Accredited Astrology Foundation Certificate Course (Udemy)

Fully Accredited Astrology Foundation Certificate Course

Platform: Udemy | Teacher: Dr Karen E Wells | Course length: 13 lectures totalling 57 minutes

With over 150,000 students, Dr Karen E Wells is a best-selling instructor with 150+ courses on Udemy. She specializes in Complementary Therapies and has been working with clients and students since 2000. Plus, she’s a published author, with two best-selling healing and therapy publications to her name,

You’ll learn to:

  • Understand what astrology is
  • Discover the sun signs and rising signs
  • Comprehend what astrologists mean by ‘aspects’
  • Gain a better understanding of yourself through the planets and houses
  • Read and analyze birth charts


  • Highly informative and helpful course
  • Actionable advice for reading and interpreting natal charts
  • Easy-to-follow course content
  • Printable manual to follow along with


  • Might be too basic for some
  • Sound quality sometimes drops

Who it’s for: This course is targeted to anyone interested in astrology, and no background experience is needed. You might already have some hobbyist knowledge, or even be a current student, but the class is open to all and stays away from complex jargon.

Overall: An in-depth hour-long course, which is ideal for beginners who want a glimpse into how astrology works. This class is a wonderful foundation level course that can lead into more advanced or specific learning, and the extra resources are particularly helpful to aid birth-chart analysis.

6. Deep Dive into the Planets in Astrology (Udemy)

Deep Dive into the Planets in Astrology

Platform: Udemy | Teacher: Oak Kalawakan | Course length: 14 lectures totalling 4 hours and 21 minutes

Oak Kalawakan is an astrologer with 7+ years’ practice and is fully certified as an Horary Practitioner. He even founded his own astrology school, which focuses on astrology for healing and liberation. In his courses, he aims to teach astrology in a way that’s personable and easy to understand.

You’ll learn to:

  • Understand and describe the 10 planets used in Western astrology
  • Decipher planetary interactions with the 12 zodiac signs
  • Gain insight into planetary relationships
  • Comprehend the relations between the self and the cosmos
  • Speak confidently about what each planet represents


  • Well-presented information
  • Strong attention to the different planets
  • Interesting and enjoyable course content
  • Easy-to-follow class structure


  • Could benefit from some downloadable material
  • Some concepts could be too complex for beginners

Who it’s for: In my opinion, this class is less suited to complete beginners and is definitely more of an intermediate course. You’re expected to have an interest in human psychology and, preferably, some basic knowledge of astrology.

Overall: A generous course that goes into a lot of detail about planetary relations and astrology’s influence on personality and human nature. Some concepts are less beginner-friendly, though, so having some foundational astrology knowledge is desirable.

7. Easy Astrology for Beginners – Learn to Read the Natal Chart (Udemy)

Easy Astrology for Beginners

Platform: Udemy | Teacher: Emily Reho | Course length: 55 lectures totalling 6 hours and 33 minutes

Emily Rehois experienced in a number of astrology-based practices, including tarot card reading, tantra, and energy work. She’s created this course to help the everyday learner understand astrology in a simplified and intuitive way.

You’ll learn to:

  • Confidently interpret the planets, signs, and houses
  • Understand the key birth chart elements
  • Gain a glimpse into the ‘aspects’
  • Describe what the planets mean in each sign
  • Comprehend elements, modes, and polarities


  • Clear and easy-to-follow teaching
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Well-structured and presented course material
  • Breaks down difficult information


  • Specifically focused on birth-chart reading
  • More advanced students might not get as much out of the course

Who it’s for: Emily Reho dedicates her course to anyone interested in astrology. So, if you’re an aspiring astrology student or even casually curious, this course is for you.

Overall: One of the longer Udemy courses on this list, Reho’s course is concise and packed with helpful information. While it’s focused on natal chart readings, it does cover a lot of introductory ground in order to build up to this. Reho’s teaching is also notably easy to understand and she does a great job of breaking down difficult concepts.

8. Astrology Diploma Course (Centre of Excellence)

Astrology Diploma Course

Platform: Centre of Excellence | Teacher: Various | Course length: 16 modules, self-paced

Centre of Excellence’s Astrology Diploma Course is a certified class composed of 16 modules. While the course is self-paced, you’re looking at 50-150 hours to complete it in full. Like many of its courses, the Astrology Diploma Course is specialized and led by industry experts.

You’ll learn to:

  • Understand astrology’s history and development
  • Describe the zodiac signs and how planets affect them
  • Relate the wider cosmos to the impact on the individual
  • Read and interpret birth charts and horoscope
  • Become more self-aware through natal chart analysis


  • Fully accredited online course
  • Study group access
  • Payment plan options available
  • Thorough attention to theory, history, and practice


  • Lack of 1-1 teaching
  • Accreditation is not internationally recognized

Who it’s for: This course was made for both newcomers with no astrology background and those who wish to refresh their previous knowledge. You’ll learn about astrology’s history and developments throughout time, as well as reading and interpreting birth charts and horoscopes.

Overall: A meaty course that looks at astrology through a wider lens. You get to see its developments and interpretations throughout history, some of the stigma surrounding it, and how it has evolved to the present day. The course is also practical and has you studying birth charts and horoscopes early on.

9. Medical Astrology in Herbalism Diploma Course (Centre of Excellence)

Medical Astrology in Herbalism Diploma Course

Platform: Centre of Excellence | Teacher: Various | Course length: 10 modules, self-paced

Another of Centre of Excellence’s astrology-based courses, this class is focused on herbalism and is another accredited course. Through the course, you’ll gain a better understanding of medical astrology and how to use different herbs.

You’ll learn to:

  • Explore the links between planets, people, and the healing properties of plants
  • Understand various theories behind medical astrology and herbalism
  • Assess people constitutionally and choose the best herbs for their needs
  • Help yourself and others through a holistic understanding of herbal medicine
  • Identify patterns that are reflected in the universe, nature, and the self


  • A specialist course that combines medical astrology and herbalism
  • Comprehensive theories and explanations given
  • Learn to assess yourself and others and put teachings into practice
  • Use the five elements in a number of healing processes


  • A niche interest that might not be for everyone
  • Perhaps too advanced for beginner-level learners

Who it’s for: This diploma course is best suited to those with some background knowledge in astrology and/or herbalism. It’s a specialist course that combines the two disciplines for enhanced holistic understanding. So, some foundational understanding is desirable.

Overall: A thought-provoking class that united two main disciplines in a complementary way. While the course covers a lot of history and theory, it is a practical course that aims to help you to treat others and improve your own well-being through plant- and element-based treatments.

10. First-Year Astrology Certification Course: Ancient Astrology for the Modern Mystic (Nightlight Astrology)

First-Year Astrology Certification Course

Platform: Nightlight Astrology | Teacher: Adam Elenbaas | Course length: 42 classes, six months

Adam Elenbaas opened his own practice in 2010, and has since completed 10,000+ birth chart readings and led over 2,000 students through his programs. In this 12-month course, you’ll get to grips with the philosophy of astrology, Western history, psychology, and more.

You’ll learn to:

  • Gain a clearer picture of astrology throughout history
  • Understand astrology’s mystical roots
  • Confidently describe the roles of karma, fate, and free will
  • Read charts and develop your interpretive arsenal
  • Analyze both new and established case studies


  • Online webinar teachers led by Elenbaas and guest teachers
  • Interactive group forum discussions
  • Year-round support from tutoring staff
  • Extra resources and bonus lectures


  • More expensive than other options on this list
  • Group-based (might not be a con for some)

Who it’s for: This course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning astrology but doesn’t know where or how to begin. As a first-year course, this packs in a lot of foundational information and presents it in a way that’s easy to understand.

Overall: A professionally-led course that’s suited to complete beginners. These classes will teach you the key words and concepts needed to feel confident in practicing astrology. By the end of the course, you’ll have a well-rounded understanding of astrology’s history, as well as being able to put the teachings into practice.

What are the advantages of taking an astrology course?

Simply put, if you have the interest, there are many advantages to taking an astrology course! Such as:

  • Learning a new field of inquiry that can lead to a new career
  • Better understanding yourself, the universe, and those around you
  • Improving relationships and enhancing your understanding of different personalities
  • Finding a new self-care hobby that keeps you centered and in control
  • Gaining a healthier mindset and body, such as through medical astrology

Buyers guide: what to look out for in an astrology course

Choosing the best astrology course for you can be difficult. This is especially true when there are so many different specialties out there. But, as a guide, I’d recommend considering the following points before making a choice:

  • Teacher experience – if you’re going to be spending time and money on a course, you want to make sure the instructor has the knowledge and experience to know what they’re talking about. Plus, it’s not just about knowing the information – you also want them to present it in a way that’s easy to understand
  • Develops skills – generally speaking, a course won’t just teach you one thing. Instead, it’ll give you a foundation to build upon or enhance your current toolkit. The best courses will encourage further learning and prompt you to take your skills further
  • Practical results – astrology is the kind of subject that reflects itself in your daily life. Whether it’s with your relationships, career, or personal care, you should be able to use astrology to better understand your relationships with others and yourself. This is especially true if you’re using astrology from a healing perspective
  • Syllabus and skill level – you want to make sure that the course you’re investing in is right for your interests, needs, and skill level. So, if you’re a complete newbie, an advanced astrology course probably isn’t going to give you much gain
  • Price – of course, you want to make sure the course you choose is within your budget. But, it’s also worth considering the value you’ll get out of a class. For example, if a course is twice the price but led by a teacher with 10x the experience, this could generate more value in the long run

How much do online astrology courses cost?

The courses on this list vary from around $25 to $1,299! The pricing depends on the instructor, course length, benefits (like certifications), and more. Some platforms, like Nightlight Astrology and Centre of Excellence, also offer payment plans so you can spread the costs.

The most expensive on this list is Nightlight Astrology’s ‘First-Year Astrology Certificate Course’. This is partly because it comes with an end-of-course certificate, but also because it’s spread out over 12 months and is led by several professional instructors.

In comparison, a cheaper course would be Emily Reho’s ‘Easy Astrology for Beginners’. This is the lowest-priced at $25 but also clocks in at six hours compared to Nightlight’s year-long course! So, ultimately, the cost depends on what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to invest.

Luckily, with platforms like Udemy and Skillshare, there are completely transparents reviews so you can get a good feel for other students’ opinions before you commit. Plus, with Skillshare you can subscribe to a Premium account for only $168 annually. This means you get access to thousands of courses for as long as your subscription is valid.

For a more detailed look at Skillshare, see here.

How long does it take to learn astrology?

As with most disciplines, astrology takes many hours of study, revision, and practice. The courses on this list vary in length from under an hour to over a year! And, there are often additional resources or coursework to complete in order to pass.

While a general rule is to take the number of course hours and multiply by five (to account for practice hours), astrology is such a vast branch of knowledge that learning never really stops. So, it’s worth thinking about what your end-goal is and what you need to get there.

How do we rank our results?

Simply put, I’ve ranked these results according to which courses I believe to be the best. Inevitably, this is subjective. But here’s what I consider:

  • Teacher experience
  • Provides transferable skills
  • Has a strong, varied syllabus
  • Is well taught and explained
  • Student feedback
  • Production quality
  • Overall impressions

Where possible, I take these courses in order to determine their quality. But, where this isn’t possible, I research to ascertain student feedback, course syllabus, and overall impressions.


With the amount of platforms and courses that are out there today, choosing the right course for you can be daunting. But, the good news is, you’re not short of options when it comes to learning astrology online. 

In sum, my top pick is Udemy’s ‘Astrological Forecasting for Everyone’. This course is one of the most comprehensive astrology courses out there and while it’s led by a professional, it’s accessible and easy to follow for even the most novice of learners. Plus, its 4.8 rating and 5,000+ satisfied students speaks for itself!

But, of course, there are plenty of other options that might be better suited for you. Skillshare’s ‘Astrology 101’ is my second pick. While it’s one of the shorter courses on this list, Sakopoulos distills some otherwise complex information and presents it in a way that’s clear and easy to understand.

Besides, if you opt for a Skillshare subscription you can access Sakopoulos’ course and other astrology (or other!) classes, like ‘Understanding Your Sun Sign’, which is a great intermediary course to follow on with.

Of course, the best course for you will appeal to your interests and will also fit into your lifestyle. For example, if you’re ready to go back into full-time learning with a subject you love, Nightlight Astrology’s ‘First-Year Astrology Certification Course’ could be the one for you!

All in all, though, I hope this article has provided some clearer insight into the options out there. So, hopefully, it helps you to decide which astrology course is right for you.

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Astrology course frequently asked questions

What is the best online astrology course?

My top pick for the best online astrology course is Udemy’s ‘Astrological Forecasting for Everyone’.

How much does an online astrology course cost?

Prices vary from $25 to $1,299. This depends on teacher experience, course length, and the syllabus.

How long does it take to learn astrology online?

The courses on this list vary between half an hour and 12 months! But, you should also account for study time.

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